What do you think contributed to your child’s autism?

Dragon SlayerWhat are the causes of autism? Is it just one cause? Or are there multiple factors that causes autism and developmental disorders? The mainstream medical community reject vehemently the very idea that vaccinations could be one of the causes of autism. They discard the testimony of thousands of parents who believe their children’s autism was triggered by vaccinations. Apparently, anecdotal evidence does not mean much to them. The voices of parents who SAW what happened to their children before their very eyes after they received the immunisations goes unheard.

What do you think?

My fellow Thinking Moms tackled this extremely difficult question, forcing us to look back to times which we wish we could forget.  We don’t ask for your sympathy, rather we ask that you learn from our collective experiences. We don’t look back with regret, rather we look forward to the future. We strive to recover our children and prevent the onset of autism in other children. You can visit the past, but don’t live in it. You have to live in the present. Don’t let your past paralyse you. Your past does not determine your or your child’s future. Your present actions will carve the future that you dream of.

If you ever wondered about the causes of autism, please watch this video.  We are not doctors, specialists or scientists. We do not represent the healthcare industry, neither are our answers clouded by conflicts of interests. If you want answers, REAL answers, answers that comes from a position of truth, you need to ask someone who does not stand to profit from it.  You can’t be objective if your salary depends on your answer right?


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So, what do YOU think contributed to your child’s medical conditions?

~ Dragon Slayer

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81 Responses to What do you think contributed to your child’s autism?

  1. Jamie says:

    I want share my story so my son has be diagnosed with a spectrum disorder he had rsv pneumonia at around one year of age. Once e had recovered he began regressing in speech and walking basically in all aspects of growth. Now my daughter who has just turned one has retuned from the hospital with the same sickness at the same age. She is regressing in speech just like her bother did and its very similar. Yes she is young still but I’m very concerned about her well being. If she in fact does have what her brother has I think I may look at suing the health care system for damaging my children’s lives. Am I crazy?? is there any correlation between these two? P.S I have 4 kids and 2 of my children don’t have any issues and they also never had rsv pneumonia.

  2. LizP says:

    I brought a bright beautiful entirely healthy 3.5 month old infant for a “well baby” appointment; four shots later I left with a child Who would not stop screaming. She never recovered. Severe Autism has commandeered her life.

  3. LizP says:

    @Donna, you might not be aware of this – the RhoGam shots each contain 25 mcg mercury…Your sons were vaccinated in utero!!!

  4. Shelley West says:

    I have a psychology degree, I ate organic, I had an extremely healthy pregnancy, natural water birth, chose not to vaccinate, nursed my son until he was 20 months old and made my own baby food….so you can imagine my surprise when my son started showing signs of autism.

    The one thing I couldn’t control, and didn’t account for, was my mouth full of amalgam fillings. I got pregnant again when my son was 15 months old, but wanted to keep nursing. Between nursing and being pregnant, my body was being taxed. My teeth began to break down and so did my amalgams. My son’s language stopped advancing during this time and he developed a couple sensory issues, but no one saw it as abnormal.

    When he was 21 months old, and I was 12 weeks pregnant, my dentist replaced 3 of my amalgams…VERY UNSAFELY. There was silver everywhere. I had no idea how dangerous this was. I was sick for the entire next month, not realizing what had happened. I continued nursing for the next month. To think back at how much mercury my son received from this and to know now that he has a homozygous MTHFR mutation…. He gradually regressed from that point and was a mess by the time his sister arrived.

    As a bonus, I developed mercury induced ulcerative colitis.

    Thankfully, my daughter has some sensory issues, but is NT.

  5. Mamabear says:

    I am not really sure…my niece was diagnosed with autism in 1990. At first they couldn’t figure out what was wrong…we didn’t even really know what Autism was and she would now be considered low functioning on the spectrum. My son was diagnosed in 2009 when he was nine but I know it went back to birth. He was high functioning. His cousin same age also diagnosed but at 3 years old. I think it was genetic in my family not sure if it was vaccines. Having said that I cannot account for the explosion of autism and I am not thinking it is better diagnosis. I think it is a toxic cocktail from what is injected in food and pesticides in fruits and veggies and on top of that the cocktail of vaccines. Don’t trust the govt will ever tell us either 🙁

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  7. aekeogh says:

    Can any people here tell me what options are available out there. If i don’t get mmr or hepititus or any in fact and my child develops one of these diseases, as i believe they are on the rise now, how dangerous are they, can they be treated without causing damage. Can you delay vaccines for a long time. IM afraid not to vaccinate at all. Vaccine have saved millions of kids lives have they not.

