Gardasil: 10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before Vaccinating Your Tween

June 13, 2016

shamrockI think it’s safe to call it Gardasil season now, right? It’s summer, and parents are starting to receive emails about “catch up” vaccines before September from their well-meaning (but mostly misinformed) school nurses. Gardasil emails have probably begun arriving from your pediatrician because Gardasil 9 has just hit the shelves, and boy is there a lot of stock to shift since only 30% of you were taking the gamble and sacrificing your girls for the greater-good-that-never-was with the original Gardasil vaccine.

With HPV vaccine mandate laws being proposed all over the country, like the one passed in Rhode Island (except it wasn’t a law — just the health department there going all out for medical fascism), we need to get involved in the political process and communicate with our local legislators about these issues before it’s too late. Rhode Island is a perfect example of how things can go wrong — and very quickly. Parents who wish to refuse this forced medical procedure for their children are seeking out their only option, a religious exemption. In response to this, the health department is not asking why these parents are going to such lengths to avoid this product; instead, they are beginning to discuss removing that religious exemption to squelch the dissenters and outliers in order to improve the vaccine uptake. We are seeing the effects of such a draconian policy play out in California, so pay attention Rhode Island!

Another way is to try, as futile as it seems, to educate your doctors. Think about it: if everyone challenges them with issues they cannot answer, then the system begins to collapse rather rapidly. Don’t fear the white coat. Remember that they once told the world that smoking was good for respiratory conditions? They’re the same guys.

More and more people are tagging me, PMing me, emailing me, asking for help either for them or a friend because their pediatrician is pressuring them to get this vaccine. Notice I said pediatrician and not oncologist or gynecologist. And notice I used the word “pressure” and not “suggest.” I don’t know how many pediatricians have studied cancer or the cervix – or even vaccines – in depth, but I would bet it’s a small number because it’s not on their curriculum. Also we must always ask ourselves, why the pressure? I’ll bet you never heard of HPV before 2006. Now it’s suddenly on everyone’s fear-dar.


Due to the ever-increasing number of inquiries I receive, not to mention the number of stories of injuries I have to endure reading, I would like to propose a list of 10 questions which you can print out and take to your pediatrician’s office and ask them to answer before they ever again offer you this medical procedure for your child. For California peeps, you have to give this to your child, discuss it with them, and put it in their backpacks since legislators in your state decided to ignore federal law and pass a state law that says your children can give their own informed medical consent to HPV vaccines.

I don’t expect anyone to do the amount of research I have, so I want people to push back on their pediatricians and ask them to do the same amount of research I have. See what I did there?

So here are a few questions to get them started. Hint: the majority of the answers(or lack thereof) can be found on the FDA’s website.

1. Why was Gardasil not tested against a true inert placebo as is the gold standard in clinical trials? According to the Merck trials, Gardasil was tested against the aluminum adjuvant (AAHS, a novel Merck adjuvant) and the vaccine excipients. That is not a placebo-controlled trial by definition, correct?

Can you please comment on the duration of efficacy of the vaccine? I understand that it is 5-8 years in girls and only 2-3 years in boys? What happens then? How do they know the efficacy in girls 9-13 since that age group was so poorly studied?

3. How does the body excrete aluminum injected subcutaneously into muscle and tissue? Where does it end up when not excreted? How was this measured in the trials? If you come across this video as an answer to that (Paul Offit from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia), please note that he did not answer the question and demonstrates a poor understanding of immunology, biomedical principles, and basic gastroenterology. He seems to think that the body doesn’t know the difference between ingested vs. injected aluminum and it’s all down to the quantity we ingest being so much greater, which makes injecting it into neonates and hormonal teenagers okay. I’m not a doctor, but I have serious reservations about a doctor who doesn’t seem to realize why vaccines are injected in the first place (hint: much stronger antibody reaction). Wouldn’t you agree?

What is the effect of injecting recombinant (GM) viral DNA into the blood and tissues of a healthy teen? When the vaccine came to market, Merck denied there was any viral DNA in the vaccine. Once it was found by independent scientists, the FDA replied by saying that they knew it was there, but it was harmless. Why did they deny it in the first place? According to these scientists this can cause a lot of harm. The FDA doesn’t seem to be able to provide safety data for this.

5. There have been 260 deaths reported to VAERS since 2006 – have you looked into these cases? I have looked at them and in particular there have been 13 male deaths. I find this quite shocking since so few boys have gotten this vaccine. What are your thoughts on vaccinating boys when penile and anal cancer risk is mostly due to lifestyle?

Why was the vaccine never tested for effects on ovaries or fertility? 
The American College of Pediatricians has expressed deep concern about Gardasil and its connection premature ovarian failure. I was wondering if you have looked into the studies they reference in their recent press release?

7. I have read in Merck’s package insert for Gardasil 9 (page 8) that between 2.2% to 3.3% of its recipients may develop autoimmune diseases following vaccination. What is your plan to treat those cases should they arise in your practice? 
Are you aware of the Vaccine Injury Compensation Fund and VAERS since patients cannot sue you, your practice, or Merck should they develop an adverse reaction? Over $6 million has been paid out by the government in cases alleging adverse reactions due to Gardasil. I would consider that quite alarming for a new vaccine.

8. Why do you think there were 7 times more deaths in the vaccine group than the “control” group in protocol 19 of the Merck clinical trials? And how does the “control” group in any way qualify as a “control” when it was itself associated with a 60% rate of systemic adverse events? I would suspect that if you check this death rate against the background death rate in the same population where the trial took place, you will find a signal there.

