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My son is almost 10 at this writing. When he was an infant, he had patches of eczema that really worried me.  The pediatrician downplayed my concern about these red, raised, scaly patches that were oozy by saying that in Colorado all babies have eczema. “It’s from the dry cold,” he said.  Two and a half years later, following a (delayed, I’ll have you know) MMR, I watched my son regress into autism.That eczema was a red (literally) flag for me that I missed.  Turns out eczema is “an overactive response by the body’s immune system to an irritant . . . that causes the symptoms of eczema. In addition, eczema is commonly found in families with a history of other allergies or asthma.

Eczema is raised, patchy red spots that feel like thickened skin and, as they evolve, can turn white (from flaking off) or darken as they heal depending upon the complexion of the patient.  Without exception it itches.  Some of the “autistic behaviors” we see in children are a result of physical discomfort.  Itching is very uncomfortable.


For us, eczema spots appeared on my son’s torso (in his adorable fat rolls), on the backs of his knees and in his elbow creases.    Since the pediatrician told us not to worry, we did nothing.   In hindsight, it meant that even that early, he was showing signs of autoimmune dysfunction. That was the red flag I shouldn’t have ignored.   My son’s liver was not adequately clearing out toxins (clogged detox pathway). So when we vaccinated him, even on a delayed schedule, he could not detoxify from the vaccine and incurred brain damage.

What can you do to mitigate the risks to your child if you see the red flag of eczema?

  • Consider vaccines carefully.  This study explained away an 9-fold increase in eczema in their vaccinated population.
  • Reduce toxic load, especially in the gastrointestinal system, by sticking to organic food (this will help to avoid genetically modified foods as well as pesticides and antibiotics) and avoiding medications where possible.  (Stay far away from Tylenol/acetaminophen/paracetamol.)
  • Remove products containing known neurotoxins (like aluminum, carrageenan and MSG) from your diet.
  • Consider an elimination diet to spot any possible food triggers.  Eczema is frequently a response to a particular food molecule that has made its way into the bloodstream due to a leaky intestinal wall.  The major culprits tend to be gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, wheat, soy, fish, and shellfish.
  • Consider supplementation protocols that support proper detoxification pathways (liver and kidney support)
  • Consider genetic testing from a company like 23andme to identify the specific detoxification pathways and supplement based upon those results.
  • Consider exchanging your pediatrician for a naturopath.
  • Find a chiropractor that does organ manipulation to help stimulate the sluggish detox organs.
  • Consider alternative detoxification methods like IonCleanse footbaths, and saunas.

~ JuicyFruit

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  1. Dennis says:

    I have found a correlation between stress and anxiety and skin. I have had patients with psoriasis or eczema and they responded very well, when we addressed stress and anxiety.
    Not many people know, but if your spine is misaligned it can cause a stress response within your body. You can check out my youtube page for the video of Tim who had psoriasis that cleared up over 95% within a year. If you have been to other doctors and are just dealing with the symptoms, give chiropractic a chance. What do you have to lose?

  2. Frankie says:

    My baby is almost five months old and has a mild case of eczema. Last doctors visit we went to he got two vaccines, and doctor recommended I use a steroid ointment and change his formula. She said he Might be lactose and that would be the cause of the eczema. Changing the formula did not help. The ointment works for a day or two but then his eczema comes back. My son doesn’t necessarily cry when he’s in pain though, he’s been a happy baby for 4 months now but I know his skin itches because he always scratches himself whenever I’m changing him and there’s scratch marks all over. Now I’m concerned that his eczema might actually be from vaccines. When my baby was two months old, he had to get three vaccines at once and that’s when I spoke to his doctor about the possible dangers of vaccines but she assured me that vaccines aren’t bad and that my baby is healthy and should be vaccinated according to plan. Now that I think about it his eczema started shortly after his 2 month check up at the doctors. I will definitely speak to his doctor about this.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Doctors don’t even know what they don’t know about vaccines (which is a hell of a lot). This is supposed to be an “expert.”

      Note how many times she says some version of “I don’t know.” I know many parents who could answer most of those questions. Yes, vaccines can be behind your child’s eczema. I would recommend finding a homeopath who can help you reverse the damage. Steroid ointments merely suppress the symptoms.

      • JenZ says:

        My 4 yr old daughter (un-vaxxed) developed eczema on her arm & finger about 3 months ago. I was wondering if it was a sensitivity to new clothing or bedding she received around that time. I’ve been putting coconut oil on it, which helps, but it still persists. It has surprised me, since she is the only one in our family with eczema, yet completely un-vaxxed?

      • Ashley says:

        Your daughter may have a food allergy . Ezcema isn’t caused by vaccines alone they can be a trigger for some.

      • Dr. Travis Elsass says:

        Did she have vitamin k Shot?

    • Cynthia says:

      My son was about 18 months, he was behind on a few shots but took the mmr, a few weeks later he broke out into spots on his arms and legs, was sent home from preschool, and after a month of Dr visits still couldn’t go back, they didn’t know what it was, but it wasn’t contagious. The school would not let him back in, and Finnally, the seem test came back with a finding of giovatti crusti syndrome. An autoimmune issue, due to too many vacs. The derm said he would have to he on steroid cream for months, and it wasn’t helping in fact it made it worse, the cream was the problem with the redness and swelling.
      My friend gave me a lotion from Abbaco company, been lotion it has slow in it as well. Within 3 days I noticed a difference, 1 week he was cleared. This was the second time I had an issue with vacs, he has not had another one since.
      Also after looking at vac inserts, it clearly states that if you have an autoimmune problem not to get them
      Can cause other issues

      Good luck

  3. Adriana says:

    I had two extremely dry and very sensitive spots on my face due to eczema. The skin kept cracking and oozing. I was going crazy trying to figure out what to apply to my face. I tried steroid creams and pills and nothing worked. Finally, I came across foderma serum and figured I’d give it a shot. I applied it to my face at night the first time and by the next morning, all the redness had gone away.

  4. Kelsi says:

    Donyou mind elaborating on your comment article to stay far away from tylenol…etc? I would love to know more!

  5. Carolyn says:

    Google medscape article

    about metal
    Medical devices linked to eczema. By Juliana Basko Piluska and others Research has shown a connection between Mercury, aluminum, nickel, and other metals and eczema since 1966. Dental appliances such as braces and other sources of metals including medical devices are linked. Don’t forget that moms wih Mercury fillings pass that along to babies as well.

  6. Kat says:

    Both my daughters had eczema after the DTaP on a delayed/ selective schedule. With our younger, she only received a handful of shots, we stopped and she recovered after 6 weeks. With our oldest, the vaccine triggered food intolerances, so once we figured out which foods and eliminated those foods we were able to keep it under control. My oldest also lost her language and began to0 suffer autism symptoms at the same time. Making the change to an organic diet and later, supplements to help detox the heavy metals, helped her fully recovered from her eczema, food intolerances, SPD and ASD symptoms all within a two month period around her third birthday. I wanted to hare our story and thank you for his article!

