Energy Healing for Autism

OracleWhen I first heard that the Thinking Moms’ Revolution was putting together an eConference on Energy Healing, I did the Happy Dance! I was beyond excited that other moms out there were “out there” and exploring these incredible healing modalities for their children.

You see, my son is now almost 16, and I have been investigating and using various forms of energy healing and energy medicine for over a decade, and have felt pretty alone in my interests. While others on the autism journey were into medical testing and biomed (which is great), I became a Reiki Master, learned Reconnective Healing and Quantum Touch, used homeopathy, essential oils, and flower essences, used EAV (electroacupuncture) and muscle testing for diagnosing, and of course, I consulted with mediums to get answers from the spirit world to help my son.

Oracle book

I have always been attracted to anything energetic and non-invasive. Over the years, I have dabbled in crystals, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), medical intutitives, BodyTalk, and many other healing modalities, and read countless books on alternative healing and “New Age” subject matter. One of the more interesting treatments we have been involved in is the Autism Healing Intention Program. The website describes the program this way:

“Autism Pioneer Suzy Miller paired with Stanford Emeritus Professor William Tiller to explore new scientifically successful energetic healing approaches to autism. Dr. William Tiller, Professor Emeritus Stanford University, and featured physicist in the movie WHAT THE BLEEP, and former Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist, Suzy Miller, M.Ed., C.C.C. have taken their understanding of autism and paired it with the most cutting-edge remote healing techniques to offer a service for parents and autistic children which is not locale specific (i.e. can be administered remotely), is all natural with no supplements, and also offers a supportive online community of like-minded parents of autistic children.”

I was all over this and signed up right away. It is a year-long program which includes energetic healing broadcasts to your home on a portion of an hourly basis 24 hours per day, 365 days in the year, providing the stimulus for the information and energetic conditioning of your home, six 60-minute group feedback sessions with Suzy Miller and Dr. Tiller to discuss observations related to the experiment and respond to any questions, and a private online social network community for participants of the Autism Intention Program only. It was very affordable, considering that one session of energy healing can cost $100. The whole family was getting a healing every day for a year! How cool is that?

The very first night of the first broadcast, I was putting my son to bed, and he had forgotten his stuffed bear in my bedroom. After I tucked him in, he said, “Get the bear, yes!” Normally, he would have just said, “Bear.” Coincidence? I think not! We are in month ten of our year, and my son has made a lot of progress this year. Everyone close to him has noticed. How much of it can be attributed directly to the program? It’s hard to say, but just having that support without actually having to do anything or go anywhere is a winner in my book! They track the progress of the children with a monthly ATEC (Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist) and the mothers with a Zung (Self Evaluation Depression Scale) survey, which takes about 10 minutes to complete. They have scientifically shown over two years of doing this work that it is improving the lives of autism families. Dr. Tiller has his White Paper with the data available for free on the website. Pretty groundbreaking work! I feel blessed to be a part of it and grateful to them for doing it.


Another absolutely incredible energy worker whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with is Tami Duncan. She is one of the speakers in the Thinking Moms’ eConference. I first learned of Tami through the Lyme Induced Autism website, which she started. My son always showed that he had Borrelia burgdorferi (causes Lyme disease) during energetic testing, and I found a lot of good information from the LIA website. A few years later, I learned that Tami is also an energy healer/Reiki Master and does private sessions that she calls Autism Intuitive Balancing. She is what I consider to be a medium; she can talk to dead people, or spirit guides, or telepathically directly to your child. During the session, she is able to tap into the energy of your child to answer many questions, as well as do a healing session (energy balancing) on them.

Many of my TMR friends have also had sessions with Tami, each of them different and specific to their situation. We are all pretty much in awe of what she does. It is incredibly healing and validating. During our session in April, she picked up on some of my son’s health issues (parasites and Lyme, OCD) as well as when they started and why. She told me about some things that were going on at school, how my son was feeling about certain situations, things he likes and doesn’t like, what therapies were working for him and what direction to go next. The spirit guides also called me out for some of my thoughts that were manifesting in my son’s behaviors. Who knew? I had read The Secret, The New Earth and other books about our thoughts creating our reality, but I wasn’t practicing it. I got schooled. I also realized that I needed to be doing more energy work myself. It was truly enlightening. Thank you, Tami!

