The Irish Cancer Society Censors Parents’ Q&A after Heated Talk on HPV Vaccine – Watch the Video!

August 25, 2016


This week, the Irish Cancer Society went on an all-out media frenzy on every major Irish radio show around the country to advertise its upcoming HPV vaccine-safety campaign in Galway and Cork, two areas of the country where uptake of the vaccine has been falling. It was reported this week in the mainstream news that the rate of uptake had fallen from a high of 91% in 2012-13 to 70% in the latest vaccine roll-out they call “Blitz & Mop,” detailed on page 6 of this instructional manual for health providers.

icsThe Irish Cancer Society (ICS) appears to be blaming the increased number of “vaccine refusers” (not quite “deniers” yet as defined by this insane WHO document), on the media and its legitimate coverage of the injured girls of the support group R.E.G.R.E.T. which I have written about extensively over the last 18 months. This recent story regarding the vaccine uptake refers to the girls’ claims as “unfounded” even though not a single person from the HSE or the ICS has ever investigated their claims or has even had the common decency to meet with them, despite numerous requests.

The talk in Galway took place on August 23, aimed at reaching as many fence-sitters as possible before the start of school next week. For some of the injured girls’ families, it was the first opportunity they had to be in a forum where they could ask the very many questions they had of the people pushing the now failing vaccine programme. R.E.G.R.E.T. spokesperson Anna Cannon was not present, but some of the members of the support group were in attendance.

Professor Margaret Stanley, Ph.D.

Professor Margaret Stanley, Ph.D.

By the morning of the talk, it had been quickly established in the HPV vaccine-injured online community that the guest speaker, Professor Margaret Stanley, Ph.D., who had been a guest on numerous radio talk shows in the runup to the event, was in fact a Merck consultant in the past —  the manufacturer of the vaccine they were “selling,”Gardasil. This was not disclosed on the various talk shows; however, Dr. Stanley did disclose it at the beginning of her presentation in Galway. She also disclosed that she was involved in Gardasil’s development. Incredibly, she was very proud of this conflict and called it “her” vaccine.

Dr. Stanley’s talk focused on the reasons for the vaccine, the efficacy, and the safety, three things I’m sure every parent wants unbiased information on so that they can make an informed decision about this vaccine. She delivered all the standard Merck-sponsored studies very well, with the appropriate charts and graphs. However, right around the time she started to talk about the pharma-medical organizations who have touted the vaccine’s safety (CDC, ECDC, WHO, GAVI, etc.), implicated in previously reported cover-up scandals regarding the safety of Gardasil, things took a turn. Watch the video here (it’s not on You Tube) at around the 40-minute mark.

This was the first disruption of the evening. Clearly horrified, the person live streaming ran from the front row and fled to the back of the room for a few minutes until order was restored, forgetting that the audio was still running. However, for two-and-a-half minutes of an anguished father’s plea for information and clarity, the visual feed was censored.  We did hear quite clearly the audible “You’re full of shit!” as the man was silenced, adding to the now agitated tone of the “information session.”

There was a further disruption at the 44:50 mark, but it quickly died down before the clearly frazzled Dr. Stanley finished her presentation and declared that the vaccine was necessary, effective, and safe. I think Sanevax would disagree with you there, Dr. Stanley.

The real upset and the censorship accusations came once the live stream was cut  and right before wheelchair-bound, 16-year-old Rebecca Hollidge who was injured by the HPV vaccine was due to speak. The general public was unaware of the testimony she was about to give. Thanks to social media, some diligent parents kept the cameras rolling and were able to share with us this incredible story from this brave young woman. Despite her debilitating injuries at the hands of the vaccine she believes caused her paralysis — and facing down the woman who claims it as her own — we are left in awe at the tenacity and bravery of this young woman in standing up to Goliath and asking, “Do you feel guilty?” Dr. Stanley’s reply? “No I do not.” Wow.

