You’re Unvaccinated!

OracleI began listening to the Hearing on Vaccine-Preventable Diseases on CSPAN this morning (02/10/2015), where pediatricians and CDC officials testified on the link between recent outbreaks of diseases such as measles and some parents’ decisions not to vaccinate their children. I was beyond outraged! The CDC cloned Dr. Coleen Boyle and had the Director of CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, Rear Admiral Anne Schuchat, MD, as their new mouthpiece. After hearing her blatant lies that there are no studies that link to vaccines and autism or allergies, that there are no harmful ingredients in vaccines, that spreading out vaccines is harmful, and that unvaccinated children are the problem, I knew I had to speak up. It was totally one-sided and full of holes. No studies? Here are 86 studies for you to peruse, Dr.  Schuchat:

elfI’m so sick of every story out there blaming unvaccinated children (not adults) for “bringing back vaccine-preventable diseases.” It is not unvaccinated children spreading diseases, and “herd immunity” is a fallacy. Critical thinking involves listening to both sides of an argument and then making a decision based on facts. This country is in serious trouble because no one reads anything anymore, and they let others think for them, without looking at conflicts of interest or truly investigating both sides. With that said, here is a different perspective other than what our pHARMa-controlled media and government agencies have been beating over our heads.

First off, let me start by saying that my husband’s family, whom I have known for 20 years, are lifelong Christian Scientists, and my husband and his two brothers are unvaccinated. Oh my God! Run for the hills! They are carrying diseases! None of them have ever had any of the diseases that vaccines prevent, and are all healthy. Are we to believe that those who do not get injected with these magical serums are inherently diseased and are the only humans capable of transmitting disease-causing pathogens to others? Of course not. In fact, According to new numbers from California, of the 92 confirmed measles cases in the state, 62 percent are adults over age 20. Yet, the media continues to blame unvaccinated children. So those adults are not contagious? Plus, if they’ve been vaccinated, shouldn’t they theoretically be protected?

Unlike my husband’s family, mine was fully indoctrinated into the medical system. I vaccinated my children and saw my older son (who met all of his milestones early), regress into autism and be diagnosed at age three. I bought into the fear of diseases and the lies that my children could not attend school unless they were vaccinated, and I am paying the price. I have a vaccine-injured child, so how am I a “dirty anti-vaxxer”? My kids have had more vaccines than my entire family combined.  When my son was getting his polio vaccine (15 years ago), we had to opt for the inactivated vaccine rather than the live-virus version because our pediatrician told us that the virus could shed and my unvaccinated husband could get polio while changing my son’s diaper. What? Vaccines can shed? The vaccinated person can spread the disease to an unvaccinated person? For those who need studies to prove everything, here you go . . .

Let’s talk about who is really unvaccinated, shall we? The CDC recently released its new “recommended schedule.” Does this frighten anyone else? It should! 49 doses of 14 vaccines by age six? By age 18, there are 69 doses of 16 vaccines. I won’t even get into what’s in them.


Don’t worry, they have an adult schedule too! What? You’re not fully vaccinated according to this?  You’re unvaccinated! How about the baby boomers? You trust grandma and grandpa to babysit? According to the vaccine schedule in her day, my mom, born in 1945, only had the smallpox and DTP shots. DTP was new in 1945. Polio was added in 1955. They must be carrying diseases then, right? Hmm, Paul Offit was born in 1951 . . . Just sayin’. My mom had the measles, mumps and chicken pox and lived to tell about it. They even went to measles parties to be exposed to it, because it led to lifelong immunity. Imagine that! The year I was born, the schedule included smallpox, DTP, polio and measles. Oh, shit! I guess I’m considered unvaccinated too according to the CDC! Four of my five siblings and I had chicken pox at the same time! It’s a miracle that we are alive! See the history of vaccine schedules here.

The justification for the current U.S. vaccine schedule mandated for our children is horribly flawed. I’m talking about the “herd immunity” fallacy I spoke of earlier. This “theory,” the basis for the current vaccine schedule, contends that high vaccination rates protect the unvaccinated, but that rate needs to be 95% in order to be effective.

Pay attention now, this is the important part.  According to the U.S. Census, the population of the United States is roughly 320 million people, and in 2014, children ages 0-17 accounted for only 23.3 percent of the population, ages 18-64 are 62.2 percent, and ages 65 and above are 14.5 percent. So, how exactly is that herd immunity when the only ones fully vaccinated according to the CDC’s current recommended schedule are children 0-17 who make up only 23.3 percent of the population? That’s not anywhere near the number needed for “herd immunity.” Children are the most highly vaccinated among the “herd,” yet the small percentage of them who are unvaccinated or under-vaccinated are the ones who are blamed for disease outbreaks. Have you had all the shots in the current schedule? No? You’re unvaccinated. Guess what they’re pushing next? Adult boosters! Doesn’t anyone notice this?

crazy pillsSurely, as a CDC employee, Dr. Schuchat has heard talk around the water cooler of the CDC Whistleblower, her colleague, Dr. William Thompson, and knows of his admission that he and other CDC associates conspired to manipulate the data and then concealed links between vaccines and autism. The “science” is fraudulent, yet she sat there today, under oath, perjuring herself, as Coleen Boyle did in the House Oversight Committee Hearing, and claimed no link between vaccines and autism. Orange is the new black, ladies.

While pHARMa, and some of our government officials are going to try to use this recent trumped-up measles outbreak as a ploy to try to take away our personal freedoms, as well as push their unproven poison on the masses, I ask you, what is the real epidemic? One hundred and forty-one cases of measles, most of whom have already recovered with no deaths, in a population of 320 million people, or two percent of our country’s boys with autism? A million and a half young children and teens now have autism, and that number is rising. Where is the media coverage on that? Crickets.