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Thanks for your story, Kat! It’s so great to hear when people reverse these conditions. I wish all this information was available back in the ’60s when I developed eczema!

      • Laureen Storck says:

        I am very interested in what vitamin drink or topical cream u would recommend for mild eczema. I take vitamin d b mag zinc iron and omega s

    • lee moore says:

      diet is so important – pay that extra for organic food – it costs a lot in gasoline and car maintenance running back and forth to the doctor treating illnesses that are caused by eating GMO food – avoid McDonalds – don’t eat packaged foods – all contain unseen poisons to the system

    • Selena says:

      What type is of supplements to detox heavy metals?

    • Christine Masopust says:

      My son’s story is very similar. We did a delayed​ schedule and after his dtap he developed eczema, food intolerances, GI issues and lethargy. He didn’t regres into autism. We stopped​ vaccinating him after his issues started and used the GAPs diet to recover him. Thanks for sharing your story! It’s amazing how many children go through the same thing.

    • jessica says:

      what type of supplements? I have a 2 y.o son who has eczema and we are vegan.

  7. Karissa says:

    Both my ex and I have eczema. I didn’t really have an eczema brake out until I was 20 years old. Doctor told me it was some weird form of it where I had little tiny itchy blister type things start out on my fingers and I tried all sorts of lotions and it didn’t go away it just got worse. I literally could peal off flakes of my skin the size of pennies! I started taking a vitamin drink about a year ago and it’s since all cleared up! And I’ve been itch free so I started my son on it because he was showing signs of it and he has been eczema free… So professortmr has a point it’s not a one size I’m sure there r many things that cause autism this is just one thing as a parent you should be aware of if ur child does have eczema

    • Ashley says:

      Hi Karissa, I was wondering what vitamin drink that might be you take?
      I have a similar case of eczema, I’m 19 and it started slightly maybe 4 months ago and elevated rapidly! it’s driving me nuts. I do already have berroca regularly.

    • Mandy Dominguez says:

      What kind of vitamin D drink were you using?

  8. Great post… so many people have sensitivities to many substances, a lot of which are common. I use biofeedback stress reduction therapy in our office which tests for internal and external stressors then uses laser on acupuncture to balance the immune system’s response. I saw a child who was suffering with eczema since birth til I saw him at 6 years old. Over 70% of his body was covered which made it hard to bathe and he couldn’t swim in the ocean without a wet suit. In just 8 visits in 6 weeks his skin was crystal clear. Sadly enough the dermatologist that was giving the parents cortisone creams and steroids said to the parents that the meds are finally working. Check out this blog post with before and after pics:…/

    • Melissa says:

      Yes it is a shame that you piggybacked onto actual medicine and are using that to say your procedure worked. It would have been better for you to have had the parents stop the cream first. Because your insinuation that what you did worked is the same fallacious argument you are saying the doctor prescribing cortisone was using.

    • Sylvia says:

      Access denied.

      Access from your Country was disabled by the administrator.

      Is there another link or could you fix this?

    • Jade says:

      I was sent to a practitioner who used BIE when my son was 6 months with a some eczema. Before he was sleeping through the night, after this treatment of eliminating the stressors and then using wand to homeostasis the system my life was pure hell. My baby’s eczema exasperated from a 4 to a 100 within 24 hrs I was told up to 10 days it could get worse before better, well for the next 8 months I had to
      Hold my son’s hands back from
      Scratching himself or removing his mits with socks on hands . Worst thing ever.

  9. Mary says:

    I found this page on accident but just wanted to add to the discussion and have a question.
    My second child,7 months, has had eczema since 4mo. 3 weeks before, he had his first vaccine,Dtap. At his 6 month check up he had another Dtap dose, he was inconsolable for three days. He screamed in pain for no apparent reason. Now, I know there is a hot debate about vaccinations but has an intellignent, open minded, vaxed- her- first- child mother, I believe my son had a horrible reaction to the vaccines and I plan not to continue.
    His ezcema is so itchy so as a mother I researched causes, treatments, natural and and not so natural. I breastfeed so I did the elimination diet, didnt work(after reading some above comments I think I know why) thought maybe it was the diapers(sensitivity to latex?) Nope. Lack of vitamin D, been on vatamin d drops for awhile. No change. Tonight I came to the realization that even though I was hesitant to do so, the vaccines I allowed my child to get caused this. My husband ams I do not have asthma or food allergies. We were asked this numerous times. Our first child never had skin issues only has a slight allergy to pistachios and she is almost fully vaxxed. I didn’t feel another dose of MMR and dtap was necessary.
    I believe my son has a weak immune system and can not tolerate vaccines.
    Now on to my question, please, can someone give me advice about what I can do to ease his ezcema? Bottom line, pro or anti vax, there are kids that are loved by parents who will do anything they can to make their kids better. Just because we don’t don’t agree with how someone parents their child doesn’t mean they don’t have their best interest.
    I’ve decided I have to go back to a super clean diet but is there anything I can
    eat\drink or give to my child to ease his discomfort?

    Thank you.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Mary, first thing I’d do is find a qualified homeopath. It’s astounding what they can do in this area, and you are so early on in this journey that it should be relatively easy to reverse (including the vaccines). There is an essential oil combination that seems to be giving some children relief. Let me see if I can find it. It’s likely he still is reacting to SOMETHING in his environment. Keep looking for the trigger. And Google NAET. Some moms have gotten relief for their kids with that.

      Yes, no loving parent would choose something they know in their heart will make their child worse. That’s what it comes down to, doesn’t it?

      • Swati says:

        Truly, homeopathy works wonders for eczema. My younger one had eczema after his DTP. For one whole month, he suffered with oozy rashes all over the body. Tried all allopathy paediatricians. Nothing worked. All the medications aggravated his condition. Once I started homeopathy for him, he started sleeping soundly. It took 8 days for the patches to start disappearing…but worth the wait. And yes as mentioned by the author, my kid is very sensitive to any packaged food.

    • Michelle says:

      Hi. My daughter suddenly started developing eczema when she was 2 years old (she is now 4). I was baffled at the reasons, and was told sometimes it takes a while to manifest. What I am realizing now is that she may have had a bad reaction to the vaccines! I also gave a modified schedule to my kiddos, but I hadn’t really thought about it until now! I’m looking into whether she received the DTap shot on her 2 year well visit (her bday is Dec 8th and she developed the eczema right after the holidays).

