Vaxxed! The Movie I Couldn’t and Didn’t Watch . . . Until I Did

April 5, 2016

rev-preacher“I can’t right now.” I hammered out via text to my friend Polly Tommey, Editor-in-Chief of Autism File Magazine, and founder of the Autism Media Channel, and The Autism Trust in Austin, Texas.

But, instead of that simple sentiment, what eventually popped up on her end was a long-winded excuse. “My dad is sick. Dave (my husband) is in Mumbai this week and travelling a ton. The kids’ schedules are intense. Things are just crazy right now.”

A lot more words . . . all of them true. All of them excuses not to look at an advanced copy of the film, Vaxxed.

For those who don’t know me, my real name is Lisa Joyce (LJ) Goes. I am a co-founder of The Thinking Moms’ Revolution, President of Team TMR, the non-profit 501(c)(3) organization formed by TMR that strives to bring services and treatment to families suffering with iatrogenic autism and epigenetic illness. I am a former contributing editor at Age of Autism and guest writer for Gaia Health. I have appeared on national television, to discuss the CDC whistleblower and my son’s descent into iatrogenic autism as the result of his 12-month well-baby visit. I appear in the internationally critically acclaimed film, Who Killed Alex Spourdalakis? And, lastly, I am the citizen journalist who broke Alex’s story of medical neglect to the masses. Depending on the crowd, I end that ridiculous bio with, “That’s a whoooole lot of words that basically mean when it comes to iatrogenic autism and epigenetic illness I know my shit.” My TMR moniker, “The Rev,” was bestowed upon me by my colleague and MAMMA co-founder, Thalia (Tex) Michelle. She will tell you it’s because I can preach. Like most reverends have a passion for saving souls, I have a passion for saving children.

However, at the time of Polly’s call, I was waist deep in the process of saving my own little boy. “I can’t” meant I had to stay focused on the prize: RECOVERY. Year number 8 . . . in active pursuit of recovery for my vaccine-injured son, while also raising his two neurotypical siblings and caring for my 85-year-old dad.

I can’t look again, I thought, at the fact that the government agency and pediatrician I trusted to provide informed and scientifically, medically sound preventative healthcare for my children, knew with absolute certainty that the MMR was causing autism; four years before my son was even born. Four. Bloody. Years.

Can’t go there.

The  “can’t” factor, for those of us who have been doing this for awhile, is a means of self-preservation. We know what happened to our babies. We know how it happened. We know scientifically beyond a shadow of a doubt how and why because we have traveled the country and the world looking for a way to soothe their pain. We know because we know literally THOUSANDS of others to whom it has happened as well. But we burn out educating others, mentoring new families, caring for our own, and finding a way to pay for it all. We have to make the decision moment by moment, day after day to feed the heartbreak, or the hope. Which is why, sometimes, you just can’t go there. So . . . I couldn’t and didn’t.

karen and lorrin

Karen Kain with her daughter Lorrin

Months passed. My friend and author of the book, A Unique Life, Fully Lived, Karen Kain, and I were catching up, and she told me about her experience filming with Vaxxed producer Del Bigtree and director Andy Wakefield. She is extremely selective about her projects, given the “can’t” factor. By far, she’s been my best teacher when it comes to self-preservation. “LJ, it is so powerful. People are going to see what is really happening.” I didn’t say it, but I thought about all the brilliant writers, filmmakers, doctors, and scientists she and I now know personally who have contributed mightily to helping people see what is “really happening.” Either way, I couldn’t and wouldn’t allow myself to be disappointed again.

But then . . . the buzz started. Everyone on social media was talking about it. And then, one morning. it was right there in front of my eyes — a mainstream media piece — a story about the Tribeca Film Festival debuting Vaxxed among its other prized selections. I almost spat out my coffee. My children waved their hands in front of my computer screen as I stared through their palms, slack-jawed. “Mom — earth to Mom! We lost her.” I heard my youngest chuckle as he crammed his lunch into his book bag. “It’s Ms. Jeanna!” He yelled when I clicked on the trailer.

Images of my friend and fellow activist Jeanna Reed and her sweet son Ian flashed across the screen. Ian lost the ability to walk after his 12-month immunizations. In the clip, he tries time and time again to straighten out his body and get his legs to move, but like so many of our kids, his neurology and central nervous system were no longer speaking the same language. He kept flopping to the ground and at one point appears to be trying to walk on his head. Soon, he would start to scoot all the way across the kitchen floor and ram his head into the wall as hard as he could, over and over and over again. Sadly, just days before this well-baby visit, he was enthusiastically running for the first time. I have learned to fortify myself with good thoughts that sustain me in the midst of the horror of what is happening to these children. I immediately recalled Ian as he is now: Recovered. “Held together with medical Band-Aids,” as Jeanna says, but, vibrant, healthy, thriving and well. If Jeanna could find the courage to tell her family’s story yet once again, I could certainly summon the strength to watch Vaxxed.

So . . .  here we go: If you are a veteran in the iatrogenic autism movement, particularly if you have been at this five years or more, it’s going to be a difficult, but worthwhile watch. Del and Andy have done a remarkable job of piecing together the timeline of corruption. The actual emails and data that were handed over to biochemist and Associate Professor at Simpson University, Dr. Brian Hooker, are highlighted and reviewed in the film. Each piece of information builds on the previous and what forms before your eyes in a very clear and concise progression of the facts, layered thoughtfully amidst audio recordings of Senior CDC Scientist, Dr. William Thompson confessing to what we eventually learn is common practice at the CDC: If the facts don’t line up and children are falling ill? Just don’t report that particular part of the data. Better yet, skew the data. If that doesn’t work, just destroy the data. Regardless of the path chosen, when you are the CDC, you make and break the rules however you see fit. The health of the American children you have been tasked with protecting is irrelevant. It is the protection and preservation of the vaccine program that matters most.

By mid-film you have a very accurate picture of what is happening on a daily basis with the CDC and its partners — quite literally  — in crime, the pharmaceutical industry, in particular Merck Vaccines Division. You are transported back in time with Polly and Jonathan Tommey as they attempt to comfort a rigid and shaking Billy, praying right alongside them as his eyes roll back in his head and his body convulses. You are very much in the room when hospital officials are assuring them this is all perfectly normal, he will be just fine, and everyone just needs to go home and relax — as I and countless friends and colleagues were reassured: “It’s fine.”

It’s normal. It happens all the time.

Del Bigtree, Polly Tommey, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, and Dr. Brian Hooker

Del Bigtree, Polly Tommey, Dr. Andrew Wakefield, and Dr. Brian Hooker

Probably the most powerful and compelling parent cameo is that of Sheila Ealey, who speaks with such clarity and conviction you wish so much she was President of the World. As her adult vaccine-injured son sits peacefully by her side, entirely absorbed by the images on his laptop, she tells us of what happened on that awful day, the worst day of her life. Her precious boy reacting so dramatically and immediately to the vaccines he received — accidentally having been given TWO injections of the MMR instead of one, she furiously collected him as well as her daughter, whom she had been tending to when the nurse began administering the shots to her son. Her daughter never received the MMR that day, and she and her brother live vastly dichotomous lives as a result. If you want to know a mother’s heart when it comes to the issue of vaccines and autism, her interview will speak directly to your soul.

We see veteran dads Erik Nanstiel and Mark Blaxill talking about the difficulties of raising teen daughters on the spectrum — both their daughters so truly fragile, innocent and whimsically beautiful. This is when my husband lost his marbles. The parents of the Hear This Well campaign give viewers a powerful and unforgettable image of just how many families and children have been affected by this egregious fraud. So many babies lost.

While emotions do run high in Vaxxed, it is also a historically and politically accurate film drenched with high-profile experts, like Senior Research scientist, Dr. Stephanie Seneff of MIT, and the amazingly versatile Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh, PhD, BCBA-D, and CEO of CARD (Center for Autism and Related Disorders), as well as several high-profile politicians, including former Congressman Dan Burton who wrote the forward for the Thinking Grandparents book which will be published by Skyhorse Publishing and on bookshelves in June, 2016.

Probably most astounding and laudable was the appearance of physicians from the talk show The Doctors, which Del Bigtree formerly produced. This, I will not spoil for you. It’s worth your trip to the theater to see it firsthand.

I would highly recommend this film to just about anyone because it does a marvelous job of explaining the how and why at a very quick and understandable pace. Think The Big Short, minus the humor because in the face of so much human suffering that would just be in poor taste. Vaxxed accomplishes what it has set out to do, which is tell the truth about what is happening right now in pediatricians’ offices across this country and the world. You think sub-prime loans were bad news and devastated our country? How about sub-prime (no placebo-based, completely unresearched, ZERO accountability for the manufacturer, 100% risk to the child/taxpayer) preventative medicine that steals the brains and central nervous systems of our children, but sells itself as the pinnacle of wellness to the world? What happened in the world of banking during the housing bubble is happening at the CDC at this very moment, and nobody is paying attention.

I have read a few reviews of the film Vaxxed. I am shocked, given the clarity the tipping point provides, to so see many journalists are still snuggling up to their pharma advertisers. This film, contrary to these reviews, is not about Dr. Wakefield. For a little perspective, you can’t really tell the epic story of the $333 million lawsuit against PG&E detailing their elaborate scheme to cover up the fact that they’d leaked hexavalent chromium into the drinking water of the residents of the California town of Hinkley without mentioning law clerk Erin Brockovich‘s role in bringing this corruption to light. Conversely, you cannot tell the story of Merck’s incestuous relationship with the CDC without addressing Andy Wakefield’s role in bringing the incriminating science they have tried to suppress for years to light.


Honest moviegoers will leave this film wanting justice for the these brave families and a policing government body in place that cannot trade positions, cash, and favors with the pharmaceutical industry. Sadly, many will leave this film realizing what has really happened to members of their own families. Most will feel the cavernous ache many of us have known for years. It is my heartfelt prayer that families who have been divided on this issue will reconcile and come to a place of mutual respect. My friend Andria has asked her 14 year old daughter with autism who does not yet speak (but will), how she should go about helping her heal her body. Sabrina typed, “love, great!” So simple but so brilliantly profound. LOVE GREAT! That is how we heal our children and our community. Love greater. That is how we fill the divide. With knowledge, LOVE, and understanding. Most of us embroiled in this issue were never “pro” or “anti” anything. The horrendous pain of watching our babies suffer so caused such fear and rage, we allowed ourselves to become divided. United we stand; divided we love a lot less great. All of us are just parents, people, who want the very best for all our children. Let it be known, when you go see VaxXed, you are not just passively watching a movie, you are actively becoming a part of history.

Much love and respect,

~ The Rev

For more by The Rev, click here.

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157 Responses to Vaxxed! The Movie I Couldn’t and Didn’t Watch . . . Until I Did

  1. Dear Lisa,
    YOU ARE NOT ALONE ! Those of us who saw vaxxed (and were already asking informed questions of our own doctors, politicians, and heads of vaccine/pharmaceutical decisions) hear you and the unjust pain your children and households have had to deal with. Our hearts across North America are with you and we will do our best to do better and start to ask for much more accountability and much less leeway. Please pray that as association and people come together that laws will be made and implemented in the not so far off future to stop such culprits and pay the dues due to the injured parties and put in jail quickly those who would dare to disrespect every man woman and child so blasphemingly and hypocritically …… Keep up the great work , love and truth be in touch sometime to help support all of you …. from the yet unharmed but we;; informed thanx to all of you !!!! Life Truth and Unity

  2. Em says:

    I came here from and while there were petitions to both allow and ban the viewing of Vexxed I could not find the petition to have this issue dealt with. Is the answer a vaccinated vs non vaccinated study? And then I thought what exactly is the issue? What is the next definitive step? I don’t know and what learnt in school is that if I don’t know then for sure there are others who are just like me so I’m putting my hand up to ask how do we change it?

    I have my own immunisations story (not MMR) that has had long term effects on my daughter and I have my own fight to not give in to the pressure to keep immunising her despite severe and documented reactions to her shots. So my frustration is what do we all do? There are so many overwhelming heartbreaking stories, so many parents who KNOW without any doubt that this is what happened and who want to save it happening to others and who deserve compensation to get their children the help and treatment that they need. We who have experience know this, but we are preaching to the converted. So what now? What will make this change.

    Your reaction of ‘I just can’t’ is one I understand only too well, it is how I feel when I feel overwhelmed and defeated by something that there is just no answer to and this is exactly one such issue. I have felt this way for a long time about immunisation and I can only imagine how the families of those effected with autism and other severe outcomes must feel every moment. I alternatively cried and raged with horror through the entire movie.

    So I ask again what do we, what can we do to change this? How can we help?

    In this age of the internet, in the age of easy public communication, with the power of public opinion and the age of DATA. Where is the site, the organisation, the petition, the representative that can organise a set of data, that can unequivocally show the world …. here we stand, listed as people who are effected by this issue, these are our numbers, this is our information, these are our supporters, we demand action.

    Lisa, as someone who is highly invested in, and someone who has great knowledge of, this issue, can you tell us about the challenges of getting this dealt with? Why is it not just a case of ‘united we stand’?

    I’m so sick of doctors not listening to what I KNOW about my child. The child I watch every waking hour if the day, the child I know in her every intimate movement, every change of breath, every cry, every gesture. With my every sense connected to hers I know when there is something up and I should be taken seriously when I say there is something wrong and this is what it is. We need to be heard and we need to stand up for what we know is the truth. We can’t let ourselves be defeated or silenced by the power of BIG PHARMA $$$$ which is what is happening now. Our children are paying the price and we are suffering alongside them. I refuse to be overpowered. How do I help?

  3. Anon England says:

    Hey there!

    I’m trying to find a place to watch Vaxxed for free online from the UK. Making a profit is an automatic conflict of interest, right? Right.

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a site that can show me the full vaxxed film for free online?

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Absolutely not! You will not get a link to watch it for free from here. The filmmakers spent their money, time, and energy making this film in order to help YOU, as well as spending their lives traveling the U.S. by bus in order to meet and organize as many people as possible. Documentary filmmakers rarely make more than enough to get by without spending all the money they get traveling to various cities with showings. The least you can do is spring for the $3.99 to see it, or wait for it to be available on Netflix.

      Of course, from your “automatic conflict of interest” comment it’s likely that you aren’t the slightest bit interested in actually watching the film, and are simply interested in making the lives of good people more difficult. Good luck with that. That sort of behavior has a way of turning around and biting you in the butt.