  8. Kele says:

    When I was about 8 months pregnant I picked up a rash from somewhere (at the time I worked at a very busy mall in Johannesburg, South Africa). I then went to my GP who gave me an “antibiotic” shot to clear the rash, I asked him if it were safe for the baby and he guaranteed it was. My son arrived 3 days earlier than he was due (given Hepatitis shot) and within days he developed jaundice which cleared for a few days but then showed up again 2 weeks later. I then checked him into hospital where we stayed until he was almost 2 months. It was a very trying time for my partner and I. He got retrenched a month before our son’s arrival, I had an episiotomy and I was trying to heal that scar and now both me and the baby were in hospital for the longest time, visiting hours didn’t offer much time for father-son bonding. South African public hospitals are not of 5 star quality and the attitudes of the staff is not something to celebrate either. I was told that my son won’t need blood transfusion because his was just a “tinge” of jaundice, whatever that means? I was gawked at for putting on SPF45 on my hands and lay them on my son, massaging him right under the UV lights. At one stage a doctor reprimanded me for trying to “delay” my son’s recovery. My son was blindfolded for weeks, he couldn’t see my face, all I had was my voice and touch, wasn’t that part of mother-child bonding?? When we finally got back home I had to “do the right thing” and start the vaccinations as my son was now behind. Everything was fine as time went on, except for a few ear infections every now and then. He reached his development milestones on time, but then my mom did the one thing that has since strained my relationship with her. She took my son who was then 23 months, to go visit my granny (her mom) out in the rural village. During the visit my son developed a fever and a rash, which I came to learn it’s name – coxsackie. She did take him to the doctor and was prescribed antibiotics and got better. Then a few months later, my son lost his speech and his behaviour changed. My relationship with my partner got sour as he was getting pressure from his family convincing him that this wasn’t his child (their children have never displayed such behaviour). Yes, stuff like that does happen, life is different for black parents raising children with special needs, a lot of cultural misconceptions which is quite sad. Anyway my mom and I started our journey to diagnosis – hearing test, DNA analysis, CAT scan, EEG scan and finally the diagnosis, my son was 2 and a half by that time and we’re now out of medical insurance. So now we knew that this wasn’t something to cure with chemo or radiation and there were no meds or pills for it. We tried homeopathy which initially worked but was more expensive than a regular visit to the GP and we tried the GFCF diet which was quite tricky to adhere to if there are no casein free products in the country. We’ve seen improvement in his behaviour due to the vitamin supplements. I haven’t tried chelation because the stuff isn’t readily available in South Africa. I never thought the day would come but I’m now seriously considering a visit to a Khoi-San shaman, I know a lot of people will frown upon this but I will stop at nothing to reverse autism.

    • Sunshine says:

      You said it perfectly…
      “I know a lot of people will frown upon this but I will stop at nothing to reverse autism.”
      Leave no stone unturned, try anything that your gut tells you may help your child. There are a lot of blogs on our site that cover a lot of different treatment options. For example, Qigong massage…you mentioned you knew you needed to lay your hands on your baby in the hospital. That is something you can do on your own, and inexpensively. Here is the blog: https://thinkingmomsrevolution.com/featured-guest-blog-be-stillenergy-flows-where-attention-goes/
      Keep going, keep searching. You are a wonderful mother.

    • Arthur Lancaster says:

      purchase the book, “The Miracle of Wild Oregano by Dr. Cass Ingram. Read it in full. Immediately stop using any anti persperant containing aluminum and educate yourself on products containing aluminum. Stop using them. Do not use water treated with chlorine or floride. Buy filters for this. Pay attention to the need of fresh vitamin supplementation, especially those easily damaged by chemicals.

    • G Hadebe says:

      Hi Kele – you’re in my thoughts. I’m in Pretoria- hope your son is making progress. Hang in there the key is to never give up.

  9. Developmental Delay Resources asked this very same question in 1994, at the beginning of the epidemic and before there was an Internet! We published a 25 question survey in parenting magazines. We thought it was antibiotics and skewed our questions around infections and antibiotics. In fact kids who had taken more than 5 rounds and had had more than 5 ear infections were much more likely to slip into autism. Other risk factors included multiple mercury amalgams in the mom and YES vaccination reactions. It was our first clue about vaccines.

    • Sunshine says:

      That sounds exactly like our story. Ear infections, antibiotics and vaccines. The mothers always know. Thank you for being involved in this for so long. We are all so grateful that there have been people paving the way for us. xoxo

  10. Jen GA says:

    Two words: urban pollution
    I have two sons, one on the autism spectrum and one who is typically developing (even cognitively advanced although he has a slight speech articulation issue that is ameliorating with speech therapy and some food related minor sensory issues). My oldest son has autism. Neither of my boys have ever been vaccinated, both were born at home (although my oldest had a much longer and harder labor, was smaller, and had mild jaundice at birth). The main difference in their pregnancies lies in where I lived (which includes variables such as the air I breathed, water I drank, time spent on highways breathing smog, etc.). and what job I did. With my oldest, I lived in downtown Atlanta and did a lot of driving on I-285. I worked at a bar that still allowed smoking indoors (although there was never heavy smoke or anything). I was under extreme stress (financial and emotional). I had a UTI in my 1st trimester and took an antibiotic. I was underweight when I got pregnant and didn’t eat that great of a diet.
    With my second son, I lived in a rural GA area and didn’t do any driving on major freeways. I drank reverse osmosis filtered water, had a much lower stress level overall because my job was going well and we were financially stable, and I had gotten hip to the organic food, fruit and veggie heavy diet. I took supplements like probiotics, brewer’s yeast, cod liver oil, etc. My son was born much bigger and more robust from the start. He was an easy baby compared to his colicky older brother. Like I said, neither were vaccinated, both were born at home. These variables listed above are the only ones I can think of that may have contributed to autism. We also have a family history of sensory, speech, and learning issues on both my side of the family and my husband’s side (although we never had any issues with development and were both labelled as intellectually gifted in the school system). I believe there is an interplay between genetics and environment.