9. What does Merck mean by immune bridging (pages 19-20 here)? They used this method to convince the FDA that the vaccine was safe for 9-13-year-olds since their trials did not test that age group sufficiently. How is “safety” implied when all that was studied was immune response? In addition, there is no discussion of the fact that immune response is approximately three times greater in 10-year-olds who receive the vaccine than over-21-year-olds.

10. During the trials Merck discovered that if a child already has an HPV infection (up to 10% might), then the vaccine may increase the chance of developing cancerous lesions by 44.6% compared to those who don’t get the vaccine (Table 17, page 13). Can you please tell me what you know about that . . . because to an oncologist, negative efficacy in a trial such as this means that the vaccine may actually cause cancer. Why would the FDA not address this issue with Merck?

Please contact me if you know of any pediatrician in the country that can address all of these issues to your satisfaction. If there is such a doctor and you feel that this vaccine is just super, then go ahead. That is called having free, prior, and informed medical consent. It would be the first time it has happened for Gardasil, to my knowledge, anywhere in the world.

I am continuously impressed with the gall of Merck with respect to this particular vaccine. I understand that it brings in over a billion dollars a year and they’re heavily invested in the erroneous cancer message, but at some point we’re going to have to have a real discussion about this one – hopefully in front of Congress.

Since we can’t sue Merck for deceiving the people – remember this is a royalty-earning, NIH/FDA/CDC-sanctioned golden goose – we have to rely on the people to rise up and stand their ground.

Enough is enough!

Not my babies.

Not anymore.

We’re done.

~ ShamROCK

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54 Responses to Gardasil: 10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before Vaccinating Your Tween

  1. Hans Scholl says:

    After a four day stand-off, government authorities decided to convene a working group to try and address the problem. The Governor of Bolivar, Mr. Dumek Turbay, organized a face-to-face meeting with representatives from the affected families, President of the Association Reconstruyendo Esperanza (Rebuilding Hope), Monica Leon Del Rio acting as the families’ spokesperson and the Colombian Minister of Health, Alejandro Gaviria, in the city of Cartagena de Indias (Colombia). Governor Dumek Turbay promised parents and students they could attend a meeting with the Minister to review the implementation of commitments previously made by the Government with the young people affected, including comprehensive and specialized medical treatment.

  2. KristenM says:

    Interesting and rather thorough analysis of deaths reported to VAERS following HPV vaccinations:

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      It’s really important that no one give any credence to the people who are reporting deaths following vaccination with Gardasil, isn’t it, Kristen? Because if people really thought the vaccine could kill, that might really affect uptake, wouldn’t it? Sure, it’s easy to point to deaths and say “That wasn’t the vaccine’s fault! It was a car accident!” or “It was a heart attack!” or “It was suicide!” But do you, or anyone else, seriously believe that people are reporting deaths to VAERS, a database most people don’t even know about and most doctors never report to even when vaccine injury is staring them in the face, IDLY or RANDOMLY? Isn’t it more likely that the car accident happened because the young woman driving fainted following her Gardasil vaccine (which is a VERY common “side effect” of the vaccine), and that the heart attack was triggered by the vaccine (like Joel Gomez’s, age 14, or that the suicide was caused by depression induced by a dramatic change in physical circumstances that happens when previously athletic young people are debilitated by autoimmune illness in the wake of Gardasil vaccination? Those kids are just as dead whether or not their death certificates read “GARDASIL INJURY” or “CAR ACCIDENT” or “MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION” or “SUICIDE.” And chances are really, really good that if they got reported to VAERS in the first place, that the vast majority were strongly related to their HPV vaccination. It is also likely that a number of them were never reported at all (see that “most people don’t even know about and most doctors don’t report” comment above…).

  3. Hans Scholl says:

    One medical doctor raising concerns about vaccine hazards is Gary G. Kohls, who is now retired. In a recent article,6 he responds to a commentary in the News Tribune, “written and endorsed by area board-certified pediatricians, oncologists and obstetricians/gynecologists,” who promote “the universal use of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine for pre-teen and teen-age girls.”

    According to Kohls, “the commentary appeared to be a part of a worldwide, billion-dollar promotion campaign,” to encourage women around the world to get vaccinated, and financing this campaign is “one of the most profitable, price-gouging pharmaceutical companies in the world, Merck.”
    “In 2006, after only three to five years of clinical trials, the FDA approved for marketing the most expensive vaccine in the history of the world, Gardasil, which has been proclaimed as preventative for cancer of the cervix, a claim that was never proved and which has, to date, not prevented a single case of cervical cancer … mainly because cancer of the cervix takes 20 to 50 years to develop,” he writes.

  4. Hans Scholl says:

    The 2008 FDA Closing Statement on Gardasil reports that 73.3% of the ‘healthy’ girls who participated in the clinical trials developed ‘New Medical Conditions. The list below highlights some of the ‘New Medical Conditions’ reported in the 2008 FDA Closing Statement on Gardasil. (source)
    ◦Blood & Lymphatic System Disorders 2.9% = 1 in 34
    ◦Gastrointestinal Disorders 13.4% = 1 in 7
    ◦General & Administration Site Conditions 3.8% = 1 in 33
    ◦Immune System Disorders 2.4% =1 in 50
    ◦Infections & Infestations 52.9% = 1 in 2
    ◦Injury, Poisoning, & Procedural Complications 8.0% =1 in 12
    ◦Investigations 11.8% =1 in 9
    ◦Musculoskeletal & Connective Tissue Disorders 6.8% =1 in 14
    ◦Nervous System Disorders 9.4% = 1 in 10
    ◦Pregnancy, Puerperium & Perinatal Conditions 2.0% = 1 in 50
    ◦Psychiatric Disorders 4.4% =1 in 22
    ◦Renal Disorders 2.7% =1 in 37
    ◦Reproductive & Brest Disorders 24.8 % = 1 in 14
    ◦Respiratory, Thoracic & Mediastinal Disorders 5.5% = 1 in 18
    ◦Skin & Subcutaneous Tissue Disorders 7.4% = 1 in 13
    ◦Surgical Procedures = Appendectomy 10.2% = 1 in 10