    • Mariane Eriksson says:

      “Making a profit”? Lol, one of the best ways to go broke,for starters, is to take on any aspect of the vaccine industry, so I wouldn’t worry about “conflict of interest”, I guess you mean “greed”, from the Vaxxed team.
      All the information revealed in “Vaxxed” and more is available for free all over the internet,thank goodness, so check all that out if you can’t afford the streamline or DVD which are low-priced btw, and keep an eye out for free community screenings since it’s also very cheap to show to groups,their website makes it easy. Do we want to venture a guess how much all this production and touring costs them ? They cannot even tour if they don’t generate some income.

  4. Jul says:

    I’m sure there are many, many more that have not even been counted. My own daughter for instance, had a very bad reaction to her MMR, but it took me 6 months to get the Dr.’s to even listen to the fact that after a severe fever of over 106*F, (which they agreed was from the vacc), had also caused her to stop talking. When I finally got them to stop blaming her ears as the cause and got referred to someone else for further testing, she was 18 months and tested out as if she were only 6 months. Before this happened she had been very advanced and was saying 3 word phrases, then suddenly after this she couldn’t even say dada.
    I know the doctors never reported to the CVC.

    • Mariane Eriksson says:

      I’m so sorry to hear that 🙁
      I took a screenshot of your quick story (w/o ur name) and I will use it as an example of what I’ve read/heard hundreds of times. You know there is a firm statistic from the government itself that only 10% of adverse reactions are even reported?
      Justice will come, all the best to you and your family.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        It’s not a firm statistic. No one has ever studied the rate of reporting of vaccine injuries. That’s just an estimate of the problems with passive reporting systems in general. The truth is that they have NO IDEA what percentage of injuries are reported. They claim that a greater percentage of the serious injuries are reported, and that deaths are over-reported (which I do not believe for a microsecond). But they can say whatever they want because no one has actually investigated it.

  5. Drew says:

    Hi there from Australia ! I also am a RN who researches every chance I get, lately on the Internet here, I have stumbled over this site, and have found this discussion to be vigorous and very enlightening, keep it up . I have 2 boys one 23 year old diagnosed at 5 to have attention deficiet syndrome ADS verging on Auspergus , he is pretty normalised and cluey . My 6 year old who lives with his clueless mother was diagnosed 3 years ago after we noticed he went from this vivacious active 30 word vocabulary , to change to a non verbal , not often eye contact Distant little boy, this I noticed one weekend when he came to me 2 days after his MMR, I didn’t know it at the time, but pieced it together when I got a copy of his vaccination record. I feed him minimum processed food, lots of fruit, but have no control of him 12 days a fortnight, we attend speech and occupational therapy basically every weekend for the last 2years and he is very smart, with his tasks, but he is overridden by his impulsive demeanor, twitches, irritation as such. I first started looking at his Autism ASD after his diagnosis , on line, and was buoyed of the research from Dr. Geoffrey Bradstreet R.I.P about GcMAF and wanted to get my boy onto a trial, but I then had to look at Guernsey where they had a clinic which has been shut down to take GcMAF and Goaolic off the market. Big Pharma has its claws interfering,disruption happening, I feel we can’t interfere with ther profit making machine if we have patients getting better now can we ! I was keen to get your opinions on GcMAF and whether or not the treatment may become available again ,, it sounded so promising. I am proud of the discussion going on here, and would love to see the film one day soon here in Australia! Keep up the good fight guys, we will get them off the ropes and onto the canvas soon. I will continue to research and educate my fellow workers, and I’m going to try some of these treatments your readers have provided. Methylene blue, Zeolite, the Alkalized water with spectrum liquid herb, I’ll go research those now ! Thanks for being on the right side, I hope we can stop this happening to our innocent children and their families , God bless you all .

      • Drew says:

        ThAnk you Jim , I read those articles about Zeolites, and have decided putting more heavy metals in my son would negate any potential improvements, I couldn’t believe the elements listed had Uranium in it also albeit very small dose, radioactive isotope carcinogenic ! We are at the mercy of manufacturers , we need to research what we put in our kids and selves, blind faith in the establishment and their processes is seriously flawed . Have you looked into the GcMAF and replacement product Gaoelic Jim ? I had high hopes for this regime of treatment before , the powers that shouldn’t be took them out of availability .Thank you for your prompt response also ?

      • Jim West says:

        Drew, as a cynic, my idea of a supplement is organic parsley, or perhaps a few basic minerals, with farms so depleted nowadays.

    • dobekind says:

      Take a look at doctor Wallach’s “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” and his “Hells Kitchen” At 80 all his suggestions are doing me a lot of good.

    • Max says:

      Hi Drew, it’s so good to see some people in your industry waking up, on that point keep up the great work. I am not in any way involved in the medical field but after a shocking experience when my father was diagnosed with liver cancer and western medicines complicent inaction I started reading on these topics daily. In conjunction with the method of detoxing heavy metals recommended below by Jim, may I also suggest that you introduce a diverse range of home made fermented foods, from kamboocha, kafir, sauerkraut and anything else that will increase the gut biome to restore the 7,000 odd different species that should be there that symbiotically exist with us and provide us with micro nutrients amino acids and such that are not bioavailable to us without their help. In western living, the 7,000 number has apparently been reduced to 2-300, hence the problem. Our biomes are being smashed constantly by chlorinated and fluoridated water, antibiotics in the food chain, preservatives, pesticides and herbicides in the food chain, stress and any a course of antibiotics that you have ever taken and probably many other causes I’ve not thought of here.

      It’s my conclusion based n reading reports by many great people that this is at the heart of the problem along with and exacerbated by heavy metal poisoning.

      I wish you all the very best.

    • Sebastian says:

      Sorry to hear about your experience Drew. In my opinion, autism and other developmental disorders, especially if directly related to vaccination toxicity, can sometimes be successfully treated with a combination of nutrition and detoxification. Just a couple more ideas for you to research:

      First of all, I’m sure you’re aware of the benefits of Vitamin C in large doses. You can find a lot of hands-on information about it by googling Dr. Suzanne Humphries. (She also has something to say on vaccinations.)

      Another vitamin you can’t afford to miss is Niacin (Vitamin B-3). Again, megadoses are required. You can learn more about its role in the CNS by reading books by Dr. Abram Hoffer, or articles from the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine.

      In medical education we’ve been conditioned to look down on vitamins, but this seems to be the case of hiding the most valuable information in plain sight. Educate yourself at least on Vit C and Vit B-3; you will not be disappointed!

      I wish you good luck with everything, and please report back your experiences.

  6. Brandis Hackney says:

    More people need to hear what you have to say. I am so tired of hearing “there have been no links between vaccines and autism” what goes so unnoticed are the kids who didnt develope Autism because they died from complications before they could develop autism! You know why it’s so unnoticed? Most of the times the doctors put these babies causes of death down as SIDS or something related to the symptoms and not the underlying cause, which is vaccines! I just found out today that Donald Trump believes vaccines cause autism in babies. I’m going to vote.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Donald Trump believes that vaccines cause autism, but he has indicated that he thinks “slowing them down” will solve the problem. He has never expressed support for the idea that people should choose their own level of vaccination, rather than following the recommendations laid down by the CDC. And when it comes down to it, the president does not really have control over vaccine policy. Mandates are determined at the state level.

      • Mariane Eriksson says:

        It is so utterly heartbreaking to realize that people are so desperate that they feel they will be spared pharmaceutical tyranny with Trump as their president. Rockefeller Medicine is rotted at the core. Sadly, as is government. It’s OK 🙂 start by being good to yourself and to others …

  7. JJ Win says:

    Get Informed And Get Involved To Stop These Assaults Against Humanity !! “There’s no controversy in the truth”… -jjw16

  8. Ellie says:

    My husband was a former Lobbyist in Boston, and I was practicing Law in Texas when we had our first child. Against the constant pressure of our pediatrician, we refused vaccines for almost a year while doing our due diligent research on efficacy and side effects. The pressure was so great at her 12 months mark that we gave in to one set of vaccine. Our perfect baby who never had a cold or even a diaper rash, had severe reactions and instantly became violently sick and screamed and cried non-stop! We called the doctor immediately and was told repeatedly “It’s normal. Don’t worry.” This went went for days and we finally brought our daughter in to the doctor, can you believe what came out of his mouth? “She is way over due for another series, let give her the next set.” In horror and disgust we took our child and left (literally ran out of) the clinic. We were lucky, she got over the vaccine ordeal and our eyes were open to the ignorance and arrogance of the medical community. Before you attack me for saying this… I do have a Biology degree from the Univ. of Houston, went to University of Texas Dental School in the early 90’s, I was top of my class until: 1) I refuse to work with toxic amalgam, 2) refuse to put it in patient’s mouth and 3) I fail to prescribe required amounts pharmaceuticals … that was when I was kicked out of dental school for not complying with the set curriculum. (Heck I left and went to Law School) Wow, 26 years later the ADA (American Dental Asso.) finally was force to admit mercury in amalgam filing are toxic (I say highly toxic because in dental school you must dispose of amalgam in hard BIO-HAZARD containers and my friend was pregnant in dental school and she was excused from working with amalgam until after the baby was born!!! So they know of the dangers but still require dentist to use cheap amalgam in order not to upset the industry!)
    We had our second child with no vaccine ever, nor any medication. Both children are perfect and we home school.
    Fast forward years later, we now both became raw dairy farmers and raise 100% pasture animals for food and vegetables. We did this because we do not trust how “food” is made in this world. On our farm thousands of parents come to get real. clean food and learn to prepare traditional foods like fermenting vegetables and dairy (we supply only 100% pasture raise grassfed A2 type milk and cheeses), bone broth making, slow and low heat cooking …. to help heal the body. Look into Nourishing Tradition book from Westin A. Price Foundation, and Dr. McBride’s famous GAPS diet, she reversed her child’s autism 100% in 2 years time by healing the body. Lots of parents that come have children with autism, autoimmune issues, severe allergies …. and EVERYONE tell us their children are slowly getting better on real clean healing foods, following the above 2 books. We spend lot of time with moms on taking our children’s health back into our own hands. It is a lot of work as parents, but you can reverse some of the damage with proper nutrition from clean food AND protect the body from any further chemical assaults. Both my father (who had passed) and my step father are medical doctors and we never had to use their service. We have been pharmaceutical free for over 10 years and never look back. My husband and I are healthier now in our 50’s than when we were younger. With LOTS of research and hard work we can slowly reverse or at least try to reverse what money greedy people have done to damage the human race. The human body is magnificent, it CAN heal itself….I have seen it everyday when parents tell us their stories and journeys.
    Our mayor pulled the Vaxxed movie from Houston movie festival. What shameful action.

    • watchmom3 says:

      I just want you to know that I think you are an amazing person! You were willing to look at what was actually going on around you and see the truth! I worked in a hospital for 30 yrs and I kept wondering, “Does anyone else see this or am I crazy!?” Finally quit over a flu vaccine mandate! It is just unconscionable that the medical community looks the other way and lines their pockets! Thanks so much! God bless you in your journey! Another Truth Seeker… P.S. Not all the medical folks are blind and don’t care, but the majority are guilty…

      • Ellie says:

        Yes you are right, there are a few shinning stars out there, in the medical community, that are willing to take the risk and present the truth. I think there are more of these brave warriors appearing. There are 3 stages that TRUTH passes through:
        First, It is ridiculed.
        Second, It is violently opposed.
        Third, It is accepted as Self-Evidence. by Arthur Schopenhauer.
        I think we are in the beginning of the Second stage…look at the bashing and banning of this movie! trying to help parents make inform decisions.

    • Jim West says:

      Tremendous! Thanks. You’re addressing issues that have weighed heavily on my mind.

    • Ally says:

      Ellie, so amazing what you’re doing! Id love to hear more on what you and your family have been doing, where you’re located, etc. please email me [email protected]

    • Greg says:

      I was told 45 years ago by a chiropractic friend of mine about the damage vaccinations can do. Based on that my eyes have been completely open on that issue. My youngest daughter is really an expert on vaccinations and the harm and death it may cause. She can pick apart what the CDC, Merck and the Feds say about this issue. You can see that their spin on words are contradictory and really do not make any sense. Merck makes the vaccines yet they say they can cause harm. I find it so amazing how people have become so brainwashed that vaccines are safe and refuse to read up on the subject or listen to those with the knowledge. In fact the pro-vax people seem to have a tendency for verbal and physical violence. They seem to be willing to do whatever they can to prevent the anti-vax people from being heard and the VaxXed movie from being seen. I posted the link to VaxXed being seen around Columbus, Ohio on our local NEXTDOOR web site and it was flagged for being commercialism. That is quite a ridiculous stretch for a simple link!!

  9. Angela says:

    Regardless of the cause, my child is not a catastrophe. My child is not a tragedy. My child is a child. Does anyone even consider what it sounds like to an autistic person when they use those terms?

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      No one is calling a child a catastrophe. The fact that something HAPPENED to many children that took away their ability to speak, sometimes to walk, and many times to control their bowels as well as putting many of them through intense pain that didn’t exist before, THAT can be a personal catastrophe. And it is a societal catastrophe when it happens in the numbers that it is happening today, and one that will only grow as it happens to more and more children. Yes, we “consider what it sounds like to an autistic person,” but that doesn’t make it untrue. To pretend that autistic people are equivalent to the events that happened to them is the same as pretending that the quadriplegic victim of a car crash is the same thing as the car crash. The autistic person, like any other person, needs to understand that they are not their diagnosis.

  10. Robert says:

    If you are in the Santa Cruz Area, or even if you are not…I just got the word that KSCO’s Georgia Show will have Dr. Wakefield, Del Bigtree and Polly Tommy on as guests tomorrow (Wed 5/11) at 3:00 p.m.
    If not in the SC area, you can listen on their website
    She asked to spread the word!!!

  11. allegra says:

    Lisa thank you for your commentary. I’m sick to my stomach. I don’t even have kids but have seen my friends and family go through this and I always wondered why. When I asked questions they all said it had something to do with the vaccine. I’m not a doctor but I told everyone I could it was in fact the vaccines. It’s not brain surgery, everyone said the same thing. So, so tragic. I can’t believe our government agencies allow this. Like they allowed the financial meltdown. Its all to make more money. I live out of the country and I think I don’t ever want to come back again. God bless you and your family.

    • Dean G. says:


      “I live out of the country and I think I don’t ever want to come back again.”