    • Donna says:

      You mention your children have been unvaccinated, but your eldest has autism. My story is similar. 3 children, 2 boys and a daughter. Both boys born with physiological jaundice due to Rh incompatibility despite my RhoGam injection to prevent it. Daughter was same Rh and allele, so no jaundice. Our eldest boy and daughter vaccinated but not my youngest. Our youngest was our own double-blind study to rule out vaccinations as culprit in our family..(please…not to dismiss concerns of others who may have different story). However, our youngest son also developed autism and my daughter is fine. I’ve researched for years on the topic. Please look into newborn jaundice, BIND and kernicterus, particularly with incompatibility which is a second insult in utero. Contrary to what we’ve been told, even “mild” jaundice can cause mild to severe brain damage and a spectrum of cognitive issues leading to a variety of physical, behavioral, sensory and medical problems. Many parents are in the dark about all this as we’re told Kernicterus no longer exists in our so-called superior Western medical system. Right! BIND–Bilirubin Induced Neurological Dysfunction is the milder version of Kernicterus and often children are first dx with autism…the catch-all dx for “we don’t know.” Dr. Steven Shapiro (Kernicterus) and Dr. Charles Berlin (auditory neuropathy and Central auditory processing disorders) and Kernicterus.org are great starting points.

  11. Anne Thygesen says:

    I have four children. We all used to suffer from allergy, flu, colds and ears problems. Tubes in the ears and so on. Nobody ever told me that we needed food supplements fishoil caps. Since then our asthma disappered completely. Not that I didn`t search for information to prevent my children from getting the same symptoms as I suffered from years ago. Now, we all know that food allergy and intolerances was one of the issues. If we get sick – we take either lots of C vitamins (grams) colloidal silver og CDS/MMS. It is very effective.
    We do not have to go to the doctor – if any symptoms – every one in my family knows what to do. We are using our Green Star twin gear juicer everyday to make lots of fresh vegetable and fruit juices. (Dr. Norman W. Walker`s books)
    I have learned that whatever cronical disease you suffer from – gluten is always involved…

  12. Audrey says:

    My son is Autistic and as I read the comments my story is similar to everyone else’s. my question is where do you go for help? Where do you start in regards to vitamins, pro biotics, ect? My son has had multiple diagnoses for 5 years and I’ve realized the cocktail of meds his docs are prescribing is harming not helping but I have no idea where to start on the healthy side.

    • SavageTMR says:

      One of the first things I did was diet. You’d be amazed at what taking out processed high carb foods will do! Introduce more whole foods, fruits and vegetables. Switch from sugary drinks or soda to water. Take it slow if it gets too overwhelming. Taking out gluten and casein have also done wonders for children with autism.

      • NDM says:

        I agree. You will be surprised, shocked, outraged when you start reading the ingredients in your packaged (processed foods). Your innocent breadcrumbs may have soy! Learn about the dangers of MSG and then find all of the names it goes by. Start cooking the old fashioned way – everything from scratch. It takes time to get used to, but you will, and it will become just as quick to boil a potato for mashing as opening a box of instant. Creating weekly meal plans will help with the shopping and planning. Read the GAPS diet book. Read the Kenneth Bock book. Start reading about Andrew Cutler chelation. Start researching “autism and biomedical”. Keep a diary of what you try and the effects. When you start trying new things (supplements) to them one at a time so you know what, if anything, they did.

      • Sue Swanson says:

        Audrey, try finding a TACA (Talk About Curing Autism) group near you. Their website alone provides TONS of support, and can point you toward medical professionals who are able to help. http://www.tacanow.org

    • JackieSebell says:


      Have you visited TACA’s website? They have a lot of info in regards to where to begin in regards to treating a child medically, and how to implement changes including a GFCFSF diet.

      I’d suggest you apply for a TACA mentor. It is FREE and they will assign you another parent who has been there/done that, and can help you on your journey.


    • channa says:

      my son is in managed recovery. I got a blog that I have worked really hard to write down all the details of his recovery…..I did every thing on my own, no doctor…I am always willing to help any mom out with any questions.

    • dslayerTMR says:

      Audrey, I would start with diet as Savage said. The GFCF diet worked wonders for my girls. I also like to work with an experienced biomedical practitioner. Please check out Generation Rescue for a list of practitioners who treat autism. The best of luck in your son’s path of healing and recovery.

    • Arthur Lancaster says:

      May I suggest you read the book “The Miracle of Wild Oregano” by Dr. Cass Ingram. It may help.

  13. Lisa D says:

    Sigh* Ok lets start from the beginning. I was HIGHLY yeasty when I was preg, Strep B positive, Flue vaccines 3 trimester, 15 ultra sounds. When Patrick was born, jaundice, hep b vaccine, treated for fluid in his lungs with anti… sigh… 12 ear infections from 1 year to 20 months…. yet I had to fight for a ENT to take this seriously. Fully vaxed till 2 years. DX PDD NOS age 20 months. Feed him crap, fast food, he was a carbaholic. FINALLY at age 3, I opened my eyes and ran away from western med. Found a acupuncturist, a chiropractor, a homeopath… REAL DOCTORS! Found out his couldnt break down…. gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, sugar, amino acids, salt, corn. He has mercury issues, his gut is destroyed. Changed his diet, detoxed his body, loved him up! We are no where near recovery but we are soooooooo much better! I dont know if I can even forgive myself for doing something I had NO IDEA was soo bad but I can get past it.

  14. Thinkingmominthedesert says:

    “You can’t be objective if your salary depends on it, right?”

    Outlining my son’s medical history is something that I wasn’t able to do until recently. It IS hard to relive, even if only in my mind. But he is 7 yrs old now, has progressed beyond everyone’s predictions and is doing amazingly well!! We are SO SO lucky! Really, we are, bc when u look back at all he’s been thru, one would expect him to be far worse off. But I KNOW deep within my heart&soul, had I not taken those crucial steps toward recovery so early on- [email protected](OT,ST,SI), GFCF diet, supplements, biomedical lifestyle, etc -we would be living a very different life with a very different child today.