      We had no idea what she was allergic to (went to allergists, etc who gave us a list of foods to avoid that still caused a reaction!) until I sought advice from my acupuncturist/herbalist (Herbs/Chinese medicine). She quickly told us that my daughter had a fructose malabsorption….so, she was allergic to fruit! I was shocked to find out, but willing to try anything! Once I eliminated all fruits and only fed her those that were low in fructose, the rashes disappeared. Even now, if I give her watermelon or cantaloupe (VERY high fructose content), the rash comes back one day later and stays for several weeks. (Though this is getting MUCH better….I’ve given my daughter Chinese liver detox syrup prescribed by my herbalist).

      I posted to just inform you that your child’s intolerance may be related to something you wouldn’t think of (as was in our case).

    • Tanya says:

      The Feingold Diet!!!
      It is amazing, and started turning my grandson around in just 3 days, and continued to improve daily!!

    • Debbie says:

      My 6 month old grandson has had eczema for several months. I don’t know if it was caused by vaccinations or not, but have tried everything to help him with no luck until last week I gave him a bath with 1 cup of bentonite (Redmond) clay. He was having a flare, and when I put him in the water it just got worse until he was just miserable. I left him in the water for 10 minutes, then covered him in Honest eczema lotion for babies as usual. It has been a week and his skin looks better now than it has for months! He has been getting nightly oatmeal baths as well. He still has some slight itching, but nothing like before. He is happy and sleeping like a baby – like a baby should be! His parents plan on taking him in for vaccinations next week. I will keep a close eye on his skin and behavior because of this article.

      • Kathleen says:

        You can delay vaccination and it’s best advised to delay if there’s any sign of being ill or immune compromised I am anti-vax but have many friends that do but the one key you have to consider is not having any physical problems to begin with prior to vaccinations
        Please it’s worth waiting the schedule is only in place to make it convenient for the medical community please research research and research to make an educated decision
        God bless

  10. Danielle Elizabeth Mattreaux says:

    My son had Autism before he was even out of me-he showed alot of delays during pregnancy-then he never cried when he was born-so Autism is NOT directly connected to babies first shots-so i would wish people would quit trying to proove its because of the shots because you have no clue what you are talking about-as for eczema-my son has it-but we live in the artic weather zone-and usually he gets it if we use cheap bath tub soaps-so watch your soaps and detergants-also-the cure to eczema-its Vermonts own BAG BALM-give it 2 days and its completly gone-i use that on my son and its amazing 🙂

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Danielle, because your son autism “before he was even out of you” doesn’t mean that vaccines, whether they were “babies first shots” or not, didn’t cause many other children’s autism. My father never smoked a day in his life and on his death certificate are the words “lung cancer.” Is that evidence that smoking doesn’t cause lung cancer? No. It just means that smoking doesn’t cause EVERY case of lung cancer.

      And we’re delighted that your balm works so well on your son’s eczema, but there are many children whose eczema will not be touched by two days of ANY balm. It’s always a good idea to work on the SOURCE of the problem, and cold, dry air is not the SOURCE of eczema. It is an immune system reaction.

      • Melissa says:

        Professor TMR it is amusing that you are so dismissive of someone’s anecdote since that is all you really have. And you have the gall to put source in caps. Every scientific research source says that autism is not caused by vaccines. You are using parental concern and abusing their feelings by suggesting otherwise. Everyone on this page is drawing causation from correlation and that is incorrect. I did a, b and c and then d occurred does not make d responsible for a, b and c. D occurs. Stop using faux scientific principals to encourage anti-vaccination practices. Kids die from measles and polio and tetanus. They do not die from autism and being anti-vaccinated will not protect them from getting autism.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        How did I dismiss her anecdote? Did I say it didn’t happen? Did I say she was crazy? Did I say she imagined it? That’s how you dismiss an anecdote. You DON’T dismiss an anecdote by saying it doesn’t apply to everyone. I even offered a comparable anecdote of my own. Do I “dismiss” my own father’s cancer? Hardly.

        And I’m sorry but your statement “every scientific research source say that autism is not caused by vaccines” is utter bullshit. Most sources that make it to mainstream media say that, but given that mainstream media makes most of its money through advertising for pharmaceutical companies that should hardly be a shock. Look even a tiny bit behind the scenes, and you will see the scientific landscape doesn’t look anything like you have been led to believe. And NOT saying so would be to abuse people’s parental concern.

        I suspect you stated your case backwards, because d would never be responsible for a, b, and c, which happened BEFORE d in your example, but few people ASSUME the outcome was caused by the exposure. They SUSPECT it and then go and look for the evidence, which, shockingly enough, is how ACTUAL — not “faux” — science works. You have a working hypothesis built from observation, which you then test.

        Even BEFORE a measles vaccine was licensed, few children in this country were dying from measles. And tetanus? There’s no reason for any child to die of tetanus, even without a vaccine. For a situation where tetanus is a real possibility (extremely rare in children, by the way), the child could receive a tetanus immunoglobulin shot and be fully protected from the tetanus toxoid. Did you know that before the 20th century, most children got polio and hardly noticed? Aren’t you curious as to what happened in the 20th century to make polio so much more virulent? I sure am.

        Children don’t die from autism? Tell that to the parents of autistic children who “wander” away from safe settings (approximately half of all children with autism), especially to bodies of water and roadways. Many DO die. Some also die from side effects of intractable “co-occurring” conditions. And a recent study revealed the fact that the life expectancy of a child with autism is approximately HALF the life expectancy of a neurotypical child. YOU may be able to dismiss such concerns, but for the average parent such statistics are sobering indeed. Whether you wish to acknowledge it or not, the risk-to-benefit ratio of each vaccine is not the same for each child, and the decisions a parent makes can involve a lot of nuance that are, frankly, none of your business.

      • Toi says:

        Standing ovation to your magnificent response!!!!

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Awwww thanks, Toi! That made my day.

      • Natalie says:

        Well said

      • Sierra says:

        Yes and thank you!! No baby is “born autistic”.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Please be careful with blanket statements. While many children develop autism after birth, there ARE some who exhibit autism symptoms from birth, and their experience should not be denied any more than the experience of children who experience serious regressions following a round of vaccines.

    • Kiki-Jo says:

      Well, thanks for solving the whole issue with that dismissive post. Thanks. Bag Balm didn’t work for us. What should I do next, you seem to be quite the expert on eczema and vaccines?

      • Stacy says:

        We tried a lot of lotions and balms. Renew, made my Melaleuca, finally did the trick. Of course, everyone is different, but at least Melaleuca gives you your money back if the poduct doesn’t meet your expectations.

      • Kat says:

        Our allergist explained that you need to keep a food diary, so that you can eliminate the foods that cause it to flare up. For us it was foods high in salicylates like dark colored berries. The allergist also said some major foods contributing to flare-ups in his patients were spicy food, tomato, and ranch dressing.

