Vaccines Caused My Son’s Autism

BlazeI have been in the world of special-needs advocacy for 10 years, and in that time I have come across countless people who are defensive, close-minded, and extremely indoctrinated about their across-the-board absolute statements that vaccines can’t cause autism.  These people are often applauded or even possibly financially compensated for their stance.

After a decade of some disappointing and one-sided conversations, I refuse to go toe-to-toe with these people anymore, because they are not going to hear me, and I am not going to hear them.  But I would like to go on record with a quick list of how I know it did (in my son’s situation), and does happen.  VACCINES CAN CAUSE “AUTISM.”  THEY CAUSED MY SON’S “AUTISM.”  THEY CAUSED MANY OF MY FRIENDS’ CHILDREN’S “AUTISM.”


Here’s what I want to say to all the people who say it isn’t so:

1)  Many people have been compensated in vaccine court for medical issues that are a part of their autism and even autism itself.  If the American government is paying people who have autism due to vaccine-injury, how can you say vaccines don’t cause autism?

2)  Many autoimmune issues are scattered throughout my family including lupus, epilepsy, asthma, allergies, and eczema.  How do you attempt to trick a baby’s immune system, when that system is likely not functioning properly? Thirteen needles worth of maniuplation by six months of age without consideration for family history is just plain old insanity, actually.  But that’s what happened to my son.

3) Speaking of family history, my sister spent a week in the hospital after the MMR at age 7, and my cousin contracted a “rare blood disease” after her nursing school vaccines at age 24.  My sister was never vaccinated again per her pediatrician, and my cousin will never vaccinate herself or any child she may have, either. Which leads to the argument that there are people who cannot handle vaccines, and that’s why everyone ELSE should be vaccinated — to create herd immunity for those that are contraindicated, immune-challenged individuals like my son.  Well, no one is considering each child’s vulnerability.  No one. Every child is vaccinated with no questions asked (unless the parent refuses). In addition, herd immunity is nothing more than a theory. I haven’t been vaccinated in years. And I certainly wasn’t vaccinated against much.  Studies show immunity wanes in 2-10 years. I’ve had maybe seven vaccines. How many adults do you know who are fully vaccinated?

4)  I worked for a pediatrician as an autism family advocate. I did intake for approximately 300 families with children with autism.  I took my story to the CDC.  From what I saw, many of these families and their previous doctors linked vaccines to their children’s issues.   There were no “coincidences.”  Like my family, more than half had autoimmune family histories.

5)  As an activist in children’s health, you meet many moms who have
sick children.  Some of them have kids with autism, some with PANDAS/PANS, some with life-threatening allergies, others with the most terrible of attention/behavior issues, skin issues, learning issues, sleep issues, breathing issues.  Some with mitochondrial disorders, some with genetic issues in the family, some even courageously face cancer.  Because most of these issues can overlap, we may not even see it because we don’t know what “normal” looks like anymore. Children with chronic health issues have become the norm.  Many things can be connected to the declining health of America, but some things stand out:  the uptake in vaccines; the uptake in the use of Roundup and GMOs; the uptake in general use of chemicals with no safety data, making vaccines just that much more potentially harmful. All combining to poison our children.

6)  My son’s issues have improved dramatically from treatment for vaccine injury.  He has been treated for heavy metal burden, immune system dysfunction involving hard to treat systemic pathogens, gut dysbiosis and inflammation.  And his life is going to turn out great, you know why?  We TREATED the vaccine injury.  He was basically non-verbal at four and not toileting at age five. He is now a seventh grader and is fully included.  You can read more about him and our path in the last chapter of The Thinking Moms’ book.

7)  And finally, here’s the rub.  My son’s pediatrician concluded that his autism was caused by his vaccines.  You do not know my child.  His doctor and his parents do.

I am completely aware that this might not be your child’s story.  I am only telling ours.  Our TRUTH.

