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Autism and vaccinations: the debate continues.  Is there a correlation between the two?  Many claim there is no correlation, but a large number of people believe there is one.  What if vaccination didn’t work as intended?  What about the 2% of patients that the vaccine “drug” insert information says “may experience adverse reaction”?  What if… your immune system has been compromised in such a way that it fights a disease… internally… constantly… leaving the rest of the body vulnerable to bacterial infection, heavy metal toxicity, inflammation and a host of God-knows-what other implications?  Welcome to the world of autism.

Viruses enter… and just don’t quite leave?

I realized that this was the case with my son some years back.  He’s what you would call a “viral” kid. I didn’t think he was.  After all, he got colds now and then, just like a regular kid.

But flashback five years…

My son was in preschool, about to enter kindergarten.

We live on the east coast of the US.  We were going to go on vacation/holiday.  We flew to Las Vegas and drove to Los Angeles to my cousin’s house.

My son’s social interaction with other kids consisted of grabbing a kid by the shoulders and cackling like a madman. Just pretty much disaster.

At this point I had tried many “biomedical” things.  I had recently read about a product called “ViraStop.”  It is a enzyme blend primarily of the enzymes serratiopeptidase and nattokinase.  I had read about the ability of the enzymes to “eat” the outer “wall” of certain viruses, leaving them vulnerable to the immune system. To be effective, it must be given on an empty stomach. Perfect! I thought to myself. We are going to be on vacation for nearly 2 weeks, and my son will be with me for the entire time. I had read that “yeast” would be generated as result of virus killing, and that I should give a blend of yeast fighting enzymes, such as what’s found in Candex or Candidase.

I started off with 2 capsules of ViraStop, 2 capsules of Candidase on an empty stomach. The beauty of being on vacation:  I was able to completely control when eating time was.  I dosed this 3-4 times a day. I remember being at a Las Vegas buffet restaurant at lunch time watching my son act “bongo,’ making noises, sputtering, etc.  He was his goofy self on steroids!! I actually laughed it off!  I knew that this was the result of the enzymes that I had been giving him. Normally, I would have been so, so depressed. This continued for 3-4 days and during those days, something else unusual happened. My son told me he had to throw up at several random times. I found this to be significant; he’s not the kind that throws up for no reason.  It had to be virus related. We ate at an Indian restaurant.  My son devoured his food. And then he told me, he had to throw up.  I took him to the bathroom, where he pretty much emptied everything he ate into the toilet!!  He felt a lot better, though, and happy.  We got back to the table, and I continued eating while telling my wife what happened.  She marveled at how I could eat right after that!  I chalk it up to my superior dude skills.

We were due to arrive at my cousin’s house in a day after visiting Universal Studios. I stopped the enzymes. I could not risk my son acting so goofy. As we visited Universal Studios, we had a pleasant day. I noticed he was taking a lot more interest in things, and acting more “typical.” We arrived at my cousin’s house.  My son met his same-age cousins for the first time, and they played together right away.  Very unusual!!!  My cousin had a fair-sized swimming pool in his back yard, and a lot of time was spent there.  He actually passed for a typical kid for the several days we were there.  I certainly noticed a change in him, and so did my wife.

We flew back home, and upon returning to his preschool, his aide, Mary, was astonished to see how different he was in two weeks’ time.

I restarted ViraStop when I got back, and was able to work up to 20 caps 3-4 times a day for a week, with hardly any effect.  So I knew it had run its course of usefulness.

So what happened?  I think we were able to kill some latent virus, see goofy behavior as a result of viral dieoff, and then see “gain” as a result.

This would be a repeat pattern I would see many times in my biomed career with other antivirals.

More antiviral tales next time!

~ The Count

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22 Responses to Virus Stopped

  1. Emiky says:

    ” had read that “yeast” would be generated as result of virus killing”

    Any recollection of where you read this? I’d love to read more about this as I’ve not heard it before.


  2. Joanna McGowan says:

    That’s awesome! When you say 20 capsules 3-4 times a day, do you mean 20 divided over 3/4 times or 60-80 daily capsules? How long did you use it, and how slowly did you increase doses? Thanks for the info!

    • thecounttmr says:

      It will vary highly from kid to kid I imagine…some kids will react very easily to even 1/2 a capsule, so take it slow. You can increase depending on what you see, and your comfort level. I can’t remember how long I did it, it’s been so long…not much more than 3 months or so. Towards the end I did not see a thing or even yeast.

      I worked up to 20 Virastop caps + 15 Candex…..given all at once….. and this I repeated 3 -4 times through the day. So yes, you’re looking at a total of (20*4 + 15*4) = 140 caps in a day. At that rate your Virastop bottle empties in 2 days. They do make a ViraStop 2X bottle where one capsule is equal to 2 of the regular.

      I ran out of Candex once, and tried to do without it. I paid the price, the yeast was really out of control, I’d advise not to do the same.