      Congratulations, you have pursued and achieved what should/will benefit so many others who are TRULY concerned for the future of themselves and their loved ones (children), by “voting with their feet”. Kudos!

      You should propagate the steps it took to reach such a milestone so as others may benefit from the knowledge.

  12. Dale Evans says:

    Research United Nations Agenda 21 and neo-Malthusianism, people…

    From “Ecoscience,” by John P. Holdren, Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, Assistant to the President for Science and Technology, and Co-Chair of the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology —

    “Individual rights must be balanced against the power of the government to control human reproduction… Where the society has a “compelling, subordinating interest” in regulating population size, the right of the individual may be curtailed.
    Indeed, it has been concluded that compulsory population-control laws, even including laws requiring compulsory abortion, could be sustained under the existing Constitution if the population crisis became sufficiently severe to endanger the society.”

    In “The Population Bomb,” Ehrlich floats the idea of adding “temporary sterilants” to the water supply or staple foods. However, he rejects the idea as unpractical due to “criminal inadequacy of biomedical research in this area.”

    He proposes a powerful Department of Population and Environment which “should be set up with the power to take whatever steps are necessary to establish a reasonable population size in the United States and to put an end to the steady deterioration of our environment.” The department should support research into population control, such as better contraceptives, mass sterilizing agents, and prenatal sex discernment (because families often continue to have children until a male is born).

    Sam Keen, closing plenary session at Michail Gorbachev’s 1995 Global Conference in San Francisco: “We must speak far more clearly about sexuality, about contraception, about abortion, about the values that control the population, because the ecological crisis, in short, is the population crisis. Cut the population by 90 percent and there aren’t enough people left to do a great deal of ecological damage.”

    Professor John Schnellnhuber, founding director of the Postdam Institute for Climate Impact Research: “In a very cynical way, [global warming is] a triumph for science because at last we have stabilized something –- namely the estimates for the carrying capacity of the planet, namely below 1 billion people.” Schnellnhuber was one of three presenters at the June 18, 2015, release of Pope Francis’s encyclical on the environment.

    Dr. Marcia Angell was the editor of the most prestigious medical journal in the world, “The New England Journal of Medicine,” and a senior lecturer at Harvard Medical School’s Department of Global Health and Social Medicine.

    On January 15, 2009, the NY Review of Books published Dr. Angell’s devastating assessment of medical literature:

    “It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.” (Marcia Angell, MD, “Drug Companies and Doctors: A Story of Corruption.” NY Review of Books, Jan. 15, 2009.)

    She also wrote: “A review of 74 clinical trials of antidepressants, for example, found that 37 of 38 positive studies [that praised the drugs] were published. But of the 36 negative studies, 33 were either not published or published in a form that conveyed a positive outcome.”

    Dr. Richard Horton, the current editor-in-chief of the Lancet – considered to be one of the most well respected peer-reviewed medical journals in the world: “The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness.” (The Lancet, p. 1380, Vol. 385, April 11, 2015)

    David J. Graham is an American epidemiologist who is the Associate Director of the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Office of Drug Safety. In a 2005 interview, Dr. Graham stated the “FDA is inherently biased in favor of the pharmaceutical industry. It views industry as its client, whose interests it must represent and advance. It views its primary mission as approving as many drugs it can, regardless of whether the drugs are safe or needed.” (Fraud Magazine, September/October 2005, “FDA Incapable of Protecting U.S., Scientist Alleges”)

    Dr. William Thompson, epidemiologist, Immunization Safety Branch of the CDC: “I am a Senior Scientist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, where I have worked since 1998. I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information in our 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics. The omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased risk for autism. Decisions were made regarding which findings to report after the data were collected, and I believe that the final study protocol was not followed.” (Natural News, Aug. 27, 2014)

    • Jim West says:

      Thanks Dale!

      On target, and so timely. I was just thinking about those quotes, and now your great comment. Thanks so much!

    • Jim West says:

      Dale, Here two more for the list.

      Richard Smith, who served as the editor of BMJ between 1991 and 2004…

      “Most of what is published in journals is just plain wrong or nonsense,” says Smith, warning that there is no credible evidence to suggest that the peer review process is an effective method of detecting errors or ensuring that only sound science gets published in the world’s leading journals…

      “If peer review was a drug it would never get on the market because we have lots of evidence of its adverse effects and don’t have any evidence of its benefit,” contends Smith. “It’s time to slaughter the sacred cow.”


      And a Quote by Richard Horton, Chief at The Lancet:

      “The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness.”

      From watching Vaxxed (film), the several parent interviews, it is clear that one of the most reliable sources of “science” is the parents, their well-focussed witness of tragic events.

    • Dearest Dale …. what can one say ,,,,,but thankyou for this essential information and the bravado to say it in Today’s society when so many just look the other way don’t know or are very misinformed and NOT LISTENING …… you are not alone many many many North Americans are noticing , are starting to think, to ask, to form associations and to stand for our rights and decency and decent honest real government and looking to make laws to stop those who proport anything less or dare to try to connive, use and hide facts from the public /good people. Let’s share info and get the ball rolling with truth hope love and joy!!!!

  13. Dr. Sabine Huemer says:

    I am a neuroscientist and have dedicated my life to autism research, I have never been funded by any pharmaceutical company or any corporation. Along with many other independent and reputable researchers, we would love for the answer to what causes autism to be as simple as a vaccine. Having worked with many wonderful families affected by autism, I understand the longing for answers. The causes for autism lie on a spectrum like the disorder itself. There is a genetic predisposition along with some triggers from the “environment”. We already know that changes in brain development occur in utero likely during the second trimester.

    It is complicated and because there is no single straight answer, people refer back to people like Andrew Wakefield whose medical license was revoked, who falsified data, and who had a patent pending for an alternative vaccine to the existing MMR vaccine. His fraud cost the autism community years and many millions in misguided autism research. Many studies around the globe with MILLIONS of people have shown NO CORRRELATION between the MMR vaccine and autism. In many ways we wish someone had found a link, because it would be simple! In the US, vaccines for children under 6 have no contained thimerosol since 1991 and autism rates have gone up. Families have one child with autism but other kids are OK. Please, do not grasp for straws. Many families also have a family history of autism, even if undiagnosed (that corky uncle of yours, remember…).

    A vaccine can cause an infant temporary reactions, mostly pain around the injection site. Yes, like with any medication or intervention, in very very rare cases, vaccine can cause harm to an already vulnerable child. in VERY VERY RARE cases. Again, with that logic, you have to stop taking any medication even if it may save your life and, again, there is no link to autism. Autism does not happen overnight. People with autism literally have different types of brain cells in various parts of their brain – these grow over time not overnight. Please, do not simplify this complex neurodevelopmental disorder. You would not claim the Earth is flat just because it is difficult for you to grasp the infinity of the universe, would you?

    My deepest respect to all the families affected by autism. Let me tell you that you all have made me learn so much and I love you and your beautiful children. Every day, I am looking for ways to help improve your lives and find answers. Please, trust us, people like us, who do not lie and steal and exploit you for fame or fortune.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      There is nothing “simple” about vaccines as a cause of autism. Most people who believe vaccines are implicated in the rise of autism are fully aware that the situation is quite complex, and that a host of environmental intoxicants can and do add to the risk. And while you think “autism does not happen overnight,” the physical changes that later lead to an autism diagnosis can and often do “happen overnight.”

      When you quote the party line of “many studies around the globe” it is clear that you are missing the HUGE point that two of the most important of the “many studies” from around the world produced by the CDC were deceptive at best and fraudulent at worst, and at the very least contributed to many, many cases of autism. One, Verstraeten’s on Thimerosal (which was published as a “neutral” study and proved exactly nothing in that state), and the second was Thompson’s MMR study. BOTH had early analyses that gave clear, statistically significant correlations between vaccine history and autism rates, but the researchers were ordered to manipulate the data in order to HIDE those strong signals. THAT’S the fraud you should be concerned with that “cost the autism community years and many millions in misguided autism research.” If research fraud is important to you, then prove it by asking your legislators to call Dr. William Thompson to testify before Congress and get to the bottom of it all.

      The OTHER studies most often pointed to as “proof” are the Danish studies produced by a team spearheaded by Poul Thorson, who is literally “WANTED” for defrauding the American government. They also have a number of holes you could drive a Mack truck through.

      It’s a shame that as a neuroscientist you are so unaware of what hyper-stimulating the immune system can do to the nervous system, especially in the presence of chemicals like polysorbate 80 and aluminum salts that open the blood-brain barrier making it more permeable to things that just shouldn’t be there. By the way, Thimerosal is SILL contained in most flu vaccines given to pregnant women and children over six months of age, as well as in so-called trace amounts in a number of others. Were you aware that there is ZERO oversight into whether or not the Thimerosal is actually removed from those vaccines? No one is responsible for checking. All a manufacturer has to do is file a “process” for mercury removal with the FDA. No one checks to see if the process works, the mercury is actually removed, it appears in only “trace amounts,” or it doesn’t sink to the bottom of multi-dose vials making the last shot deadly.

      It would be really good if you could respect the people you work with MORE and listen to them without prejudging or assuming that they are idiots “grasping for straws” because they understand the science and you don’t. You would certainly be far better able to help them because in your scenario there is no such thing as “recovery.” Fortunately, there are people who don’t listen to that and have achieved what you and so many others think of as “impossible.” Read the last chapter in Mary Romaniec’s book Victory Over Autism for a fabulous overview of what recovery is and a number of heartwarming examples.

    • Jim West says:

      Dr. Huemer,

      Thank you for bringing us part of the truth, and your request that we “trust” your “honest “profession. Your profession has neglected to perform the obvious toxicology for the synergistic poison that sets up vaccine-induced autism.

      Most modern science supports the view that ultrasound is a powerful teratogen. I have compiled a relevant bibliography of ultrasound “initiated” autism. See details:

      I am betting you will go quietly, as your ‘honest’ profession has continued to go for decades. That I trust.

    • Jim West says:

      Dr. Huemer,

      You hit it on the nose! Thank you for your, “vaccine can cause harm to an already vulnerable child”.

      That statement is supported by most modern ultrasound studies. See:

      Your response?

    • Jim West says:

      Dr. Huemer, you provide such important information,

      “We already know that changes in brain development occur in utero likely during the second trimester.”

      During the second trimester the following combination is optimized: Fetal vulnerability and the probability of ultrasound exposure.

    • Gina says:

      Explain why my son has documented normal growth and behavior until the day he received his one year vaccinations? Coincidence?
      If a drunk driver kills someone would it be the deceased fought because he was genetically flawed which caused his death or the impaired driver? You can stick to genetics and I’ll stick to the truth.

      • Sabine Huemer says:

        I hope all the best for your son and your family The one year mark is when a lot happens in a child’s development – they start to walk and have the first words, etc. so this may be the first time a parent notices that their child is falling behind. I am not discrediting your observations, and regression can be a very real part of the development in autism. All I am saying is that there is no scientific proof for a correlation between the MR vaccine and autism. We wish there was in many ways, it would be so simple. If there was, many more children would be affected. Again, all the best to you and your family.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Sabine, you are still completely missing the fact that many children ARE walking and talking at the one-year mark, in other words not behind AT ALL, but within a short period after they receive the “one year” or “fifteen month” vaccines can no longer walk or talk. When Polly and Jon Tommey went on television in the U.K. talking about how it happened for their son, they received more than 250,000 responses from people saying that they had seen the same thing happen. You ARE discrediting their observations. And there IS scientific “proof” (at least “evidence,” as most scientists don’t talk about “proof”). That’s exactly what the film is about, the fact that the CDC FOUND A STRONG CORRELATION BETWEEN GETTING THE VACCINE “ON TIME” (meaning under three, though that’s more than a year and a half “late” according to the CDC) and high autism rates. It IS simple, but is being deliberately hidden from the public by a so-called health agency that is more interested in protecting its program than the health of its citizens.

    • Lisa J Goes says:

      I actually know and work with Andy. His colleague, Dr. Arthur Krigsman, finally addressed my son’s “toddler diarrhea” which remained his DX for three full years after he was a toddler. Thanks to Dr. K, we addressed the MMR damage to his esophagus, and upper intestine. This gave us solid stools for the first time in his life…and the glorious gift of speech. Bless you for wanting to help. It starts with opening the mind, understanding all the players, and evaluating ALLLL the data. Really. We are not foolish and misguided. We are loving, intelligent and dedicated. And our children have gotten better. We need to start looking at the kids who have recovered.

    • Jim West says:

      “The cruelest lies are often told in silence.” -Bertrand Russell

      Dr. Huemer, you have gone silent, fulfilling my prediction re my three prior messages to you:

      “I am betting you will go quietly, as your ‘honest’ profession has continued to go for decades. That I trust.”

      • Dr. Sabine Huemer says:

        just the reality of life – finals are coming up at my school and I am preparing for a conference…. I believe there is more than one truth in life and I did look at your article. I have found previous material on ultrasound and possible negative effects. The question is again, and it is a difficult one, how much can we contribute to the actual ultrasound and how much are confounding circumstances, i.e.: a fetus/pregnant mom at risk will inevitably get more ultrasounds than a healthy mom/fetus. I want to investigate this issue more in depth when I have time. Again, I do not believe that there is one answer as to what causes autism — but, yes, there are so many things we do that are not the best for us and our offspring. And yes, I believe we are overdoing ultrasounds and I believe that some of it has to do with the bottom line. One of the problems in the US is that healthcare and bottom line are inseparable. That is why I like to always look at studies from various other countries.
        Thanks for your response.

      • Jim West says:

        Dr. Huemer,

        This is clear as a bell.

        13mW ultrasound = massive DNA fragmentation (human in utero dose/response).

        720mW for obstetrics is allowed by FDA.

        Please do the math.

        ref: New Bibliography:

        Note: “mW” means “mW/cm2 SPTA”

      • Dr. Sabine Huemer says:

        a few issues: you are selling a study done by scientists in China – science results are typically accessible to scientists for free. You should disclose your financial interest in this issue. From a science standpoint – there is no actual data you are providing but you hint to the fact there are studies; you mix rodent studies and human studies and results from various decades in your graph.
        One thing I have personally seen over the years is how families affected by ASD are always asked to open their pocket books. My personally recommendation for families would be to stick with the advice from people you know and trust and who have some verifiable background in the field.
        Good luck, Jim!

      • Jim West says:

        Dr. Huemer,

        You are now resorting to the usual low point — the ad hominem attack, with heavy mischaracterization. Your true colors are showing.