  5. Hans Scholl says:

    Teenage girl dies five days after receiving HPV vaccine jab
    By Telegraph Reporters
    Shazel Zaman Credit: MEN

    A teenage girl died hours after being sent home from hospital diagnosed with a stomach bug.
    Shazel Zaman, 13, received a cervical cancer jab five days earlier after which she started vomiting and suffering from dizziness and a severe headache. As her symptoms got worse she was taken to Bury’s Fairfield Hospital.
    Doctors told the teenager’s family that they believed she might have a stomach bug and told them to bring her back to hospital if her condition worsened, the Manchester Evening News reported. An hour later she was found unconscious with no pulse at her home in Bury. She was declared dead in hospital around four hours later.
    Shazel’s family claims that a doctor dismissed that her condition was linked to the HPV vaccine jab and said she “came across as a lazy child” before sending her home. Pennine Acute NHS Trust, which runs the hospital, has now launched an investigation into the standard of care Shazel received at the hospital.
    Shazel’s family believe her death is linked directly to her having the vaccine.
    Her sister, Maham Hussain, 19, told the Manchester Evening News: “She had the injection on the Wednesday. On Friday she was complaining of a sore arm – no swelling just redness.
    “On the Saturday she complained of a severe headache, and by the evening she was throwing up. Come Sunday she was very pale, and my aunt took her to Fairfield.
    “Whilst she was there she was in and out of consciousness. My aunt had to get a wheelchair for her.
    “She had a blood test, and her heart rate checked, and everything was said to be normal.
    “She was asked to provide a urine test and when my aunt took her to the toilet she fell to the floor, she was so drowsy.
    “My aunt took her back to the doctor and that’s when the doctor made the comment that Shazel ‘came across as a lazy child’.”

  6. Hans Scholl says:

    Last week, the parents of hundreds of girls experiencing new medical conditions after Gardasil administration blocked classes in educational institutions by padlocking the entrances to local schools. These families claim hundreds of affected girls have been left without treatment for two years while the government refuses to acknowledge the HPV vaccine could be causing serious side effects. They were asking to be heard by national, departmental and municipal health authorities.

    After a four day stand-off, government authorities decided to convene a working group to try and address the problem. The Governor of Bolivar, Mr. Dumek Turbay, organized a face-to-face meeting with representatives from the affected families, President of the Association Reconstruyendo Esperanza (Rebuilding Hope), Monica Leon Del Rio acting as the families’ spokesperson and the Colombian Minister of Health, Alejandro Gaviria, in the city of Cartagena de Indias (Colombia). Governor Dumek Turbay promised parents and students they could attend a meeting with the Minister to review the implementation of commitments previously made by the Government with the young people affected, including comprehensive and specialized medical treatment.

  7. Hans Scholl says:

    “An expert hired by the family of a boy who died after his second Gardasil injection has testified that Gardasil likely caused the boy’s death. The case – Gomez versus USDOH: Petition No. 15-0160V1 – was filed by a California law firm for petitioners Adan Gomez and Raquel Ayon, on behalf of their deceased son Joel Gomez. The petition states, in part:

    “Joel Gomez received a Merck Gardasil vaccine on June 19, 2013 and again on August 19, 2013, and died in his sleep the following day on August 20, 2013. The death was caused in fact by receiving the Gardasil Vaccine.

    Gardasil did cause or contributed to a myocardial infarction in the decedent, and that the second dose of Gardasil finally caused a fatal hypotension in this case on the day of vaccination. There was no other plausible cause for the death of Joel Gomez. . .”

  8. Hans Scholl says:

    Very good resource :

    HPV vaccines are beginning to be recognized as one of the great medical mistakes of the twenty-first century. The harm caused by these vaccines to girls and now boys throughout the world is staggering.

    In the following article written by medical researcher Cynthia Janak, she explains how a large number of deficiencies in the clinical trials for Gardasil® may have prevented the detection of injuries caused by the vaccine.

    Specifically, she will look at Gardasil®, manufactured by the pharmaceutical company known as Merck. She will show how research studies allegedly did not collect data that would have revealed injury. She will show how the results from these incomplete research studies were allegedly used to convince the FDA, doctors, and parents that Gardasil® was safe, when in fact true safety was allegedly never determined.

  9. Alice says:

    “I’ll bet you never heard of HPV before 2006. Now it’s suddenly on everyone’s fear-dar.”

    Haha. Diseases don’t exist until they’re recognized by the medical community. You’re a mess, your blog is a mess, and your daughter is going to get cervical cancer 20 years down the road because her mom thought she knew more than thousands of medical researchers.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Wow. Thanks for a shockingly mean-spirited comment. It’s always eye-opening to see just how nasty people can be. Cervical cancer was “recognized by the medical community” long ago, dear. Her daughter is in very good hands because her mother reads medical research on BOTH sides of the question, not just the one promoted by the true believers and those who stand to make a mint off her and her friends.

      • Rachel says:

        I actually agree that there is no need for any mean spirited comments.
        I have seen it from both sides of the argument.

        However you cannot seriously think that you know more about the subject of health and immunity because you read a few things online?
        Do you also think you could fly a jet plane by reading an online blog?
        Or perform brain surgery?

