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Reporting Adverse Reactions: VAERS and FAERS

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For families dealing with vaccine injury, VAERS may be an all-too-familiar acronym for the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System of the FDA. I asked about filing a VAERS report when my son “Negotiator’s” seizures were diagnosed; however, time had lapsed … Continue reading

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Computer Scientist to Legislators: Vaccine Risks Are Real, Serious and Increasing in Number

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Earlier, we posted an open letter from Tetyana Obukhanych, Ph.D. in immunology, to legislators who are considering vaccine legislation.   Vaccine legislation has sprung up suddenly all over the country  — so suddenly, in fact, that it must have been a … Continue reading

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New York City: Forced Vaccinations and Vaccine Reactions

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The New York City Board of Health recently approved a new regulation mandating that children under the age of five receive a flu shot.  “The rules will apply to kids from six months to four years and 11 months who … Continue reading

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So, You’re Going to Get a Vaccine: things to consider while weighing the pros and cons of vaccination

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A hot topic for many, vaccines discussions can make or break a conversation.  Like politics and religion, to vaccinate or not is a personal choice.  Increasingly though, the push to get vaccines seems to be gaining more public attention.  So … Continue reading

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In the Name of “Protection”

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I encountered the meme you see here on a Facebook group that I belong to. This post is my response. I’m going to assume intellectual honesty here and commend the poster for actually caring about children’s health. If that’s true, … Continue reading

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