    • Kat says:

      I stood with 100 moms this past week whose children all were developing normally and then suddenly and immediately became autistic following DTaP or MMR or in one case, following Chickenpox vaccine. The VAST majority of autism is occurring in children following vaccination. Why are we strying to prove it’s caused by vaccines? BECAUSE IT IS. You are doing a disservice to all of us autism moms and yourself b saying it isn’t… the longer you and others deny the connection, the longer it will take for the medical field to come up with treatments and prevention that work to eliminate this epidemic.

      • I watched as many normal kids developed Seizures, Autism, even diabetes directly after vaccines. Some mothers do not realize that the vaccines they willingly took while pregnant caused the fetus to develop illnesses before birth. That is THE point. The pharmaceutical industry needed a way for childen to be born with things like Autism so they can say, “See, they are born with it..” Then there is the growing problem of misdiagnosis. I have not seen ONE child correctly diagnosed in the past ten years as someone who works with kids on a one to one basis. I receive a new student who is supposedly Dyslexic but turns out to be Autistic. Another student is labeled Autistic but turns out to be twice gifted-Dyslexic and gifted. Thanks.

      • Heather Sipe says:

        OH I totally agree 100% with your comment! My son was a normal very bright boy until his shot around a year old was given! He screamed that entire night! Nothing was found to be bothering him on the outside of his body…something was causing him pain from inside his small body that I couldn’t see nor could I stop it! I never imagined that day would be the last day that I would have my baby boy be himself! After the shots it seemed like everything had changed! MY SON WAS NOT BORN WITH AUTISM! I know what he was like before his vaccinations and he wasn’t himself after them. The thing that concerns me most is when people say that vaccinations aren’t to blame when mother’s of these children know different and it’s like we have to just sit back and be told that we were just simply crazy! It’s something very off and odd that children from the same area, in the same age group, can have autism diagnosed within weeks to months to each other. In my case, my son was diagnosed and then 2 other children were also diagnosed that I knew. One girl that I went to school with and another girl that lived in the same town all her life as well. Take into account that there’s only so many pediatric offices in our area and most mother’s are taking their children to the same one. So it made me question if there was simply a bad batch of vaccines that we all got a hold of? Could it be that 3 children from the same small town be diagnosed with autism out of just bad luck?? I DON’T THINK SO! The government knows what caused these kid’s autism! We can’t sit back and just watch our future generations have their lives held back by these cold hearted people responsible for these vaccines! They don’t see the heartache that autism causes the child and the family! We MUST be their voices, because most don’t have them anymore!

      • Petra says:

        I am autistic. I live with the condition. None of you people can say the same. Yes you’re all concerned for your children, but that does NOT make you omniscient, or all-knowing, certainly no more than the actual medical community. And the discourse of fear-mongering based on zero facts that you support and disseminate is actively HARMFUL to people who are actually autistic, and people with autoimmune dysfunction.

        There is so much we don’t understand about both autism and the functions/dysfunctions of the immune system. And so instead of plunging forward with some half-assed logic that may or may not be really harmful down the line to your child – and other people’s children – just because it’ll make you feel better, maybe put that effort into achieving a more experienced-based, evidence-backed understanding of autism, just to start with.

        I strongly recommend checking out the #actuallyautistic hashtag online. It’s used by autistic people (and in relation to other chronic, mental and non-mental health conditions) to talk about and share their actual experiences, their struggles, yes, but also ability to be happy, to be whole, and to live fulfilled lives not despite of autism, but as autistic people.

        Just start with that. Then we can talk about why the solutions to things like eczema and chronic health conditions are never easy, obvious or in any way clear-cut (trust me, I’ve got a few of those as well.)

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Your comment was edited, Petra, and I am sure you can understand why. If you start out that way, there is no way the people you are trying to reach will listen to you. Normally, such comments are simply trashed.

        Despite your insistence that there are zero facts that support the idea of vaccines causing autism, you are flat-out wrong, and the fact that you have the condition being discussed does not in any way mean that you know how others came to have it. And there is nothing about vaccines causing autism that “makes a parent feel better.” In my experience, the majority of parents who believe that vaccines caused their children’s autism feel MUCH worse than people who believe their children’s autism is a purely genetic condition because they feel that their own actions caused their children’s struggles. No parent WANTS to feel that way, believe me.

        By the way, you might be interested to know that in the closest thing that exists to a large-scale study comparing health outcomes in vaccinated vs. unvaccinated children, eczema was 9 times higher in the vaccinated population than the unvaccinated population (asthma was 14 times higher)(“Vaccination and Allergic Disease: A Birth Cohort Study.” That shocking result was completely dismissed by the study authors because the majority of the unvaccinated children had not seen a doctor MORE than three times in the first six months of life (of course, why any HEALTHY child SHOULD see a doctor more than three times in six months is never discussed), essentially implying that the unvaccinated children had the conditions as well, but the parents of unvaccinated children were watching their children’s skin blow up and watching them struggle for breath without having them looked at in a country with socialized medicine. I don’t know about you, but that strikes me as a ridiculous premise on which to dismiss such huge correlations.

    • Cheryl says:

      But did you get vaccines while pregnant?

    • Allie says:

      Are you sure it wasn’t the vaccines..did you get the Dtap while pregnant? The flu shot while pregnant…how about vitamin k shot at birth or hep B? All have nuero toxins in them.So when some people say their unvaccinated child has autism I question it bc if received prenatal care & born in a hospital you were most likely vaccinted & so was your child.

    • Laura says:

      Did you get any vaccines while you were pregnant?

  11. Mama brew says:

    So my son is 14.5 months old. He has had eczema since 2 months old. Not vaxed. His eczema started right after I had been on an antibiotic for strep. He is breastfed. Our diet has been soy, dairy and gluten free since he was 4 weeks old. We went on GAPS when he was 4 months old. We saw improvement to his ecZema then but it did not go away completely. We’ve tried probiotics in him and I. Saw some improvement with him taking probiotic but again eczema didn’t go away. We eat a pretty strict organic paleo diet. No grains. No sugars. No artificial anything. We also eat no eggs no soy. The only meats we eat are also soy free. He’s been to a Chiropracter and we saw no improvement. We’ve tried homemade herbal creams and a few OTC creams too. I really think a lot of his problem is a histamine intolerance. Do you have much experience/knowledge on that? It’s also due to leaky gut which would explain why his eczema started when I took the antibiotic. What should my next step be?
    I should also mention that our detergents are free of dyes and fragrances. He doesn’t wear clothes with flame retardant. If I could afford it he’d be in organic clothes. I’d love some suggestions.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      VERY interesting! Yes, there’s a lot of research going on in the area around histamine tolerance. Google mast cells and the work of Dr. Theoharides. There is so much more there, but I think we’re in the beginning stages on this.