        I find it highly insulting to the profession that people like you could profess to knowing more than individuals who have spent years of training and in the field.
        Reading a couple of blogs or studies does not equate that level of knowledge or training.

      • Lori says:

        Tell that to the Vioxx victims & now statin / diabetes victims.

        You are incredibly naive if you think Big Pharma cares about you or your children’s health.

    • ShamROCK says:

      “Alice”, This blog is about knowing the information that Merck is hiding from you – in order to sell a dangerous product. They have been convicted of fraud with other products they have sold. This one is no different, except for the fact that they have zero liability with this one.
      The comment “I’ll bet you never heard of HPV…” was aimed at mothers of children who are facing this decision every day. I would be surprised if they have heard of it as a threat to their children’s health before this time, when Merck aggressively marketed it to launch Gardasil to market under the guise that it was a cancer-prevention vaccine (they had to amend that erroneous claim).
      If you can say that you know the answers to all of those questions and you still want to give Gardasil to your children (boys and girls), then please go ahead. It’s called having informed consent. I have no objections. I wish you well. I do not wish harm to anyone’s children, unlike you.

    • ShamROCK says:

      “Rachael”, thank you for all your comments. I have been busy but thank you to Professor for taking care of this comments section for me.
      Comparing my researching and writing about the dangers of this vaccine to researching flying a plane and thinking I can fly one, speaks volumes about how far you have gone in your religious devotion to the “pro” side of this topic.
      You can be on a jury and deliberate on legal cases without being a lawyer. This is no different. I am pro safety for our children. I have no problem sitting here all day debating this with you but I am very busy in the real world trying to help the girls affected by Gardasil injury. The US government has actually settled over 90 cases relating to death and injury following this vaccine and there are many thousands of others who’s claims have never been heard.
      If you can answer the questions above 1-10 instead of trying to argue away the levels of autoimmunity in our young population today, that would be most welcome. In answering the first question on the blog, that then answers why I didn’t need to qualify why the 2.3% applied to both the vaccine and the vaccine placebo (AAHS and excipients). You should read my other blogs, I can talk about this all day.
      A better use of our time would be to ask the tough questions like why this is happening. Why are our kids so sick? Is it all vaccines? No I don’t think so. So in meeting you half way on that, perhaps we can talk about the real issues; toxic food, pollution, drugs, social media addiction, stress, contaminated water… the list is long.
      I wish you well in your search for answers. I have many questions still. I don’t claim to know everything about this topic but I am sharing what I know to be true (all verifiable), so that others can have the informed consent denied to them by doctors… all over the world.

    • Jennifer Power says:

      “Alice”, your parents must be so proud of their rude, clearly frightened offspring. Not to mentioned embarrassed by the manner in which you treat someone you have never met before. It is so easy to attack others online, anonymously. It is unfortunate for everyone who reads the crap you write that your parents forgot to give you some backbone as well as humility.

      Have you had the HPV vaccine?

      Cancer is not about bad luck; cancer is about bad choices.

  10. Hans Scholl says:
    By Jennifer Otto

    In 2014, at the age of 18 and a half, Zach was a first semester full-time college student and worked a laborious job roughly 30 hours a week. His life was on track, he was social, active and happy. Zach swam like a fish in the water with a body built for track who walked miles almost every day.

    In early October that same year, Zach sustained an ankle injury which placed him out of work while he recovered. During this October 3rd appointment for his ankle, he was talked into a flu vaccination. October 13th, Zach returned for a follow up and was talked into accepting the Gardasil and meningococcal vaccines. It was shortly after this that the first phase of his health decline began.

    I’m actually bored by all this NOW !
    EVERY VACCINE HARMS – every single ONE .

  11. Rachel says:

    Too much wrong with this to comment on everything. I will simply point 1 thing out. You say the gardasil insert says that 2.2% to 3.3% of its recipients may develop autoimmune diseases following vaccination.
    This is true, however what you failed to add is the following that is also in the vaccine insert:
    “which were similar to rates reported following GARDASIL,
    AAHS control, or saline placebo in historical clinical trials. ”

    Also given that 5 – 8 % of the general population are affected by auto immune disorders.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Yep, left that out because the “AAHS control” is an aluminum adjuvant known to cause autoimmune conditions. So what if it doesn’t cause many MORE autoimmune conditions if it’s causing them at a rate of 2-3%?

      Yep, a big segment of the population is affected by autoimmune disorders, and many of those are triggered by vaccinations. This is just one that triggers them obviously in kids who are old enough to tell others what’s going on.

      • Rachel says:

        And what about the saline placebo as mentioned?? Rates are the same.

        The rates of auto immune disorders are no different as specified in the vaccine insert as in the general population.
        So they cannot be attributed to the vaccine!

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Nope, sorry. The statement on page 8 of that insert is a cumulative statement covering many trials using aluminum adjuvants as “placebo” and few trials with saline placebos. That was done deliberately in order to smooth out the details and mask the damage done by the vaccine. If most of those people had not been injected with aluminum, they would not have developed autoimmunity. People aren’t going around injecting themselves with aluminum unless they are getting the vaccine. Merck made this statement in such a way that people like you can plausibly say that the autoimmunity “cannot be attributed to the vaccine!” but that is deliberate intellectual dishonesty, as anyone who has actually studied the effect of aluminum adjuvants knows.

