Vaccine Issues for Dummies: A Primer for Viewing “VAXXED”

April 12, 2016

shamrockEDIT: Since we posted this blog, Robert De Niro has appeared on the Today show and openly supported the movie VAXXED and also Trace Amounts. We applaud De Niro’s bravery and conviction in this contentious arena. We support him and his family 100%. We look forward to seeing how this conversation will move forward with the hope that Congress will subpoena Dr. Thompson so that we may begin to discover the truth.

With VAXXED: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe getting enormous mainstream press all over the world right now, it is causing an unwelcome stir among the masses who normally would not want to be bothered with non-presidential-candidate news for the next six months. I mean going over this MMR/autism business is surely flogging a dead horse? Also, wasn’t this film directed by that British doctor, who wanted to split the vaccine up into three separate shots? How horrific, they might say, it should be banned because of, you know, measles.

However, VAXXED is actually about letting the world in on a secret: that horse wasn’t dead until the Institute of Medicine declared a moratorium on vaccine/autism studies (not just the MMR) — a decision based on the 2004 CDC MMR/autism study which the film appears to show to have been fraudulent. In fact, a CDC senior scientist on that study, Dr. William Thompson, admitted to this fraud in voice recordings contained in the film and in a statement to the public released by his whistleblower lawyers in 2014.


That IOM decision, based on this seemingly fraudulent CDC study, closed the door to research on any link between vaccines and autism, which is the very antithesis of scientific enquiry. That’s truly Orwellian in its ramifications. People don’t seem to grasp the enormity of what has happened. By shutting down further investigation into the link they apparently knew existed between vaccines and autism, the “man behind the curtain” may have inadvertently caused over one million children to become autistic, all to protect the secret.

So if you’re thinking of going to see VAXXED and manage to convince your spouse or friend to come along who doesn’t really understand this issue, we’ve compiled a list of facts which you can share with them before the film. Or you can share this handy list (*gasp*) on Facebook. Of course, if you do, you run the risk of getting “vaxxed,” the new phenomenon where Facebook seems to be censoring posts in support of the film or against vaccines. Some have even reported being put in “Facebook Jail,” a ban on posting any links for two weeks (why?). If you get “vaxxed,” you can cut and paste the information onto Facebook instead and not tell a soul where you got it. I don’t mind.

So my top ten vaccine facts for dummies are:

1. Inoculation with a vaccine is a medical procedure that carries risk. Every person receiving a vaccine should have the right to informed consent; however, there are no federal laws concerning informed consent and vaccines. All vaccine recipients (or, in the case of minors, their parents or guardians) should be given a Vaccine Information Statement (VIS) instead, as required under the law (the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986). This requirement is rarely adhered to. In fact, in the state of California, officials ignore this federal requirement entirely when offering the HPV vaccine to minors.

2. Vaccines are classified as “Unavoidably Unsafe” by the FDA and confirmed by the Supreme Court here, page 2. You cannot sue the manufacturer even if a vaccine were deemed faulty or ineffective.

3. In the United States, you also cannot sue vaccine manufacturers for any death or injury you believe, correctly or otherwise, was due to a vaccine. The government indemnified the manufacturers in 1986 under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act.

4. Instead, you must petition the government via “Vaccine Court,” which can take a long time as detailed by this Government Accountability Office (GAO) report in 2014. The program is further hindered by the ever-increasing volume of cases according to a recent report by the Office of Special Masters. In a system where the burden of proof is on the petitioner and table injuries (those presumed to be due to the vaccines) appear to be decided arbitrarily by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) according to this 1999 GAO report, one has to question the impartiality of this vaccine court. In fact, it appears from this report that they removed the most compensated injuries from the table in 1995 and 1997 (page 14) in order to reduce the eligibility of a significant number of claimants for injuries which had cost the HHS $480 million up to that point.


5. The Advisory Committee on Childhood Vaccines (ACCV) along with the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) decide what constitutes a vaccine injury and which vaccines to add to the schedule. The ACCV openly discusses vaccine injuries and the cost of such inconveniences in their quarterly meetings with the Department of Justice, the CDC, the FDA and the National  Institutes of Health. Meetings are currently chaired by Dr. Kristen Feemster, an associate of Dr. Paul Offit, the greatest vaccine profiteer and apologist in our time. He has past ties to Merck and other conflicts of interest. A lawyer for Pfizer also sits on the committee, one of two vaccine manufacturers permitted to participate under the charter.