I encourage all of you to explore some of these areas that may be outside of your comfort zone. There are so many adjunct therapies out there to help our exquisitely sensitive children. They are able to communicate in other ways besides just “our way.” At the Autism One conference, Tami was one of the featured speakers. She talked about her journey through Lyme and autism and energy healing. My favorite part was when she shared a telepathic message for the audience from a boy with autism that she works with. I was fighting back tears as she read it and it made an imprint on my heart.

Please join us in the first ever TMR Energy Healing eConference! Register here.


~ Oracle

Oracle (Laura Hirsch) – has a B.A. in Speech Communications and is the author of three books. She is also a contributing author/editor/publisher of the Team TMR book Evolution of a Revolution: From Hope to Healing. Her first book was an autobiography about her experience of being a young widow, which led to her investigation of mediumship as a therapeutic avenue for grief. She remarried and had two sons, the older one diagnosed at age three with regressive autism.  Her love and devotion to her son led her back to mediumship for answers from her loved ones in spirit and others on how to heal her son. Working with a psychic medium and his wife, a spirit artist, they extended an open invitation to the spirit world to help solve the autism puzzle. Her third book, The Other Side of Autism: Famous Spirits Unveil Regressive Autism’s Causes and Remedies is the culmination of their sessions. She is also a Non-GMO advocate and is featured in the documentary Genetic Roulette in the autism segment. Her website is The Other Side of Autism.

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25 Responses to Energy Healing for Autism

  1. Yanneth Pimiento says:

    Very informative!!!

  2. Tina says:

    As a shaman, I have also had great success with reducing and eliminating symptoms from autism and ADHD. In fact, I created a free online workshop where you can learn more to help your child. Go to and click on the “Free Workshop” tab. I provide distant healings for clients all around the world, and have had success for both adults and children. You and your child can live with joy, freedom and authentic connection, instead of reacting to all their symptoms and challenges. I know, because I too helped my daughter with these energetic healings.

  3. Pauline says:

    Energy healing methods like LEAP have been hugely helpful for my autistic child, as he is an overmethylator and does not respond to many biomed approaches. I understand how some people can be hostile towards energy practitioners, as I was a huge skeptic as well. I didn’t understand what it was until I tried it myself. I do know someone whose son healed from autism using energy healing and biomed–he’s an amazing young man. Energy healing is a regular therapy with us, along with neurofunctional reorganization, tcm (which informs some of energy healing methods), biomed, William Walsh’s work on methylation. There’s so much to do. The best way to heal your child is to heal yourself.

  4. Franchesca says:

    Hi mmy name is Franchesca and my son is Non Verbal Autistic. Has any of these energy healing therapy worked on such case?

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Lots of people have kids who are or were nonverbal with autism who have benefited enormously from one or more energy healing modalities. Sometimes these kids are super mega sensitive to everything and energy healing is the only thing that really helps.

  5. Monal says:

    Has anyone recovered from autism through healing if yes plz share the story it will give so much hope

  6. Auntie says:

    I can also recommend a shaman who provided distance healing to an autistic teen suffering from severe autism and PTSD. His name is August, he lives in the USA and he works wonders in removing PTSD without needing the child/adult to talk about it at all. He works over the phone and his rates are very reasonable. Talk to him and he will let you know if he can help or not – 276-475-3345

  7. Myrah says:

    Thank you Raj for sharing your helpful experience. I have tried to contact him for my niece who is having so much aggression and getting scared in her sleep. After couple of distance healing session and using essential oil given by him , there is an improvement in her aggressiveness, anxiety and also she is able to sleep peacefully. We have been taking his healing session since last month. Along with healing session he is also good in counselling. He is indeed a great personality.
    [email protected]

  8. Monica says:

    Did Reconnective Healing help? Thinking of getting it done or learning it, but would like to hear some results before spending the $$

  9. adele b says:

    My daughter was just diagnosed with autism. She’s three. Im very interested in energy healing for her but I’m not sure where to start. What do you guys recommend for me?