      • Rachel says:

        Ok then how about this:
        The rate of auto immune disorder is 5 – 8% of the population.
        The rate of auto immune disorder found during trials was 2.2 – 3.3%.
        Up to 8% of the participants of the trial would be expected to develop an auto immune disorder anyway!!! So how is the vaccine responsible? Since the numbers are actually LESS than expected.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Nope, sorry. The autoimmune conditions reported were NEW autoimmune conditions in the wake of vaccination with Gardasil. The 5-8% is in the TOTAL population. One would not expect the entire population to develop their autoimmune conditions in that time frame. One would need to know a great deal more about what is being counted in both the overall background rate you are quoting and the rate that is quoted in the insert. For instance, asthma and eczema are autoimmune conditions that are usually developed in early childhood and rarely in the teenage years. Are they included? If they are then, by the time they are teenagers 5-8% of that population probably ALREADY has an autoimmune condition. It’s also interesting to note that a large U.K. study that is the closest to a vaccinated vs unvaccinated population found a rate of asthma 14 times higher in vaccinated children and eczema 9 times higher. Of course, the study authors pretended that wasn’t a significant results because the correlation was only found in the children with the fewest doctor visits. Right up there with the most ridiculous conclusions I have ever read in my life. The assumption being that there were lots of unvaccinated children struggling to breathe and their parents just weren’t bringing them to a doctor in a country with socialized medicine.

        One cannot CONCLUDE that the vaccine is responsible for the autoimmunity based on the information in the insert (and you will notice that the vaccine is NOT directly implicated in the article’s wording), but the chances are very good that it had something to do with these NEW autoimmune conditions.

      • Rachel says:

        You are wrong.
        It is perfectly normal to expect SOME of the population to develop their auto immune disorder during the trial. 2.2 – 3.3 % is perfectly reasonable, given that up to 8% will be developing.

        These 2.2 -3.3 are not ON TOP of the 8%. Otherwise the rates in total population would change!
        Saying that these are by vaccination is a lie since statistics and previous trials with saline placebo, showed the same results.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        “Reasonable” to you, not to the many young women who have developed debilitating autoimmune illnesses post HPV vaccination. For all you know, 8% had already developed autoimmune illnesses (asthma and eczema?) BEFORE the vaccine. The rates in the total population HAVE been changing, or have you not been paying attention? I developed asthma in the early ’70s. It was rare then. There were all kinds of myths about it, like that it was psychosomatic in origin because it was worsened at times of heightened emotion. Now 8.6% of children have asthma, only 7.4% of people OVER 18 have asthma, and you can bet that the younger the age down to approximately two, the greater the incidence.

      • Rachel says:

        Did you see this study about asthma?
        “Asthma incidence was lower in participants who were vaccinated”

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        If you will note those are very specific vaccines. “We were not able to examine the effect of other vaccinations in our current analysis because the number of children who were not immunized at all against tetanus, for example, was too small for robust risk estimates.” In other words, they couldn’t tell the effect of any other vaccines because there were too few children who had not been vaccinated with the very vaccine associated with the highest levels of asthma and eczema in this study: DPT vaccines. There is a possibility that the children who did not receive the “vaccinations based on whole organisms” were the very children who had already been sickened by other prior vaccines.

      • Rachel says:

        Yes the incidence rates of auto immune disorders have been growing. Everyone knows that.
        But the vaccine (any vaccine) cannot be attributed to it, given that saline placebo trials have rendered the same percentages as the vaccine.
        Processed food has been hypothesised as one of the reasons for this rise.
        Hygiene is another one.

        Why waste time and resources on something that has already been proven to NOT be the cause and actually find the REAL cause.
        This is the same as the vaccine/ autism debate. It has been proven time and time again that vaccines are not the cause. Genetics is the cause. So why waste valuable time and resources? Wouldn’t it be more beneficial putting that time and resources where it would be useful, into furthering the research around the genetics of this?
        Did you see this new study?
        It basically says we ALL carry autism genes, and are ALL on the spectrum. However we only currently identify the extremes.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Okay, I’m going to give you a chance to back up what you’re saying. Give me the exact parameters for any saline placebo studies you can find, and we will compare them to the aluminum studies.

        Excuse me, but vaccines have not “been proven to NOT be the cause” of autoimmunity just because you say they have. There is plenty of science to show how and why they actually can cause autoimmnity (in case you’re interested in the basic outlines, I’m going to give you a link to read up on it. I have a feeling you won’t read it, but others who read this exchange may do so). Besides which, a few autoimmune conditions are actually on the vaccine injury table (– meaning that it is ACCEPTED that those conditions are caused by their vaccines in question, and many more have been compensated by the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, including many cases of Guillain Barre Syndrome caused by flu vaccines (

        And almost no one thinks vaccines cause all autism all by themselves. Just as no one in the scientific community who has been looking at actual evidence really believes that “genetics” is “the cause” of autism. There is no such thing as a genetic epidemic. If you read up on the science with regard to genetics and autism, you will find — quite easily — that “genetics” are merely responsible for susceptibilities that are expressed due to environmental exposures. Your study from Bristol essentially says that. If “we all” have “autism genes,” then they’re not really “autism genes,” are they? If they were, they would be the difference between having autism and not having autism. Why “waste [more] valuable time and resources” on research that indicates that people with autism are very similar genetically to neurotypical people? The answers do not lie in genes alone, and anyone who is truly paying attention knows that.

      • Rachel says:

        Here is the clinical review of all the trials sent to the fda about gardasil.
        Please note that one of the trials was using a saline placebo.

        Also of note are:
        That show no difference in the rates of auto immune disorders in vaccinated or unvaccinated.

        Vaccine compensation is complicated and not necessarily an admission of guilt. So to tout those figures is a misnomer. It needs its own article to discuss.

        With the flu vaccine and Guillain Barre syndrome, the only flu vaccine this is attributed to is the swine flu vaccine. Not the subsequent flu vaccines.

