The TMR Auction: People Helping People Help People

June 21, 2018

How things come around full circle.

We have just finished the third annual (sort of) TMR Facebook auction on Sunday night. I have been involved with all three of the auctions, and I wanted to tell you about the coolest thing that happened this time around.

Let me back up. In my other life, I’m a project manager/engineer for a major telecom company. I have done the organizing and spreadsheeting for the last two TMR auctions, and when Goddess called me to say it was time to raise funds for the TMR grant program and ask me to coordinate this one, I couldn’t say no. I owe TMR so much, and this is something that I am good at. This year, though, it would be a challenge. We had a time crunch. We wanted to do the auction soon, but we hadn’t done any prep.

Then, during the AutismOne Conference, I got a text from Queen B saying that I needed to talk to the woman she’d just met who had run an auction before and had a Google form. I did, and she did. To my surprise, this woman jumped in with both feet. The next thing I knew I had a Google form developer and fellow spreadsheet/process geek helping with both hands.

It wasn’t until the sixth day of the auction that I realized my indispensable new geek had been the recipient awhile back of a TMR grant for an IonCleanse that helped detox her children. She gave us probably 40 hours of work this past week out of gratitude for what she had received from us. The circle had come all the way back around.

Queen B and JuicyFruit enjoying AutismOne

This is the power of community.

This is the gift of everything from products to consults to handmade crafts, donated by moms whom TMR has touched. It’s the sacrifice of that bottle of essential oil that you never got around to opening that’s hugely popular, the pair of hard-to-get Voxx Socks, the time we spend making things—and the money we receive from those gifts from the heart goes on to help other families, who in turn may come back and help with the next one.

It’s an amazing and beautiful thing to see.

So, thank you all.

Thank you from the bottom of my process-writing, spreadsheet-manipulating heart. Thank you for supporting the community, for bidding, for donating, for bringing all that you brought.

We are so grateful for all that we can give to the families in the TMR community because of you.

~ JuicyFruit

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3 Responses to The TMR Auction: People Helping People Help People

  1. Anon says:

    off topic, but…

    I see Samoa has suspended / recalled vaccines after two babies died shortly after receiving same

    Samoa recalls vaccines, orders full investigation after two baby deaths

    A nurse prepares to give a needle to a baby
    Photo: The vaccines were from India and were safety checked by the WHO. (ABC News: Natasha Johnson, file photo)

    Samoa has issued an immediate recall of the vaccine for mumps, measles and rubella (MMR) following the deaths of two infants who reportedly passed away just hours after receiving their shots.

    Key points:
    •The two infants were both aged about 12 months
    •Samoa’s Prime Minister has called for a full inquiry into the incident
    •The WHO says the vaccine is very safe, and no other deaths have been reported

    The two children, a boy and a girl, were both aged about 12 months. They were not related, came from different communities and were vaccinated on Friday using the same batch of the MMR vaccine

    I am not sure, but I think that this is much quicker action than might be seen in many “western” nations….

  2. John Collins says:

    Glad you were able to detox kids. What were they detoxed from? And which product did you use? And how did you know what they needed to be detoxed from?

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      It doesn’t look like you read the blog, John. It says that this one woman, who didn’t write the blog, detoxed HER kids with the IonCleanse. Did the author detox kids? Very probably, but that wasn’t what she said. Obviously, she wouldn’t know the answers to those questions or would not presume to answer them for her friend.

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