We Are Thankful For…

The Thinking Moms’ Revolution would like to acknowledge and express our sincere gratitude for the following organizations for your contributions to the autism community. We are truly grateful for your unwavering tenacity and your tireless efforts to raise awareness and help us heal our children. We are honored to walk among you.

National Autism Association – http://nationalautismassociation.org/

Talk About Curing Autism –  http://www.tacanow.org/

Generation Rescue –  http://www.generationrescue.org/

Autism One – http://www.autismone.org/

The Autism File –  http://www.autismfile.com/

Autism Aid –  http://www.autismaid.org/

Linderman Unleashed – http://radio.naturalnews.com/Archive-LindermanUnleashed.asp

The Misuta Project – http://www.youtube.com/user/ljactivist

National Vaccine Information Center – http://www.nvic.org/

Safeminds – http://www.safeminds.org/

The Canary Party –  http://www.canaryparty.org/

Adventures in Autism –  http://adventuresinautism.blogspot.com/

Regarding Caroline – http://regardingcaroline.com/

Gaia Health –  http://www.gaia-health.com/

Vactruth  http://vactruth.com/

Vaxtruth –  http://vaxtruth.org/

Age of Autism – http://www.ageofautism.com/

Elizabeth Birt Center for Autism Law & Advocacy – http://www.ebcala.org/

The Refusers –  http://therefusers.com/

Autism Research Institute – http://www.autism.com/

Natural News Radio – http://radio.naturalnews.com/

The Bolen Report – http://www.bolenreport.com/

The Sears Family – http://askdrsears.com

Anne Dachel – http://www.annedachel.com/

Autism is Medical –  http://www.meetup.com/Autism-Is-Medical/

Surfers Healing – http://www.surfershealing.org/

Surfers for Autism – http://www.surfersforautism.org/

The Puzzling Piece – http://www.thepuzzlingpiece.com/


In addition to these organizations, we would like to thank all of the practitioners who work so hard to heal our children. And to all of you bloggers out there, thank you for sharing your lives with us.   Please add to our list.  Who has helped you along the way?

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29 Responses to We Are Thankful For…

  1. Pierrette says:

    This comment is to Professor
    Professor my own father doubted that vaccinations have a role in autism
    When I handed my dad my little boys completed vaccine schedule my dad started to cry then said ” I thought you were talking about 4 or 5 vaccinations , this lists that B…, had 22 vaccinations by the time he was 6 months old and 30 by the time he was 2.” He then said ” can we sue this Pediatrician?” I explained to him that I did not even realize that B…., was getting so many vaccines because the Pediatrician mixed more then one vaccine per needle & he was using the SAME schedule as other Pediatricians. also I went on to explain to him that PRIOR to ramping up the vaccine schedule the Pharmaceutical companies had the Vaccine injury act passed which says you can not sue if there is an injury due to vaccines. After the bill was passed many more vaccine were available to the Pediatricians. Our sons doctor is now an Integrative Medicine Doctor, he said when he was a Pediatrician giving vaccines was the most lucrative part of his income, he wanted to give as many as possible to keep his office very profitable, no other service that he offered was as profitable.
    If you understand the human body you find that vaccines impair the child’s immune system at a young vulnerable age. By the time my son was 2 we went from being an outdoorsy athletic family to shut-ins because his diarrhea. And because his autoimmune disease meant that he would catch every sickness in the air. At that time he also developed dangerous allergies to normal foods, milk, eggs, soy, wheat and nuts. It was truly terrifying and most moms taking care of children with autism
    At 2 years old we checked into Children’s Hospital for 3 days to see if they could help, fist they gave my son was given a $6000. Chromosome test which showed he has No Genetic predisposition to autism
    We left with no answers except that he had a compromised immune system, they called it mysterious PDD-NOS
    My point is this people hear the vaccine complaint and have no earthly idea that it’s 30 vaccines by 2 & that they are mixed together.
    It’s this lack of info that has people without children not UP on what’s going on.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Thank you for your story, Pierrette. It’s so true that people, especially those who are older than me and whose children have grown long ago, often just don’t realize the sheer magnitude of today’s vaccine schedule on steroids. On our Facebook page we frequently post side by side comparisons of schedules pre-1986 (the year that law was passed) and today’s. By the way, NO doctor should be “mixing” vaccines into one needle. I’m glad your doctor has wised up in a lot of ways, but I truly hope he was not doing that! Vaccines are not tested in combination with each other at all, but they are CERTAINLY not tested mixed together in one needle.