    -Almagam fillings in my own mouth, overly prescribed antibiotics thruout my previous 27yrs on earth, MTHFR mutation/factor5 (discovered mid-pregnancy), hyperemesis (not that it is suspected but I was prescribed zofran frm 5mo-delivery for it)
    -btwn 15-20 hi-tech pregnancy ultrasounds (high risk)
    -shot (turbetuline?) to stop preterm labor at 29wks
    -general anesthesia thru emergency Csection at 37wks
    -hepB without my consent at 24hrs old
    -NICU first 4days of life for hyperbilirubinemia (severe jaundice)
    -antibiotics thru my breasmilk given for mastitis (2x within first 3mos)
    -HFCS (&other crap) in his Similac formula from 4mos til 1yo
    [email protected] ounces upon ounces upon ounces of rBHT filled reg cow’s milk
    -btwn 9mo & 2yo GMO filled carbs for the carboholic
    – PEDIARIX! (Thimerisol containing combo vax) incldg addtnl separate vaxes @2,4,6,9,12mo
    -MMR & varicella combo vax @15mo
    -fluoride filled nursery water as recommended by ped frm 6mo til 2yo
    -loads upon loads ‘o red#40 dyed, glutathione reducing TYLENOL given as directed by ped BEFORE&AFTER each vax appt & as needed thereafter
    -too many rounds of antibiotics for too many ear infections within 1st yr
    -RSV,URI,bronchitis,sinusitis,roseola,fifths disease,coxsackie virus, GI reflux, chronic diaper rash, chronic ezcema, chronic constipation… all within first 2yrs of life
    -General anesthesia & narcotic pain meds during urological surgery for hypospadia & corrective circumcision @22mo.
    – flu shot I was coerced into giving for sake of protecting my 2mo newborn when he was 26mo…this was his first and last flu shot, this wreaked much havoc on his sensitive system sending his already toxic burdened system over the edge

    I recently finished making a recovery video/slideshow that documents his journey, which has helped me find the closure I needed.

    • dslayerTMR says:

      This has got to be so hard for you to recount and write down, thank you for sharing. Reading this makes my heart hurt. But, I am so happy to hear that your son is doing so well, and that you have found closure. You are on the next step of this journey, a life filled with good health, happiness and joy. Best of luck to you and the family.

  15. Sue Swanson says:

    Ditto, ditto, ditto. Brett had ear infections from 6 mos-2 years. We vaxed him “on schedule” despite major antibiotics until his 18 month shots, then lost him. He was kicking a soccer ball back and forth with my husband at 15 months, a skill he hasn’t regained at 15 years old! His recent measles, polio and rubella titers all showed “High Alert – Active infection suspected”. My bright eyed 18 month old became a vegged out kid who looked like a drug addict at 2 years. His 2nd birthday pictures are heart breaking. He is making painfully slow progress, but we are still hoping and praying for recovery.

  16. Martina says:

    I have six kids – four girls, three of whom have Asperger’s, and then two boys, one of whom has severe Autism. Only one of my girls with Asperger’s was vaccinated, none of the others with ASD have ever had any shots, so I know it wasn’t vaccines for them. My oldest had tonnes of throat infections and heaps of antibiotics before having tonsils removed at age 2 – I’m sure that contributed to her Asperger’s. My other two Aspies never had any infections, no roseola (only my two NT children have ever had a Roseola rash), they were fully breastfed, never had any signs of yeast, I didn’t even have scans during pregnancy, no drugs, homebirths where possible. I honestly have no idea what contributed to their ASD other than genetics – inability to detoxify anything that came their way. My son was born at home, slow to breathe. He got thrush as I had to take antibiotics for retained placenta – he is still trying to get rid of the yeast. Couldn’t attach, so I put him on Goat Milk formula so he wouldn’t get any soy (no HFCS in Australia). Didn’t realise there was fluoride in the water I was using to make the bottles! He lived on paracetamol and nurofen for severe teething – another strike. Had only one lot of antibiotics at 11 months (reacted to penicillin). The trigger for him was an injection of Ketamine when he was 17 months old – he went in to the hospital talking and a month later he was gone. We are currently using CEASE therapy to get the Ketamine out of his sytem and we’re seeing progress. Also using anti-inflammatories and immune boosters to help him fight off whatever is attacking his brain and body. And about to start on Camel Milk and Neuroprotek. 🙂

    • dslayerTMR says:

      Martina, I just learnt that Australia has one of the highest rates of fluoridation in the world. Over 80% of the country has fluoride in the water. I have heard of regression on anaesthesia, good luck with the Ketamin clear, camel’s milk and Neuroprotek. You sound like you’ve got a good plan going on there.

  17. JackieSebell says:

    How many words can I fit in this little box? 🙂

    For Zack, his story is very similar to those mentioned. He was sickly at birth (congested), received the Hep B at 12 hours old. Jaundice, sicker, broke out in a rash all over his face, couldn’t suckle (bottle or breast), fed with a measuring cup. First sick visit was 5 days old. First antibiotics were at 2 weeks old for an ear infection (still with face rash/etc). It continued on and on. Regressions (speech, social, and developmental, per school evals) directly after vaccinations, that I pushed aside until his 4 year vaccines in 2008. I saw, once again, regressions including speech becoming less clear and more grunting. Because he was always sick (starting at birth), he was always on antibiotics or just coming off antibiotics. Vaccines were either delayed and then caught up together. Which meant as many as 8 shots at one, sometimes either while on or just coming off antibiotics. His health history is exhaustive, and in order to educate family/friends specifically, about its relation to vaccines/autism, I did write up a note on facebook that discusses it in more detail.