        By changing the discussion from mW/cm2 to dollars, you demonstrate another way to avoid resolution of the problem, while maintaining your professional status and income.

      • Dr. Sabine Huemer says:

        there is no attack – in the scientific community information gets typically distributed at no charge and researchers have to disclose their financial interest. Anyone can see that you charge for the information you want to be disseminated when they follow your link. I do not have any financial interest to disclose — I am not selling any information or products. I am dedicating my life to helping families affected by ASD.
        I assume you are not a scientist, I am not sure exactly what your background is but we may speak different languages. I was very interested in the topic of your discussion but I do believe that sources have to be reliable. Thus, I will seek those out. Nothing personal, Jim. Good luck with your endeavors and farewell.

      • Jim West says:

        Dr. Huemer,

        Your confidence is unwarranted. You document nothing. You claim you are a scientist, that you are honest, trustworthy and without conflicts of interest, but it is possible you are not what you claim.

        JZhang (2002), the study of ultrasound-caused DNA fragmentation, which I quoted to you earlier — It has been published for 14 years. Your profession has ignored it and ignored many other studies that have found ultrasound teratogenicity. The public has been explicitly led to believe that such studies do not exist. Clearly, your profession cannot be trusted for due diligence.

        I answer your mischaracterizations.

        1) “I am not selling any information or products.”

        Ans: You are selling services.

        2) “I do not have any financial interest to disclose… I am dedicating my life to helping families affected by ASD.”

        Ans: Who ultimately determines your funding? Who influences your payors? If you were to say anything about ultrasound teratogenicity, its fundamental relevance to the field of psychology, what would happen to your income? The large funding agency, IACC, will not fund ultrasound studies despite the obvious relevance to ASD.

        You promote an ASD etiology which, inadvertently or not, serves to perpetuate your profitable business. That money could be considerable. Certainly, the related businesses, those that depend upon what you describe as “a genetic predisposition” for ASD, stand to gain trillions of dollars annually. There is no end in sight for the ever-increasing epidemic of profits. Your income, in a short period, is more than I will ever see from my $3.99 book, with its etiological evidence that could end ASD.

        3) “You are selling a study done by scientists in China.”

        Ans: My book title is, “A New Bibliography”. It is not, “A Study for Sale”.

        4) “You hint to the fact there are studies.”

        Ans: The title indicates much more than a hint.

        5) “You mix rodent studies and human studies and results from various decades in your graph.”

        Ans: All comparative graphs “mix”. My graph compares the arcane human studies and the ignored animal studies. They all reveal ultrasound damage at low exposure. Ref:

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        I want to correct one thing, the IACC is NOT a funding agency. The IACC merely makes recommendations for funding. Most of the actual funding goes through the National Institutes for Health. The Autism Policy Reform Coalition managed to get Congress to add $27 million to the budget of the National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) with the directive that they study environmental causes of autism. Please write to Linda Birnbaum of the NIEHS and give her your concerns about ultrasound. She is actually in a position to do something about it.

      • Jim West says:

        Dr. Huemer,

        Thanks. I have now sending a request to Linda Birnbaum (NIEHS).

        I doubt such concerns will get anywhere because of commercial influence at the highest levels.

      • Jim West says:


        Thanks to YOU for the correction re IACC’s funding role.

      • Jim West says:

        Thanks Professor, for the contact info, Linda Birnbaum, PhD, at NIEHS.

        I sent my ultrasound research summary and received a 500-word bureaucratic letter about ultrasound research, ending with…

        “You may be assured that the NIEHS will continue to work collaboratively with other federal agencies to identify risk factors for autism and to translate that knowledge into prevention and intervention strategies.”

        Linda’s letter spoke of “autism” but a simple search/replace of “autism” with “cancer” would produce a letter no different than the standard pap we hear about cancer research supposed diligence.

      • Jim West says:


        Regarding the NIEHS document, the official response to my inquiry re my New Bibliography:

        The document was forwarded to me by a “Communications Control Coordinator”, as an unsigned attachment, purportedly from Linda Birnbaum, PhD, Director of the National Toxicology Program.

        In this way, Linda can deny having ever sent the document.

        Upon looking at the properties of the document. It was “last modified” by Cindy Lawler, PhD, whose resume describes her as follows:

        “She served as a Principal Investigator on an NIH-supported research grant in behavioral neuroscience, with an emphasis on dopamine receptor pharmacology and development of novel pharmacologic agents to treat diseases and disorders related to altered dopamine neurotransmission.”

        Cindy is Branch Chief of “Genes, Environment and Health”.

        Thus, a genetics/pharmaceutical expert, Cindy, wrote or co-wrote the response on behalf of Linda Birnbaum, the toxicology person whom I originally wrote.

        This is all to be expected, but in this instance, on record.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Well, that’s hardly encouraging, is it? :-/

      • Jim West says:

        Update: I now see two versions of Linda Birnbaum’s letter to me from the NIEHS. One is from Birnbaum (the toxicology director), and one is unsigned and written on the pharmacology chief’s word processor (Cindy Lawler, genetics and pharmacology).

      • Laurie says:

        This response is mainly in regards to the doctors comments early on in the thread.
        I look forward to a day when we no longer argue about scientific validity of theories, tests and research on the injection of neurotoxins, chemicals and viruses. I also look forward to a day when we no longer argue whether or not these studies prove or disprove that injecting neurotoxins, chemicals and viruses are safe, save lives, prevent disease, etc.

        In the meantime, those of us who don’t require consent of organized science to make decisions, will continue to exercise the rights of informed consent.

        Observation, correlation, causation is used every day, by every human. As is replication. And placebo. It’s called life. And it’s how humans have managed to be alive today. Our ancestors were not complete idiots, contrary to what organized science and medicine would like us to think. Diseases and plague have been cured or resolved throughout history, to greater or less success.

        The term autism is just that, a word to describe a phenomena of events in the body. Those events include neurological damage. A cursory look at the CDC list of ingredients in vaccines, sorted by vaccine, shows ingredients that are known to be detrimental to humans, including neurologically.

        The recent “discovery” by “science” of a link between immunity and brain, has scientists on record as saying that medical textbooks will need to be rewritten. Surely many studies formerly believed to be “true” will now be in question, as a result. That’s science for ya, always evolving. Not a set fact established by studies.

        Btw, other medical systems and holistic paradigms have known about this link for thousands of years. But, sure, science discovered it.

        I find it sad that so many modern humans look to science to make so many decisions. As a result, use of individual logic has deteriorated.

        Thanks for this powerful story and review. I’m sorry so many children had to be wounded for a wake up to occur.

      • Jim West says:

        Agreed, and as a parallel: Present mentality doesn’t realize that Columbus was the LAST person to discover America.

    • judith says:

      In a statement released by Wakefield in answer to Deer’s accusation that he patented his own vaccine ready to profit when the existing MMR vaccine was discredited, he said: “No vaccine or anything resembling a vaccine was ever designed, developed or tested by me or by any of my colleagues at the Royal Free Hospital…it has never been my aim or intention to design, produce or promote a vaccine to compete with MMR… it was our intention, at one stage, to conduct a formal therapeutic clinical trial of a compound [transfer factor] that might have the ability to promote the body’s immune response to measles in order to assess the effects of this therapy upon the disease in children with regressive autism and bowel disease…. the aim of the patent was to generate funding for the research programme and a new Centre for Gastroenterology at the Royal Free Hospital. This can be substantiated by contemporaneous documentation. The patent application was motivated by two main factors. First, it was felt that there may be difficulty in raising traditional grant funding for cutting edge, controversial work that was vulnerable by virtue of the fact that it might conflict with perceived wisdom and the commercial interests of others. Secondly, there was, and is, a government-led emphasis on commercial exploitation of discoveries within the medical school.”

    • Sam Adams says:

      Dear Sir,
      RE: There is a genetic predisposition along with some triggers from the “environment”.
      How do you know there is a “genetic predisposition”? Do you have any proof what-so-ever to support this statement.
      Maybe the “predisposition” is diet, past infection history, any intestinal inflammation at the time of vaccinations, exposure to sun, and a thousand other possibilities.
      The astonishing rates, and rate increases, in autism completely rules out genetics as a factor. Genetics don’t change this fast in the human population. Therefore, The “genetic predisposition” hypothesis is a complete distracting pile of BS!

      RE: triggers from the “environment”.
      In this part, you are completely correct. The “triggers from the environment” are poisoning. When the environment makes someone sick, it is called a poisoning. Therefore, autism is a POISONING. Full Stop. (Using your upper case emphasis).
      Please read that over, and over, until you really grasp it.

      Vaccines do indeed contain poisons. They have to, because they need to antagonize the immune system to illicit the adaptive immune response. The repeated assaults on the immune system all add up.
      So, yes, there are millions of people with MMR that did not develop autism, but over time they will be slightly more susceptible to other immune related issues.
      Why do so many “experts” fail to think passed a few months when looking at causation?
      “Modern Medicine” is actually in the stone age of thinking, and that is proven out in the ridiculous rates of disease we now have in North America.
      I have zero doubt, that a few hundred years from now, people will look back at this era in medicine and clearly see just how ridiculously foolish we’ve all been with all the vaccinations and prescription drugs.

      • Laurie says:

        @Sam adams, I agree 100 percent with your comment. Well said. The genetic explanation for everything science doesn’t understand is also used to place blame and distract from the real issue of poisoning the human body. The idea that some families and humans just carry defective genes as the reason why they cannot tolerate poison is so ludicrous. It’s insulting.

        And the idea that some will entertain GMOS or pesticides etc as a contributing factor, but not vaccines, is like some kind of strange version of Stockholm Syndrome. Injecting syringes of poison into infants, babies, children and adults…it’s not rocket science. But vaccines are really a bedrock of personal security for many. Though there are many examples of the USA government not acting in the best interests of its citizens, people do not think it’s possible in this case. And previous cases are seen as accidents of ignorance or “science evolved”. How many examples do we need? DATE, lead, asbestos, tobacco and food industries, etc

        One comment on the genetic explanation: genetic testing is a means for further knowledge of controlling the human body and mind. It is not primarily altruistic. Those being tested should wonder if their mutation wasn’t caused by a vaccine to begin with. Most being tested are vaccinated, or mother was vaccinated and there’s no way to remove that variable in these cases. Biotechnology, generally speaking, is a means of manipulating genetics, not saving humanity.

        And even if vaccines really were “safe and effective”, the right to choose type of health care is a fundamental one. I will continue to exercise that, for myself and my family, regardless of big pharma, Obama care, SB277 or any other insidious attempts to intervene with this inviolable right.

        And I don’t need a vaccine injury or genetic mutation to give us permission to do so.

    • Greg says:

      Children can be predisposed to autism. It could be parental genetic links, it could be the environment and it could be processed food. It can also be the government. When a child is healthy and active, gets a vaccination and in a short time develops autism, the power of reason says the vaccination was the catalyst. Doesn’t it seem odd that if vaccinations do not harm why no one has a way to prevent autism except to try to stay away from the BS. We have about 1 out of 55 children diagnosed with autism from 1 out of like 99 less than a decade ago. Do we have any records of autistic children who have not had any vaccinations? Do we have any records of autistic children who have not had any vaccinations and ate nothing put healthy foods? Power corrupts and it is up to those with the power to understand this concept and control the power. If not, as the masses become educated those with the power will fall.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Yes, there are children with autism who have never been vaccinated. Vaccines can be the final trigger, but there are other intoxicants that can contribute to the total load and trigger it as well. Some candidates include antibiotics, general anesthesia, environmental mercury and lead, Tylenol use, etc. No one has good data on “healthy foods.” First, you would have to define “healthy foods,” and those are different for different children these days with the ubiquity of food allergies and sensitivities.

    • Gail Parsloe says:

      Dr. Huemer,
      You wrote, “I am a neuroscientist and have dedicated my life to autism research.” You didn’t mention that you are a trained in psychology and not medicine. Please correct me if I’m wrong (I only saw your CV on one site and maybe it’s not up to date), but it doesn’t seem as though you are qualified to be judging the medical side of things. Cognitive and behavioral issues are, of course, important, too, but you mention that you are neuroscientist and have dedicated your life to autism research, then don’t talk about the actual research that you personally have done, which doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the issues of vaccine safety.

  14. Lauren Ayers says:

    Here is some little-known info that may help explain why not a single public health professional questions vaccines. It is one of the most clever propaganda schemes ever: NACCHO.

    NACCHO is short for the National Association of City and County Health Officials, and this little “non-governmental” agency determines policies of all 2,800 public health departments in the USA.

    You may assume that NACCHO holds an annual conferences to assess threats to public health where they hash out a united response. So siree Bob.

    Instead, they simply adopt whatever the CDC has determined is correct.

    How an organization is funded will usually reveal its true purpose. The public health directors who are members of NACCHO pay dues. That covers 2.5% of NACCHO’s annual budget. That’s a mere two and a half pennies out of a dollar.

    The CDC pays the other 97.5%, $25 million (which is actually quite a bargain when you think how this controls public health policies for over 300 million people!)

    CDC control of NACCHO would be fine if it operated with the normal hypothesis-test-revision approach which makes science trustworthy because mistakes are constantly being weeded out.

    Recall, however, how long government agencies ignored the benefits of seat belts, and ignored the hazards of tobacco as well as second hand smoke, lead in paint and gasoline, asbestos in ‘cottage cheese’ ceilings and floor tiles, BPA in baby bottles and other beverage containers, and many other health threats that lasted too long.

    That’s how NACCHO operates – the status quo rules, no questions allowed.

    Meanwhile, you never hear a peep from NACCHO about other factors that lower immunity, such as:
    1. Excess sugar in the American diet, which causes inflammation and blocks the immune system.
    2. School meals now use low-fat or fat-free milk instead of full fat, therefore depriving children of fat-soluable vitamins A, D, and K, which are crucial for immunity.
    3. “Experts” claim that eggs and butter are bad for us so they are scarce in school food, despite being full of vitamins A, D, and K.
    4. The USDA used to educate parents about the benefits of cod liver oil, which provided both vitamins (A and D) and also long-chain omega-3s (DHA and EPA). But no more. Therefore modern parents don’t know that vitamin D protects against both viral and bacterial infections (FDA standards are set far too low, especially for people of color since melanin blocks UVB rays). And parents don’t know that DHA and EPA are no longer widely available in our diet (whether from cod liver oil or from frequent meals containing fish). Seafood is no longer a staple but a luxury. Despite DHA and EPA boosting immunity (as well as protecting against diabetes, dementia, and cancer), there is no standard for daily intake.
    5. Most Americans are deficient in iodine, crucial to an effective immune system, but has NACCHO sent out a press release about it?