~ Blaze

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129 Responses to Vaccines Caused My Son’s Autism

  1. g says:

    After 3 years that I found out my son’s autism now he is 6 years old, I wanted to share my thoughts, findings, experience. I hope this will help few people.
    For some people, Autism is caused by vaccines. It is like allergy. If your parents have allergy you will most likely will have that allergy. It is as simple as this. Every person’s reaction to any allergy could be different. Some less, some more. Someone needs to figure out a test, and families should be mandatory to take that test and know their risks.
    Q: How can I improve the symptoms ?
    A: They are quite obvious.Digestions problems: diet, but keep trying to add new food every day, Speech problems: speech therapy, Sleeping problems: if you can, change your house. This goes under “environmental ” issues. So, changing the house, room will give a chance to reset some things. It helped me.
    ABA Therapy? It helps. How much it will help? It depends how much the damage caused by vaccines.
    Will this nightmare will be over? It depends. A lot of time, money, love, can fix a lot of things. It also depends how much is the damage. I am hopeful that my son will be able to talk (now he can say things that you want him to say but not as conversation) and do things.
    You need to take him/her everywhere you can. You need to teach everything. Learning is slow, but when they learn they will do it.
    Good luck.

  2. questions says:

    So do you not believe in any vaccines at all? Or just the ones that doctors bombard infants with? The shingles vaccine is a wonderful example of a vaccine that has not caused any sort of autism, and is administered to middle aged to older adults. As someone who’s father contracted shingles a few years back and the outburst led to MS, I would not hesitate to get vaccinated against shingles as an adult. I feel like there is a blanket statement on ALL vaccines, when really, each vaccine is completely different than another. Just wanting to know your opinion…

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      It’s not a question of “believing” in vaccines or not. It’s a question of understanding the risks and benefits of each vaccine on an individual basis. Contrary to popular belief, vaccines do not get a blanket stamp of “safe and effective” the moment they are developed. In fact, they are frequently not tested in the populations they are “recommended” for because that would be “unethical.” Nor are they tested against true placebos. Nor are they tested in the combinations they are usually administered in. Once you know this, you can never just accept a bland assurance that “it will be fine.” Vaccines are designed to hyperstimulate the production of antibodies. Repeatedly doing that in the absence of pathogens to attack has consequences, whether we like it or not.

      The shingles vaccine is an example of a vaccine that would be completely unnecessary for the majority of the population if we hadn’t decided to recommend another unnecessary vaccine for the majority of the population. Chicken pox is a benign illness in the overwhelming majority of cases. In addition, though, circulating chicken pox serves to “tune up” the immune systems of older people and keep them from getting shingles. By eliminating the circulation of chicken pox to a large extent, we are seeing many more cases of shingles at younger and younger ages. Awesome, huh? Not only are the elderly and the very run-down susceptible to shingles now, so are young children. And, while infections CAN trigger autoimmune illnesses like MS, they seem to be triggered more often by vaccines. When I had an extremely mild case of shingles (small patch of blisters on my hip that hurt a bit, then itched for a week or so), I transmitted the virus to my children who both had chicken pox as a result. The vaccine for chicken pox is a wrong-headed move. Because vaccinated people can and do get shingles, you cannot eliminate chicken pox completely. All you can do is readjust susceptibilities to people who are more likely to have serious adverse reactions because they are not at the age when it is commonly contracted and is the safest, and make the whole population susceptible to shingles.


    okay #1 I have Autism.
    #2 my autism was not caused by vaccines.
    #3 I had my autism from when i was born, not from when i got a couple microscopic bits of mercury shot into my arm.
    and according to your high and mighty third paragraph, the government gives money to people who have children with autism that is supposedly caused by vaccines. well let me tell YOU something! THIS is what I think of the government:
    that man is not a liar.
    the government only gave those people money because they KNOW they can just tax it back from them.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Jensen, you may very well be correct about YOUR autism. That doesn’t mean anything about anyone ELSE’S autism. My father died of lung cancer. He never smoked a day in his life. Clearly, “his smoking” didn’t cause his lung cancer. Does that mean that the two packs a day someone else smoked didn’t cause theirs? Hell, no!

      No one is “given money” by the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program in order for it to be taxed back. Money is awarded only when it is abundantly clear that vaccines caused a great deal of physical damage to someone’s body. That money is awarded in order to compensate those individuals for the way that damage has affected their lives.