    • dslayerTMR says:

      Jackie, thank you for sharing. Keep on fighting and telling your story, I hear you. You are making a change in this world for the better and families will thank you for this. Big hugs (((((Jackie)))))

  18. nhokkanen says:

    Vaccines. Adverse reactions after every round of vaccines.

  19. NDM says:

    During pregnancy, I ate organic, didn’t use shampoo, chemicals in the house, nail polish, etc. I took vitamins/probiotics, EFAs, etc. I did, reluctantly, have an amnio (I always wonder about that). My son was born healthy, albeit with a mercury load thanks to my mouthful of amalgams (I had never thought about that one). In his first 6-12 months he was bright, alert, way ahead of the curve (he was my 3rd child, so I was realistic and wasn’t blindly amazed). He was never vaccinated. He then developed croup/RSV and was given antibiotics month after month, often times with steroids (I didn’t know). Without doubt the amalgams loaded the gun, but the antibiotics/steroids pulled the trigger.

  20. Chrissy says:

    Antibiotics, vaccines, antibiotics, antibiotics, and more antibiotics. Ugh! I hate antibiotics! My son had 9 ear infections in one year, and his idiot pediatrician didn’t think we needed to do anything about that. So then, on our own, we arranged for tubes and adenoid removal, and then he had 2 more ear infections, then strep twice, bringing our antibiotic total to 13. Oh, and did I mention he has allergies to amoxicillin and Bactrim, so he can only take really potent ones like omnicef? Then he got misdiagnosed with chicken pox and then another skin rash multiple times and then another ear infection in the mix, bringing his total number of antibiotics to 20 before age 4. Can you say….. YEAST??!!!! Yes, yeast has been our biggest battle. And the harder we work to kill yeast, the closer we get to recovery. I think heavy metal is our next battle, thanks to docs that insisted we still vaccinate when he was on antibiotics or sick with a cold. If I had only known then what I know now….

    • dslayerTMR says:

      Chrissy, 9 ear infections in a year? Yup, idiot paediatrician. The yeast, yes keep on killing those buggers. Keep on fighting for better health, keep focusing on the recovery. Thank you for sharing.

  21. Erin says:

    I cannot honestly say what “triggered” our diagnosis. I received a flu shot while pregnant, and my child only received the Vit K shot and the Hep B, without our permission, in the hospital. My child has never been vaccinated or had a flu shot or been on antibiotics. He has had SEVERE gastrointestinal distress and eczema since very young which I believe were triggered by the 2 shots he received very early. My sister in law implored me not to get him vaxed because of our family history and I really feel like we dodged a bullet by only receiving those in the hospital. He has never even been sick other than allergies and an occasional cold. He is a very picky eater and regressed at 15-18 months because he was saying a few words and then it seems like he just stopped being interested. We live in an area that has a lot of oil field drilling and a lot of fracing that goes on so I have no doubt that environmentally we are in a nasty place. We also live in an old apartment but we are working on getting out of this town and where we live. Our diagnosis is PDD-NOS at this point, after I put him on supplements that I researched and changed his diet. We cleared up 90% of his eczema through using different supplements at age 2 and those literally made him clear up within a week. It was REMARKABLE….he used to scratch all over his body until he bled. He has never been failure to thrive because I pump him full of smoothies that have great stuff in them. He is off the chart for height and weight for his age. I wish I could write more but I have to run out the door!

    • Thinkingmominthedesert says:

      Can I ask what supplements u found helpful for the eczema? My ASD affected older son dealt w body ezcema as an infant/toddler but thru biomed for the autism over the yrs, it gradually cleared up & has been 100% gone for over 2yrs. But my younger son (not ASD) has been dealing w horrible eczema which worsened over the past 6mos and has not responded to our many (traditional&alternative) interventions/treatments. It’s on his face, he’s 5yo & he’s starting to develop a complex about it. I’m desperate for info!! Thx:)

      • dslayerTMR says:

        I don’t know if I can help you, because back when Mei had eczema, we used steroid creams:-( I guess it worked because she hasn’t had it since then, though at what cost I don’t know. Have you tried coconut oil? And are you doing homeopathy?

      • Erin says:

        I know it is going to sound crazy but the thing that worked for us was Dr. Schulze Super Food Vitamins and at night giving him his Formula 2 product (lots of activated charcoal and other herbs etc). The taste is STRONG but if you get them used to it young they never know the difference but it is also available in capsule form. My husband and I both take his vitamins in capsule form. The transformation was so remarkable (I walked around showing family members his back that used to be scratched anywhere my child could reach that was cleared up within a week) that I actually sent a testimonial in to Dr. S and he published it. He is really unconventional but it is what worked and he explained that it is probably some sort of nutrient deficiency in my son that was causing the eczema. My child had to be covered from birth to age 2 in a onsie (like the LONG JOHN onsies) to keep him from scratching til he bled all over. We tried the steroid creams the doctors gave us for flare ups but he could only get that once or twice a year. He does have flare ups, like when the weather changes and things start blooming etc but nothing and I mean NOTHING like what we dealt with the first 2 years of life.

      • Erin says:

        We cleared this before I was ever on the biomedical protocol. We now do some biomedical and homeopathy.

    • dslayerTMR says:

      Erin, I still can’t believe doctors insist on giving the flu shots to pregnant women and Hep B to newborns. The newborn Hep B was one of the factors in my daughter’s autism, she had the GI issues and eczema too. The oil fracing has got to release some toxins into the environment for sure. Good luck on the move to a healthier neighbourhood. So happy to hear your son is growing so well. Diet and biomed really does make a difference. Thank you for sharing.

