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Lisa Wiederlight, author of the book One of the 88, has written a terrific form letter for those of us who watched yesterday’s proceedings to send to our individual Congress members to underscore the importance on continuing the work begun yesterday on Capitol Hill.

Please consider sending this to your Congress member in addition to sending your story to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform to add to the Congressional Record.

Find your Representative and Senators here http://www.govtrack.us/congress/members

To print out and fill in the letter template, please click on the letter below.

If you are unable to view the letter, please click here or copy and paste this link into your internet browser  https://thinkingmomsrevolution.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Write-Your-Congressman.pdf

Write to your Member of Congress today!


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11 Responses to Write Congress Now!

  1. Candra says:

    I love your web sites! Fine material exactly about this subject.
    Thanks a lot for sharing.

  2. We just sent it out in our newsletter!

  3. Julie L. says:

    Done! And I made sure to comment on the vaccines for Down Syndrome as well because almost 1 in 5 of ours will become autistic. I probably babbled in it, but I wanted to get it all out, and it felt good!

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  5. Carolyn says:

    We need to write letters for the record for the committee. Without those will have nothing to show the need set, especially if those from the AS community are the only voices and faces that are remembered. We need to send letters and before Thursday for the record. You can submit your comments to be included in the record by sending an email to will.boyington@mail.house.gov. Designate the comment is for the record and related to the committee’s hearing on autism 11-29-12. THIS IS IMPERATIVE!

  6. As an alternative to asking for more hearings, since many of the government agency budgets are under threat, it might be good to lobby for preservation of the budgets for the FDA, EPA and National Institutes of Health. I believe that these agencies can have greatest impact on preventing and solving the autism epidemic.

    • nhokkanen says:

      Sorry, Peter, but FDA and NIH are part of the problem… with FOIA documentation showing some individuals deserve to be jailed.

      EPA has other fish to fry, so to speak. Interesting that EPA’s “safe” mercury limit for potable water (ingested) is 4 parts per billion — while CDC continues to allow 50,000 ppb mercury in injected flu shots.

  7. Thanks! I’m helping to spread the link for this to my network.

  8. Shawna says:

    Where do we send our personal stories for the record? Trying to find a link for it. I hope action is taken and the tides are beginning to turn. I think I heard Andrew Wakefield say it best unless we recognize vaccines as a cause nothing is going to change.

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