Thinking Moms Hit The Small Screen!

saintLast week along with Goddess, Professor and a few of our mini-thinkers, I had the honor of being interviewed by Cindy Nolte from “FreshLook On Life.”

Along with offering a full array of services in her office such as hypnosis, Reiki, animal Reiki, Integrative Energy Therapy and Jin Shin Jyutsu, through her weekly television show, Cindy strives to bring the alternative to the mainstream.  Once a member of the corporate America rat race, Cindy left it all behind for her true passion.

The Thinking Moms’ Revolution was so humbled when Cindy asked to speak with us about our upcoming book and all things TMR.  Since Professor and I live fairly close to where Cindy tapes her show, we had the pleasure of being up close and personal with her.  Goddess joined us via Skype from a slightly warmer location.  The best part (for me) is that Cindy performed Reiki and treated me with essential oils when I arrived with a migraine.  She had me up and running in no time.

As you can see when you watch the interview, we really enjoyed our time together and had more than a few laughs.  Although Cindy had questions for all the kids, Professor’s son and my daughter chose to play the “strong and silent” role.  Luckily, Prof’s thinking daughter saved the day and made it clear that we ARE raising a stronger and smarter generation.

I hope you enjoy the interview, and the opportunity to get to know us just a little bit better.

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~ Saint

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8 Responses to Thinking Moms Hit The Small Screen!

  1. Bridget says:

    Loved this! My son is 3 and has apraxia. I have fibromyalgia. I commented once before and was told to friend Professor on fb but I don’t know how 🙁 . My question is – how do you heal the gut? Where do you start? I think we could both benefit from this but the information online is overwhelming and I don’t know anyone personally who has done it. I would love any advice! Thanks so much! I have learned so much from you guys!! Ps. I can’t wait to read the book too!

    • Jen says:

      Buy the GAPS book by Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride MD. 😉 I have tried and failed this diet! It’s hard going, you have to be committed, but I believe it’s the best out there for healing the gut.

  2. Apple says:

    How can I get in touch with the Professor? I have a teenage child recovering from ADD. I think we need a support group for teens to understand what they are going through.

  3. Apple says:

    You guys are great! Somewhat off topic: A suggestion for your TMR autism meme, instead of leAd I would put heAvy metals because other than lead, mercury and aluminum are just as important. Keep up the good work!

  4. very awesome ladies! Can’t wait to see you all at A1

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