      Have you tried NAET? No one knows how it works, really, but I’ve seen some amazing stuff with it. BioSET is a version of the same thing. I’ve heard it described as “NAET on steroids.” It seems to work as kind of a “reset” button on allergic reactions. If you guys are doing such a great job with diet, etc., I have a feeling it could be very helpful.

    • shano says:

      Round worm is connected to eczema. Look into Dr. Clarks parasite cleanse.

    • Alexandrea Adams says:

      What I am wondering, is could having such a strict elimination diet be causing your son’s rashes, because he isn’t building an immunity or tolerance to common things? As in, he could be getting all his nutrition needs, but because he isn’t being exposed to things common in most diets, maybe his body is having a reaction to that? Like you said you don’t eat grains, sugars, eggs, soy, or dairy. But I am assuming you used to. So genetically, maybe his body is missing some of that or craving it. Most peoples diets have existed for thousands of years on those foods. Not processed or artificial like today, but still. Paleo might be fine for adults, but how much research can there be on how it affects a developing child. Just saying the diet that might be right for you might not be right for your child and that might be causing his issues.

  12. Emily Bennett says:

    I wanted to share a little something about eczema, just so everyone is aware. My son is 9yrs old and developed eczema patches when he was a baby. About a few years ago or so his eczema was getting worse, spreading all over, even with the help of topical steroids. We went to National Jewish Hospital here in Denver (thinking we were at the best place for his allergies, asthma & eczema). I discovered ITSAN.ORG on the internet. Every sign and symptom of his spreading eczema was because of all of the topical steroids that was put on/in his body AND under occlusive, wet/dry wrapping that NJH and so many other institutions promote for eczema. The problem, they fail to really, truly know the meds they are putting into these kids. My son is now almost 6 months into Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW). He has burning, itching, flaking, oozing, smelly skin. His lymph nodes are swollen, he sleeps a lot. He has been out of school for 6 months. The good thing, he has probably outgrown eczema and will be fully healed at about 18 months. Currently, there about 4,800 men, women and children suffering from TSA/TSW!! Those are just those who have figured it out!! Please post this and make people aware of steroids can do!! Go to ITSAN.ORG There are also several TSW forums on Face Book too. Feel free to email me too with any questions!! This too is preventable!! Be an advocate for your child!

  13. Kyle Shepherd says:

    “There was no relation between the age at first injection of either DPPT or MMR and the risk of asthma or eczema. The total number of vaccines given also showed no association with the incidence of allergic disease. Exposure to vaccinations did not affect the strong birth-order effects seen within this cohort, and other than consulting frequency, no other covariates investigated—including parental smoking, parental allergic disease, maternal age, number of older siblings, use of antibiotics early in life, year of birth, and GP practice—confounded or modified the estimates of the vaccine effect.”

    Taken directly from the study you linked.

  14. KF says:

    My fraternal twin sons given Hep B at birth and fully vaxed. Sickly since day one. One had anaphylactic reaction after Hep B but doc said it was allergy to formula. Yeah right. He should never have had any more shots. He presented with awful neuro symptoms for years and still has debilitating anxiety/CFS. The other presented with eczema, impetigo, asthma and if I’d known the red flag I would have stopped shots. What a nightmare this is. How many of us are out there?!
    Hi Seth, did you see our Vit D paper in PubMed? I guess I can be called the Vit D whistleblower!

  15. April says:

    My son was fully breastfed till 4, never vaccinated etc. and still struggled with eczema.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      April, vaccines are just one (very common) way that a baby’s immune system can be overwhelmed. My never-vaccinated son, also breastfed till four, didn’t have eczema, but he did have apraxia which was greatly alleviated by treating his compromised gut. I DID have antibiotics at his birth, and he had further antibiotics due to some ear infections. That definitely played into his issues. Many children have eczema because their guts are leaking large food molecules into the bloodstream and can be benefited by the same sort of treatment.

      • Kyle Shepherd says:

        I’m so sorry if this offends, but this page employs the least amount of brain power possible, so the thinking part should really be removed. I get email updates because I guess I commented on this nonsense a few months back, and I am shocked at the lack of understanding and general spread of potentially dangerous misinformation. I implore you, dear people, go do some research for yourself and don’t take anecdotal circumstance as evidence. Homeopathy is hugely false, a quick google of it will tell you that much. I also read something about antibiotics causing (or at least contributing to) guts that leak food molecules and cause eczema and my brain almost exploded. Antibiotics—while possibly detrimental to society as a whole in the future (for reasons I won’t get into here)—are hugely beneficial and save countless lives where prayer and fancy water (homeopathy) fail miserably. I ask you only to ask questions, and check your sources of information.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Hi Kyle! I’m sorry to disappoint you, but offense would only be taken if someone cared about your opinion, and, as it’s clear from your comment that you haven’t done more than a cursory Google search on any of the topics discussed here, no one does.

        Your opinion on homeopathy, for instance, will have absolutely no effect on people who have actually used homeopathy and know for themselves how effective it is, some of whom have even recovered children with autism! Cool, huh? Haven’t heard that particular feat attributed to placebos lately, have you?

        And, yep, antibiotics can save lives, no question, but EVERY mainstream medical authority these days warns against their overuse causing antibiotic-resistant strains of infection. Antiobiotics are no longer routinely prescribed for ear infections, 80% of which will clear up without the use of antiobiotics, which is probably the most common usage in children. In addition, anyone who is paying attention is prescribing far fewer antibiotics due to the fact that antibiotics do not discriminate between “bad” bateria and “good” bacteria. The human microbiome has lately been found to contain more bacterial cells than human cells. The particular combination and quantity of bacteria determine a heck of a lot about you, including the permeability of your intestines. Destroy that bacteria indiscriminately and you set yourself up for a world of hurt. Sorry it made your brain explode, but there’s a heck of a lot more to learn on the subject.

        And anecdotes? They ARE evidence — albeit unquantified evidence. When you’ve heard a few thousand stories that sound eerily similar, it no longer matters that no one has officially quantified the evidence (by the way, don’t you ever wonder why no one has quantified it? Oh . . . Never mind. It’s pretty clear that you’re not a curious person), as an analytical person will have organized it and quantified it for themselves as it comes in.

        Come back when you have some curiosity and you’re ready to think! You might learn something. 😉

    • Kyle Shepherd says:

      Did you know he got loads of mercury from said breastfeeding? There is more mercury in breast milk than there ever was in vaccines. Studies show that increased levels of mercury correlate with better early development, but that just probably means they got more breast milk.
      I agree that eczema has nothing to do with vaccines. Hopefully they allow my comment taken directly from the study linked in this article, that goes directly against what this article is arguing. Good stuff.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Actually, Kyle, you don’t know whether or not her son got “loads of mercury” at all. For all you know, her levels of mercury were quite low. Breastmilk doesn’t automatically contain mercury. It contains mercury if the mother has been exposed to it by eating mercury-laden fish or having mercury-containing fillings, or getting mercury-containing RhoGAM shots.

