June 14, 2018

It is once again time to rally together and experience the online Facebook auction put on by

The Thinking Moms’ Revolution!




Who are The Thinking Moms’ Revolution you ask? This movement began with a tight-knit group of parents, mostly moms, who were drawn to each other for autism support. They  became bloggers, then co-authors with their first book The Thinking Moms Revolution: Autism Beyond the SpectrumInspiring True Stories from Parents Fighting to Rescue Their Children.


They have since expanded with even more books, free online webinars, two very successful online auctions, raising tens of thousands of dollars, and most importantly being a very loud voice and presence in federal autism policy and state and local vaccine legislationstopping mandated vaccine legislation at the local and state level.

THERAPY SESSIONS! (Alan Freestone, awesome homeopath)

A few years ago our founders also created a 501C3 to provide help to families struggling with medical, emotional, educational, financial, and/or legal hardship due to the complex medical needs faced by their children diagnosed with autism.

We are asking everyone today to invite your family and friends to participate in our online auction either a donor or bidder—or both!

For donors, this is a great opportunity to get your product or service out there for the world—especially the special-needs community—to see! 

For bidders, it can be a fun learning experience as well as a great place to meet like-minded souls.

We hope it will  become very addicting! 

To donate an item or get started bidding, click here:


 and join the Facebook group.

(If you are donating an item, just fill out the donation form pinned at the top of the group.)

Bidding ends 9:00 p.m. Eastern on Sunday, June 17.


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for becoming part of our mission to enable special-needs children to achieve greatness!

Happy Bidding!


~ Rebel

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