Please watch the full exchange in the video above, where you can hear impassioned pleas from two fathers who refused to be silenced by the moderators. The scene is one of utter sadness and despair for this brave teenager as she demanded an answer from Dr. Stanley. The video went viral all over the world in a matter of hours. It had over 350,000 views on the first day it was released, and this poor girl remains ignored by her country’s health department. Perhaps this will catapult this issue into the lap of the new health minister, Mr. Simon Harris, and he will finally do what is right: remove this vaccine from the schools, initiate an independent investigation, and get the girls the medical help they need.

R.E.G.R.E.T.REGRET  issued a statement on August 25 which was sent to the health minister and all senators in Ireland’s newly elected government, highlighting their disgust at the ICS for censoring the parent Q&A from the live streaming public viewers. Here is an excerpt of that press release:

. . . it is of grave concern to us that the live stream of the talk was cut just as HPV vaccine-damaged teenager Rebecca Hollidge, 16, was getting ready to ask a question. The now wheelchair-bound Leitrim girl described her suffering in the aftermath of the vaccine, poignantly asking the doctor on the podium: “Do you feel guilty knowing that girls like me cannot complete their schooling, and end up in wheel chairs, in constant chronic pain?” However, this exchange was not available to members of the public viewing via the live stream, which had been available to that point.

The Irish Cancer society has a responsibility, in the interest of transparency and openness, to provide parents with a balanced account of both perceived benefits, and risks of the HPV vaccination. Members of REGRET attended the Galway talk so that the voices of those who have suffered as a direct result of the HPV vaccine could be heard.

We are at a loss to understand why Rebecca’s voice would be silenced.

. . .

We are also concerned that there may be a potential conflict of interest for the Irish Cancer Society, which is in documented receipt of donations from the makers and license holders of the very vaccine being promoted during these events.

This madness needs to stop. An entire generation has been put at risk all because of a vaccine that may prevent transmission of a usually harmless virus which has been associated with a disease (along with other risk factors) that is rare in industrialized countries, entirely preventable, and treatable with good access to medical care.

It was clear from the events that unfolded in Galway this week that Irish parents have had enough. They will no longer be silenced. Merck’s worst fears are finally coming to the fore. These teenagers are speaking out. We are hearing their stories. They are not helpless one-year-old babies;they are on social media giving their testimonies . . . and they’re not going away.

Goliath, meet Rebecca Hollidge. She has a big rock for ya!

~ ShamROCK

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29 Responses to The Irish Cancer Society Censors Parents’ Q&A after Heated Talk on HPV Vaccine – Watch the Video!

  1. Hans Scholl says:

    Shortly after taking his position as the Irish Health Minister, Simon Harris wasted no time attempting to revive a failed narrative. Picking up where his pro-big pharma, unempathetic predecessor Leo Varadkar left off, Harris started the medical double speak machine pushing an agenda while simultaneously covering his ass.
    Here are some direct quotes from Harris:

    “I don’t recommend that [the HPV vaccine] on a personal basis, I’m not a clinician, it’s not up to me to decide whether vaccines are safe…”
    “I take my lead from the medical advice made available to me from the Chief Medical Officer in the department, and also from expert clinicians working with the likes of the Irish Cancer Society.”

  2. Martin says:

    After 3 days online, the views for this video are now up to to 650k.
    Note that the National TV station in Ireland (‘RTE’) has never even mentioned the existence of this group of injured kids or their support group REGRET.

    • ShamROCK says:

      Thanks Martin, the views are 700k today. RTE could never cover this story, they are government sponsored. The print and radio media have been mostly supportive. More to come on that in the next few weeks. Thanks.

    • White Rose says:

      Martin , I too saw that marvellous total , but when I returned later I couldn’t find it again . Is 650k still there ? Or did YouTube GoogleCIA do a job on it ?

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        The high number was on their page, not on the YouTube version, which was uploaded later.

  3. White Rose says:

    Apparently Margaret is in Cork on Wednesday where I hope and pray she will be met with even more forceful opposition by parents of the vaccine maimed .

    • ShamROCK says:

      There were distraught parents at the Cork event also but it was not as blatant as the Galway event. Dr. Stanley was very guarded in her demeanor at the Cork event. Not very open to questions. They rushed out of there and didn’t give the parents a fair hearing. Video will be coming out of that shortly.