Speaking of the measles pandemonium, you have to wonder, why all the hoopla over a minor illness? Could it be that they are trying to push the measles vaccine? Well, there isn’t one, only combination MMR vaccines (MMRII–measles, mumps, rubella and ProQuad–measles, mumps, rubella, varicella)  just like the one that the CDC Whistleblower William Thompson says increases the risk of autism, and the data was manipulated and covered up by the CDC. What better way to get rid of all the stockpiled MMR vaccines before he testifies before Congress than to create widespread panic? Quick, everyone! Get your measles shot, you’re not protected! Guess what? The MMR is three or four live viruses, and they can all shed too.

So, I ask again, who then is truly unvaccinated? A child is considered unvaccinated if they don’t have all 49 doses of 14 vaccines by first grade and are banned from public schools that their parents’ tax dollars pay for, yet a member of Congress (how old are most of them?) who has had only had a few vaccines in their lifetime is somehow considered vaccinated. They are the ones trying to push legislation to mandate vaccines for others that they themselves don’t have. Are they going to drop their pants? I doubt it. Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

judging others

Fortunately, William Thompson is cooperating with Florida Senator William Posey’s office, who is reviewing nearly 100,000 pages of documentation from him, and he’s asked for a congressional hearing. You can see a preview of what’s to come on the Autism Media Channel. Those hearings cannot come fast enough, and I for one, can’t wait to see him testify and watch the tower of lies crumble.

the tower

~ Oracle


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19 Responses to You’re Unvaccinated!

  1. Jennifer L. says:

    When I think of “herd immunity” I think of the adults in the “herd” protecting the young. We shouldn’t inject our children with a bunch of unknowns and hope for the best. Not to say I agree with the idea, but I’d almost agree to subjecting myself to the vaccines in order to protect my children rather than the other way around. Then I read somewhere that a baby can get immunity to common diseases via breastmilk if the mother has had the disease herself. It seems that would offer better protection in some ways than shots full of uncertain ingredients.

  2. Jessica Holl says:

    We are fighting a bill here in California to remove all personal exemptions as well as religious. Please help us fight this bill on Facebook at “Californians Against AB2109

  3. Antoinette says:

    Wow!!! This was SO great!!! How did I NEVER think of the unvaccinated adults!!?? You folks at Thinking Moms continue to think outside the usual and we are the wiser for it. Thanks!

  4. lel says:

    I really dont know how to say this but is there any certificate inmunologist here? because i really want to talk to him/her, Im a certified biotecnologist with a master in inmunology (anyone who want to see my credentials ask me) and virus, and bacteria are dangerous in this time because it evolved from past strains the reason why people didnt die of that in early years is because it wasn´t that strong but evolved making it more resistant and virulent the vaccines are for preventive matter if you see what a vaccine contains is an atenuated infection that is why it can be shed to others that are not vaccinated and can be dangerous because each person can react different to it because our defense system is not the same something similar to why some people have more dangerous anaphilactic shock than other a vaccine is a way to make a kid or a baby that its inmune system is not strong enough or that he doesn´t have hereditary defenses (yes they´re some diseases that leaves inmune response in kids from the parents) to dont have a violent reaction to the real disease if you want more information please make it so that you search from a TRUSTED AND CIENTIFICALLY APROVED SCIENCE PAGE like pubmed or ncbi for articles in diseases if you want evidence that your vaccines are not usefull please dont link pages with doubtful (at most) content work it for yourself AND PROVE IT WITH SCIENTIFICAL FACTS seeing this is like the aliens guy in history channel maybe im wrong and you are saying the truth but prove it in a scientifical way not an ´´I´m right because of somthing´´ way

  5. SUSAN Pasquariello says:

    Bless you for having the Courage to Speak the TRUTH …

  6. NNF says:

    This post is great! Want to scream at all the ignorance present in mainstream media and social media at the moment. “Anti-vaxxers” should be called “previous vacxxers whose children had reactions”.

  7. Thank you! It’s such a relief to read some truth for a change. I’m so sick of the one-sided media and all the shaming going on to those who choose not to vaccinate their kids. There are far more adults walking around who are unvaccinated now due to their vaccines wearing off than there are children who have never been vaccinated. The large, large majority of people DO vaccinate their kids. It’s a very small percentage that do not. Yet how many adults over age 40 are walking around? Unless they have all had their booster shots recently, THEY are the ones who are unvaccinated! It’s crazy that the media isn’t sharing this very real FACT with the public.

  8. Concerned parent and american says:

    Thanks especially for finally bring to light two things that no one in the media seems to be talking about. The huge number of unvaccinated adults out there, and the fact that the vaccine sheds live virus, thereby potentially spreading the disease to others, like unvaccinated infant brothers and sisters. I can’t stand all the finger pointing while these legitimate potential reasons for the “outbreak” exist.

  9. Jill says:

    REAL TALK!!!!! Thank You!!!! Oh my good Lord THANK YOU!!!!! This is a breath of fresh air! Thank you for stating some facts!!! I am so tired of the cookie cutter CDC version of this craziness that every news outlet is reporting. Which isn’t surprising considering there are only 6 companies that own everything we get our “news” from. Thank you again! BRAVO!!!

  10. Alyssa Turcotte says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Would you mind elaborating on this William Thompson who is working with Florida senator William Posey? What are the 100 pages they are reviewing together for… Are there attempts in play to take our government’s regulations to court for the damage they have causes much of our population, and for the phony information they are giving us? Do you think that’s a fight in the near future?

    Thank you for all you do!

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