Thalia Seggelink of Thinking Moms’ Revolution and Autism One Interviews Representative Dan Burton on the Eve of the first Congressional Hearing on Autism in a Decade.

One day ahead of the first Congressional Autism Hearings in a decade, Thalia Seggelink of The Thinking Moms’ Revolution interviewed Representative Dan Burton of Indiana, grandfather to 15 year old Christian who has Autism. Representative Burton has been asking the difficult questions about Mercury, Vaccine Injury and the exploding autism epidemic since 1997. Today Thalia points a few difficult questions in his direction regarding persons invited to testify at tomorrow’s hearing. Listen to Representative Burton’s responses and to his firm resolve to see justice for our children.

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11 Responses to Thalia Seggelink of Thinking Moms’ Revolution and Autism One Interviews Representative Dan Burton on the Eve of the first Congressional Hearing on Autism in a Decade.

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  2. cia parker says:

    I agree, Sherry, I was surprised to hear Congressman Burton talk as though mercury were still a huge problem in vaccines, and glad that Thalia spelled out that it was only a problem in the usual flu vaccines. It was, and is, a big problem for me and my daughter, both mercury toxic from vaccines received before 2002, causing autism and MS in us. We’re doing Andy Cutler chelation, hoping to recover if we get the mercury out. But for children born since 2002, if ( a big if) they avoid the usual flu vaccine, the big problems now are the aluminum, “antifreeze,” formaldehyde, foreign, highly antigenic proteins from the culture media, and reactions to the pathogens themselves. I think the sheer huge number of vaccines given now is pushing thousands of kids into autism, and Congress should be talking about what to do about that. Taking mercury out of the flu vaccine is just going to be a bone that Big Pharma may be willing to throw to us, and will just permit them to say, “See? It’s not vaccines, because there’s still so much autism.”

  3. Thank you Thalia for interviewing Congressman Dan Burton. It is very worrying that Brian Hooker and Ralph Hazelhorst were disinvited. TaxiMom 5 is right. This is so intertwined in so many systems of government…….CDC, FDA, Education, AMA, Academy of Pediatrics…………This has created so many businesses involved in recovering these children both physically, socially, and cognitively. We are in a heap of trouble when the “researchers” at the CDC are being given high positions in Big Pharma. The media is being controlled by Big Pharma. Dr. Wakefield is right. We have to fight this from the bottom up. I have been speaking up about this January 2008 when I first connected the dots. I see how much this movement has grown. The horse is out of the barn, it is up to all of us to capture it and we WILL!

  4. Karmen Wagler says:

    As a former public health nurse, my job was administering vaccines. I worked with the state dept. at the county level. I want all to know that I did not ever think to read the product ingredients. I would have guessed the ingredients to have been sterile water and a safe little amount of substance like measles to produce a life long protection. I had no idea what was in them nor did I ever view VAERS data. We never reported any side effects like high fevers, unusual crying, swollen injection sites and extremities and so on. Reporting reactions was not encouraged nor enforced. I wholeheartedly believed what I was taught. “Vaccines are very safe and miracles”. Until, my own son fell ill just after I gave him the MMR. I witnessed his deterioration. He lost all speech. His bowels were loose diarrhea with undigested food, frothy and slimy. He became uncoordinated and sad. I called his pediatrician and was told this is normal for a boy to talk less and focus more on physical things. I wanted to hear that. But it was not true. My son was greatly harmed and now, at 16 years of age, he requires 24 hour a day care. He is nonverbal. I did not even know to report his reaction to the MMR! My point! Most healthcare professionals are programmed to never question the vaccine program. They are not reporting nor instructing parents to report adverse reactions to vaccines. They are blind to this reality that we parents are witnessing until it happens to them. It has become a goal of mine to educate every healthcare worker I can reach. The machine running this vaccine program is so huge that we have to hit every link in it. It is my opinion that most still do not know how dangerous vaccines are. Thank you for this report and thank you Congressman Burton! God bless!

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  6. Caryn says:

    I am so proud of you Thalia. Great interview. Your work is so important to so many. Thanks for doing what you do.

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  8. Anne McElroy Dachel says:

    Great work Thalia! I shared this all over!

  9. Taximom5 says:

    Great job, Thalia, and I am very grateful to Dan Burton for his efforts and committment.

    But I fear it’s not enough.

    Does anyone else see the writing on the wall? We are up against a gargantuan organization, that has spent literally half a century laying the propaganda for vaccines.

    I believe Representative Burton WILL ask very hard questions. But the pharmaceutical industry has been asked these questions before. They are well-prepared with lies with which to answer those questions. What they will say will be similar to what the Nazis showed the Red Cross about Theresienstadt. If you don’t know this bit of history, the Nazis had prepared a fake “camp” purporting to show the Jews living in a village, rather than the death camps that really existed.

    And the Red Cross was completely fooled.

    Senator Burton, if you are reading this, PLEASE be aware that the pharmaceutical industry has followed every strategy on propaganda that the Nazis ever used.

    I really, really fear that this congressional hearing will be no different. We may have truth on our side, but we are also incredibly naive when it comes to fighting with the pharmaceutical industry. Their power–over the medical industry, over the press, over education, over marketing, over science, over politics–is absolutely enormous.

    Look at the trouble Cochrane Collaborative head researcher Tom Jefferson is having, convincing the British Columbia medical officers that the flu shot is ineffective! ( It’s HIS research showing that the flu shot is no more effective than a placebo that they are misquoting, saying the flu shot protects patients. And they’re still arguing with him! Hundreds of health care workers have been FIRED for refusing this same flu shot.

    When even the researchers who are providing hard evidence that vaccines are either ineffective or unsafe (or both) are unable to make a dent, how is asking hard questions going to be enough?


    You know the old saying: those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

    Well, we’re repeating it.

  10. Dawn Havas says:

    Awesome interview Thalia, and Thank you Congressman Burton, You give me hope to protect our children who haven’t been harmed yet by vaccines.

  11. Sherry Eshraghi says:

    I wish the focus would not be mercury alone! What about the aluminium and other crap in the vaccines! Demanding a simple study of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated to put an end to it all??? The huge number of vaccines give to small babies??

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