Thinking Out Loud: Interview with Rupert Isaacson and the “Horse Boy Method”

TexMost of us are familiar with the story of Rupert Isaacson’s trip across Mongolia with his wife and son.  What has he been up to since then? How has the experience documented in “The Horse Boy” informed Rupert’s views on autism and his desire to help other families help their own children?  Learn how Rupert’s adventure has continued and created a global tribe of families using his techniques.  His “Horse Boy Method” is helping parents across the world improve their marital relationships, connect more with their children, and has healed a great number of issues for many people with autism. 

This is the premiere webisode of “Thinking Out Loud.”  The Thinking Moms’ Revolution is working to bring you many more interviews in the future and create an online resource where people can come and learn the latest about autism therapies, interventions, medical treatments, politics and more.

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~ Tex

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10 Responses to Thinking Out Loud: Interview with Rupert Isaacson and the “Horse Boy Method”

  1. You’ve done a wonderful job of reaching out to your son & bringing him into your world by agreeing to go into his world a little bit, whixh I fully believe is one of the keys to Autism Therapy!

  2. Since I’m an ABA therapist, I’m very interested in your story & your means for helping Rowan conquer his condition!! I truly believe that Autism has a special place in society that we haven’t discovered yet, or have forgotten in the passage of so many years! I’d really appreciate following you all so that you could tell me about some of your therapies!
    Thank you,
    Skye Barkschat

  3. miss dale mulvey says:

    to Rowan and his family,, im just watching your very real and moving documentary about your travels with your son. Wow guys,, how gorgeous and lucky is your little boy,
    i was compelled to send you a msg after hearing you say you wondered if Rowan would ever not be incontinent,, i have worked with kids with various disabilities and in my experience the lucky kids with loving and involved parents always do better,, i have a friend who also had a son with autism, the doctors said he would never speak or do much at all,, but parenting similar to you her son is now a contributing member of society and an all round lovely young man,, he has had afew paying jobs but like most young people continues to try new thing to find his way, afew years ago he was re-classified,, now classed as mainstream,, as all peolple should hiowever it is a testermenr to imelda, her name is imelda jane cameron from albany western australia and you could find her on facebook,, im sure you,d inspire each other, good luck xxd

  4. Nicole says:

    I just don’t believe in coincidence! My son is going through the diagnosis process right now. He too is named Rowan (after the tree), never has tantrums outdoors, and loves horses. Some moments are like divine intervention. I’m hoping to seek the help of Hope 4 Horses where I live. I absolutely must read this book. I read The Thinking Moms Revolution by audiobook on my hour and a half to and from work over many days. I was inspired and am inspired again. I can’t wait for the listen! Thank you Tex and Rupert!

  5. Jaci VW says:

    Our family went to a Horse Boy camp last fall. It was fantastic for my son with autism and my son with sensory processing disorder. There weren’t any miraculous breakthroughs in the 48 hours we were at camp, but there was enough difference in their demeanors and the level of peace they experienced, that we have continued with horse riding in our home state. I LOVE what Horse Boy does and their views on the individual. Thanks for your great interview, Tex!

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  7. Sherry Eshraghi says:

    I always wonder how much of his improvement was from the horses and how much due to clean air, water and food in Mongolia!

    • Tex says:

      You’ll notice in the interview- I had the same question. 🙂 I think it could possibly have been a number of factors. Just getting out and having an adventure as a family could help bring a kid out a little bit. Regardless – I have complete faith in “The Horse Boy Method” – Rupert’s been replicating his work with the horses and Univ. of Texas has the studies to back it up. There’s something to Ru’s method. Now that he’s able to do this work OFF the horses – it opens up a whole new approach for us all.

  8. Cobra says:

    Just awesome!!! I’m inspired every day by the parents in our community doing such extraordinary things for their child and our global kids. I feel blessed to be such a part of an incredible group! Thanks for bringing us this interview Tex! Well done!!

    • Tex says:

      My pleasure! So glad you enjoyed it Cobra. I enjoyed my time out there and hope to bring my son again soon. I think Rupert is onto something really special.

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