        Now on the subject of autism genes, the point is it is all down to evolution. Yes obviously in some cases environmental factors come into play. However vaccines are not one of them. Given the rates in vaccinated and unvaccinated remains the same.
        A large study has found an increased risk of developing autism depending on the age of the parents. And especially if the father is elderly.
        In a society, where we are waiting longer and longer to have kids, and putting our careers ahead of families until our late 30’s or 40’s, is it surprising?
        “Autism rates were 66 percent higher among children born to dads over 50 years of age than among those born to dads in their 20s.”
        “Autism rates rose still higher when both parents were older, in line with what one would expect if each parent’s age contributed to risk.”

        And while on the subject of Autism, I am absolutely disguisted at the way the antivaccination camp are touting Autism as if it is the scum of the earth, worse than death!!!
        Can you imagine what that must do to all the autistic members of our society? All they want is to be understood and accepted, just like all of us, and yet so many times I have read blogs or commentators, saying they would much rather their kids get disease and death rather than autism. Given that many autistic children go on to becoming fulfilled members of society, it is revolting what is being said about their condition.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        I just lost a long reply because of a stupid keystroke on my damn laptop. Therefore, I’m going to reply in stages.

        First, your link shows ONE study using saline with a small number of subjects followed for one year. The purpose of the study was to show that seroconversion happens in adolescents. There were 5 serious adverse events ALL in vaccine subjects, two of whom dropped out of the study because of them. THERE WAS NO MENTION OF AUTOIMMUNE CONDITIONS. So your claim that “the percentages were the same” in trials using saline placebos is completely unsupported. Many autoimmune conditions take longer than 12 months to develop and/or recognize, by the way.

        Next, sorry, but I’m not even going to waste my time reading yet another piece by Paul Offit, the vaccine industry’s spokesmodel. He had shown a repeated tendency to make broad, sweeping statements that are completely contradicted by scientific evidence. He has been corrected, and yet continues to make the same statements. I make it a point to avoid people who have made it abundantly clear that they don’t understand what intellectual honesty or integrity are.

        You’re simply wrong about flu vaccines. They still top the “most highly compensated injury” list, most of them taking less than two years to settle, when the original H1N1 vaccine was developed in 2009. And, yes, compensation by VICP IS “admission of guilt.” Originally, it was intended for the “burden of proof” to be lower in VICP, but that has not turned out to be the case. If a condition is NOT on the vaccine injury table (which IS an “admission of guilt,” by the way), then the petitioner has to PROVE that the vaccine caused the injury. By the way, 40% of the small percentage of the 1300 compensated traumatic brain injuries had autism diagnoses, making it likely that there are over 500 cases of autism that have been compensated by the VICP.

        Re: autism and genes, EVOLUTION??? Are you joking? THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A GENETIC EPIDEMIC. Do you know why? BECAUSE EVOLUTION DOESN’T HAPPEN THAT FAST!!! Yes, autism is more likely with older fathers, but that can only account for a tiny proportion of the entire autism population! What are you going to tell the young couple in their 20s whose families had zero history of autism? There are obviously many more of them than you realize.

        And last, but most certainly not least, I am “absolutely disgusted” about “the way the “provaccine camp” (as if the very real concerns about vaccines can be reduced to “pro” or “anti”) pretends that autism is no big deal. And that caring about your child’s neurological health is equal to claiming that “autism is worse than death!!!” NO ONE, repeat, NO ONE believes that “autism is worse than death!!!”, especially not the kind of autism experienced by most “autistic” bloggers, who are in general functioning on a level that is far higher than the majority of the autistic population. We have often said that putting Asperger’s and classic autism all under the umbrella of “autism” does both ends of the spectrum (which have very different needs) a disservice. ONE-THIRD of the autism population is NON-VERBAL That means they CAN’T TALK. The majority of people with autism will never hold a job, and many others will be chronically underemployed. Autism IS a disability, like it or not, and loving and “accepting” people with autism doesn’t change that, nor does it mean that you wish to add to their numbers. At the rate we are going, it won’t be long before our society can no longer support the huge increase in the autistic population. Instead of being “disgusted” by people who recognize it, you should be thanking your lucky stars that there are people out there who are paying attention and making efforts to reverse this trend.

        Yes, there are many, many people who would MUCH rather their child spent a week with the measles, lying in bed with a low fever and a rash (the way almost everyone did in the ’50s when everyone could talk), than experience a severe neurological disorder, often accompanied by severe co-occurring conditions such as gastrointestinal disease and seizure disorders, that is likely to limit their choices in virtually every aspect of their life as well as simply making their entire life harder than it has to be. AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. If you think there is, I suggest that you spend 48 hours in the home of someone with an adolescent or older with severe autism with your eyes and heart open. Then talk to one of the many millions of people who have survived measles (myself included, despite two different measles vaccines) and really think about which is harder two live with.

        It’s clear that you have an inexhaustible list of “vaccine talking points” and a boatload of time, but you’re not doing any independent thought, and I won’t be wasting anymore of my time on this discussion.

