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GemIIni Series Part 2: Getting in the GemIIni Groove

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We started using GemIIni about a month ago now, and I have to say that my whole family loves it. You might remember from my first GemIIni Blog that, when we initially signed up, I was pretty overwhelmed by the size … Continue reading

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Thinking Moms’ Guide to Red Flags: Speech Loss, Lack, and Delay

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When you have a child, especially a firstborn, you anticipate every milestone. The first time he or she rolls over, the first step, the first word . . . But what if your child never says that first word or … Continue reading

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Why It’s Okay to Question Your Child’s Therapists

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I had a really unfortunate experience this morning on the phone with one of my son’s old speech therapists. My son Connor, now 5 1/2 years old, was once diagnosed with severe non-verbal “autism” and no longer carries a diagnosis. … Continue reading

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Natural Remedies For Teeth Grinding: It’s Not Just Stress

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Are you grinding your teeth, especially while sleeping? Waking up in the morning with a sore jaw? Are you being kept awake by your spouse’s incessant gnashing, grinding and clenching of teeth all night long? Does your jaw make a … Continue reading

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Two Words

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Just about this time last year, when Harry was four, we got our first consistent word. Fast-forward to now, and a year of intense healing gone by, and we finally, finally, have two words together.  At five. I deliberated and … Continue reading

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No More Silent Sundays

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During the summer, I usually have about three minutes daily to myself. It really sets the stage for big messes to occur — grown-up messes: bills missing due dates, bathrooms going uncleaned, and missing blog deadlines. Well, I didn’t actually … Continue reading

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