      • Lynne says:

        Please research the difference between injection and ingestion of mercury or aluminum.

    • Allie says:

      Did they give him the vitamin K shot at birth? If born in a hospital he most likely got it…although it’s not a “vaccine” it has all the same nasty toxic preservatives as the vaccines do to keep its shelf life.

  16. Kyle Shepherd says:

    Homeopathy has been debunked for hundreds of years. Look into it before you spread misinformation. Not saying I’m above that, I used to be anti-vaccine also. . .Homeopathy is just water. Simply Google or Wikipedia your information, click a few sources, bam. Smart.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Yep. You’re right. There’s plenty of “debunking” available on the Internet. And you could take their word for it. Or you could try it, and be among the millions of people who see the benefits and KNOW it works. You are welcome to rely on Google or Wikipedia for your information if you like, but fortunately for them others will rely on their own experience. Bam. Smart.

      • Kyle Shepherd says:

        I’d rather take scientists word for it. It makes much more sense to rely on them, they have spent their lives figuring stuff out for the benefit of all, and to choose to ignore that (or somehow think the reverse is true) is irrational. And to spread such misinformation, some of which is potentially harmful in nature, is immoral. Just because you have 2 thumbs, an opinion, and a blog, doesn’t mean you should give medical advice.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        See now, Kyle… You’re making a HUGE assumption here. You’re assuming that “scientists” all say one thing. When they don’t. Not even close, despite all the BS you hear in the mainstream media to the contrary. For instance, here is a list of 96 studies and papers that all support a link between vaccines and autism (not to mention other neurological conditions). Now, which “science” do I listen to? The stuff that supports your point of view or the stuff that supports that point of view? Me, as a Physics major, you damned well better believe I’m going to look at the QUALITY of the science. I’m also going to listen to the people who have done direct observation of vaccine injury and I’m going to quantify those observations in my head, even if no one has bothered to quantify it on paper. After 15 years’ worth of investigation into the subject, I am quite comfortable that the information I give people is not “misinformation,” though I see plenty of misinformation in the mainstream press every day.

        And I never give medical advice. I tell people to investigate for themselves and make their decisions based upon what they find, their knowledge of their family’s medical history, and their “mother’s intuition.” I have known hundreds of people who wished they had done so, and I’ve never heard anyone say that they were sorry they had.

        *Sigh* I wrote this comment more in answer to other comments of yours. It’s hard to tell on our comment queue what the comment is in response to. I couldn’t tell that this one was about homeopathy. Point is still valid. There are scientists who have studied homeopathy and found clear benefits beyond any possibility of placebo. In addition, this is something that is VERY easy to test for yourself, and get first-hand observations, with very little downside risk. Sure, you could listen to the “debunkers,” but the only one who’ll lose by it is yourself.

      • angela coral eisenhauer says:

        Well I am a scientist, a pathologist, haematology and microbiology, and also a Chemical Analyst. I tested kids in 2010. And these results are backed up by scientific reports and followups since. Dtap doesn’t work. Children given Dtap catch, carry and spread whooping cough over and over, until the vaccine completely fails (average of 3 years after last shot) and they usually end up with whooping cough, because the whole 93% vaccinated kiddy herd, is fully for asymptomatic carriers. So my argument is, if it doesn’t work, why expect kids to have five shots, or something that doesn’t work, full of all the nasty vaccine ingredients, which ARE known to cause allergies and eczema…….. And lots of other nasty things to,.

      • Lynne says:

        Any chance you’d be willing to share more of the science around your understanding of vaccine failure with someone like me?

  17. Kiki-Jo says:

    My 13 year old son had terrible eczema that developed I believe around 18 months to 2 years of age. I remember it was the worst at around age 4. I used to cry looking at it. The skin would get really thick and crack and then weep pus and sometimes blood as he would scratch. He also developed a funny shuffle/straight legged walk because the worst sores were behind his knees and it would hurt for him to bend his knees when walking.

    My son is autistic and interestingly, has actually NEVER been vaccinated. You read that right. I researched vaccines well before having kids (first book I read was “Shot In the Dark”) and decided after all that research, not to vaccinate. Many people in the pro-vax camp would latch onto my un-vaxed son as proof that vaccines don’t cause autism. But, I believed then and now that vaccines can act as that environmental trigger to a genetic predisposition. There are so many environmental factors than can contribute as a trigger. At this point I’m not sure what did it for my son (whether just born that way, or if it was triggered by something), but we do have family with auto-imune issues and possible aspergers.

    Back to the eczema issue: it took a few years to get the eczema under control. My son had other “red-flag” issues like chronic diarrhea that eventually moved to the other extreme of constipation. He had the allergy face: the dark circles under the eyes and his skin would react to irritants and chemicals with pinkness, contact dermatitis and sometimes swelling (like his eyelid would be a bit swollen and then it would go away).

    We did a lot of food elimanation, GFCF, fish oil and flax oil as well as the Body Ecology diet (made lots of homemade coconut kefir!), digestive enzymes and some vitamin supplements. We also got rid of any chemical cleaners, detergents, fabric softeners, shampoos, toothpaste and such, used filtered water, etc. Food elimation would seem to work, then it would flare up again. I got so frustrated because at one point we had eliminated so much food. Slowly, over time it got better. Interestingly, we had a few huge returns of eczema, but they seemed to be due to stress. For example, we took a long and pretty stressful flight across country, in which my son just freaked the last half hour because of pressure in his ears. He bounced off the walls of the hotel that night until 2 am before finally passing out. In the morning, when he woke up, he was covered in eczema, elbows to wrists and all on the backs of his knees, ankles and some spots on his cheeks! We’d had no changes in food. I suppose it could have been something he was allergic to on the plane. But even now, though mostly eczema free, when he is going through a particular period of high anxiety, stress or agitation, he seems to get a flare up. Perhaps he’s agitated BECAUSE he’s starting to feel the flare up come on. Anyone else ever notice a correlation between stress and eczema flare ups?

    I continued to revisit the possibility of vaccinating my kids periodically during the last several years, but because of my son’s auto-immune red-flags, including the eczema, I continued to opt out. I have been shocked at the outright hate and vitriol and callous dismissal I have read in comments and articles toward parents that have vaccine injured children. I found myself thinking…wow, here are parents that have a pretty solid reason not to vaccinate after seeing their child succumb to vaccine injury….and no quarter or compassion is given….what would these same people say to me?!?

    I veered off of the eczema thread a bit, so if you got this far, thanks for reading. Thank you also for the great post and all the recent posts–they have been compelling, informative and an anchor for me in a pretty rough sea lately!