      • Hans Scholl says:

        Why didn’t they disrupt it entirely !
        If I had been there , I would have , I promise you .
        And I’m an Autism parent , not a Gardasil parent .

      • ShamROCK says:

        Well they had to maintain some kind of decorum. If they were disrespectful and disruptive then it might have backfired. You reach a wider audience with calm arguments. I think it worked really well. This was not planned. Rebecca went there to hear why they were pushing this vaccine, to see if they would outline the risks and they didn’t. It upset her greatly to hear that the only side effects were a sore arm.

  4. White Rose says:

    Margaret Stanley telling some tall tales .
    Gardakil has been maiming people globally – & she knows it .

    She actually tries blaming the Tdap vaccine at one point . Incredible .
    Margaret dont you know ? All vaccines are WMDs (Gardakil is a crime against humanity)

  5. Hans Scholl says:

    Dear Margaret Stanley , we are running a comedy night at my local boozer and was wondering if you a free for a booking , for you are a total buffoon .
    Pls let me know if you would be available although I suspect proud anti-vaxxers everywhere are trying to secure your services as we speak .

  6. Hans Scholl says:

    Professor Stanley you should be thoroughly and completely ashamed of yourself .
    We the parents of the vaccine maimed consider you a criminal .

  7. Hans Scholl says:

    TMR – you are the best ! I’m converted AoA is history for me .

    • ShamROCK says:

      Ah now, we love AofA, why not keep both?

      • White Rose says:

        Yes agreed and why not coordinate and communicate with each other . We need to collaborate ! Internationally , globally .
        These criminals are not going to be easily brought down .

        James Grunvig is doing some amazingly sterling work .
        He has really impressed me (listen to Gary Nulls Progressive Radio Network to hear his marvellous work following up on the Poul Thorsen debacle )

      • ShamROCK says:

        Thanks White Rose… we all communicate behind the scenes and do collaborate on some issues. We know James Grunvig’s work also. Thanks.

  8. Hans Scholl says:

    Poor old Margaret is not even able to get her work number down accurately .
    It is missing a last digit , perhaps not an accident :

    “Do you feel guilty?” Dr. Stanley’s reply? “No I do not.”

    I think this is the correct number (for anyone wishing to let her know about morals):
    Office Phone: +44 (0)1223 333732

  9. Hans Scholl says:

    “Dr. Stanley did disclose it at the beginning of her presentation in Galway. She also disclosed that she was involved in Gardasil’s manufacture. Incredibly, she was very proud of this conflict and called it “her” vaccine.”

    She cannot be the sharpest tool in the box to want to claim that piece of Sh^I^te as something to do with her .

    Department of Pathology
    University of Cambridge
    Tennis Court Road
    CB2 1QP

    Office Phone: +44 (0)1223 33373

    • ShamROCK says:

      Thanks Hans, I might email her this blog. And full disclosure, I changed the word ‘manufacture’ to ‘development’. God only knows where it is being manufactured!! I misspoke.

  10. Jeff Craig says:

    The work of Antoine Bechamp has all but disappeared from the internet searches (I could only find a couple references last year – didn’t search recently)….

    It was publicized that everything he discovered was testable – verified by tests anywhere the tests were done, all around the world.

    Why buried ? Why “lost” ? No money behind it. No money it the Truth, compared to trillions of dollars in the sickness industry.

    Andrew Moulden – why did he die? Was He Murdered? (a week or 2 before his book was published “all vaccines cause harm” / “how to recognize vaccine damage” (very very common damage; ignored or refused by the so-called ‘professionals’ making big money by continuing to promote complete lies in total disregard for peoples lives and health)….

    The whole world system IS deceitful, and almost everyone has been deceived by phrmacy. Let the TRUTH be known, found, searched out, revealed and encouraged.

