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Allergy Skin Prick Testing: Worth the Risk?

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July 12, 2018 It was a moment that changed my life forever and my trust in the medical profession, a moment of such clarity and insight that I still feel it was divine led.  It changed who I am, it … Continue reading

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Anaphylactic Food Allergy Is NOT Normal

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A Facebook friend posted this as her status last week. Many people don’t understand the severity or seriousness of life-threatening food allergy in today’s children because it is unlike anything they ever knew when they were children. We think it’s … Continue reading

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Thinking in the Kitchen: TMR’s New eCookbook

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Once upon a time, I was a pretty good cook.  Everything I made was edible, and people actually enjoyed what I made.  I mean people other than my father (hi, Dad!), who is an enthusiastic eater of all things food. … Continue reading

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The Daily Battle with a Picky Eater: How Do I Get This Child to Eat?!

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My son does not like to eat. He apparently hates putting food in his mouth. Unless it consists of a lot of sugar, a bit of fat and a lot of carbohydrates, preferably with added chocolate. Then I’ve got a … Continue reading

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