      • Thinkingmominthedesert says:

        It won’t let me reply above so I reply here….
        Yes, we started w the steroid creams from the get-go. Every reg dr appt related to this issue from the time he was 3 til now 5, have ended with “well ezcema is something he’ll deal w the rest of his life&here’s a hydrocortisone script.” If I cld throw a tube of hydrocortisone at them I wld!!
        What has helped him a lil bit from my own research&trials is Aveeno creams, vanucream, Epsom salt baths, coconut oil & increasing Bvits. But it gets 90% better, than worse again usually with the sniffles, a cold or seasonal allergies. We want to clear it up FOR GOOD!! So rite now, we r currently doing NAET Allergy trtmts at a chiropractor. I like how holistic it is and that we getting to the root issues. But it is $not cheap$ and a VEERRRYYY slow process in that it works best when clearing ONE trigger at a time. I am interested in homeopathy & think that is prob the next step! Thx:)

    • channa says:

      erin what kind of smoothies do you make?i would love to know..im also big into smoothies for my son..

      • Erin says:

        Ok my smoothies are WHOA and you might be like….my child will never drink that…I have been shocked at what I can get my child to down in a smoothie lol – this is copy and pasted from instructions to my husband by the way, which is why there are some silly locations for things thrown in 🙂 I am researching how vitamins work together so I could be doing this wrong but I don’t know it is what works for us thus far.
        Crazy Supplement Smoothie:
        hand full of frozen or thawed berries (raspberry, blackberries)
        Half a ripe avocado or cup of coconut yogurt – something thick
        Water or Almond Breeze – eyeball it to 20 oz or so (measurements on the side)
        open a folinic acid capsule and put half in the shake – fridge door
        1 tsp of Speak Supplement – fridge door
        1 tsp of Orange Cod Liver Oil Supplement – fridge door
        1/4 heaping tsp Vitamin C Powder – fridge
        5 drops of Carlson D3 drops
        1 scoop of Houston Digestive Enzyme – fridge
        6 chewable tablets of B6/Magnesium (gets ground up in blender) – fridge
        2 Tbsp of Super Food Powder – counter
        1 heaping Tbsp Vegan Protein Powder – counter

        Midday/Lunch Shake – makes 2 – 10oz drinks worth maybe a little more once the sides are scooped down
        1 cup – I use pureed vegetables usually made myself of sweet potato/carrots or you can use spinach, sweet peas etc
        1 heaping tsp of RAW Probiotic – fridge
        1 heaping tsp of coconut oil – out on the counter somewhere
        fill up the rest with almond milk to the 20 oz mark

        My smoothie recipes are just so he will get everything in him I need to get in him. We are GFCF. My child is not failure to thrive what so ever, he is not even 3 but is 42lbs and 39 inches tall. I had a viking baby!

      • dslayerTMR says:

        Love the recipe Erin! Reminds me of the ‘supplement cocktails’ I used to make for the girls when they were young. The day they took supplements in a syringe, I cheered. When they learnt how to swallow capsules, I danced the victory dance! It’s all worth it isn’t it? All the mixing and shaking, getting the taste and ratio right, it makes a huge difference to our children’s health. Keep up the great work Erin!

  22. Laura says:

    Encephlopathy caused by MMR – told to me as the most likely cause by my son’s Pediatric Neurologist/Autism/Mito Specialist.

  23. Becky Nichols says:

    My son Peyton was born February 2, 1998. He was born at 33 weeks but did very well and was able to go home after 12 days. I believe his first hit was the flu shot I received while pregnant with him. The second insult was the Hep B shot in the hospital before we took him home. He subsequently received all vaccines right on schedule because I, too, wanted to be a “good mom”. His development was slightly delayed but still considered normal up until 18 months. He received his MMR at 1 year old and as another mom mentioned, this completely destroyed his gut. He had liquid stools off and on for the first 4 years of his life until I started GFCF. We heard the typical bs about why he wasn’t talking, he’s a boy, he was premature, blah blah. He was evaluated at 3 and again at 4 and finally diagnosed with autism at my insistence so I could get services started for him. After ABA, OT, speech therapy, biomed, endoscopies, colonoscopies, etc. I wouldn’t consider him recovered but pretty darn close. He has a great sense of humor and he has made me a much stronger person than I ever thought I could be. There are still days when I get very angry and sad that Peyton shouldn’t have to feel crappy all the time with headaches and stomach aches and chronic constipation, and it shouldn’t so difficult for him to wipe his own butt and wash himself and communicate his feelings. He was NOT born this way, this was done to him. No one will ever convince me otherwise.

    • dslayerTMR says:

      Becky, the flu shot while pregnant, newborn Hep B shot and MMR. I have heard this so many times 🙁 Great job of moving forward and striving for recovery Becky, keep up the good fight. One day, our children WILL be healthy and pain free. Thank you for sharing.

    • Sue Swanson says:

      Becky, My son Brett (also described here) was born the day after your son – Feb 3, 1998. SO many 1998 babies thrown under the bus: Hep B at birth, mercury filled vaccines, tons of ear infections/antibiotics, and the MMR does them in. It makes me so sad. Hugs to you and your son!

  24. Kim Housley says:

    Many things contributed to my son’s slow regression into autism–I can tell you every one. He was born with a high mercury load from metal released out of a bad tooth pulled right before I became pregnant with him, and each assault after that pushed him further. He had hernia surgery at 3 months, and also shots and a high-dosage Tylenol for pain. At four months, I knew in my gut that he should not get the well-baby shots–felt like bolting from the Pedi’s office, but I was pressured and gave in. The 3-month and 4-month shots were not even a whole month apart, no one considered the condition of his health post surgery. (Vaccines make you better, right?!?) He was not hitting the milestones, and of course, we thought there might be something wrong with his hearing. We had tubes put in his ears (though I knew in my heart this wasn’t the answer) with yet another round of antibiotics and pain meds. This was all his little body could handle. The rounds and rounds of antibiotics for ear infections/strep I know played their part.