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  3. Cynthia burns says:

    My son was not autistic until his MMR vaccine. Medical fact. Alex was featured on tje TV show Dr Phil in March of 2008. He was born with Down syndrome and after MMR became autistic. Fact.

  4. Eileen Borut says:

    Just found out about your organization from reading about Roundup.

    Are u guys aware of arsenic? The rice connection or organic brown rice syrup? Secret Ingredients, understanding low dose toxins. from A Trace of Arsenic and Food Radar in Discover October 2013– by Deborah Blum Pulitizer Prize Winning Science Journalist and information from Brian Jackson, Analytical Chemist from Dartmouth Toxic Metals Superfund Research
    (if you are unable to get a copy, I can send the information to you e-mail or hard mail)

    in particular ..arsenic is found in the Earth’s crust, mixes with other minerals and seeps into water supplies, drifts on plumes of volcanic eruptions, travels on the wind and spreads through industrial use. Rice is grown in regions of South where the soil is contaminated by old arsenic based pesticides, once used by farmers to protect cotton crops from boll weevils….

    I keep health information on my twitter site, like, Bisphenol A, water bottle which leach according to number, by law, bottles do not have to disclose bottle content by numbers or by stating BPA free. . and BPA free sippy cups like the lollacup, because The core of our business is children.

    I support a teen, so, I am I active in her social life, academic life, financial life and spiritual life. She, in turns, helps with my business.

    Nice communicating with you.

    Eileen Borut
    Entrepreneur, Author, Writer, Patent Partnership
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

  5. Emily Neff says:

    Please add the Weston A. Price Foundation to your list of organizations. Their information on nutrition, traditional foods, and against vaccines could really help. Here’s just one article: http://www.westonaprice.org/health-topics/autism-and-vaccinations/

  6. nivchek says:

    Just want to chime in that we’ve healed our kids ASD. No one believes me when I say so in blog comments. It’s like announcing that I’ve personally been to the moon. They all say “impossible”! I hate that. I’m so glad to have found this place. Makes me want to cry. Happy cry.

    • Darla says:

      Please let me know info on recovery. My daughter is as severe as it gets.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Read Outsmarting Autism by Patricia Lemer. It outlines the most common difficulties and a straightforward strategy to alleviate them.

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  8. Blondie says:

    In 2008 after being on the TV show Dr. Phil and meeting Dr. Doreen Granpeeshah who introduced us to Dr. Elizabeth Mumper my son began to heal. Our son used to come home from school everyday and would start crying for 2-3 hrs. The locals Dr.’s blamed his crying on everything from behaviors to hormones changing. Thanks Dr. Mumper for listening to Alex through me his mom. Because of Dr. Mumper my son stopped coming up and crying. While I have not cured my son of Autism he is dually dx with Down syndrome and Autism but has improved. One day I believe with Dr. Mumper’s help we will wipe out the Autism in our son.

  9. Madi says:

    All you talk about is autism in kids. What about us teenagers and adults? It is just as difficult if not more to deal with autism in young adults, and there seem to be even less resources available for us than for children. Raise awareness for autism in all ages, not just in children!

  10. I am thankful for the opportunity to help all of you. Hi Everyone,
    I do not have an autistic child, but I do know of many who do. I’m a parent of an adult child with her own challenges. I’m here to share with you hope that your child can get better without the use of drugs. I’ve heard the testimonies from parents with autistic children (no matter what the age). First, for your health, then you can focus (if you want) on creating wealth (or do both at the same time).
    It has been found that autistic children have very toxic bodies and very low glutathione (#1 anti-oxidant, created in the body). Glutathione can only be increased by a dip, directly into the body or by taking ASEA Health Supplement ( aka Redox Signaling Molecules in a bottle) which is 100% nontoxic and works on a cellular level, it is Native to the body. Your cells will now do its own detoxing of these metals and toxins and build its own glutathione again, etc. This works on people, animals and plants.
    Since your focus is on improving your child’s wellbeing and functioning capacity, please check this product out. Want to hear from a parent with an autistic child directly how much the child has improved on this product, let me know and I’ll connect you.

