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Silent Sunday: Happy Birthday Mr. Mamacita!

Today is my husband’s birthday.  He’s the man I fell madly in love with way back in 1997.  The first time I ever saw him I said to myself, “I need to meet this guy!”  Three months later a friend … Continue reading

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Fifty Shades of Poo

Poo. Poop. Caca. Crap. Sh!t.   Every parent, from those raising typical kids to those with special-needs children can share a poop story or two.  We autism parents can easily share loads more can-you-believe-it poop stories.  Kim Stagliano did even better:  … Continue reading

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Time To School The School Nurses

So, I get my kids’ back-to-school packages in the mail last Friday.  After the summer we’ve had I cannot wait for school to start!  I didn’t even get over the threshold of my house before eagerly opening the large envelope … Continue reading

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School Shots

One month left of vacation.  One month of waking whenever and doing whatever.  One month before the school bells ring.  One month to fill backpacks with school supplies.  And for some, there’s one month left to get back-to-school vaccinations before … Continue reading

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To Tell The Truth….

Saturday was the National Tell the Truth Day.  I was too busy taking care of my sick children to write a post about it over the weekend though.  I really wanted to because the thought of certain people who won’t tell the … Continue reading

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Silent Sundays: Silent, But Not Silenced

  Many of our children have lost their voices. Their silence is painful. Difficult to interpret. Sometimes full of sadness. When we discovered how quickly our children’s ability to communicate was taken away, our own voices became louder, stronger and … Continue reading

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Being Prepared With A Capital P!

Last week saw some dangerous situations across several states.  First we read about the wildfires in Colorado leveling homes and several communities.  Then a severe wind and rain storm that spanned from Indiana to much of the central east coast … Continue reading

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Gone Thinking…

Hey, Thinkers! If you’ve been following our Facebook page you might have noticed we’re a little bit distracted.  Bit by bit our group has traveled from across the globe this week.  The Thinkers have descended upon the Westin in Chicago … Continue reading

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Freedom to Think

A young mother sits in the pediatrician’s waiting room.  She looks around at other young parents.  Are they as nervous as she is? Are they going through a list of questions for the doctor?  Do they even know they should … Continue reading

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Not by Chance

I had an appointment for myself last week. It was supposed to be cancelled and actually was at 5pm Thursday.  But the office manager said for me to come in on Friday morning anyway; they’d squeeze me in. The appointment … Continue reading

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