    The public doesn’t want to believe that the CDC is corrupt. They don’t know about the revolving door between the CDC and Pharma, such as how Julie Gerberding, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) from 2002 to 2009, later became president of Merck’s vaccine division. Merck is the largest supplier of vaccines to the CDC. In 2015 she sold 38,368 of her shares in Merck stock for $2,340,064.32. She still holds 31,985 shares of the company’s stock, valued at about $2 million. While she was head of the CDC the FDA approved the Merck Gardasil vaccine.

    NACCHO is not chips and cheese. It’s Not Yo’ Real Research – instead it’s industry-approved fake science.

  15. Hans Scholl says:

    Poisoning children all around the world with the same lie :

    Burma :

  16. DM says:

    A – The fact that many have received all vaccinations and have been “unscathed” by side effects does not in any way deem them safe for all persons. It means you were lucky enough to not step on a mine in a minefield. Indeed, I believe, as you stated in your last paragraph, that there is another factor. My personal belief is that some may have a predisposition – whether that be a genetic marker, immune factor, environmental cause, or a combination – which makes them more susceptible to adverse reactions.

    It simply is not worth the risk.

    B – Speaking of the “great benefit” of avoiding such awful diseases as pertussis – I am one who has been “over vaccinated.” In spite of that, I still acquired pertussis a few years ago. Yes, it was awful. But it happens, in spite of vaccinations. Of my family of six, four of us acquired it, only one of whom had not been vaccinated. And guess what – the one unvaccinated child had the least severe case of the four.

  17. Aly Cook says:

    So makes me laugh this movie is about a CDC Whistleblower who some people recorded what he said.. Thank God they did as he can’t retract what he said .. There are 5 words on this movie .. “I have Great Shame now” from Dr William Thompson.. This movie is NOTHING to do with Andrew Wakefield and everything to do with the CDC Lying to protect Pharmaceutical companies.

  18. Alex says:

    I hope as many people as possible are going to read this:
    Use METHYLENE BLUE to correct the “milder” versions of Autism caused by Vaccination.
    Micrograms of it help the brain to regenerate.
    It was used in Wold War 1 on treating these soldiers who got harmed by Sarin nerve gas poisoning.
    It CAN and DOES help against the milder versions of damage caused by Vaccines.

    • Interesting… Worth googling, thanks for the lead.

      Another thing people should research is the possibility that chronic insidious heavy metal poisoning plays a role in developing autism, hyperactivity, as well as dementia and other degenerative neurological disorders. If this is true (and it is true to an extent for sure), such children and elderly can be helped by large doses of Vitamin C (especially in liposomal form), and gentle chelating agents such as Zeolite (just make sure you use the real powder, not the scam liquid).

      A quick search on Google or Youtube will reveal lots of interesting information making a strong case that children suffering from these mysterious disorders may be just… poisoned. Including by mercury from the vaccines, but also other heavy metals from the environment.

      • Jim West says:

        Zeolites found to have heavy METALS, by Natural News. It also does not chelate as claimed.

        Beneficial effects may be “pharmaceutical” effects, from toxins in Zeolite.

      • Sebastian Kristof says:

        Not sure about the credibility of Natural News, but a quick PubMed search reveals nothing too scary. There are articles like this one: (you can read free full text if you’re interested). Granted, most of the research has been done on animals, but the information from the animal studies is promising.

        On a personal note, Jim West, none of us is here to promote their own agendas. Please keep your criticism of everything that is different from your proposed solution to a minimum. I’m assuming that people are capable of doing their own research, given some hints and ideas.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        “None of us is here to promote their own agendas”? I’m sorry, but you haven’t been around the Internet for long if you can say that with a straight face. I would say that the vast majority of commenters, no matter what their viewpoint, “are here to promote their own agendas.” I don’t for an instant think that is a bad thing, just that it is true. We all have our “spin,” the lens through which we look at life, and it is human nature to promote that viewpoint. The website owners, for instance, are very definitely “here to promote” our own agenda: i.e., healthy kids and adults who can keep them that way.

      • Sebastian Kristof says:

        Sharing your viewpoint in an effort to convince others of its validity is one thing. Distorting other’s arguments in an effort to sell them your stuff is another. A discernable effort to suppress other views and sell his own takes away from the credibility of Jim’s argumentation.

      • Jim West says:


        By getting “personal”, you replace science with bickering. I merely offered a different view of your topic, “zeolite”. That does not “suppress” your views in order to “sell” my views.

        I was hoping you would sell zeolite pharmacology more effectively. I too had been considering it as a resolution to heavy metal contamination, prior to finding the adverse toxicology report by Natural News. Unfortunately, you responded with “not sure”, “some quick PubMed search” and then the bickering.

  19. Jim says:

    There is a quiet war going on here, and on different fronts. One casualty of this war will be the one that now threatens the economy of a corrupt industry, namely Big Pharma and their associated partners, one being the CDC. I’ve been tracking Merck
    stock since it took a slight dip April 1st, the day ‘Vaxxed’ debuted, and it appears that as this story and related supporting evidence is brought to the attention of the masses, Merck & GlaxoSmithKline stocks appear to be going through gyrations of sorts. So suppression and censorship are obviously the tools that are being employed by these companies and associated parties in order to prevent a total collapse of their stock values and their industry. So if you, or anyone else that you know, have shares in these industries, I’d recommend that you get out now, as this has the potential of only getting uglier. Big Pharma and the CDC appear to be on the ropes, held in checkmate if you will – DAMNED IF THEY DO AND DAMNED IF THEY DON’T.

  20. Jim says:

    There is a quiet war going on here, and on different fronts. One casualty of this war will be the one that now threatens the economy of a corrupt industry, namely Big Pharma and their associated partners, one being the CDC. I’ve been tracking Merck stock since it took a slight dip April 1st, the day ‘Vaxxed’ debuted, and it appears that as this story and related supporting evidence is brought to the attention of the masses, Merck & GlaxoSmithKline stocks appear to be going through gyrations of sorts. So suppression and censorship are obviously the tools that are being employed by these companies and associated parties in order to prevent a total collapse of their stock values and their industry. So if you, or anyone else that you know, have shares in these industries, I’d recommend that you get out now, as this has the potential of only getting uglier. Big Pharma and the CDC appear to be on the ropes, held in checkmate if you will – DAMNED IF THEY DO AND DAMNED IF THEY DON’T.

  21. Terri Bora says:

    Preface: I’m not an antivaxer I have 4 children 1 with Autism (High functioning it used to be classified as Aspergers .) He did throw a fever after his MMR of 104 (had to call the ER) He is now 11. I have 3 other children all Vaccinated with no issues (ages 19, 8, and 3). That being said, I have always been open to free dialogue and open discussion on this issue. I’d be lying, if I didn’t think about the link in the back of my head. It’s too bad this movie was not allowed to be shown. I for one would like to see it. Is there for sure no way to see it until it comes out on DVD ? I think by the time a viewing is arranged at a local theater it will be out on DVD

  22. Gunnar Broadbent says:

    I’m not sure whether these links have been mentioned before so here they are:
    Archived vaccine insert on FDA website that states as a post-approval adverse event autism on page 11
    Transcript of Scientific Review of Vaccination Safety Datalink Information held at the Simpsonwood Retreat Center, GA, in June 2000.
    Note the comment on page 247 onwards by Dr Clements from the Expanded Program on Immunization, WHO, Geneva.
    Other observation that I found worth noting:
    Dr Verstraeten P162
    Dr Weil P187 and P207
    Dr Johnson P199-200

  23. DC says:

    What is upsetting is that a lot of biomedical doctors focus so much on the deficiencies and not the true cause of them – bacterial, viral, and fungal infections…all from vaccines and these viruses have an infinity for heavy metals. If they started approaching it in that manner, a lot more kiddos would be recovered by now. I must have spent $500 per month on supplements that I probably didn’t need for my son, but I received the most dramatic improvement simply using alkalized water and a broad spectrum liquid herb for infections for all of the above. It is hard to believe that my son was once toe walking, flapping, grunting, lost words, no eye contact and head banging. He is now a typical 8 yr old…..

    • Anita Albright says:

      Dear DC: Thank you for posting and sharing, but could you please explain how you alkalize your water and the name brand of that broad spectrum liquid herb? My best friends grandson who is only 15 months old is exhibiting potential symptoms. Your results are remarkable and I don’t want her grandson, or anyone else’s for that matter, to endure a single, lost year if it can be avoided. Thank you! (By the way, we know who and what the CDC if all about now: Criminals Deceiving Consumers)

      • Anita,

        Not sure what DC used but I suggest that you look into Vitamin C as a general antoixidant, and Zeolite (powder) as a chelating agent. The task essentially is to treat the baby for heavy metal poisoning. Check out lead poisoning treatment protocols, all heavy metals are more or less the same. Read up also on mercury, as it is the most likely villain since it’s in the vaccines.

        Good luck and post back your experience.

  24. Tanya says:

    not every Child get Autism could be some Vaccine is damaged ?????????

  25. Phil says:

    I’m sorry but I find this all a little bit depressing. Andrew Wakefield has been shown, unequivocally, to be a fraud. He made up data in his fraudulent study on the MMR vaccine while patenting single vaccines. He was and is driven by making money. The evidence for a genetic basis for autism is solid.

    I recognise it is difficult to accept but by kicking out against the vaccines that save lives you are putting other peoples children in danger.

    I admire the amount of energy that you guys are pushing into this and just wish it were better directed.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Hi Phil,

      It’s clear that you have not read or seen anything about Andrew Wakefield that was not approved by a powerful industry determined to protect their “market,” a.k.a. the “vaccine program.” (Note: the terminology was deliberate. The CDC, the IOM, and the pharmaceutical industry have made it abundantly clear in papers and PowerPoint presentations available on the Internet and memos retrieved from FOIA requests that the vaccine program — NOT CHILDREN — is their overriding priority.) The research paper to which you are referring had THIRTEEN authors. The data to which you are referring is children’s case histories collected from the parents of the children by the clinicians involved, Dr. Murch and Dr. Walker-Smith, probably the most pre-eminent pediatric gastroenterologist in Britain at that time. The claims of fraud were based upon the fact that those case histories differed slightly from the children’s confidential medical records. Personally, I know few medically complicated children whose medical records would accurately reflect what happened, when it happened. Dr. John Walker-Smith lost his medical license at the same time as Dr. Wakefield, but appealed the decision and was reinstated with the judge essentially saying all the original charges were baseless. It’s very interesting that people claim Wakefield is driven by “making money.” If so, for a very smart man he’s doing an exceptionally poor job executing his agenda. Despite the fact that he has done nothing but lose prestige, money, career, etc. since publishing that paper, he continues to speak out.

      In addition, contrary to your claim, “the evidence for a genetic basis for autism” is anything BUT solid. Every reputable study in recent years has shown that autism MUST be the result of a complex interplay between genetics and environmental exposures. There are believed to be literally over 1000 genes that contribute to autism risk, and the biggest genetic difference between people with autism and people without is that inflammatory genes are “switched on” in people with autism. Changes in gene expression are due to epigenetic effects. In other words, they are caused by environmental influences, which jibes with what we already knew about autism being characterized by brain inflammation. In case you were wondering, stimulating an inflammatory response is exactly what vaccines are designed to do. Perhaps requiring children to be vaccinated against diseases they are unlikely to encounter, or unlikely to experience as much more than an annoyance, is in fact putting “other peoples’ children in danger.” It is certainly a question worth answering, and yet no one seems eager to do so because, like you, they are hung up on the “vaccines save lives” side of the story without realizing and accepting that, while that may indeed be true, they also cause undeniable harm, harm that no one is investigating. Frankly, in an era where 54% of American children are living with chronic health conditions, it would be an understatement to say that we find that depressing.

      So thanks for your input, but we will continue to direct our energies toward illuminating the issues under discussion rather than obscuring them, as was deliberately done in the 2004 study performed by the CDC and examined in detail in the film.

      • Jim West says:

        To support you, note that Grether (2009), a population study on ultrasound, documents studies that determined that ASD is initiated in the womb. This is generally agreed. Of course, industry would want this to indicate original sin (genetics). I argue for with tons of documenation that ultrasound is the initiator of fetal vulnerabilities to subsequent toxins, i.e., vaccines, birth drugs, etc. at

        The genetic paradigm is based on studies that ignore that fact that ultrasound is teratogenic. The genetic paradigm uses data gleaned from studies which use ultrasound examination data – thus the tragic absurdity.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        While I believe that some cases of autism do indeed develop in the womb, the study that conclusion is based upon includes some pretty broad assumptions and a very small number of subjects. It’s interesting that Wakefield gets slammed all the time for supposedly making conclusions based upon 12 children (he didn’t, by the way, make conclusions, just presented the data and suggested some possible avenues for further research), when “reputable” scientists (like Thomas Insel, for instance, former head of the NIMH and IACC) making conclusions based on equally sketchy data as long as it supports their own prejudices.

      • Jim West says:

        Professor, You write, “While I believe that some cases of autism do indeed develop in the womb, the study that conclusion is based upon includes some pretty broad assumptions…”

        Would you please tell me the name of that study?

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Let me track it down…

        Found it!

        Note, they examined brain tissue of 11 children with autism who had died. Total of 11 subjects. The subjects were all dead. It is quite possible that children who died had characteristics that differ markedly from children who live with autism. It may even be that the brain changes noted CONTRIBUTED to the subjects’ death (most died from drowning, cardiac arrhythmia or asthma). They also talk about the particular section of the brain that shows the most abnormalities and assume that the damage occurred when those sections of the brain were starting development. I don’t see any logical explanation of why that has to be true. Insel assumed that this study showed that autism starts in the second trimester of pregnancy, while TIME magazine is more cautious and makes the claim that it CAN start then. I think the claim should be even more cautious, it MAY start then. But then no one ever said otherwise, did they?

      • John says:

        Thank You ! God Bless you . Keep up the GOOD WORK !