6. Vaccines do not undergo the same (sort of) rigorous testing as pharmaceutical drugs. The gold standard in drug testing is a double-blind (inert) placebo-controlled study. This has never been done with a vaccine, nor has the timing or combination of vaccines on the current CDC schedule ever been tested. Before being licensed, new vaccines are usually tested against another vaccine, the vaccine’s adjuvant, or in the case of pregnant women, not tested at all and recommended with a “fingers crossed,” off-label approach.

7. The CDC and vaccine manufacturers rely on reactions reported in the VAERS database after a vaccine is licensed in order to assess potential signals of risk. However, it warns public users of this data not to pay much attention to this data since it is merely a reporting tool and cannot be relied upon. The CDC also has the Vaccine Safety Datalink, a database populated with data from nine health maintenance organizations around the country which is only available to a small subset of the scientific community and not to the public at all. This is supposed to be where the “real” data on adverse effects come from, but lack of transparency has led to serious questions on the reliability of studies done using this data. There is another database of complete health records of 1200 children, including 800 with confirmed autism, which the public does not have access to, called the Study to Explore Early Development (SEED).  This database was set up specifically to study autism spectrum disorders. Yet according to Dr. Thompson, while approximately 60 proposals for studies using the database are being considered, not a single one includes vaccine history.

8. Vaccines contain animal and/or other human by-products and DNA. The ingredients on this CDC Pink Book list that are derived from aborted fetal tissue go by the code names WI-38 and MRC-5. The many animal cell lines used in manufacturing vaccines include those from a cocker spaniel dog, monkeys, cows, calves, chickens and an eagle. The list of chemicals are too numerous to mention, but one which catches my eye – polysorbate 80 – is known to cause infertility in rats. It is one of the ingredients in Gardasil which makes me wonder about the reported injuries surrounding this vaccine.

9. For every vaccine sold, a 75¢ excise tax is levied that goes to a fund set aside to compensate victims of vaccine injury. To date, the Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund has paid out over $3 billion in compensation for death and serious injury due to vaccines. The program also has $3 billion in cash reserves. A report published in 2011 found 83 compensated cases of children with brain injury who also had autism after interviewing  the families of only about 200 of the 1,323 total compensated cases of brain injury. There have also been direct vaccine/autism cases settled, although the issues around this are complex and secretive as David Kirby describes here. This all just supports “the idea that won’t go away,” that there is in fact a link between vaccines and autism.

10. You can recover from vaccine injury. It’s usually a long and arduous journey, but it’s possible. Each person’s or child’s injury is different because each person is different. This echoes former chairman of Autism Speaks Bob Wright’s surprise admission on the TODAY Show recently, that autism cases have been settled at the VICP and that vaccine injury requires urgent attention because, while every dose of a vaccine is the same, every person who receives it is different. Indeed.

Go and see Vaxxed. This is a turning point in history. Be on the right side for the sake of our kids and for future generations.

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out —
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out —
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out —
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me — and there was no one left to speak for me.  Martin Niemöller

~ ShamROCK

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31 Responses to Vaccine Issues for Dummies: A Primer for Viewing “VAXXED”

  1. CJ Matthews says:

    I clicked on your link but was unable to find anywhere on the FDA website that they have proclaimed vaccines to be “unavoidably unsafe.” What, exactly, do you mean by that phrase? I even typed that term into their search box and it returned only three irrelevant links. Are you saying that the FDA has stated, officially that any or all vaccines are generally unsafe for the entire population? Have any other health agencies in other countries made any such statement? Please provide workable links that support what you are saying and also give a definition for “unavoidably unsafe.” Thanks.

  2. Lori says:

    Follow up Today show on DeNiro’s interview failed miserably to do what he asked “investigate.” All they did was regurgitate crap we’ve all heard before for years.

  3. FLDA says:

    Thank you for your detailed analysis. I have a follow up question regarding these 2 paragraphs:

    “However, VAXXED is actually about letting the world in on a secret: that horse wasn’t dead until the Institute of Medicine declared a moratorium on vaccine/autism studies (not just the MMR) — a decision based on the 2004 CDC MMR/autism study which the film appears to show to have been fraudulent. In fact, a CDC senior scientist on that study, Dr. William Thompson, admitted to this fraud in voice recordings contained in the film and in a statement to the public released by his whistleblower lawyers in 2014.

    That IOM decision, based on this seemingly fraudulent CDC study, closed the door to research on any link between vaccines and autism, which is the very antithesis of scientific enquiry. That’s truly Orwellian in its ramifications. People don’t seem to grasp the enormity of what has happened. By shutting down further investigation into the link they apparently knew existed between vaccines and autism, the “man behind the curtain” may have inadvertently caused over one million children to become autistic, all to protect the secret.”

