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All Saints Day

Any Catholic out there knows that today is a holy day of obligation.  All Saint’s Day.   It is a day to honor all saints, known and unknown.  As the TMR with the nickname “Saint,” I could not resist the opportunity … Continue reading

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In Memoriam

Here at the Thinking Moms’ Revolution, we spend a great deal of time discussing devastation, healing and recovery. Today, we turn our attention away from our children (for just a moment) to reflect upon the devastation that occurred 11 years … Continue reading

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Big Day At Saints

Officially, it is National Cheese Pizza Day (don’t ya just love the tidbits of information you can get by reading TMR), but in my household today holds far more weight than pizza. Today is Jazmine’s birthday AND her first day … Continue reading

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My Happy Place

Do you have a happy place?  You know, that place you look forward to visiting, you enjoy the entire time you are there and hate to leave?  It could be the location, the people, the activities, the food, OR, if … Continue reading

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Walk A Mile In My Shoes

Who knew when I blogged about my daughter’s horrific experience in middle school on June 20th that it would raise so many questions and stir so many emotions?  Certainly not me. Many people were kind enough to take the time to comment on the … Continue reading

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Onwards and Upwards

My daughter graduated 8th grade last night. Everyone I know is a weepy mess. They keep envisioning their children in their 14-year-old bodies wearing a cap and gown and reflecting on years of pigtails and gingham dresses. They are wondering … Continue reading

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Men In Blue

You know that day of your life that you will NEVER forget?  For some it is the birth of their child.  For other it is their wedding day.  Many can tell you, in detail, where they were and what they … Continue reading

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All Hail Saint Medina!

May 8th is Teacher Appreciation Day in the United States. When you Google teacher appreciation you find a website dedicated to not only the day, but an entire week. On this site teachers are defined as follows: Teachers – … Continue reading

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Sainthood or Motherhood? One in the Same ♥

Recently, a friend of mine posted the following comment on the private board where many of the thinking moms and dad met. She wrote: “Sorry, but I have to vent (and swear a little). What is pissing me off today … Continue reading

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Black Sheep?

You may have figured out by now that we are a family.  In many ways we are closer to one another than many of us are to our birth families.  We don’t fight over who is doing more for Mom … Continue reading

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