      • Phil says:

        Hi Professor,
        I have read quite a bit about Wakefield and the MMR issue as at the time of all the media hype (early 2000s) my children were of the age when the MMR vaccine was due. As a scientist (I study insects not medicine, however am familiar with reading and digesting scientific papers) I backed myself to look at all the information available to me and come to an informed decision on the basis of the evidence available. It was clear to me at that time that the balance of probabilities laid with the safety of vaccines. I’m in the UK, so have no idea really who the CDC or IOM are or what they are up to. I recognise that the pharmaceutical industry has many issues, but the world is in a much better place with vaccines than without them. Are you suggesting otherwise?

        Indeed the research paper had many other authors at least 10 of whom have retracted the paper. The fraud case was significant as Wakefield was clearly misrepresenting the parents rather than “The claims of fraud were based upon the fact that those case histories differed slightly from the children’s confidential medical records”. The claims of fraud is detailed here:
        Regardless of the fraud issue, other scientists were unable to replicate the initial findings. This is a fundamental tenet of science – the outcome HAS to be repeatable. If not, then it cannot be seen as good evidence. Biology is extraordinarily complex and therefore multiple studies are required to provide the consensus.

        Actually, my statement that he is driven by money is one that I will happily retract – I don’t know the man and can’t make a statement about his motives. It appears easy to make that case regardless of how successful at it he is but I accept he may be genuinely believe in what he is doing.

        I think that the basis for a genetic basis for autism is solid. Didn’t suggest it was fully understood, just that the evidence that it had a genetic basis was strong. You link to an article on inflammatory genes being switched on in people with autism and then appear to conclude that this must be because of environmental issues. However, in the article you linked to it states: “Arking notes that, given the known genetic contributors to autism, inflammation is unlikely to be its root cause. Rather, he says, “This is a downstream consequence of upstream gene mutation.” The next step, he says, would be to find out whether treating the inflammation could ameliorate symptoms of autism.” i.e the researcher thinks it more likely that it is other genes causing the increase in gene expression and not environmental factors.

        Epigenetic factors are those that are not caused by changes in DNA in the gene in question and hence can be changes in other genes.

        You say “Perhaps requiring children to be vaccinated against diseases they are unlikely to encounter or are unlikely to experience as much more than an annoyance, is in fact putting “other peoples’ children is danger.”

        They are only unlikely to encounter those diseases because there is herd immunity due to vaccination! The WHO states (in their factsheets) that Measles killed 115,000 people in 2014 and over 100,000 babies are born with Congenital Rubella Syndrome every year (due to pregnant women being exposed to the virus) and that is with a good proportion of the world not facing those issues because they are using the vaccines. Not really a mere annoyance.

        I am not up to date with the amount of research going into this however a search on google scholar returns 24000 results on the search ‘vaccine autism’. Suggests that there is quite a bit going on?

        Again I’m not familiar with the health of US children, but yeah I can certainly agree that if the 54% figure is correct that indeed that is depressing!

        I have not seen the film but will take a look when the chance arises.

        As previously stated, I admire the energy put in, I just think that you are fighting a battle against something that isn’t really there.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Thank you for your thoughtful response, Phil. We don’t get a lot of that around here, so I greatly appreciate it.

        The CDC is the Centers for Disease Control and the IOM is the Institute of Medicine. If you look up the evidence that is supposed to “prove” that vaccines don’t cause autism, you will find that those two organizations figure prominently. Other studies pointed at are ones produced by a Danish team run by Poul Thorsen who is currently literally wanted for fraud, while merrily living in Denmark.

        I am suggesting — at the very least — that the “benefit” of vaccines is far more nuanced than is generally presented, greatly affected by locale, general nutritional status, environmental exposures and how many and which particular vaccines you are talking about. They are generally lumped together and discussed en masse as if somehow just calling it a vaccine makes it “save millions of lives.” The polio vaccine is one that is pointed to as a great savior, but the first mass vaccination program included a vaccine made by Cutter Labs that GAVE many children paralytic polio and killed some of them. Later it was found that many, many doses of polio vaccine were carrying live monkey viruses (from the monkey kidneys on which the polio virus was grown) that were found to cause cancer. No matter how many deaths measles cause in third-world undernourished countries it doesn’t change the fact that measles was not a huge problem here even before the vaccine era. In the days before the very first measles vaccine there were assumed to be 3-4,000,000 cases of measles a year with only about 450 deaths. That death rate had been dropping rapidly and was likely to continue to do so, even without interruption by a vaccine. Therefore, the risk-to-benefit ratio of a measles vaccine would be very different depending upon where one lived and that should be acknowledged to be so. (Also, you should know that the original measles vaccine caused a particularly nasty form of the disease for many who later encountered wild measles called “atypical measles.” Obviously, the risk outweighed the benefit for those people.)

        Congenital rubella syndrome can be prevented by vaccinating young women who have not previously been exposed. Rubella poses no virtually no risk to children who get it, so it is unfair to burden children with all the risk from the vaccine when they will receive no benefit until at least adulthood, by which time their immunity may have waned anyway.

        As for herd immunity, that is only applicable to a few vaccines. Tetanus is not contagious and is completely unaffected by your neighbor’s vaccine status. The diphtheria, pertussis, and polio vaccines currently in use are designed only to prevent acute symptoms of infection. They are not designed to prevent transmission of the diseases, so you can see that the concept of herd immunity is moot.

        Hepatitis B is a blood-borne virus that is transmitted through sex and dirty needles for the most part, yet our government recommends that infants be given three doses before their first birthday, even though they know that fewer than 1 in 50,000 children under four would encounter the virus even BEFORE the vaccine was recommended for them. Transmission of hepatitis B is not likely in a school setting, which is why children who are hepatitis B carriers are allowed to attend school.

        Meningitis is a scary disease, but there were a whopping 400 cases in the entire United States last year that could even conceivably be prevented by the meningococcal vaccine. It MIGHT be worth vaccinating all children if it weren’t for the fact that 1% in the age range it’s recommended for will have “serious adverse events” according to the CDC, AND the fact that 98.5% of all cases occur “sporadically,” meaning NOT part of an outbreak. Which means that whether or not you get it has much more to do with the state of your own health than it does with whether or not your neighbors were vaccinated.

        If you read the press reports carefully, you will realize that the other authors did not retract the paper, they retracted an “interpretation” of the paper, namely the interpretation that “the MMR causes autism.” In their words: “We wish to make it clear that in this paper no causal link was established between MMR vaccine and autism as the data were insufficient. However, the possibility of such a link was raised and consequent events
        have had major implications for public health. In view of this, we consider now is the appropriate time that we should together
        formally retract the interpretation placed upon these findings in the paper, according to precedent.”
        Of course, the paper itself never SAID that a causal link was established, and the retraction says nothing about the conclusions being incorrect, just that the consequences were unpleasant. So, yeah, they retracted something that was never said in the first place.

        Did you by any chance watch the video of the statement from the parents of those children involved in the Lancet study? In it, they make it clear that they do not agree with the allegations made by the GMC against their children’s doctors.

        As to replication, replication of what exactly? The conclusion was the discovery of a novel form of bowel disease associated with regressive autism. The fact that gastrointestinal disorders are widespread in children with autism, especially regressive autism (, is well-known to the doctors who treat those children. And the fact that people are so determined to prove Wakefield wrong means that many doctors are refusing to treat autistic children who show up in hospitals with obvious gastrointestinal distress with anything other than psychotropic drugs, and that is a crime.

        Again, evidence for a “genetic basis” is not strong. Yes, the genetic researchers emphasize the gene changes that are “upstream.” Like anyone else with a hammer, they think everything is a nail. The “upstream” genes they are talking about are frequently de novo gene mutations that are not passed on from parent to child (which is one huge reason why many children with this so-called genetic disorder have families with no prior history of autism. Genes are generally pretty stable, so where are all these de novo mutations coming from if not “complex interactions with the environment”? Near as I can find, genes don’t change “other genes'” expression. The only thing I can find that changes it are environmental factors. Yes, genes are involved, but there is no such thing as a “genetic epidemic.” Genetics alone are not driving the autism epidemic. If you can find any real evidence of how those genes could do it (that doesn’t involve interaction with the environment), please let me know.

        And, by the way, his “next step” has been a crucial part of treatment for many people with autism for a long time. Autistic symptoms are indeed ameliorated when brain inflammation is reduced.

        I truly wish that you were right, and the connection “wasn’t really there.” Unfortunately, having learned all I have about the immune system I think it is very, very, very unlikely that you are correct.

        I’m just going to leave you with something to think about. There are two major CDC studies that are cited over and over again to refute a vaccine-autism link. One is the Thimerosal study published by Thomas Verstraeten. That was published as a neutral study that made it clear no conclusion could be drawn. Why then did all the press afterward say that it “proved vaccines do not cause autism”? And why did we find out from Freedom of Information Act requests that there were four or five prior analyses that all had higher (some MUCH higher) more statistically significant correlations, analyses that made much more sense than the published version too?

        And the second one, a study on the timing of the MMR and its impact on autism rates, the one this film is about, was also pointed to as “proof vaccines do not cause autism.” This one we find out FROM ONE OF ITS AUTHORS was riddled with the same kinds of issues. They made a research plan so the study would be unassailable, but the minute they got findings they didn’t like they abandoned it. They dumped 40% of the data, and I mean LITERALLY dumped it, as in threw it away. We only know that because ONE of the scientists had ethics enough to KEEP it and TELL someone about it 10 years down he road.

        Tell me, as a scientist, is this sort of behavior okay with you? Is the science that it produces something you would trust? Would you point to it and say that it was “proof” of anything or the reason that further investigation should be halted? Because that’s exactly what the CDC did. I have not done scientific research in many years (I have a degree in Physics and was an electrical engineer long ago), but I find it all utterly appalling.

      • Jim West says:

        Phil — As a scientist, you should know that vaccines are often based on virus paradigms that have been constructed via studies that omits toxicology. Thus the paradigms are moot, and of course, vaccines must then be moot.

        Polio, HIV
        Ultrasound teratogenicity is very probable, but never discussed with regard to childhood diseases.


      • Jim West says:

        Substantiating prenatal initiation of ASD.

        The study you found in NEJM, Stoner (2014), “Paths of Disorganization…”:

        “Although the cause of this increased number of neurons in the prefrontal cortex among patients with autism is unclear, such abnormality appears to be prenatal in origin and may be expected to produce a disruption in early cortical development that is similar to disruptions in certain other disorders, such as lissencephaly, polymicrogyria, schizencephaly, and several cortical heterotopias that arise from defects in cell-cycle processes, neuronal migration, pruning, and apoptosis, as well as in cell fate specification. We hypothesized that such a disturbance is present in the neocortex of children with autism and that it is detectable in the prefrontal and temporal cortexes, as reported in previous studies of children with autism that used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), functional MRI, gene expression, and neuron count.”

        Stoner (2014) describes a deductive process, similar to looking at tree-rings, to detect historical events, and an indication of prenatal causation for ASD.

        I see in the list of “disorders”, an effect similar to what Ang (2006) studied re autism, “neuronal migration”. They are apparently listing similar effects that indicate prenatal damage.

        Ang (2006)

        Stoner (2014) lists other studies that suggest prenatal initiation.

        Grether (2009) listed several studies that indicate prenatal “initiation”. It finds odds ratio of 2.49 indicting ultrasound causation for ASD, but claims that it does not believe its own results, even though the 2.49 passes the significance filter. It diluted its own findings by not including fetal heart monitoring and Doppler. Without the significance filter, it shows obvious causation by ultrasound for ASD, by session count. After all that it is cited as evidence that ultrasound is harmless.

        Grether (2009)

        My causation model appears to be irrefutable.

        Ultrasound is the initiator in the womb. Vaccines, antibiotics etc. are the coup-de-grace that bring ASD etc. This is the general case. Otherwise, vaccines etc can cause ASD, alone. And vice-versa, ultrasound alone can cause ASD.

        Generally, diagnostic ultrasound is the most prevalent and hazardous stressor, with each clinical session beng similar to hundreds of chest X-rays.

        Many human studies indicate the potential of ultrasound to effect tremendous damage to the fetus. One clinical session can massively fragment cellular DNA in the chorioamnion region and thus in the fetus. Any clinical session increases cell permeability, increasing vulnerability to subsequent pharmaceutical poisons synergistically, such as, vaccines.


        -Jim West, NYC

        Found it!

        Note, they examined brain tissue of 11 children with autism who had died. Total of 11 subjects. The subjects were all dead. It is quite possible that children who died had characteristics that differ markedly from children who live with autism. It may even be that the brain changes noted CONTRIBUTED to the subjects’ death (most died from drowning, cardiac arrhythmia or asthma). They also talk about the particular section of the brain that shows the most abnormalities and assume that the damage occurred when those sections of the brain were starting development. I don’t see any logical explanation of why that has to be true. Insel assumed that this study showed that autism starts in the second trimester of pregnancy, while TIME magazine is more cautious and makes the claim that it CAN start then. I think the claim should be even more cautious, it MAY start then. But then no one ever said otherwise, did they?

    • Where do you get “unequivocally” from?

      I’d also assumed that, since he was struck off the medical registry, he MUST be a fraud. When I looked at the facts, it was admittedly disturbing to see how remarkably prejudiced my opinion had been.

      Just goes to show that proof is stronger than opinion. It is regrettable, however, that you commit such obvious libel against the man. “Unequivocal?”

      Sorry, you are mistaken on three separate facts. Even the inventor of the polio vaccine, under oath in front of Congress, when asked what had caused the spike in polio cases, answered, “My vaccine.” When asked what he considered the biggest threat to children’s health, he gave the same answer.

      • Jim West says:

        David Cohen,

        Thanks for the Salk quote, “My vaccine”. Too bad Salk didn’t say whether it was the chemicals in the vaccine (formaldehyde), or the poliovirus that was causative.

        It could not have been poliovirus.

        Howard Urnovitz, PhD, biochemist, finds the famous poliovirus studies to be false, at,

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Salk didn’t say “my vaccine.” Salk was the inventor of the inactivated polio vaccine (IPV). In 1976, he said that every outbreak since 1961 was caused by the LIVE-VIRUS vaccine (the OPV, created by Albert Sabin). Salk may not have been the most reliable witness given that he and Sabin were known to have a fierce professional rivalry.

      • Jim West says:

        Actually… the polio vaccine was invented in the 1930s, and abandoned as a failure, until Salk updated the same formula for the 1950s implementation. Salk didn’t invent anything. He was a media toy, and cast aside as soon as the vaccine program was firmly underway.

        So, Dr. Cohen, clarify if you wish.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Whether or not you consider Salk to have invented the IPV, he was not talking about his own vaccine. He was talking about Sabin’s.

