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Vaccine Issues for Dummies: A Primer for Viewing “VAXXED”

April 12, 2016 EDIT: Since we posted this blog, Robert De Niro has appeared on the Today show and openly supported the movie VAXXED and also Trace Amounts. We applaud De Niro’s bravery and conviction in this contentious arena. We … Continue reading

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My Immunocompromised Daughter Is “The Kid Who Can’t Be Vaccinated”

My sweet E was born healthy 16 years ago following an uncomplicated pregnancy. She had great Apgars and was amazing at breastfeeding right from the start. At E’s two-week check-up, I questioned the pediatrician on the necessity of the hepatitis … Continue reading

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New York City: Forced Vaccinations and Vaccine Reactions

The New York City Board of Health recently approved a new regulation mandating that children under the age of five receive a flu shot.  “The rules will apply to kids from six months to four years and 11 months who … Continue reading

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