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Anaphylactic Food Allergy Is NOT Normal

A Facebook friend posted this as her status last week. Many people don’t understand the severity or seriousness of life-threatening food allergy in today’s children because it is unlike anything they ever knew when they were children. We think it’s … Continue reading

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My Immunocompromised Daughter Is “The Kid Who Can’t Be Vaccinated”

My sweet E was born healthy 16 years ago following an uncomplicated pregnancy. She had great Apgars and was amazing at breastfeeding right from the start. At E’s two-week check-up, I questioned the pediatrician on the necessity of the hepatitis … Continue reading

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Trending: Vaccines in the News

I was watching a news clip a few weeks ago when I heard, “ . . . tonight we’re reporting on a new trend, parents saying no to vaccinations. Could this trend be causing the latest outbreak?”   What did … Continue reading

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Calling All New Yorkers and Vaccine Choice Advocates!

  Demonstration to Stop NYC-only forced shots Tuesday, Dec. 10, New York City Hall   A demonstration and press conference will be held on Tuesday, December 10 at City Hall in New York City to protest the attempt by Mayor … Continue reading

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