      • Jim West says:

        Yes, Salk and Sabin were at odds, yet both within a fantasy.

        Extremely obvious polio toxicology was never discounted for any aspect of polio pathology. Thus “poliovirus” and “vaccines” are moot paradigms. See

    • Robert says:

      For the record Phil…

      Wakefield originally conducted case studies…he had found that there was a Gut-Brain component which might be causing autism…

      Recently, there have been studies with similar findings…

      Wakefield conducted case studies…there was zero conclusion with the exception that this gut brain vaccine relationship should be studied more…

      It was then that he and his research was shut down…

      Ask yourself…why? If a scientist discovered something of great importance that could impact the way the world views vaccinations and their safety, why would it get shut down?

      There in lies the truth…

      • Dr. Sabine Huemer says:

        There are numerous problems with the Wakefield study: The lawyers of parents who wanted to sue the vaccine company referred the 12 babies to Wakefield who, at that time, had a patent pending for an alterative to the MMR vaccine (he never disclosed his financial interest). Wakefield also fudged his data (most of his infants had not gut issues according to medical records from the hospital he performed the study at) and, on top of that, performed unnecessary procedures on the 12 infants. Initially, 10 of his 13 co-authors retracted, eventually, the Lancet retracted the story and Wakefield lost his medical license. Meanwhile numerous studies in various countries with millions of data sets have found no correlation between MMR vaccines and autism.

        Does that mean that infants and children with autism do not have gut issues – of course not. It may even occur more frequently in children with ASD than the general population. One of the reasons may be that diets of children with autism are often very restricted (they only eat certain foods, some also eat nonfood items which also can lead to GI issues). Gut issues do not cause autism but autism behaviors may lead to GI problems. Hope that helps the debate.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Oh, dear God. First off, the children in the “Wakefield study” (really a case series with 13 authors) weren’t “infants.”

        Secondly, not a single procedures was “unnecessary,” as determined when Dr. John Walker-Smith appealed the withdrawal of his medical license.

        And exactly ZERO of the procedures were performed by Wakefield, who was not a clinician.

        This is what the parents have to say about those evil doctors who performed those “unecessary” procedures on their children who “had not gut issues”:

        “We are writing to you as parents of the children who, because of their symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease and associated autism, were seen at the Royal Free Hospital Gastroenterology Unit by Professor Walker-Smith and Dr. Simon Murch with the involvement of Dr. Andrew Wakefield on the research side of their investigations…. Among the many allegations made are the suggestions that the doctors acted inappropriately regarding our children, that Dr. Wakefield solicited them for research purposes, and that our children had not been referred in the usual way by their own GPs. It’s also claimed that our children were given unnecessary and invasive investigations for the purpose of research that was not in their interest. We know that this was not so. All of our children were referred to Professor Walker-Smith in the proper way so that their severe, long-standing, and distressing gastrological symptoms would be fully investigated and treated by the foremost gastroenterologists in the U.K…”

        Yeah, sure sounds like Wakefield “made up” the gut problems in these kids. /end sarcasm

        If the mainstream media has gotten it so wrong, a curious person would wonder just how wrong the rest of it is and to digging. These are NOT difficult sources to find. If you are not willing to look beyond the most obvious BS in the mainstream media, it’s not surprising that you have so little knowledge in this arena. You clearly have zero interest in listening to the people who have actually managed to recover their children from autism. (Why would you want to talk to people having the greatest success, after all?) “The diets of children with autism are often very restricted” BECAUSE of the gut issues they deal with (sensory issues as well, but those are related). Heal the gut, heal the child. “Gut issues do not cause autism but autism behaviors may lead to GI problems”? That statement right there makes it clear that you are NOT listening to the parents of your clients with autism and are probably giving them extremely lousy advice. Thousands upon thousands of families have found that when they took steps toward healing their children’s guts, the children’s autism symptoms abated, many of them completely. Are gut issues the ONLY medical issue of importance in the treatment of autism? Certainly not, but they are among the most primary ones.

      • Dr. Sabine Huemer says:

        youtube is not a scientific source. I use my real name for my posts because I only talk about information that has been verified by many scientists in studies that did not need to be recalled by scientists who did not lose their credentials conducted at reputable institutions that have zero financial interest but only want to help families affected by autism. I work with them every day. VAXXED is another commercial enterprise. Science conducted by the top universities in the world is not commerce. I just want people to know the difference. Scientists are very critical of their own work and of any conflict of interest, and, yes, of course, the CDC, etc. Wakefield wrote history by fudging data and not disclosing financial interests and by having a study retracted from a journal which practically never happens. I hope the profits of the movie go to families who are affected by the disorder.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        “Youtube is not a scientific source”? Seriously? THAT’S your response to a video of the parents saying “MY KID WAS DESPERATELY AND NEEDED TREATMENT!” directly contradicting the media rantings of Brian Deer (NOT a scientific source, by the way). Did you READ the proceedings that exonerated Dr. Walker-Smith?

        You DON’T “only talk about information that has been verified by many scientists,” you talk about information that the CDC wishes you to believe, information that FOIA requests AND ONE OF THEIR OWN SCIENTISTS say was MANIPULATED. In addition, the person who organized most of the Danish research that supports the CDC’s crap science is literally wanted for fraud. A LITERAL criminal, and yet he’s still publishing papers in Denmark.

        Here’s a list of studies, many of them done by “top universities in the world” that suggest, support, or verify a link between autism and vaccines. By the way, universities do not have “zero financial interest” in the outcome of studies conducted in their facilities. If you believe that, then you REALLY have no clue how university research is funded. The vast majority comes through two sources, the government (we’re back where we started since we’re talking about government corruption) or industry (that SHOULD be an obvious signal as to the “financial interest” universities have in getting the “right answer”). But don’t trust ME on the subject, check out what editors or former editors of three of the most prestigious medical journals have to say about the state of medical research, Marcia Angell (NEJM), Richard Horton (Lancet), and ironically Fiona Godlee of the BMJ Given the widespread corruption, why do you think retractions “practically never happen”? Who do you think has the influence to actually GET them to happen? The companies buying the majority of the advertising and funding the majority of the research being published in the first place perhaps?

        Do you have a clue how little documentary filmmmakers tend to make? I think the majority would laugh in your face to hear what they do called “commerce,” Andrew Wakefield among them. Chances are good that there will be ZERO profit, unless they are REALLY lucky. Documentary filmmakers make films because they believe in what they are doing, not because it is likely to make them rich. If you really want to “know the difference,” look at funding amounts and funding sources. Drugs (including vaccines) are VERY BIG BUSINESS.

        Again, if you really want to help the families you work with, dig MUCH deeper. Use the brain cells you have to THINK. Otherwise, you are probably doing more harm than good — and getting paid for it, which is a tremendous shame.

      • Jim West says:

        Dr. Huemer,

        You write, “Science conducted by the top universities in the world is not commerce.”

        You are not verifying the huge conflicts of interest built into your scientific community.

        Are you not aware that at least three senior editors of major medical journals have characterized published mainstream science as unreliable? These were quoted recently on this page.

        Example: “It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines.” -Angell

        Are you not aware that the CDC evolved out of a military pesticide application agency? That is a conflict of interest. One cannot trust diagnostics from such an agency. The CDC interfaces intimately with commerce (pharma etc).


        The CDC’s etiological paradigm for polio (poliovirus) avoids the obvious toxicology. Even the scientific community can understand this:

        The famous studies that claim isolation of poliovirus (Enders etc) are laughably false:

      • Jim West says:

        Dr. Huemer, you write,

        “Science conducted by the top universities in the world is not commerce.”

        Please don’t underestimate the long arm of big money in management areas you are not privy to. Here is a former FDA drug reviewer. I quote an article (ref below):

        Ronald Kavanagh B.S.Pharm., Pharm.D, Ph.D., an FDA drug reviewer in the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research…

        RK: Sometimes we were literally instructed to only read a 100-150 page summary and to accept drug company claims without examining the actual data, which on multiple occasions I found directly contradicted the summary document. Other times I was ordered not to review certain sections of the submission, but invariably that’s where the safety issues would be. This could only occur if FDA management was told about issues in the submission before it had even been reviewed. In addition, management would overload us with huge amounts of material that could not possibly be read by a given deadline and would withhold assistance. When you are able to dig in, if you found issues that would make you turn down a drug, you could be pressured to reverse your decision or the review would then be handed off to someone who would simply copy and paste whatever claims the company made in the summary document.

        RK: Pediatric approvals … that are used for studies in children are often based on approved adult dosages rather than a scientific determination of whether children achieve the same or higher exposures than adults. This is because companies don’t want to develop lower dosages for children if they don’t have to.

  26. Not an idiot. says:

    This movie is one lie after another after another.

    There is no “cover up” because there isn’t anything to cover up.

    Vaccines are safe, do not cause autism and have saved literally millions of lives.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Thanks for your opinion, Not.

      “One lie after another…” I’m guessing you didn’t see it then.

      You’re saying:

      Dr. William Thompson ISN’T a senior scientist at the CDC?

      He wasn’t an author on the study in question:

      He didn’t call Dr. Brian Hooker (even though recordings and transcripts of the calls exist and were used in the film)?

      He didn’t tell Dr. Hooker exactly where to find the data that his colleagues thought was destroyed?

      The data didn’t reveal that African-American boys who had the MMR “on time” (not actually the timeframe recommended by the CDC, but much broader) had autism at a rate that was nearly three and a half times HIGHER than AA boys who had the vaccine at a later age?

      The data (and emails, memos, etc.) didn’t reveal that “isolated autism” was seven times higher in children who had the MMR on time than children who didn’t?

      Thompson didn’t express great shame at his participation in this farce of a study (even though he clearly does in a recording included in the film, which by the way, he knows exist and has never refuted the validity of)?

      They didn’t deviate from the original unassailable research plan (even though it’s clear from the call transcripts and the documents turned over to Congressman Posey that . . . they sure did)?

      Thompson’s bosses didn’t cancel an appearance of Thompson’s when he made it clear he would be revealing “problematic findings” (even though emails spell that out as well)?

      These are the FACTS that are revealed in the film. Sure sounds like a “cover up” to me.

      It may be fine with you that scientists at the CDC are doing studies with taxpayer money that amount to nothing more than research fraud and end up being responsible for a whole lot of harm to children, but don’t be surprised if it is NOT fine, not even remotely, with people who are concerned about research integrity, children’s health, and the state of our so-called watchdog agencies. In short, anyone who is “Not an idiot.”

    • Hans Scholl says:

      Is that you Nancy Synderman ?
      “there is no conspiracy folks , just get your damn vaccines”
      during the second Swine Flu hoax of 2009 (the first being in 1976) .

      NAI – repeat this mantra after me “Vaccines are unsafe and defective” .
      There you go . All say ahhhh .

      Make sure you take your annual flu vaccine every year please , and please ask for extra mercury-themiserol .

    • Eirescott says:

      A clear misnomer. You were pwned by Professor TMR for your ignorant and idiotic (yes I went there) response.

  27. Margaret Kosub says:

    When and how can this movie/documentary be seen in Australia?

    • Nay says:

      Same, I’m hanging to see it! I’d pay to stream it, but there are no such options available at the moment.

  28. TDP says:

    Where can you obtain the film to watch it?

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      You can go to their website to arrange a viewing at a local theater or wait till it comes out on DVD. That won’t be for a while, though.

  29. Linda Schmelter says:

    where can we view this movie?

  30. Megan Allen says:

    Perfectly said. Although its incredibly tragic that so many of can related to your story, its comforting to know we are not in this alone.

  31. Hans Scholl says:

    Uganda passed a new law this month targeting parents who refuse to vaccinate their children.
    “Anti-vaxxers” could face up to six months in prison in the central African nation of Uganda after claims by the Health Minister and others that a growing religious “cult” is preventing parents from having their children immunized.
    The new law was signed by President Yoweri Museveni on March 10, but it wasn’t announced until this week.
    The Immunization Act would require parents to have their children get shots for diseases such as measles, polio, tuberculosis and meningitis – or face jail time.

  32. emma stubbs says:

    I am in the UK and have a child with autism, how can I see this film please?

    • Robert Bright says:

      You can go to their website to arrange a viewing at a local theater or wait till it comes out on DVD. That won’t be for a while, though.

  33. Denise says:

    My fear is that BIG PHARMA is too big and too powerful! Too many people to lose millions or billions financially in order from the maiming and killing to stop. I watched a movie yesterday “Concussion”, where Will Smith plays a highly intelligent pathologist named Bennett Omalu M.D. discovers the severe damage being done to the brains of professional athletes from repeated traumatic brain injuries when he dissects the brain of retired NFL player Mike Webster. He publishes a paper and names the diagnosis CTE or Chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Omalu naively believed that the NFL would be receptive to a study that revealed how the sport was endangering the mental health of its participants. Instead, after the paper appeared in the July 2005 issue of Neurosurgery, the response was a letter to the editor from three members of the NFL’s Mild Traumatic Brain Injury committee (MTBI), which noted “serious flaws” in the study and demanded an official retraction.
    SOUND FAMILAR???? Fortunately the NFL isn’t as powerful as Big Pharma!!!

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      I’ve noted that comparison before as well. There are media outlets that AREN’T carrying NFL games (and so are not dependent upon the NFL for income) so they are perfectly willing to do stories on how the NFL has been hiding data.

  34. Kim Robinson says:

    Thank you for giving the movie a written review that transcends the rubbish of those trying to protect an industry that already has a free ride and is profiting enormously on the backs of our damaged and dead children!

  35. Michelle says:

    So many Parallels to the Big Short. I thought the very same thing except this isn’t pension plans, savings, and 401ks that are being destroyed – These are human lives and families being torn apart. Sickening. Sadly, while I sat on a trading floor predicting and then watching the markets unravel and the housing bubble burst…. my daughter was being injected with poison. I wasn’t paying attention to the right “market” I guess.
    Extremely Hard Lesson learned.
    Great review. I saw the film Sunday and I loved it.

  36. Mary Massoud says:

    this is truly a touching peace. I work as an RN in the older adult population where I see many things that are not right with medicine and shots. But how heartbreaking that this industry is attacking children! But I can say that most of my colleagues do not buy into this. They will not even face it or discuss it. So hard to be a healer as a nurse and yet watch daily what is happening to our people. Wonderful piece.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      I had an interesting conversation with a well-known doctor recently. I asked her how she could stand it. She said she thought there were two main types of doctors, those who became doctors because they were healers by nature and those who became doctors out of a need for control. Those are two tremendously different mindsets to be working with, and they are frequently at odds with each other. Unfortunately, the controllers tend to go for the power positions where they can tell the healers what to do when the healers are the ones most likely to be able to help people get well and/or stay well.