    • Neda says:

      Start ABA therapy, OT and Speech, and look into energy healing and other things like this next. She is still very young and her brain is not set for life. ABA therapy will make tremendous difference.

    • Leland Massey says:

      I reccommend starting of with a heavy metal detox regimine first. Making a tea from cilantro, or vervane, with lemon juice, and/or apple cider vinegar, and drinking twice a day for a week. Warning: this can dissolve amalgam fillings from teeth. Which is a source of mercury poisoning anyway. The body, and especially the brain are electrical in nature. Heavy metals deposited in the body cause short circuits. Unfortunately, these metals are difficult for the body to get rid of, and they accumulate over time, especially in the spine, bone marrow, and brain.

  10. rob says:

    I can recommend a lady in Canada who specialises in working with children and families with autism.She has being doing reki for 22 years and a certified bodytalk practitioner for 12 years..heard great things about her
    Her website if you want to contact her

  11. Raval.M.J says:

    There is a free energy healer in Dubai. He healed my backache which I suffered for 8 years in one session of healing ( 20 minutes) . The complete healing happened in 3 days time. Also i heard that lot of other people get cured like this. But for certain other people it takes more sessions. No idea why it takes more sessions.
    Hope he can cure autism as well.
    His email is [email protected].
    If the response does not come in one mail, pls email again.
    May God bless these human beings suffering from diseases

  12. Sarineh says:

    Thanks for your helpful experience, who know what is the mental cause of autism? there is a reason for each illness in aura, what is the reason for this one?

  13. Christina says:

    Congratulations Laura for the courage to share this information for the benefit of others! We have talked briefly before regarding our sons…
    I look forward to the day where others can have different viewpoints yet BE respectful. Not a reason to judge, Just a mirror reminding me that the world, all of us, still have healing to achieve…
    Healing Intentions to All,

  14. edlyn says:

    oooh this got me excited! i’m a mother of a child with autism, and also an energy healer. it’s worked wonders for my child and me! hope to learn more!

  15. andrea says:

    I love what you’ve said here, Proffesor! Haven’t most of us travelled outside the proverbial box to help our children? I’ve learned to keep an open mind and never dismiss a treatment, even if it may seem “out there”. We don’t know what our children will respond to, and especially so if we never give it a try.

  16. Jan says:

    very excited to read this! I am someone who has been finding my way into many of the areas you mention because of how they have helped in for my own healing with heart failure and anxiety to name just two recent issues. My son is having his 2nd EIT session tomorrow and I am hoping, NO I am believing (because intention is powerful) that it helps him feel calmer and more centered.
    Our bodies ARE energy based, which I learned the hard way when the electrical impulses in my heart severely malfunctioned. Working with our energy for positive change can only be good!

  17. SCDMom says:

    So sad to see this a subject on “Thinking Moms’ Revolution”. Please unsubscribe me . . . I am a thinking mom.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Certainly, but you should know that thinking people don’t automatically dismiss something because it doesn’t fit with their worldview. They examine the evidence, and aside from thousands of “anecdotes” (where have we heard that before?), there is a great deal of scientific evidence to support the effect of electromagnetic radiation (i.e., “energy”) on biological processes. In addition, quantum mechanics has made it clear that an event in one location can very definitely affect matter in another location that is seemingly unrelated. This blog wasn’t presented from a “scientific” viewpoint, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a great deal of validity to at least a significant number of the modalities mentioned in it.

      • Boo Calex says:

        The pun the SCD USES about thinking mom is insulting to the people who dedicate (work, study, time, energy, etc.) themselves to researching and understanding Autism.That mom could respectfully request to be removed. Having a child that is Autistic I have found myself seeking knowledge, searching for answers finding (mostly only) acceptance. Anyone who is willing to lend themselves to the research and understanding Autism deserves RESPECT (not agreeance with) but UTMOST RESPECT!! just my opinion doesn’t deserve agreeance but demands respect!! #myOpinionsMatter

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