      • Victoria Jakel says:

        While I agree with much of your statement, you omitted (unintentionally, I hope) the facts regarding the number of infants, toddlers and children who actually died every year in the past from being infected, especially with measles, mumps and rubella, along with the flu. Yes, it’s true that for the vast majority of people, these illnesses were more of an inconvenience than an actual danger, but every year there were hundreds of children who either died or developed disabling neurological effects from these viruses (deafness, mental retardation, etc.) or physical disabilities (I personally have taken care of a couple of toddlers who lost fingers, toes and larger limbs due to arterial clotting that occured after contracting the Hib virus.) To be clear, I am not a fan of all vaccines, nor do I push them on my patients (or their parents). I particularly do not like Gardisil and the varicella vaccine as the former was pushed to market far too soon and the latter truly does only cause mild illness in children, who make up the vast majority of it’s victims. However, MMR, Hib and polio vaccines save many more lives and prevent far more serious medical sequelae than the what results from the lack of the vaccine. If everyone were to refuse these vaccines, our herd immunity is lost, ar which point losing young children will become a commonplace occurrence again. In those cases I truly believe the risk: benefit ratio is clearly skewed to the side of benefit.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        There is no breakdown available anywhere how many “infants, toddlers, and children who actually died every year in the past from being infected” with measles, mumps, and rubella. Deaths were counted in totals, and it has been acknowledged that these “childhood diseases” are less safe in adults than children, so it’s likely that a good percentage of any mortality number were cases in adults. That said, the mortality rate in “infants, toddlers, and children” is virtually zero. In fact, most people who have it do not know they have it. The ONLY demographics where it is considered to be a problem are pregnant women (who could have titers checked and choose to get the vaccine themselves if they wished to) and people who are immunocompromised (who are more at risk from ANYTHING). The mortality rate from mumps is similar to rubella, but the demographic that is most at risk of complications is adolescent or young adult males who in rare instances can become sterile. Again, parents could choose to get the vaccine before the risk of mumps rises if they wished if their child has not had it prior to that time.

        Now, in the case of measles, there were 3-4 MILLION cases a year in the United States, the vast majority of which were never “reported” or even taken to the doctor because it was considered such a mild illness that medical advice was essentially rest in bed and increase fluids. Before any vaccine was introduced at all we had gotten down to a mortality rate of approximately 450 people per year, not all of which were children. Mortality from measles had dropped by over 90% before the measles vaccine, and there was no reason to believe that it would not have continued to drop like that of other diseases for which there is no vaccine. Is there a risk in having measles? Yes, but that doesn’t offset the fact that there is ALSO a risk to the vaccine, and often the people for whom those risks exist are not the same. For instance, in my family my mother came from a family of thirteen that struggled through the Great Depression, but had no problem at any time with any of the “infectious diseases,” while the current generation has been experiencing a lot of immune system dysfuction of the kind that can be triggered by vaccines.

        The history of polio and polio vaccines is far more complicated than most people are aware of. Did you know that it was a disease that virtually everyone contracted with no sequelae before the early 1900s? Interesting, isn’t it? What changed to make polio more invasive to the central nervous system? I don’t find the “hygiene hypothesis” to be compelling in this regard. It seems more likely to me that one or more of the widely disseminated pesticides of the 1900s (which, by the way, were sprayed in high concentration in exactly the places where people tended to get polio) helped the virus to invade the central nervous system. Another very interesting fact is that one reason that the polio rate dropped after the introduction of the vaccine is that the definition of polio was changed dramatically at the same time. In addition, the Cutter incident (in which thousands of children were given polio by way of the vaccine), and the contamination of polio vaccines by cancer-causing SV-40 make it clear to me at least that vaccine mandates are not jusifiable. Today’s polio vaccine in the United States does not prevent transmission of polio to others and the oral polio vaccines, like the earlier Cutter Incident, have been known to CAUSE polio in the recipients or others. For the children who die of a vaccine reaction, the risk is 100%, while the benefit is zero. Those people count as much as the people who die from complications of infectious disease.

        I have never said that people who fear infectious disease should not be able to vaccinate for anything if they wish, but there is no justification for mandating vaccines for all — especially in a day and age when we should be able to identify the people most at risk from particular vaccines or diseases.

  12. Hans Scholl says:

    HOAX :
    By the age of 50, the CDC reports, more than 80% of American women will have been infected with human papillomavirus (HPV) during their lifetimes. And yet, amazingly, over 99,000 out of every 100,000 women will never be diagnosed with cervical cancer. (It is useful to point out that deaths from cervical cancer are an even more miniscule 1.5 cases per 100,000 female population per year.) Those statistics say that the vast majority of girls who don’t go along with the crowd and refuse the vaccine recommendations will never get cervical cancer.

    • Rachel says:

      It is estimated that 26,900 new cases of cancer are caused by HPV infections in the US yearly.
      Of those
      865 die from anal cancer
      3658 die from cervical cancer
      201 die from penile cancer
      748 die from vaginal cancer
      710 die from vulval cancer.
      This does not include figures for bladder, breast and oropharyngeal cancer.
      Are those statistics you are happy living with?

      Thats over 6100 deaths in the US every year.
      In other words that is 16 deaths a day. Or 1 every 90 minutes

      Worldwide, there are 295,000 HPV cancer deaths a year.
      In other words that is 808 deaths a day. Or 1 every 2 minutes.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        The interesting thing was that before Gardasil was licensed, a mainstream study on the “cost-effectiveness” of the vaccine concluded that, because of a robust pap screening program in the United States, that of the almost 4,000 per year that die of cervical cancer, 60 years of vaccinating the majority of young girls would be likely save approximately 1300 lives. That’s 0.5 percent of the projected 240,000 lives lost to cervical cancer. Seems to me that people should be able to choose whether reducing their risk of cancer in thirty years by those kinds of odds make the risk of developing devastating autoimmune illness NOW worth it to them or not.

      • Rachel says:

        The thing is this does not only affect cervical cancer patients. Yes the biggest number affected by this are cervical cancer patients. But what about all the others?