      • Joanna McGowan says:

        Thanks! That is an insane amount, but I guess 3 months is a relatively short time (I didn’t know if it was for years). We have been on Candex and Candidase for awhile and I was planning on adding in the ViraStop (I’ve had the bottle for months – hopefully the first one lasts a little longer LOL), we’re just waiting for the okay from the homotoxicologist (who said to wait last time we saw her – energy had tanked from last detox and wouldn’t be strong enough to handle the viral detox). Now I’m excited about it all over again 🙂

      • thecounttmr says:

        It is an insane amount. But it’s the amount, I *eventually* worked up to. But the gain I saw in the story occurred after given Virastop heavily for about 4-5 days and then stopping.

        Give it on an empty stomach. It’s better to give it at least 1-2 hours before a meal, at least that’s my feeling on it….and try to do it 4 times in a day.

  3. Nancy says:

    I”m wondering how you got your son to swallow 20 capsules. We’ve been working on it for years and I can’t get my kid to swallow even one. If you have to do it on an empty stomach, mixing it with food would be out of the question.

    • thecounttmr says:

      Yes…I got up to 20 caps (and let’s not forget a bout 15 caps of Candex or Candidaise at the same time!)…without nary a reaction. That many capsules, you’d be full just on that..but you need to be on empty stomach anyway. Luckily my son was used to swallowing capsules by then, and could pretty much scoop them up and swallow 5-6 at time with water.

      You could you empty the capsules in water, and have him drink that. Don’t know how it tastes, but I imagine a little Xylitol couldn’t hurt if added.

    • Lynn says:

      Wonder if this would work…
      if you put Ice in a blender with a little liquid, you can make a pretty darn good smoothy…add a little flavoring/capsules…
      Would smoothy type thing work?

      • thecounttmr says:

        But using just water alone wouldn’t help would it? You couldn’t really add food type liquid to it either, you need an empty stomach.

      • Lynn says:

        we’ve made really good “smoothies” with ice and a little water. If you get practiced, you can get it to blend very close to the consistency of a smoothy from the corner store. For use, we sometimes then add frozen fruit..but, no need to. You could empty the capsules in, and add some kind of concentrated flavor. If a smoothie is tolerable, this might work…Also, can put “smoothie” in a dish, and eat with spoon.

      • thecounttmr says:

        I wouldn’t add the fruit..the enzymes will work on the food instead, I imagine. But if just capsules, ice, water, flavoring, works…go for it.

  4. Ana Maria Abba says:

    Great story. Can’t wait to hear more.

    Super Dude 🙂

  5. Jan says:

    My son age 27, (whose autism is clearly a result of an autoimmune reaction to his MMR vaccine at 16 mos) only Gets the occasional cold, otherwise he has not been sick in over 15 years. He also has PANDAS so I know his immune system is a mess. The thought that something as simple as an anti viral enzyme might make a real difference is exciting and overwhelming. Question though would you under take this without a doctor’s care?

    • thecounttmr says:

      For us, it was a major tipping point. From there, other anti-viral’s seemed to work better. I guess it all depends on what’s “blocking” things for your kid. Hopefully it will help…it may not help everybody. You can do it with a doc if you feel more comfortable, but I’m not very certain that most doc’s are knowledgeable about it. I did it without a doc. I would exercise caution, and start off *very* slowly, like a 1/2 capsule…and definitely an equal amount of Candex/Candidaise or else the yeast will be out of control….I had friend who’s kid reacted badly from starting too high.

  6. I swear I learn something new every day about autism interventions. We never really addressed viruses, bacteria and parasites and it seems to be our missing piece. We have seen the greatest gains since addressing these problems. I haven’t used ViraStop but other things instead. Still, very good to know.

  7. Lynn says:

    thecounttmr, when you say “that would be a troublesome sign”…would you please explain a little more? Thank you

  8. michelle says:

    BTW – my daughter always had upper respiratory infections before this. Every change in season caused this cough. Not since the Virastop/Mucostop do we get those upper respiratory lingering colds.

  9. michelle says:

    HI! The same thing happened with my daughter. It was CRAZY. Except I had used mucostop with the Virastop every morning on an empty stomach. After a month of slow gains – but noticeable gains – She got really sick – threw up everywhere. My kid never throws up. We haven’t looked back since then. It has been 10 months. she has unstoppable energy and eats nonstop. Before she would lie on the couch and eat like a mouse. I LOVE YOU ENZYMEDICA 🙂 Glad to hear you had a good experience too. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  10. Lynn says:

    are you saying, that basically your son didnt seem to catch the normal rounds of viral illness? …. Sorry if I’ve misunderstood.

    I know a kid that seemed to suddenly not catch any viral illness.. wondered what changed.

    • thecounttmr says:

      I know there are some kids that don’t catch any, that would be a troublesome sign right there. But my son *did* catch normal colds & viruses. That’s why I was surprised that anti-viral’s were helping him.

  11. Saint says:

    You DO have superior dude skills!!!!!

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