  4. shauna hod says:

    I’m sorry, but you people need to step away from the kool-aid. You children may have…”may have” a condition that carries the same characteristics as autism, but that doesn’t mean that is what they have.
    Many illnesses parody another illnesses symptoms. It has been proven that the doctor who first presented this alleged connection was wrong. His research was bogus, he was after his 15 minutes of fame, and fools like you have given it to him.
    The only negative outcome of not have a
    child vaccinated is permanent injury to that child including, damaged teeth, seizures, deafness, cognitive disabilities, joint infections, bone infections, pneumonia, sepsis, encephalitis, meningitis ,and death. Not a complete list by any means. To make matters eorse, On top of which a non-vacinated children put young children, children with compromised health, and the elderly at risk of all the above.
    My father, my son and I all have autism. It wasn’t caused by vaccinations, and neither was your childs.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Your father and you may have what has come to be included under the ASD umbrella, but you do not have “classic autism.” People with “classic autism” are not parenting children, nor are they finding posts they disagree with on the Internet and trying to define autism for others. Plenty of people who DO have “classic autism” had that autism induced by vaccines. By the way, Andrew Wakefield,”the doctor” you referred to, and his twelve co-authors at the Royal Free Hospital in London were not the first people to consider the topic, nor were they the last to research it. (This is a list covering most of the research that supports the link: Whether or not Wakefield et al’s research was “bogus” (and this is what the parents of those children have to say about Wakefield and his co-authors: is entirely beside the point, and always has been. No one is basing their decision not to vaccinate upon a case series back in 1998 that involved 12 children. If they were, they would indeed be fools. Unfortunately, you have bought the media lie hook, line, and sinker, but it is indeed a lie: “Andrew Wakefield and Jenny McCarthy Made Me Do It” Is a Big Fat Lie!

      In addition, you should know that many of the things on your list of “negative outcomes” are also “negative outcomes” of vaccination, as are allergies, including life-threatening food allergies, asthma, autoimmune conditions of all kinds, and many kinds of neurological conditions, including autism whether or not it caused the “autism” in your family. One has to weigh the likely costs of BOTH vaccinating and non-vaccinating when deciding what is appropriate for one’s family.

    • Lucy Pasteur says:

      The only reason to respond to you is to encourage truly independent thinking humans to recognize the humongous gap between common sense health logic and the fear-based, truth concealing successful tyranny of the medical establishment that along with government collusion has hijacked true health education. Thank G-d for the millions of people wh0 follow the wellness paradigm which builds the immune system of the infinitely brilliant self-healing design of the human body with G-d given nutrient dense, healing, natural and unpoisoned nourishment that can then beautifully deal with the wild, immunity-priming childhood fevers. That is only one part of healthful living, it’s not one dimensional, but keeping out poisons, foreign DNA, and the assortment of pathogens that are combined to be injected into healthy children ostensibly to keep them “disease free” – is the start of keeping one’s family off the “medical grid”. Our organization has counselled 1000’s of parents about their responsibility to understand all the issues surrounding vaccines BEFORE allowing them to be vaccinated. We provide CDC and other govt published documentation as well as research from doctors and scientists who have concluded that vaccines have and are causing irreparable and serious damage to 3 generation and millions of people. Inevitably, anyone who is clear headed and not a cult-follower type, trusting their own intelligence can read and listen to the plethora of material available about vaccines – WILL NOT EVER CONSIDER A VACCINE AGAIN FOR ANY LOVED ONE YOUNG OR OLD!

    • Karen says:

      I have personally witnessed negative effects from vaccinations and the children were fine before so perhaps it is best to realize vaccinations should be carefully considered. As a child we received vaccinations and still came down with mumps, measles, and chickenpox. My bro had to go to the hospital with mumps and he was vaccinated.
      What is true is the conditions people live in have improved. Better healthcare (?), clean water, better nutrition, better living conditions, less stress compared to say depression era.
      There is absolutely no real studies that show non vaccinated children are a health risk but there are children that have died shortly after receiving vaccinations and within hour! So this should be a carefully researched decision.

  5. Nathaniel Bouchie says:

    Only 1/4 of all children today have chronic diseases. 1/4 is not the norm. I can understand how you would think that given your background, but the statistics are important. And where is the scientifically proven chemical evidence that your doctor has that can prove your child’s autism was caused by vaccines? “Correlation Is Not Causation.” I cannot repeat that enough.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      First off, your statistics are debatable. According to a mainstream study, the number is more than 40% and if you count obesity the number rises to approximately 54%. Secondly, even if the number is only 1/4, IT’S OKAY WITH YOU THAT 25% OF KIDS ARE SICK?!! It was nowhere NEAR the case in the “disease-ridden” 1960s when I grew up. I was the chronically ill kid with the eczema, and later the ear infections, and later the allergies, and later the asthma (sound familiar?). I was a FREAK. I knew virtually NO ONE with those issues. Can’t say the same now, can you?

