Time’s Up for Autism Epidemic Denials

May 23, 2018


The people who say autism can’t be caused by vaccines are the same ones who admit vaccines can cause the damage to the body that results in the exact same behaviors used to diagnose autism. It’s word games. That’s it.

[In acknowledging Hannah’s injuries, the government said vaccines aggravated an unknown mitochondrial disorder Hannah had which didn’t ’cause’ her autism, but ‘resulted’ in it.]1

They will forever stand on their ridiculous podiums swearing vaccines can’t cause autism knowing that their only option to regain credibility at this point is to attempt to crucify the parents who hold medical records in their hands showing the truth.

They have no choice. They are in too deep. There are so many of us now that to admit a problem would be catastrophic to all their lies and their pocketbooks. It went too far. They could have stopped this train so many years ago, but instead of seeking real answers and helping these families through this mess, they opted to deny, deny, deny.

Tick tock.



Now the world understands that–as more years goes by, autism steals more and more of our children, and the vaccine schedule mounts without pause–Jenny McCarthy and Andrew Wakefield weren’t the problem. The scapegoat has to be those dang crazy parents who can’t understand the science. But then the world was told that those crazy anti-vaxxers were actually the most educated, held higher degrees, served in medicine and

[For example, Opel et al. found that parents with higher levels of education were nearly four times as likely to be concerned about the safety of vaccine than those from lower education levels.31 Similarly, Smith et al. found that refusal of all childhood vaccines was more common among college educated parents than those with lower levels of education.]2

science and had more years of study in this arena than most pediatricians. and these parents were alarmed and speaking out. And all of a sudden those medical records they had of their sweet babies before and after vaccines held more clout and people listened.

Tick tock.

And, poof, measles and mumps were headlines. Because even the media ran out of steam trying to blame refrigerator moms, desperate parents trying to blame anything, and celebrities. All that’s left is to scream fire–when there is no fire–and hope nobody notices the truth. They know that the general public doesn’t follow the Merck lawsuits on mumps vaccine efficacy or know who William Thompson is. They can bank on people being more scared of measles than of autism.

Well maybe . . . until those people realize that autism isn’t just The Good Doctor, and for many actually means seizures, drowning, banging heads into walls, screaming for days on end, constant sickness, no ability to communicate, abuse and half the life expectancy of a typical child. Then there might be a problem. Because we all know someone with autism now, don’t we? We know that our grandbabies are facing that 1 in 2 statistic. We know that cute and quirky isn’t the totality of autism reality. We know that NO amount of rearranging data makes this slow down. We know that side stepping cause by hoping people buy into genetics hasn’t worked, and Dad’s old sperm and Mom’s love of pills never quite took hold. What’s left?

Tick tock.

Autism is symptoms, symptoms of a disastrous system that got so far out of hand that nobody wants to be in charge because they know the truth. The truth is in the science. It’s in the inserts. It’s in the genetic tests. It’s in the eyes of the children who can no longer make eye contact. It’s in our medical records.

It’s in your classroom and on your playground.

It’s undeniable, no matter how many ways it’s spun. No matter how many word games are played: Vaccines can and do cause autism. And it’s not just in some anymore; it’s in many.

Tick tock.

~ Crush

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8 Responses to Time’s Up for Autism Epidemic Denials

  1. nhokkanen says:

    Because the CDC is “paralyzed” about autism, as Dr. William Thompson has stated, change must come from the outside.

    If CDC employees disgusted with vaccine collateral damage will not find a way to gracefully replace corrupt leaders, then it behooves U.S. citizens to push for arrest, court trials and imprisonment for all participants in vaccine data fraud.

  2. Brad says:

    Who are you going to believe? The CDC or your lying eyes? Another suspension of rational thought is the doctors who say that when a baby boy is desperately screaming when they cut his dick that babies do not feel pain. Maybe it is the ridiculous white coat and stethoscope shtick that makes us think they are important and smart. How can people not laugh in their faces when they say such things? That we take them seriously is perhaps even more remarkable.

    • John collins says:

      Wonder who you go to if you were really sick?

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        You’ve asked that before, ignoring the fact that many of the people who read this site (and/or their children) ARE “really sick.” Many of them have told you that they got little-to-no help (if they weren’t downright harmed) from mainstream medicine and lots of help from “alternative medicine” sources that you have dismissed. Stop asking people if you’re just going to ignore their answers when they don’t say what you want to hear.

        Of course if by “really sick” you mean “had a car accident” or “got shot,” then most people would tell you they’d head to an ER because they know that those things play to mainstream medicine’s strengths. There is nothing wrong with picking and choosing from all the available medical treatments based upon one’s current needs. But if you believe, as some people seem to, that getting a cast on a broken leg, or surgery to sew up a bullet hole, somehow obligates one to sign up for whatever any doctor cares to prescribe, then you really need to examine your own preconceived notions.

  3. susan welch says:

    This is such an excellent post. Thank you for summing up the current situation so succinctly. Many years ago my son, who has 2 young men with autism. said ‘They have dug a hole so deep that they have no choice, now, but to keep on digging.’

    I think they have more or less reached the bottom of that hole now and only the corrupt media, governments and health authorities working together are stopping the whole carnage/catastrophe from exploding. It (the cover-up) cannot go on forever.

  4. Anon says:

    agree all….

    as an add on….Most Doctors do not have any grounding in Science/Chemistry. Seriously.

    They do get a “lot” of info from Drug Companies, Info Sessions (also sponsored by Drug Companies), Phamphlets (also sponsored by Drug Companies)…etc….Oh yes, and do not forget those Bonuses/Incetatives/Awards (again sponsored by Drug Companies)

    Seriously, they are not grounded in Science/Chemistry. No idea what makes them think they are therefore “qualified” to discuss Science / Chemistry of vaccine effects on the human body.

    • John collins says:

      Anon. My understanding is that most physicians in the US have at least four semesters of College Chemistry, four semesters of College Biology, and two of College Physics, even if they’re not science majors. One physician I know socially, a Psych major in College, also had two semesters of College Calculus, and a total of 6 semesters each of Biology and Chemistry, but perhaps that’s not enough for you to consider them “grounded” in Science/Chemistry (which is a subset of Science).

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Not quite: “Most schools agree on the basic elements for pre-medical education. Minimum course requirements include one year each of biology, general (inorganic) chemistry, organic chemistry, physics, and related lab work for each. In addition, about two-thirds require English and about one quarter require calculus. A small number of schools have no specific course requirements.”

        I don’t know if you studied science in college, but as I majored in physics and took two years of chemistry (including organic chemistry) and one year of astronomy with Jay Pasachoff, who authored the widely used textbooks (including the senior seminar because I was a physics major and could handle the work), I can tell you that an intro year for each discipline doesn’t really qualify as a “grounding” in science. Much as physicians like to think they are scientists, they are not. Even a bachelor’s degree in a scientific field does not automatically provide the ability to analyze data, read a study critically, or even more importantly the ability to design one well.

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