    • Kelly says:

      What a great mom, you are. There is a definite correlation between stress and anxiety and skin. I have psoriasis (or perhaps eczema) and never had it until I was in my 20’s. After a stressful day or even moment at work, the skin around my scalp will flare up immediately and last for a week or more. Based on my own experiences, I believe that the best relief comes from deep breathing. I noticed that when I get stressed I breathe very shallowly. I think it triggers the reaction. Perhaps look into some yoga for kids. Best of luck to you and your son.

    • Jim West says:

      You opted out of vaccines. That was a great decision.

      I’m trying to determine the vaccine/ultrasound relation to autism. Vaccines seem obvious. But your case points to ultrasound or some other toxic invasion during gestation.

      Would you please rdiscuss your ultrasound exposure?

      • Kiki-Jo says:

        I had one ultrasound with each of my kids. All three were born at home, so we didn’t have the usual hospital interventions (yay!). My midwife did not do ultrasounds, but I got one during each pregnancy — not aware of the risks at the time. I’d be interested to learn about any research regarding ultrasounds and autism.

      • Jim West says:

        How many minutes of ultrasound for the child with autism?
        Any dwell time (stationary transducer)?

        Info on prenatal ultrasound hazards —
        Search on these keywords:
        midwiferytoday ultrasound

        There’s much more also on the internet.

        My argument is simply dose.

        AIUM (Am. Inst. Ultrasound in Medicine) is an ‘official’ nonprofit agency, that issued a statement that is considered to be the standard today and for the last several decades; that ultrasound is safe below an intensity of 100mW/cm2 SPTA. The authority, Nyborg, writes that perhaps that 100 is “invalid”, because of more recent lung studies, showing 33 to be a more accurate number.

        Meanwhile, modern machines are capable of over 200mW/cm2 SPTA, in the obstetric mode, i.e, B-mode. They could be in the range of 20, 80, 100, or perhaps higher. The default intensity values are not publicized very obviously. I don’t find them. The operator can increase intensity easily to brighten or clarify images. Operators are notoriously ignorant and careless about safety issues according to polls, i.e., reviews of operator habits and knowledge.

        Nothing is clear despite decades of research. Literature is technical and arguable, but nothing clear about safety.

        IACC (Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee) funds zero to ultrasound causation, putting nearly all money into genetic causation, which is most profitable to the pharma industry.

        Ultrasound is bannered everywhere as “harmless”.

        I’ve researched this for over a year, planning an article, but like “Alice Through the Looking Glass”, I’m going through the task of translating my findings down the rabbit hole, into human language.

        Consistency is an issue with ultrasound causation. One mother may have no ultrasounds and see postnatal symptoms, and another may have many ultrasound and see no postnatal symptoms.

        So I am interested in mother’s histories. There are several mothers of autistic children who have complained of obviously excessive ultrasound on this forum. However, you only had one session.

      • Helen says:

        There is some evidence that the children of mothers who lived by a highway (when they were pregnant) have a higher incidence of autism. That falls into the toxin overload theory of autism. Considering this, it seems entirely possible that mothers with a lot of toxins in their system (from all sorts of sources) could increase the risks for their baby.

      • Jim West says:

        All toxic sources “contribute” to autism, however in general…

        Ultrasound is the primary initiator of fetal vulnerability to all subsequent synergistic toxicity (antibiotics, vaccines, exhaust, EMF, etc). Ultrasound occurs usually around the 20th gestation week, the same week that autism initiation occurs (not necessarily fully autism).

        Empirical documentation and argument:

  18. Jessica says:

    My 15mo old just had his firsts bought of eczema. It began at Christmas and I thought it was a drool rash. A couple applications of cortisone cleared it right up. He has had some bumps on his face in the past, but not sure it was eczema. We are select:delayed. Is a few eczema flairs cause for autoimmune concern?

  19. Rosario says:

    Interesting, I have eczema so do my boys. It only has started to get better since we have started using African black soap, which has detoxifying ingredients! I think I need to look into our diets as well!

  20. jennifer says:

    Interestingly, the health nurses who harassing me to vaccinate my daughter decided that because of her oozing eczema she shouldn’t be vaccinated after all.

  21. Jim West says:

    Perfect. On target. Can be generalized to all symptoms and toxic stressors as a first diagnosis.

  22. Sheri says:

    I have had my children’s Genetics run and have had their methylation and detox panels run as well. Where can I find a practitioner in the North Carolina area who would know what to do with these facts? My kids are 1915 and 11. My oldest had horrible eczema and now has terrible allergies. He just had his college boosters, his choice, and has not been super healthy in the year since those shots.

  23. J A Mitchell says:

    Eczema was where my discovery of the dangers of vaccination began.
    My son was born adversely affected by the relaxant administered to me in the delivery room; he was incubated for a week before deemed healthy enough for release. He was vaccinated at 2 mos. and had a huge eczema-like butterfly rash appear on one cheek; it flared up within a week of vaccinations; stayed the same for a month, started to go away for a month, then he was vaccinated again at 4 mos., same cycle. I do not recall if he itched it; but I do not believe he did; hence the reference to “eczema-like”. I got his vaccinations at 6 mos. with an almost clear complexion, and the eczema immediately returned; this time agitating him.
    At that point I started my research; and reached out to Dr. Wakefield via email. I wrote him my son’s symptoms; and he asked more information about myself. Apparently the measles vaccine I had when I was younger, the measles virus I caught regardless and then the subsequent re-vaccination to enter high school; was a genetic tipping point that could put my offspring; over the edge.
    Full stop. I never took my son back; and when I birthed my daughter at home; and she was cleft-palate affected . . . she never went to the hospital for vaccinations either. She is to this day; a cleft-palate affected child that suffered hardly any of the (commonly expected to occur) ear infections or nasal issues that plague those with the “defect”.
    We are now dealing with the measles “outbreak” and the fallout. I have told both children about their possible genetic predisposition to issues. I have told them they are never to receive “shots” at school, and at this point; measles is a rash; best treated with Vitamin C, D and A.
    I am very glad that I noticed the rash on my son when I did; I firmly believe that the genetic load that I carry; could have certainly harmed him or his sister.
    Please keep this information out there; it is vital to parents.

  24. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for more great info! Anyone know what it is if it does not itch? I have always had bumps, especially on the back of my arms, lots of bumps. Red or skin colored. No itching though. Was told it was dry skin my derms all life but NOTHING ever worked. My son has it now, age 4 and diagnosed with PDD-NOS. My baby has little patches of dry skin and super bumpy cheeks. No itching, just bumps bumps bumps.

    • Jim West says:

      Do an environmental review. Stove exhaust, windows shut, electric fans, emf. Any seasonal variations for symptoms? Agricultural or big city? Check and look around your location. And… pharma?

    • Jennifer says:

      It is dairy that caused my bumps and eczema. I didn’t realize it until I had stopped consuming it all together for about a year (went vegan), then decided being vegan wasn’t for me and started eating cheese and using cream in my tea, and the eczema on my hands and bumps on my arms were back within days.