  25. Tammy McNair says:

    Matthew Cody was developing normally and meeting all his milestones. He was born a few weeks early but apgar was great and he was home in under 36 hours! He never had an ear infection but had constant throat infections. His pediatrician used to call it his “personal strep” as he would always test negative for strep. This led to continuous antibiotics. He also was a puker which led to soy formula.
    At 20 months he had his 18 month vaccines. He was on antibiotics at 18 months and I refused to let him get them even though they claimed it was safe. A week later he got a flu shot. Within 3 weeks he was another child. He started head banging, rocking, staring off into space and refused anything that was not baby food. He was a different child.
    For years I blamed vaccines. And they are at fault. But throughout the years of research, I have found that although vaccines pulled the trigger, FOOD and antibiotics set him up for the fall.
    Food, the very thing we need to survive. Food, the thing that lines thousands of shelves and has been approved by our government as safe. Food, the one thing that we should feel holds a small amount of safety. We are wrong.
    I already had 10 children that were grown or nearly grown when my youngest came along. They all got their vaccines but NOT until they were 6 months. Why 6 months??? Well because I was a rebellious young person and in Britain they did not start until they were 6 months. I figured if it worked for them it would work for us. And it did. My oldest child and most after only required 7 vaccines TOTAL by the age of 5. SEVEN! The food they were exposed to was different as well. You did not find foods loaded with MSG, HFCS, or GMOs. They were spared because of the time era they were born.
    Why did I let my youngest get injected on schedule? Why did I get him the flu shot? Well because I was older and I wanted to do the “right thing”. You know, I was wiser and all. It makes me sick to even think about. I even made his baby food from scratch. And to give him the BEST boost into toddlerhood, I kept him on soy formula until he was 18 months!!! Yup, I was a good mom! Milk was not good enough for him! I had no clue about HFCS in formula. I had no clue that HFCS was toxic. And I had never heard of GMOs. I had shed my rebellious shell was once again walking amongst the sheeple.
    I don’t fault myself. I did what I had been taught was best. I fault every single individual and corporation who has turned and looked away as to not make waves. Every corporation who has falsified studies to not lose that money! I hope when each of them leave this earth they are haunted throughout eternity by the images of the sick that fight day after day.

    • dslayerTMR says:

      Tammy, you are so right. Food, antibiotics and vaccines, they all play a part in autism. I am far too familiar with the ‘personal strep’ and frequent throat infections too. And the puking. And far too often, mothers are bullied into guilt to ‘doing the right thing’ even against our instincts:-( Keep on fighting the good fight Tammy, thank you for sharing.

    • channa says:

      i hear you on the GMOs and i kick myself to about the F. GMO formula that i gave to my son after his vaccine/antibiotic insult….when we know better we do better….

  26. Cheryl Bailey says:

    John was born 1992, natural child birth, to a Mom who raised and ate organic food. ( Didn’t know however, that every day I was taking my kids to a park where the dirt contained lead) Brest fed, healthy bright child. From the first vaccine I can now trail back each one caused issues. First set at 6 weeks take in a well baby, by afternoon he has breathing issues, 24 hours after first shots, has “RSV” we are told. Gets well gets on with life, sits up at 3 months, get vaccinated, stops sitting up, oh he was “too young” to be doing that, but I have it on film. Recovered, happy kid, quick to learn, never sick, crawling, whoops vaccines at 9 months, and he “forgets” how to crawl, at 11 months is Dx with “late onset cerebral palsy” Yea I never heard of that either….still way ahead verbally, on his first birthday said “Dogs go” and he barked, “Kitty cat go” and he made a meow sound, then said, “Bunny rabbit, ssshsssshsss quite” it wowed the birthday party on lookers…by 13 months asking “What’s that” and repeating what you told him…in physical therapy, but all evaluations for all other skills showed him above average….vaccinated in 15 months….life changed. Seizures, endless poo, lost weight, lost his hair, rashes, screamed all the time…frantic I played with food and nutrition….gfcf by accident and he did better so much better I thought he was going to pull out by age 2….got sick, had antibiotics just after he turned 2 and we lost him fully within months. HE LOST EVERYTHING!!! Physical, health, speech and by three was extremely autistic, so much so that I was told to go on and place him in an institution. I was also told behind closed doors and it’s a long story how I got to this, that he was vaccine damaged, but NOBODY would admit it, or report it and if I spoke about it, I would be called out for spreading lies. Today at 20, autism recovered, physically disabled and mute…..what one thing…if I had to say ONE thing, toxic over load mostly mercury in vaccines. I do know the MMR blew his guts to bits…and yes it was the final blow into autism nobody, NOBODY will ever tell me that the MMR was not to blame.

    • Jan Randall says:

      “late onset cerebral palsy” that’s a good one!

    • dslayerTMR says:

      Cheryl, late onset cerebral palsy? Really? And a park with lead contaminated dirt? Vaccines and antibiotics again… My heart is so heavy reading this. I am so sorry for everything that your son and you have been through. I am gutted that others take our children’s lives so lightly, playing Russian roulette with their health all in the name of the greater good. Thank you for sharing, keep up the good fight.