    Please see my website for more info on the product and contact me with your questions at http://lifecaughtmyeye.teamasea.com or you can call me at 201-981-8643
    You can start helping your child get better now, without drugs, how awesome is that!!!!
    Have a great day.
    Barbara Jacoby
    Life Caught My Eye LLC
    Helping Heal the World…One Person at a Time©
    Helping Save and Grow the American Dream…One Person at a Time©

  11. Carolyn says:

    It may be self serving but I am going to give a should out to L.E.A.N. On Us. We were the first over a decade ago to start a movement to ensure victims with autism and other disabilities were no longer invisible. Our Office for Victims of Crime project specific to meeting the needs of individuals with autism was and is the only national program supported by the Department of Justice to support individuals with ASD. Each and everyday a small group of volunteers assist victims, families, and professionals to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities. We may seem small to some but we’ve done much with very little.

    We also salute all of those parents each and everyday who ensure their child’s safety when never knowing what may transpire.

    Thank you all at TMR for all you are doing and to each parent that each day has the strength to not remain silent.

    Happy Thanksgiving all.

    Carolyn Gammicchia
    Executive Director
    L.E.A.N. On Us

  12. Jennifer Barsamian says:

    I am so thankful for my son’s recovery and all the people who made it happen…especially:
    – Dr. Steven Edelson of the Edelson center in Atlanta GA where we learned about chelation, glutathione, toxins, mercury, cerebrolysin, blood ozone, sauna therapy, and supplementation/detoxification based on your child’s genetics
    – Ann Brasher at the Yahoo group “Chelating Kids 2”
    – Mom’s against Mercury
    – Safe Minds
    – Dr. Kenneth Bock and the Rheinbeck Health Center
    – Martha Herbert
    – Dr. Richard Deth who spent hours explaining methylation to my autism mommy friends and I at a Panera Bread in Cambridge a long long time ago
    – Kazuko Curtin and Care Clinics
    – Miracle Mountain children’s hyperbarics
    – Dr. Amy Yasko – her genetic tests have provided the blue print for my son’s entire recovery
    – Natalie Golos who taught me about food sensitivities, the rotation diet, and the clean room (chemical free household)
    – Dr. Carlos Aguilar in Mexico who supplied the growth factors (Fibroblast Growth Factor 2) which allowed my son’s motor skills to develop so that he could finally pedal a trike at age 5
    – All the amazing parents we met at the Power of Truth Rally in DC (where my son spoke) and the Green our Vaccines Rally in DC
    – Bob Morgan at Heavenly Heat Sauna
    – Bernard Rimland and the Autism Research Institute

    • JennyK says:

      Jennifer, I have TONS of questions!!! I’m so new at this and just finding my feet.
      Can you email me?

      And any one else who have done “therapies” that worked!!!

      Please, please and thanks! Grateful to find all you relentless parents.

      JennyK (from NJ)
      [email protected]

  13. nhokkanen says:

    This is the warped mentality we’re up against:
    People so self-focused that they allow no room for others’ health experiences.
    People so fear-reactive that they refuse to acknowledge vaccine-induced autism.
    People so protective of reputation, cash and cronies that they’ll perpetuate lies unend.


    • Carolyn says:

      This is so true and why we must continue to tell the truth and keep moving forward. I have faith we will prevail. I have to, this is my second decade I’ve almost finished since hearing our son’s dx. I can’t not stop trying to have others not hear it.

    • Claire says:

      You base all of your feelings about vaccines and autism on a single study that was proven to be falsified? Think you’re the one who’s fear-reactive here…

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Why does anyone ever assume anyone bases “all their feelings about vaccines and autism on a single study”? Oh, that’s right, because the media keeps telling them so. The plain fact is that NO ONE bases their opinions about vaccines and autism on one study. Let me repeat that: NO ONE bases their opinions about vaccines and autism on one study. Least of all, Ms. Hokkanen. So can we please FINALLY get beyond this foolishness?

      • Claire says:

        I would like to first point out that I don’t get information from the media or Hollywood–I paid a lot of money for a university degree and microbiology courses. Since you clearly don’t base your opinions on that study, please show me some quality, peer-reviewed scientific studies that support your opinion.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        So you got your opinion of people who don’t vaccinate from microbiology classes? Interesting. Wonder if your professors actually bothered to do any research on the subject before smearing people. Seems unlikely if they actually gave you the impression that anyone bases their opinion of the whole of vaccines on a case series of 12 children. You see the vast majority of US “paid a lot of money for a university degree” or two, too. Well, I didn’t pay that much because it only took three years to get my degree in physics, and the scholarship covered a lot.