      My baby daughter had oozing eczema on her cheeks, horribly horribly itchy. After trying EVERYTHING, steroids included, I took her to a homeopath who gave me 3 doses of ..(I wish I could remember…) to take night- morning-night, and by the third day her checks were completely CLEAR and happily it has never returned. (she is 17 now) Her only dairy was my breastmilk and I wasn’t consuming dairy at the time, though I sure did while pregnant.

    • Seth Bittker says:

      I think it especially makes sense to try removing gluten and milk from the diet as both are often associated with eczema as suggested above. Some other ideas:
      1) Probiotics. These can reduce eczema sometimes probably by reducing dysbiosis.
      2) Biotin. Deficiency causes rashes and biotin is often deficient in autism.
      3) Bacterial infections. These often exacerbate eczema. So getting tests for staph, strep, and tick bourne diseases probably makes sense if there is potential exposure.
      4) Excessive oral vitamin D. I believe this was a factor in eczema in my son.
      If you can afford it, it may make sense to get a quantitative organic acid test as this can highlight vitamin deficiencies that could be contributing as well as dysbiosis.

      • Jim West says:

        You are following the germ fear theories that sell vaccines.

        Also, gluten per se should not be demonized before discounting pesticides that migrate towards gluten. Wheat is the most ancient grain.

      • Seth Bittker says:

        Hi Jim,
        With respect to me following the germ fear theories that sell vaccines, I am guessing this refers to my suggestion that those with eczema get tested for staph, strep and tick bourne diseases if there is potential exposure. It is relatively well established that the first two exacerbate eczema. See: With respect to tick bourne diseases, rashes are a symptom of many of them and some rashes could easily be confused with eczema. Such diseases are quite real, can sometimes be addressed with modern medicine, and do have negative effects beyond surface manifestations. So testing for them in cases where infection seems probable makes a lot of sense to me. To be clear I am not suggesting that all or even an majority of cases of eczema are caused by such infections.
        With respect to demonizing gluten, there is good evidence that celiac which is an autoimmune reaction to gliaden a component of gluten often features dermatologic manifestations. See: So it is reasonable to consider removing gluten from the diet in cases of eczema. With respect to what is causing the increase in the underlying sensitivity to gluten (celiac), there is significant debate. It seems feasible to me that pesticides play a role as you have suggested. I think the dominant view in medicine currently is that excessive hygiene in advanced countries plays a role. I agree that this is a factor, but my personal view is that excessive consumption among the young of vitamin A and vitamin D which are immunomodulators play a role as well.

      • Jim West says:


        If the toxicology for a symptom is missing, then claims of infectious cause are moot.

        Thus it is rare to find a good study. Scientists decrease their publishing options if they are too clear re toxicology.

        Rashes are common symptoms for chronic poisoning, a prevalent causation mechanism in this world. Without discounting toxicological causation, all claims of infectious cause are moot.

        Similarly, causation is moot re sensitivities and allergies to food.

        “Gluten sensitivity” could well be pesticide sensitivity. Wheat, a basic food for millenia, a form of grass, virtually synonymous with earth, is unlikely to cause disease, unless, for instance, newly designed pesticides migrated into the gluten protein. Why would wheat suddenly appear poisonous only present-day?

      • Diane says:

        In this day and age of GMO grains, no one should be eating any grains. They have been so genetically modified that they don’t even remotely resemble the “ancient grains” of our ancestors. The instance of digestive ailments has exploded in the last 50 years with the quest to make our grains easier to grow and to get higher yields on smaller and smaller tracts of land.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        No, they haven’t. They don’t resemble “ancient grains,” but not because they’ve been genetically modified. Corn is the only genetically modified grain that has been approved with any length of time. Rice is expected to appear on the market this year. There is no approved genetically modified wheat. Selective breeding is what has taken the vast majority of grains from their original state to the current cultivated state.

      • angela coral eisenhauer says:

        People need to be aware that NON GMO wheat, is being sprayed with glyphosate 7-15 days before harvest, and also a lot of other non GMO crops. Full of glyphosate before harvest, makes it drier and easier to go through the harvester. Also increases yield. Yep they poison it all, then harvest it. ALL that glyphosate is in your wheat now.

    • Stephanie says:

      Have you looked into “chicken skin?” Bumps on your arm that are dry but aren’t itchy are a sign of a vitamin A deficiency and Omega fatty acids deficiency. Hope this helps!

  25. Jenna says:

    How do you find a chiropractor that does Organ manipulation?

    • juicyfruit says:

      Look for a chiropractor who is a SOTO member.

      “Chiropractic Manipulation Reflex Technique (CMRT):

      Included in SOT® Methods is Chiropractic Manipulation Reflex Technique (CMRT). CMRT is a system of organ function analysis and treatment as it relates to the spine and the occipital tendon insertions. This method not only allows you to find the major vertebral subluxation but also the degree of involvement, (cerebrospinal-meningeal, vertebral visceral or structural-vertebral). CMRT teaches a method of adjusting the vertebrae subluxation along with soft tissue reflexes to nourish the organ. The occipital fibers are based on the ability of the proprioceptive system (Golgi Tendons) to respond to muscles influenced by spinal subluxations and visceral and meningeal disturbances. CMRT allows the SOT® Methods Chiropractor to take a whole person approach to health. SOT® Methods also employs trapezius fiber analysis with spinal palpation to define spinal subluxation and cervical indicators to define lumbar subluxation. Extremity techniques are taught in SOT® Methods as part of its core curriculum since they are part of the weight-bearing system and can influence cranial sacral respiration.”

  26. Do you have any thoughts on glutathione supplementation (in either patches or IVs)? As the “master antioxidant” I would think that glutathione would also be a helpful suggestion. I’m not an expert on eczema or autism though, so I’d love to hear your thoughts. Glutathione IVs have helped some people to recover from what I am an expert in, fluoroquinolone toxicity – an autoimmune like adverse reaction to cipro, levaquin and/or avelox. Since fluoroquinolone toxicity has a lot to do with mitochondrial dysfunction, microbiome imbalances and even neurotransmitter malfunctioning, maybe some of the things that help people to detox from FQs can help people to detox from vaccines and other toxins.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Glutathione is probably low in most people who get eczema, so supplementing is theoretically a great idea. Glutathione deficiency is a real problem for many people who overreact to drugs, including vaccines, and we know that a high percentage of those have eczema or have parents who had eczema. Glutathione gets digested when taken by mouth, though, so you are right to suggest patches or IVs. That might be a little extreme for the average baby/toddler with eczema, though. It might be easier to boost glutathione with supportive supplements. Dr. Mark Hyman wrote a blog about this for Huffington Post:

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