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Meet Our Children – March 30, 2012



So Now That You’re Aware… – April 30, 2012



Meet The Generation Of Children We Refuse To Lose – May 24, 2012



Thinking Dads – June 17, 2012



Our Children’s Eyes – September 13, 2012



TMR Video Tex In The Trenches with Beth Lambert

Tex In The Trenches with Beth Lambert – October 16, 2012



TMR’s Big Announcement – November 15, 2012



TMR Video Tex Interview Rep Dan Burton

Tex Interviews Representative Dan Burton – November 28, 2012



TMR Video This is autism

This Is Autism – December 6, 2012



TMR Video Meet The Thinkers Sunshine

Meet The Thinkers: Sunshine – January 9, 2013 (video courtesy of Stephanie Rodrigues Melson)


TMR Video Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary TMR – February 9, 2013



TMR PR Video Gallery of 10Q&A with The Thinking Moms – March 1, 2013




TMR Video Who We Are

Who We Are – May 22, 2013



TMR Video Tell Your Story

Tell Your Story – July 3, 2013




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