        I have to say that the please is a whole lot nicer than your previous demand for research studies that I decided wasn’t even worth approving. You see, no one answers those demands because there’s no upside for us. Anyone with a tiny bit of interest in actually looking at and assessing research that opposes their original viewpoint and discussing it like rational human beings doesn’t go around demanding other people do their homework for them. They ask politely, because they know that no one owes them anything.

        You can start with the 96 papers on this list: http://adventuresinautism.blogspot.com/2007/06/no-evidence-of-any-link.html

      • Claire says:

        Professor…so you’re saying that you know more about how vaccines work than people who’ve spent years studying the topic? Fascinating, considering your physics degree would cover nothing about immunology.

        I would also like to add that those “sources” that you have linked me too are either irrelevant (one was referencing exposure to large doses of aluminum in an industrial setting), not peer-reviewed, or too small of a sample size to be relevant. Anyone can conduct a “study” and post it online; unless it’s from Pubmed or a legitimate university website, and is peer-reviewed, it isn’t acceptable as a legitimate, scientific study. Sorry. Nice try though.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Yep. The initial impression given with your demand was the correct impression. You aren’t interested in learning anything. If you were, you would have noted the vast majority of those studies WERE peer-reviewed, WERE done by “legitimate universities,” and ARE available on PubMed, and all support some aspect of a link between vaccines and autism, many with damning conclusions about the effect of early childhood vaccines on infant brains and bodies.

        You may consider it “irrelevant” that the particular ingredients of vaccines studied (in particular ethylmercury and aluminum) can cause damage to developing brains and mitochondria, but the parents of those children whose brains were damaged and who know that “underlying mitochondrial disorders” have been shown to make children more susceptible to that damage, do not. You may also consider it “irrelevant” that one study supported the existence of regressive autism. But again, those parents who watched it happen after a round of vaccines, and then were told that autism is a genetic condition present from birth by every “expert” in the field, don’t consider it “irrelevant” at all. You may consider it irrelevant to consider “toxicity, oxidative stress, and neuronal insult” in connection to onset of autism, but most parents who have worked to reduce their child’s toxic load and oxidative stress know that the biggest contributors to those features of their children’s illness came from one or more rounds of vaccines (for some it was something else, like general anesthesia). You may think that “glutathione depletion” is irrelevant, but, again, the parents know that acetaminophen use (Tylenol) is associated with glutathione depletion, reducing some children’s capacity to detoxify metals like mercury and aluminum (ingredients in their children’s vaccines). You may consider it irrelevant to consider inflammation of neurons in the brain in connection with autism, but parents know that encephalopathy is a common side effect of many vaccines (all you have to do is look at the vaccine inserts for that one, or the VAERS database, or compensated cases of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program to see that connection). Enjoy your denial as long as you can, but for the sake of any children you may have, I wouldn’t wait too long.

        I never said I know more about vaccines than people who’ve spent years studying the topic. What I did say I KNOW is the people who don’t vaccinate. And I know the reasons WHY they don’t, which, by the way, we make loud and clear at every available opportunity. Your professors clearly DON’T. I have no way of knowing if your professors know a great deal about vaccines or not, as I don’t know them. But if they were telling you that ANYONE was basing their opinion of vaccines on ONE study of TWELVE children done 17 years ago, then YES they were ‘smearing’ people, because as has been abundantly demonstrated it has nothing whatsoever to do with the TRUTH. One thing we do agree on? You don’t need to insult people when you have the truth behind you. And sorry, that wasn’t even worth a “nice try.”

      • Claire says:

        And my professors didn’t “smear” people; they taught us hard facts found from evidence-based research. You don’t need to insult people when you have the truth behind you.

  14. Lucia Alonso says:

    Sima Ash our CEASE therapist who is WAY MORE THAN THAT! She’s taken her responsibility as our homeopath way beyond the norm. She’s made us feel like we are part of her family, part of her life, part of her. She’s more than my sons homeopath, she’s our friend!
    Sima Ash YOU’RE ONE OF A KIND!

  15. luvbugtmr says:

    All the parents in the trenches, sharing information and the details that get lost in the “in-office” when meeting with practitioners…

  16. Deborah Z. O'Leary (@REALMOMMA2155) says:

    Other pioneers in this battle: A Shout Out to Moms Against Mercury.

  17. Becky Martinez says:

    In N.J we have poac(parents of autistic children). Unlike autism speaks, this organization gives back to our community by providing free recreational events for autistic children and siblings and free seminars to parents and professionals. My kids love the poac events!!!!

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