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        What about “all the others”? “The others” are welcome to get any vaccine they wish if they feel it is likely to stop them from getting a rare cancer. But don’t you think it’s a bit harsh to COMPEL all young people to get a vaccine that has the potential to cause devastating illness for something that 95% of people are going to have no problem with because THEY choose to engage in lifestyles that make rare cancers more likely?

      • Rachel says:

        In other words you do not care about the 2524 people who are destined to die every year in the US as a result of HPV infection.

        And you talk about their lifestyle? Because you believe only promiscuity leads to HPV infection?
        Given that most of us (something like 80% of us) get an HPV infection at some point in our life, are you saying they are all promiscuous?
        Also remembering that penetrative sex is not required to get infected!!!

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Who said I don’t care about them? Not believing that anyone has a duty to sacrifice their own child’s health on the off chance that it would lower someone else’s risk of a rare cancer has nothing to do with “not caring.” As I said, anyone is free to “protect themselves” against these cancers by vaccinating themselves with Gardasil if they wish. I could as easily turn it around to say that you don’t care about the thousands of young people whose lives have already been unnecessarily destroyed by this vaccine, or the many African-American women who will die of cervical cancer that is caused by HPV strains other than the ones Gardasil “protects” against. I don’t make blanket assumptions about the motivations of people I don’t know, however. Personally, I think you’ve just convinced yourself that every single person whose life was dramatically changed by this vaccine is delusional or “making it up” — because someone with a lot of money to make said so.

        Lifestyle choices, such as smoking, are risk factors for most of the rare cancers you have mentioned. That is simply fact. Look it up. I have no judgment about the way anyone chooses to live their lives, but I am not responsible for their choices either.

  13. Hans Scholl says:

    Bill Gates took part in criminally negligent vaccine experiments on poor Indian children
    June 22nd, 2016, by Mary Wilder
    Bill Gates is one of the most iconic businessmen of all time. For years, his name has been synonymous with success. And now, his name is synonymous with evil.

    The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has been hit with a lawsuit for testing vaccines on poor, tribal children in India. This, of course, is highly illegal, not to mention completely immoral. How any human being could justify testing such a product on innocent children is unfathomable, and yet the Gates Foundation has done just that.


    The organization administered a research study where a small group of children were used as guinea pigs for an experimental Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine.

    The Economic Times – India reports that after being given the vaccine, “many girls started falling ill and by 2010 five of them died. Two more deaths were reported from Vadodara, Gujarat, where an estimated 14,000 children studying in schools meant for tribal children were also vaccinated with another brand of HPV vaccine, Cervarix, manufactured by GSK.”

    It’s an absolutely terrifying thought. One of the most successful and powerful men on the planet is involved in these disturbing experiments that have left numerous children dead. Considering the nature of their location, how many more are there that haven’t been reported? Why is testing vaccines on human beings considered acceptable?

    It’s clear that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation doesn’t consider the lives of tribal children to be important, since they’ve colluded to have them used as test subjects. A report that was allegedly funded by the Gates Foundation claims that the deaths were caused by non-vaccine-related factors, but how reputable is that? This rabbit hole seems endlessly corrupt.

    In life, you must be held accountable for your actions. Bill Gates’ hefty bank account shouldn’t make him exempt from that rule.

  14. Fiona Lynch says:

    HI this is a great summary. The protocol you refer to as 19 is a typo and I believe ought to be 019. The Serious Allegations by Dr Sing Hang Lee, of January 2016 to the WHO Director General, regarding Gardasil and Scientific Misconduct and Malfeasance, would add to your article and more recently, the revelations of the Nordic Cochrane report or Complaint, to the EMA, which is a damming indictment against the EMA’s evaluation on Gardasil(NOV 2015) The leaked document on the EMA answers to questions of April 2016, are also revealing. I don’t suppose any doctors or nurses, are aware of these matters. Our NZ Minister of Health is apparently not going to investigate these matters, citing the EMA evaluation as one reason to continue the use of Gardasil. I only hope that he realise his error and that he ponders on this and the implications.

    • ShamROCK says:

      Hi Fiona, Thank you for this. I did not give the exact Merck trial numbers you are correct, it was not really a typo. I chose to abbreviate it.
      I wrote an entire article on the WHO/Dr. Lee revelations in the past and I also linked it here. This was not the place to detail that issue since I have already dealt with it. I have also spoken with Dr. Lee about this recently and he is thankful that we wrote about it at the time.
      I did not include the Cochrane Nordic report as this is new information and has not yet trickled down to the level that doctors are at. I try to meet people where they are. This is for parents who are somewhat new to this topic and for doctors who have never studied the issues. The Cochrane Nordic report, as damning as it is, is beyond the reach of most people who are new to this topic. I will be writing about the Cochrane Nordic report soon and will take your comments into consideration.
      This blog was in response to a lot of emails and texts I have been getting on this topic by moms who don’t know what the deep political issues are. I hope that makes sense. Thank you for commenting. I hope you will read my blog on the cochrane report in the coming weeks.

  15. Jennifer Shanahan says:

    This is exactly why my kids did NOT get this vaccine. Thank you!

  16. Debbie Dunkley says:

    Excellent. My daughter has been injured by Gardisil. Had I of been made aware of all the above prior to vaccination my answer would have been no, not my child. Thank you for raising awareness.

  17. S R says:

    Outstanding – every parent/caregiver needs to read this FIRST!

    Thank you for the truth.

  18. Nelda McEwen says:

    This is brilliant. Thank you so much.

  19. Tim Lundeen says:


    Typo: “I’m not a doctor but I have serious about a doctor who doesn’t seem to realize why vaccines are injected in the first place” –> “I’m not a doctor but I have serious reservations about a doctor who doesn’t seem to realize why vaccines are injected in the first place”

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