    • channa says:

      cheryl, I am sending prayers of peace and healing to you ..your story hurt my heart so much…I know that God is closest to those who have suffered the most and i know he must be close to you and your son…

  27. Robin Sparks says:

    Luke was born June 1998. He was 2 months premature. He started out developing normally. Until we got his first MMR, the light died in his eyes and he showed regression and had trouble with his milestones. Didn’t start walking until he was 19 months. Speech never came. Luke did have several ear infections, and he was on a lot of heavy duty antibiotics. Never even thought about antibiotics, however, right after the 1st MMR, that is when I noticed a profound difference. Of course I expressed concerned to his pediatrician about the shots and they said oh no that has nothing to do with autism. Of course no one is going to admit that it has something to do with it. I have two other children boys. My second son we had the mmr separated. and my third son we are delaying the vaccine to 5, we shall see. I also learned that Luke with a recent MRI, has a small cerebellum, I don’t think that is a cause of his autism.

    • dslayerTMR says:

      Robin, I vaccinated my children while they were on antibiotics. Antibiotics prescribed by the very same doctors who vaccinated them. Knowing what I know now, I am utterly horrified that the mainstream medical establishment continue with this unsafe vaccination practice. Far too many children have been injured by the antibiotics + vaccine combination. Thank you for sharing, I know it is hard to look back and relive all those memories.

  28. Laura says:

    I had a normal baby~Around 15 months, 7 shots in one day…….AUTISM
    From the moment I got in the car from the pediatricians office, I knew something was wrong. Huge lump at injection site, fever, screaming for HOURS, stopped eating his favorite nutritional foods, blood in stools, lost language…….
    When I called the doctor MANY times after we got home, I was told he must have some kind of virus!

    • dslayerTMR says:

      Laura, it is too easy for doctors to dismiss us, they are not the ones who stay up night after night taking care of our sick children. We are the ones who witness our children suffering before our very eyes right after a vaccination. We are the ones who must be their voice, until they can stand up for themselves and self-advocate. Thank you for sharing.

  29. Susan Owczarzak says:

    I can relate COMPLETELY to the experience that Megan Davenhall described, as this is EXACTLY what happened to my son – overuse of abx coupled with vaccination. Everything Megan mentions that happened to her child is the same as with my son: 1st ear infection around 9 months, treated with abx, more ear infections, more abx, vaccines being given in the midst of all the abx and illness, digestive problems and terrible eating, horrible diarrhea and stopped growing. Yep, that sounds about right for my son as well.

    • dslayerTMR says:

      Susan, I have heard about the endless rounds of ear infections + antibiotics so many times, my heart just hurts. For us, we never had a single ear infection, however we have had a lot of sore throats. And yes, treated with antibiotics again and again. By the time it came to vaccinate, our children just didn’t have a chance:-( Thank you for sharing.

  30. Jan Randall says:

    My son Andrew was born in 1985. He hit all of his development milestones on cue or a little ahead. He had 15 words at 15 months; words like mama, dada, his sisters name Allie that he pronounced Ah-eee, and juice.
    Then he got Roseola. Right after that he got a double ear infection and was put on antibiotics. 10 days later, his last day of antibiotics and while he still had a cold, he got the MMR vaccines, and oral polio. 3 months later I went to the pediatrician and told him that Andrew had not added any new words and he was loosing the ones he had. I also told him that Andrew was constipated all of the time.
    Of course back in 1987 my concerns were put down to , being a boy, his sister talking for him and typical baby stuff.
    When Andrew was 11 he developed PANDAS. We were lucky that Dr. Henrietta Leonard one of the PANDAS pioneers had just moved to Providence. Through her insistence on getting an IN DEPTH family history we discovered that many autoimmune disorders ran in our family.
    By the time Andrew was 12 Dr Wakefields work was really coming to the fore and the DAN/biomedical information was getting out there. With the help of another Mom who was an RN and doing biomedical treatments I had some tests run. Andrew had Myelin Basic Protein auto-antibodies in his blood a clear indication that his Autism was a result of his MMR vaccine.
    One of the most interesting things about all of this is that my Son’s pediatrician worked at Bradley Hospital, the first psychiatric Hospital for Children in the United States. Working there he had seen quite a few children with Autism but he never recognized that Andrew had Autism. I think he didn’t recognize it because he had never seen a child regress into Autism before. Andrew’s regression was fairly slow (he regressed for at least 2 years and probably longer) and when evaluations were started at age 3 were chalked up to a severe language disorder. Andrew wasn’t officially diagnosed with Autism until his 4th birthday. No one will ever convince me that his MMR vaccine was the cause. The answer is in his blood test. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12145534

    • Jan Randall says:

      YIKES bad typo. I meant to say no one will ever convince that the MMR vaccine WAS NOT the cause.

    • dslayerTMR says:

      Jan, thank you for sharing. ‘They never recognised Andrew had autism’ because they have never witnessed regressive autism before. That was the start of a new era of autism then, the late 80s and early 90s:-(

      • Jan Randall says:

        for years I believed what I was initially taught after his diagnosis; that the either A) the Autism was already there and we didn’t see it or B) sometimes a switch get’s thrown genetically around age 2 and that is when the Autism appears but it was always there. For years I believed that there wasn’t a lot we could do, besides speech and behavior therapy, neither of which helped all that much.
        Funny though that at age 4, after him not sleeping through the night for 9 months (because he was bouncing off the walls and giggling like he was high at 3:00 a.m.) that I removed all dairy from his diet. This was because a Mom told me her NT son had an issue with dairy that caused irritability and sleep problems. 6 weeks later Andrew was sleeping though the night every night.
        It’s sad that so much brain damage has been done that at this late stage there isn’t much I can do. He will always have Autism. At least I can help friends with little ones and babies on the way to be informed.

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