    When I went to the CDC website, there is a 2013 CDC study cited: (Conclusion In this study of MCO members, increasing exposure to antibody-stimulating proteins and polysaccharides
    in vaccines during the first 2 years of life was not related to the risk of developing an ASD.)

    There is a different 2010 study in this chart on thimerosal:

    So was the moratorium lifted? Were these later studies not funded by IOM? Do you have a link or resource for the IOM moratorium? Thanks again for your input!

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      “Moratorium” is an overstatement. Technically, the IOM could not initiate a “moratorium” on research. They are an “independent” organization with no authority to do so. But the report ( was used by the CDC and NIH to justify a virtual shutdown on research into vaccines as a causal agent in autism. The summary contained the following: “The committee does not recommend a policy review of the current schedule and recommendations for the administration of either the MMR vaccine or thimerosal-containing vaccines. The committee recommends a public health response that fully supports an array of vaccine safety activities. In addition, the committee recommends that available funding for autism research be channeled to the most promising areas.”

      The CDC took that statement and ran with it. They did not do a COMPLETE shutdown on the subject, but you will note that one of the authors on the studies on Thimerosal is “WW Thompson.” This is the very Dr. William Thompson we are talking about who has said that “I shoulder that the CDC has put the research 10 years behind. Because the CDC has not been transparent, we’ve missed 10 years of research because the CDC is so paralyzed right now by anything related to autism.” ( He knows the research performed by himself and his colleagues, including Frank DeStefano (on that first paper you linked), has been anything but adequate. He is also aware that the causal association between tics and Thimerosal that was found is anything but innocuous, as tics are four times more prevalent in the autism community than the neurotypical community.

      The research that SHOULD be done, and officials at the CDC are well aware of it, is a comparison between the health outcomes of children who are fully vaccinated and children who were not vaccinated at all. That is the obvious “no brainer” study that SHOULD settle the question if done on a large enough scale and analyzed in a reasonably appropriate way, though results could be significantly confounded by the fact that many of the non-vaccinators became so as a result of a prior vaccine reaction. Therefore, it’s likely that most are probably members of the population that is “genetically susceptible” to autism in the first place. So why hasn’t it been done? Why has there never been ANY attempt to measure the outcomes of children who have received all the recommended vaccines against children who haven’t received any? Why do ALL studies that consider the question at all compare mostly or fully vaccinated children to slightly less vaccinated children? Even the 2004 study in question only compared children (most of whom were probably fully vaccinated or close) who received MMR before 36 months with children who received it later than that. What if they had compared children who had received it between 12 and 15 months, as is recommended by the CDC, with children who had never received it at all? To ANY epidemiologist interested at getting at the truth, these are OBVIOUS questions to ask and answer, and yet… the CDC doesn’t consider them worth investigating.

  4. Starbuck75 says:

    The VIS statement is NOT enough. parents need to read the package inserts. Furthermore every doctor should be legally REQUIRED to read them. Most have not.

    • ShamROCK says:

      I agree with you but that’s the law in the United States. We should be getting the package insert. We need to repeal the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act 1986, that would be the first thing. I have never been given a VIS for my children and they have had around 90 vaccines between them. No more.

  5. Hans Scholl says:

    Medical journal says fluoride is in same toxin category as brain-damaging lead and mercury

  6. Hans Scholl says:

    MAY 21st . March on the streets .
    Who is William Thompson ?

  7. Linda says:

    This is truly a remarkable compendium of resources. It will take time to digest it all, but read and digest it I will. I am raising one of my granddaughters, autistic and beautiful and oh so very much loved. We have a story, but for now the story and the focus must be to get the word out AND hopefully those we know and those we love will do their homework, will listen, will make time to go and see this documentary.

    Thank goodness courage and integrity can still be found in segments of our society!


    • ShamROCK says:

      Thank you Linda, please click on all the links, there is some great information there. Best of luck on your journey.

  8. Lauren Ayers says:

    Most people haven’t noticed that public health departments around the nation have almost the exact same positions of the safety of GMOs, fluoridation, and, of course, vaccination. Why this unanimity?

    Few know about NACCHO, the organization that determines policies of all 2,800 public health departments in the USA. NACCHO is short for the National Association of City and County Health Officials.

    However, NACCHO does not have annual conferences to assess threats to public health where they hash out a united response. Instead, they simply adopt whatever the CDC has determined is correct.