      • Kathy says:

        Wow! How profound. And explains the conflicting attitudes perfectly. No easy answers but LOTS of hard questions!!

      • Rebecca says:

        Your statement is SO true! I sometimes have a hard time reconciling a doctor that seems kind and has a healing spirit from the medical corruption that goes on. But, you are right – the controlling, power hungry doctor has tied the hand of the healer. It makes so much sense!

      • Cynthia Ward says:

        As a nurse, I ask questions all the time and I am constantly researching all the time. I literally had a surgeon ask me, after I had shared something with him, why I read “all that stuff”? Seriously? I actually told him he might consider reading some information for himself because it affects the patients. Interestingly, the surgeons on our cardiovascular surgery unit decided the no longer wanted their post surgery patients to get a flu or pneumonia vaccine prior to discharge. This was huge! I never could figure out why they were doing it anyway but patients were going home, starting to run a fever and it was difficult to tell if it was from surgery or the shots they received. One small victory at a time.

    • Cynthia Ward says:

      I am right there with you. I, too, am an RN and worked in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit for 8 years and left the bedside primarily because it was getting more difficult to do some of the interventions we are required to do. I have been researching actively for the past ten years but have questioned vaccines for almost thirty years. I wish I had never given any to my children and have been steadfast in encouraging my children to research for themselves and I now have two grandchildren and it scares me to death what could happen to them. Fortunately, my children took to heart what I have shared with them. Ultimately, it is their decision but I strongly encouraged them to please research and know more about what could happen on the day of their child’s birth and at well check ups than what to put in the nursery. The listened. No shots of any kind at birth an not one until 4 and a half and although I wish he had none, that is better than what could have been. His sister, who has Down Syndrome and is two and a half has not had any and I pray she never will. However, I know it only takes one shot to do the damage. It is very difficult when everyone around you says it is normal to give all those shots. The younger nurses I know are shocked when I show them a comparison of the current vaccine schedule to the one when I first began having children.

      I will never stop researching an speaking up whenever possible. I am shocked at the nurses and doctors who have never heard of the Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 or VAERS. How can this be? Literally, not one that I asked had heard of it. They have now. This is the reason I chose to continue my education and am now in my first semester of teaching full time as a nursing professor. I will not be silent. Like you, many of my colleagues don’t really want to hear it. I think deep down they agree but one even told me it is just easier to do what they are told. Sad. The young nurses who get everything known to man injected into their children think they are protecting them but their children are sick ALL the time. This is not normal. I so appreciate everyone at TMR and all the other organizations out their who are letting their voices be heard. I cannot wait to see this film. I read everything I can get my hand on. Continue to fight the good fight for the future of our children and grandchildren depends on it.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        I sincerely hope they do not vaccinate your granddaughter with Downs. The rate of dual diagnoses of autism and Downs is terribly concerning. I think those children are particularly vulnerable to environmental assaults.

      • Ali says:

        Thank you for your comment. It’s so good to hear what I am thinking from someone else!! I am currently looking for a pediatrician and am finding that almost ALL have a pro immunization stance and I am afraid to take my daughter in for a well check and get harassed. Very frustrating.

      • Jim West says:

        Law, insurance regs, and other regs, require them to be pharmaceutical and ultrasound oriented. This is where this forum should begin — finding the alternative. The system is designed, from an ancient foundation, for purposes we are not privy to, that are not necessarily in our best interest as individuals.

      • Leslie says:

        Do you have some kind of blog or website where we can benefit from your experience and studies?

      • Jim West says:

        Bravo Cynthia. I hope you will find the political way to make this happen for a long time. I hope we hear more of your experiences.

        Cynthia wrote “I chose to continue my education and am now in my first semester of teaching full time as a nursing professor.”

  37. Peggy O'Mara says:

    Thank you so much for your powerful voice and your profound courage. I can’t wait to see the film.

  38. Carol Walters says:

    Even with a mainstream medical doctor telling us that my grandson was suffering from heavy metal poisoning from too many vaccines that he was given causing his autism, no one would listen. The doctor was adamant for us not to return to the local health department clinic where this occurred all the while he himself continued to push vaccines on my grandson with the premise that he needed them “to be protected” against these dreaded deadly diseases. My grandson went from being an above average intelligence to a living statue for a long time. When he did finally start reacting to those around him and his environment, he couldn’t seem to cope with anything around him. He would sit and stare, cry, bang on things so much he developed calluses on his hands. He would even hit himself in the head when he stopped banging with his hands. He went from having good hand eye coordination to he couldn’t even feed himself when handed a spoon to do so. His ability to tolerate different textures of foods was gone as well. He became limited in what we could get him to eat and we learned eventually it was because he didn’t like the way the foods felt in his mouth. And with all this, still we were ignored. When he began kindergarten, the school system labeled him as being a “behavioral problem” and “undisciplined”. It took almost half of the school year to get them to listen to the local Judevine Center and it’s director to take us seriously. We had been taking him there for help and had made a little progress by the time he started kindergarten. Only after that did the school make adjustments to try to help my grandson.
    Now at almost 16 years of age, he still suffers from stimuli overload and has difficulty coping. However, he has improved greatly and that has been with the help of one of the top rated schools in Wales, UK. The school even received an award of excellence from the queen herself because of their work with children like these and they do it without all the pharmaceuticals used in this country. This school proves that these children can be helped with time, patience and love to become as self sufficient as they are capable of being.
    No, this shouldn’t have happened to my grandson but greed stepped in and this is the result.
    I would hope that this film will be shown nation wide, without it being edited to omit the actual facts and substituting the lies that we have been told all these years.
    With this continuing, it would be willful destruction of our future generations taking away their freedoms and right to live as normal human beings with dignity and respect.
    I applaud all involved who have persevered all this time despite personal denigration to get the truth out there to save our children’s and our own future.

    • Joy Garner says:

      And you TRUSTED this doctor. You TRUSTED the FDA, the CDC, the medical journals, and even the media. But now you know WHO controls what they ALL censor or report, about big pharma’s products. I am SOOO sorry for your pain. I am just “lucky” I guess, because my father was always suspicious about vaccines, and the government, who now tells us we must now ALL (very soon) be force vaccinated against our will. Our fully-bribed and treasonous federal representatives have already passed a federal mandate, requiring that all veterans must receive 90 shots, (of toxins KNOWN to cause injury and even death) or lose all of their VA benefits. They’re NOW gearing up to mandate ALL people in the US to receive 300 or so shots, or face CRIMINAL charges! In CA big pharma OPENLY bribed State Senator Pan, (and a majority of the CA Senate) in exchange for Pan and his sell-outs, shoving the SB277 vaccine mandate down our throats in my state. This coincides PERFECTLY with many politicians, such as Bernie Sanders, suddenly declaring that unvaccinated people are “killers”. Until I saw that Bernie had said this, I had not believed all of the rumors that he’d been receiving “dark” (secret) money from big pharma. Bernie has been saying some negative things about “big pharma”, BUT he is supporting their “crown jewel” vaccination profit-machine and spreading insane ideas about how we are killers if we refuse the shots. All of this ALSO coincides perfectly with the closed-session UN Resolution that passed last fall, requiring all member nations to “accelerate” their “depopulation programs”. Obama was there, the US is a member nation, and it was passed “unanimously”. This one shocked the hell out of ME, even if other people glazed over and turned the channel. First, I was never informed that the US ever HAD a “depopulation program” in place TO “accelerate”, so one can only assume the federal government’s METHOD/S of “depopulation” have so far, likewise been kept covert. I FIRMLY believe that vaccination is at least one of their covert methods. I have also seen the patent for “sterilization by vaccination” and the active ingredient, known to cause sterilization, (when injected) is polysorbate 80, or “tween 80”. (Just Google “Patent poysorbate 80 vaccine sterilization”) This substance is now found in MANY vaccines here in the US. If it walks like it, talks like it, ……DEPOPULATION. And those of us who survive? They intend to make sure we are so soaked in mercury, aluminum oxides, etc., that we are incapable of critical thinking, just zombies who never again DARE question our rulers, (assuming we can still speak). Jennie McCarthy has almost completely CURED her autistic son by cleansing his body of the specific toxins found in the shots. But doctors tell us autism is “genetic”, so she must be a “nut” because she PROVED that it WAS the poison from the shots CAUSING her son’s autism. Please go look her work up and see if there is anything there that might help. It is NOT hopeless, because it’s NOT “genetic”. Since when was ANYONE blessed with DNA that can fully protect them from the effects of KNOWN toxins, in doses KNOW to cause injury and even death? God bless and keep you. THANK YOU for being brave enough to tell your story and speak the TRUTH as you see it. Love, Joy

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        I must correct something that you said. Bernie Sanders has NEVER, suddenly or otherwise, “declared that unvaccinated people are ‘killers.'” What he said was this: “I am sensitive to the fact that there are some families who disagree, but the difficulty is, if I have a kid who is suffering from an illness who is subjected to a kid who walks into a room without vaccines, that could kill that child, and that’s wrong.” Implying that someone could inadvertently cause another’s death is not the same as calling them “killers.” And the fact is that, though Sanders got the science of it wrong — a kid who has not been vaccinated is not automatically carrying some dangerous illness or, given the fact that DTaP vaccines and polio vaccines are not intended to stop transmission of diphtheria, pertussis, or polio, even significantly more likely to be doing so than a vaccinated person — it IS possible that someone who is a carrier for a particular disease being in the proximity of a person with a compromised immune system COULD conceivably be the inadvertent cause of that person’s death. That’s a fact that we have to acknowledge. Now, like I said, Sanders got the science wrong and is unaware that non-vaccinated people are well are not more likely to be “spreading disease” than vaccinated people especially in the case of pertussis, the most likely illness to kill someone. Vaccinated people can be asymptomatic carriers who do not even know that they are contagious. Non-vaccinated people, however, will usually be quite sick if they are pertussis carriers and will know enough to stay away from others.

        Please don’t assume motivations that are not in evidence. The usual motivations of money, livelihood, power, and ass-covering are quite enough to explain the messages we see in the mainstream media every day and thus the attitudes of people who are not digging any deeper on the subject. If the federal government had been running a covert “depopulation” program, it has been a particularly INEFFECTIVE program as the population has been rising steadily since the United States began:

  39. Cat says:

    Andy….THANK YOU…you are the man!!!

  40. Cat says:

    WICKED review LJ 👍
    I really hope this film wakes up all the parrots, all over the world…
    That would just be…..pure bliss 😆

  41. Lu says:

    Wonderful article. Thank you for all you do. And thank you, TMR. I’m sick of the reign of silence and fear. Hooray for Del Bigtree in a time where simply calling it as we see it is a courageous act. Every parent who “simply” tells their truth is a hero.

  42. Jim West says:

    I was there on Saturday, Angelika Theater in New York. Very impressive!

    Here are my on scene photos and review:

    Andrew Wakefield, Del Bigtree, Polly Tommey, and Dr. Brian Hooker, were there before and after (panel discussions).

    House was sold out Friday and Saturday. Not sure what the draw is for this week. It was great being there with awakened people.

  43. Tim Lundeen says:

    …tears in my eyes, and I haven’t even seen the film yet. Thank you.

  44. Thank you TMR and “The Rev” for another accurate, comprehensive, personal and beautifully written review of VAXXED From Cover-up to Catastrophe. Sending love and prayers to all the members of the TMR community and their families.

  45. stephanie Christian says:

    How many children had to come forward and say their priest molested and raped them before the rest of the world woke up? How many mothers and fathers have to report that their child was alive and awake before being damaged by a vaccine! Just because you thought your priest/pastor/rabbi was safe didn’t mean he was, and just because you think your vaccines are safe doesn’t mean they are! The hearings and the investigation into fraud at the ‪#‎cdc‬ must happen ‪#‎hearuswell‬ ‪#‎cdcwhistleblower‬ ‪#‎vaxxed‬

    • Melisha says:

      Excellent illustration!

    • RK says:

      That’s a fairly decent analogy, stephanie… but you forgot the other side of the coin.

      Just as there are thousands of sexual abuse survivors who were molested by their priest or pastor… there are also hundreds of thousands… millions… tens of millions of Roman Catholic families, worldwide, who were never victimized. And that includes me. It wasn’t the church itself that was bad; it was a handful of evildoers, and an echelon of upper-tier cowards who didn’t have the spine to put a stop to it. I’ve read, and heard it said, that child molesters have an uncanny knack for knowing which children are “easy targets,” and which ones they should stay away from. They go for the kids that might not be happy at home, kids that are being picked on or bullied at school, maybe other factors. This leads me to suspect that there is another factor involved, here… something that has yet to be discovered, solved.

      I got all the vaccines in the late ’60s and early ’70s. My daughter turns 11 this month, a 5th grade honor student, a dancer. She also had all the vaccines. And it seems that most kids that get all their immunizations live long, healthy lives.

      I don’t want to sound dismissive of your pain and suffering and loss. I think it’s possible that your children did, indeed, have some kind of reaction to something in the vaccines. But I find it difficult to believe that it the vaccines alone; there’s another component here, another factor, another piece of the puzzle, that hasn’t been found yet.

      I hope we find it soon.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        There are lots of other components. Regressive autism happens when a child’s toxic load exceeds his or her capacity to remove toxins. When the body can’t detoxify, the immune system is activated in order to try to neutralize that which does not belong. Today’s world is so toxic that more and more children are hitting that level of toxic load. Factors that play into it probably include antibiotics, general anesthesia, ultrasound, pollution, Tylenol, pesticides especially glyphosate. For children who don’t quite hit that level of load, the problems can be much less obvious, ADHD, allergies, asthma, etc. For many children the trigger, the final straw, can be one or more of the many, many vaccines they receive in the first couple of years of life.

        “Most” kids are not living healthy lives these days (a mainstream study said that up to 54% of American children are living with chronic health conditions), though they may be long lives. Even that may be in peril, though, as life expectancy rates have been stalled for the last three years and is actually dropping in poorer sectors of the population.

        You might be interested in this blog which explains how vaccines can be causing many of these health concerns:

      • A “handful?” Please, read more before commenting so insultingly

  46. Sam DeNardo aka Uncle Sam says:

    You are awesome Lisa …

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