    • Angela Coral Eisenhauer says:

      CDC still burn the books, so to speak. I research, I am also a microbiologist, pathologist……….. researching the failure of the Dtap (whooping cough) vaccine, which is causing the biggest non stop epidemic of whooping cough in Australia, I tested the kids in 2010. Vaccine failures, and others with working vaccines, were carriers, spreading it. I then followed the cover up, which included the failed jab more people around the babies being infected…………. (by vaccinated symptomless siblings)…….. didn’t work,

      next, Tdap in pregnancy, I followed this thu to Brazil, and to my horror, realised every one of those microcephalic babies, were in the group whose mothers were Tdap trialled, ie vaccinated in pregnancy. 100% correlation, I then knew they vaccinated in USA in pregnant women from around 2013.

      Horror of horrors, CDC ‘s own reference, said the rates of microcephaly, before they vaccinated in pregnancy was 800 a year. Present rate? more than 1 in 50, ie 25,000 a year, are now born microcephalic.

      Luckily I copied the reference, because as soon as I made this public on internet, as best I could, the references disappeared.

      So my advice, copy and download the reference, because they do remove references, that they don’t want people to read.

      CDC is the most corrupt place on earth, the more I research, the more horrified I become. As for zika causing microcephaly? Bullshit, not one scientist, has made the claim or said zika causes microcephaly, the report CDC did, to prove this, is not worth using as toilet paper…………… yet still mainstream “”paid media”” and “”paid publications”” publish their crap. I hope people go to my open faceboook page angela coral eisenhauer. I have REAL scientific references, and share, including the REAL research paper, re microcephaly, that of course, will never be allowed to be published, while CDC / Pharma are in control. WHO = CDC= PHARMA CORRUPTION. Even WHO, now are saying Zika hasn’t caused microcephaly, trying to regain some semblance of reputation.

      • ShamROCK says:

        Thank you Angela, I would be interested to see the screen shot you have of the microcephaly cases at 800 a year before they updated it to the 25,000. I did write about this in another blog because I saw that they had updated the webpage in Jan 2016. Zika is not my thing because I think this corruption will be exposed very early on. With the older vaccines, they weren’t faced with social media exposing it all. It will come out soon enough. I will look at your website and contact you 🙂 This post was about Gardasil 🙂 Thank you though, I can feel that you are passionate. 🙂

      • White Rose says:

        Angela I cannot see anything on your Farcebook page.
        Where do I see these papers ?

        We know they are locking down Farcebook .
        I began contacting our 650 MPs about William Thompson in 2014 and my farcebook account was closed ,I’d only been a member for 3 weeks . So state censorship , Nazi style , is all that protects the vaccination-eugenics industry .
        And we know the CIA own Farcebook (& Bono – shame on you Bono) . So you will need to find another way .

      • Angela Coral Eisenhauer says:

        new page vaxxed Australia and new Zealand………… so many want to post to my personal page angela coral eisenhauer, so a new page where everyone can discuss freely.
        my email is if you need references sent via email, ie the stuff about Dtap causing the whooping cough outbreaks, and Tdap in pregnancy causing microcephaly,,, ie poor bubs vaccine damaged before they even born, now 25,000 a year in USA< up from 400 a year, before pharma started jabbing pregnant women.

    • Hans Scholl says:

      Jeff , the Andrew Moulden story is very intriguing . I would love to know more from those who knew him (there are some very strange things said about him but possibly that was a smear campaign) – Who would know ?
      I believe Andrew Moulden was absolutely correct , every vaccine harms , it is a 100% failed technology in terms of preventative healthcare (as to its other more sinister & nefarious uses it is a 100% success).

      Have to confess I haven’t heard of Antoine Beachamp before – I’ll look out for that name .

      • Jeff Craig says:

        I haven’t seen the smear campaign against him, but certainly it has happened. EVERY Doctor who has offered the simple truth has been called a quack, black-listed by badfarma(sic).
        Every person has been poisoned. Every one, no exceptions.
        Yes, even if they NEVER took a drug(so-called ‘medicine’) or NEVER got a vax, they’ve still been poisoned. It cannot be avoided in the last 75 years.
        Give up ? No. Keep doing what can be done, simply.

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