    How an organization is funded will usually reveal its true purpose. The public health directors who are members of NACCHO pay dues. That covers 2.5% of NACCHO’s annual budget. That’s a mere two and a half pennies out of a dollar.

    The CDC pays the other 97.5%, $25 million (which is actually quite a bargain when you think how this controls public health policies for over 300 million people!)

    CDC control of NACCHO would be fine if it operated with the normal hypothesis-test-revision approach which makes science trustworthy because mistakes are constantly being weeded out.

    Recall, however, how long government agencies ignored the benefits of seat belts, and ignored the hazards of tobacco as well as second hand smoke, lead in paint and gasoline, asbestos in ‘cottage cheese’ ceilings and floor tiles, BPA in baby bottles and other beverage containers, and many other health threats that lasted too long. That’s how NACCHO operates – the status quo rules, no questions allowed.

    Meanwhile, you never hear a peep from NACCHO about the excess sugar in the American diet, or why low-fat or fat-free milk is bad for children, why eggs and butter are actually good for us, that parents need to make sure their children make or take enough vitamin D, that people of all ages need ample DHA and EPA (which we no longer get from our diet since fish are no longer a staple but a luxury), that most Americans are deficient in iodine.

    (There are a few shining examples of caution and the scientific method protecting Americans – The FDA blocked the release of Thalidomide, a morning sickness medication, into the country while it was used extensively in Europe, resulting in the birth of many children with foreshortened limbs.)

    But anyone who questions the ever lengthening list of recommended (and, lately, mandatory) vaccinations must wonder if they are all entirely necessary, since the agency who puts them on the list is heavily influenced by Pharma.

    Of course no one wants to believe that the CDC is corrupt. But consider the revolving door between the CDC and Pharma. Julie Gerberding, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) from 2002 to 2009, later became president of Merck’s vaccine division. Merck is the largest supplier of vaccines to the CDC. In 2015 she sold 38,368 of her shares in Merck stock for $2,340,064.32. She still holds 31,985 shares of the company’s stock, valued at about $2 million. While she was head of the CDC the FDA approved the Merck Gardasil vaccine.

    In short, there is nothing the medical industrial complex would like more than control of every public health department in the nation — which is exactly what NACCHO does. I urge you to let others know about this hidden CDC suppression of so many pillars of health that we work to popularize — while the local health department simultaneously tries to squelch with fear-based ‘sciency’ explanations.

    NACCHO is not chips and cheese. It’s also Not Yo’ Real Research, but industry-approved fake science.

  9. Tia Severino says:

    My son was one of the 800 confirmed autism cases in the SEED study.

  10. Jennifer Power says:

    Thank you, this is an excellent list with sources attached. I will send it to the two Senators here in Australia’s parliament who led the “fact-finding” hearing on whether or not the gov’t should remove childcare subsidies for unvaccinated children. Of course, even with over 3,000 admissions against the idea, it became law. “Informed choice” is not something we value here in Australia. Apparently.

    The tide is turning .

    • ShamROCK says:

      I hope so Jennifer, good luck with your campaign in Australia. It is very sad that that law passed, I hope the tide will turn back in your favor.

    • ang says:

      Hi Jennifer perhaps this report will help direct quote that even Blondie Health Minister can understand “”individuals immunized with an acellular pertussis vaccine may be protected from disease, they may still become infected with the bacteria without always getting sick and are able to spread infection to others, including young infants who are susceptible to pertussis disease.”” ref: yep even FDA in 2013 in a press release (that they forgot to actually release?), states quite clearly, those vaccinated with Dtap ie the aP acellular pertussis (whooping cough vaccine) in use in Australia since 1995 causing symptomless aP vaccinated carriers, who infect their own babies, (who can not be vaccinated, as it Dtap vaccine before 2 months old, kills them)………….. the one cause of the outrageous increase in pertussis since 1995, is the useless aP vaccine. The vaccine allows those vaccinated to be symptomless carriers, and it fails after an average of 3 years anyway.. THUS THE RISE IN PERTUSSIS, from 350 PER YEAR in Australia, pre aP vaccine, to 1 in 40 people NOW (all aged under 22, despite 90% up to date vaccination rates)……………………….

  11. ‘No matter how paranoid you are, what they’re actually doing is worse than you can possibly imagine!’ ~ Ralph Gleason

    that is just the tip of the vax iceberg

    there are a few pink elephants floating around vaccine land
    1. the fact they have know Vit C will cure all viral disease, and first started using it, for Whooping Cough, in the 1930s

    This make vaccination, and vaccine injury and deaths, completely unecessary

    and thousands they let die from Sepsis, every year

    “sepsis…claims the lives of one American every 2.5 minutes. Other victims of sepsis are ‘saved’ through amputation….Every day high-dose vitamin C could be saving the lives of sepsis victims. Every day countless fingers, toes, hands, feet, arms, and legs, could remain attached and healthy if the medical community would simply hear and respond to the facts with scientific integrity.” ~ Levy, MD, JD, Thomas E.

    It is easy to prove Smallpox vaccination never saved one single life but in fact killed millions, and it is very obvious this was done deliberately, as germ warfare, as any idiot would have know smallpox was due to lack of proper sanitation, like they knew the 98% cure in the 17th century, so there never was any need for a preventive from that fact alone, and 100% cures in 19th

    Vaccination is 100% ineffective and highly dangerous, and deliberate child abuse

    “Vaccination is child abuse and a crime against humanity.” ~ Dr. Buchwald MD

    ”In my view, the evidence against vaccination is so strong that anyone who vaccinates a child (or allows one to be vaccinated) should be arrested for child abuse. ” ~ Dr. Vernon Coleman GP

    • ShamROCK says:

      John, while I share your passion, I may not agree with such extreme views such as vaccination is child abuse. The other side uses this argument against parents who selectively vaccinate and it is highly divisive and offensive.
      I believe parents should become informed, be allowed access to accurate data and ultimately have a choice where vaccination is concerned.
      I do however, think that there are too many vaccines on the schedule and I support a vaccinated Vs unvaccinated study to provide answers for the public so we can make informed medical decisions for our children. Transparency and trust, honesty and integrity… these are things missing from the CDC vaccination program right now. It requires an intervention by congress to stop more children from being harmed.

      • Hans Scholl says:

        Shamrock & all here at TMR , I like you all greatly .

        And not wishing to alienate anyone but I totally and completely agree with John Scudamore . For me vaccine technology is a wholly and completely discredited science . A lie from start to finish (the secret ingredients end the argument once and for all) . The term Child abuse just doesn’t cover it at all for me .
        Its chemical warfare .

        The only vaccine I have any faith in , is the scarlett fever vaccine , because there isn’t one .

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        You can’t alienate us by expressing that opinion, Hans. We think there is room for any opinion that allows for CHOICE on a parent’s part. We are beings made up of electromagnetic energy and we’re all different. What is right for me is not right for someone else and vice-versa. I would not force a fearful parent NOT to vaccinate any more than I would force one TO vaccinate.

    • ang says:

      direct quote””””individuals immunized with an acellular pertussis vaccine may be protected from disease, they may still become infected with the bacteria without always getting sick and are able to spread infection to others, including young infants who are susceptible to pertussis disease.””

      I hope people can understand this. Those vaccinated, catch, carry and spread pertussis, with OR WITHOUT symptoms. The number one cause of baby infections in Australia, is fully vaccinated, symptomless siblings. NO ONE not vaccinated with aP vaccine, can possibly be a symptomless carrier. That aP vaccinated herd, is very, very sick.

      In Australia pre 95 (before aP vaccine) we had 350 cases of pertussis IN THE WHOLE OF AUSTRALIA. After aP vaccine, by 2010, we were having 1 in 40 people with pertussis (all under age 12), 90% of them vaccine failures. The others? Babies, who caught pertussis from their vaccinated siblings.

  12. Hans Scholl says:

    First they came for the “alternative doctors” & killed 50 of them, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not an “alternative doctor” (& I didn’t understand, I was too busy watching primetime rubbish reality TV).
    Then they came for the anti-vaccinationists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not an “anti-vaccinationist” (& I didn’t understand, I was too busy endless repetitive sporting events on TV).
    Then they came for the so called “conspiracy theorists”, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a “conspiracy theorists” ” (& I didn’t understand, I hadnt picked up or read a book since I was forced to in school aged 14).
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me(& I still didn’t understand, the truth is I’m a bit dim – where is my TV?).

    • Kathy says:

      Love it! Love it! Love it!
      We are becoming a nation of dimwits, too scared to find out the truth because it may demand some action from us… and we’re too busy with our TV !! And it may place some responsibility on our shoulders instead of on the shoulders of some unknown bureaucrat! It’s getting scary… and frustrating to thinking people.

    • Kathleen says:

      Perfect, good work, Hans. 🙂

    • ShamROCK says:

      Thank you Hans. Very creative. We need to collectively wake up.

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