      And you may be content to wait for “scientifically proven chemical evidence” to answer your life questions, but you should know that it’s anything but “scientific” to just wait for someone else to produce the science that answers your questions.

      And yes you can repeat “correlation does not equal causation” enough. As a matter of fact, the once was completely unnecessary. You don’t have to bother because we’ve already heard it a few hundred thousand times. And even those were unnecessary because that’s obvious from a logic point of view. I wonder how much you understand it, though? It also means that you cannot draw a conclusion about “causation” if the incidence of a particular disease drops after a vaccination campaign, and yet we’re expected to believe THAT correlation means the vaccine caused the drop. Interesting, isn’t?

      And even MORE interesting, to me anyway, is that correlation is evidence for causation, and once a correlation has been established, more investigation should be done to determine whether causation is indeed likely. In some cases, a strong enough correlation is the best evidence we will ever get of causation. In a court of law a relative risk of two, meaning that something is twice as common in an exposed population than an unexposed population (correlation) is considered evidence of causation because it is “more likely than not” that the exposure caused the condition. Did you know that epidemiological evidence revealing a strong correlation is the only “proof” that exists that smoking causes lung cancer in humans? Or did you think they were doing double-blind placebo-controlled trials and seeing how much lung cancer they were able to induce in test subjects? But where’s the “scientifically proven chemical evidence that your doctor has than can PROVE” your lung cancer was caused by your two pack a day habit?!

      By the way, there is a great deal of evidence out there that the ingredients in vaccines can destroy neurons. There is also evidence that they hyperstimulation of the immune system caused by repeated injections of vaccines has a direct effect on the developing brain. Is that “proof” that her child’s autism was caused by vaccines? Nope, but it’s pretty damned good evidence that vaccines are involved in at least some autism. Take a look at the studies on this list that support the link between vaccines and autism (and other neurological conditions).

  6. Jirka says:

    It just so happens that I have Aspergers too. To prove my seemattnt, I say the following: I have difficulty with eye contact, strongly dislike changes in my environment, and the list could go on, but I only have so much room to say this. The good thing about being an Aspergian is the remarkable ability to do a task efficiently, and good attention to detail. Have you ever heard of a novel named Look me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger’s by John Elder Robison?

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Yes, Jirka, thank you. We are well aware of the work of John Elder Robison who has served on the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC) for years.

  7. Charlotte says:

    Thank you, excellent article. However, here is where I disagree;

    “…Which leads to the argument that there are people who cannot handle vaccines, and that’s why everyone ELSE should be vaccinated — to create herd immunity for those that are contraindicated, immune-challenged individuals like my son. ”

    Vaccines SHED live viruses. Disneyland? Those unvaccinated children contracted measles from a vaccinated child carrying the live MMR vaccine. That science backed information was suppressed and deleted from search engines. There is too much money being made, folks. Someone may have cached it if you have the time to search. The flu shot, as we see continuously, CAUSES the flu, then spreads to others. Especially the nasal variety, “FluMist”, which is live for up to three weeks. A single unbridled sneeze sprays a FIVE foot radius at 30 mph. It’s no wonder all seasons are “flu seasons”.

    • Charlotte says:

      I forgot to explain that these GMO viruses, rather than being a tame facsimile, are super serums without natural regulation. This is how something as normal as childhood measles becomes a deadly disease. Rather than an uncomfortable week of oven mitts, it becomes a death sentence.

      “The proof in the pudding is that, as the number of required vaccinations has gone from five to 89, previously rare childhood disease have now become commonplace — Autism, Type I diabetes, life-threatening allergies, juvenile arthritis, leukemia, asthma and Crohn’s Disease. In these couple of generations, the environment has gotten cleaner, except for the internal environment of the children, polluted by mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, ethylene glycol, MSG, etc.”

      “The 1918 Influenza Epidemic was a Vaccine-caused Disease”:

      “How A Nazi Mass Murderer Became Executive For Vaccines In America”

      You can’t make this stuff up, folks. Do you realize how much money these psychopaths are making?

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Whoa, Charlotte. They tested the people who got measles at Disneyland and determined that it was a B strain. The vaccine is derived from “A” strain. The Disney cases were NOT due to a recently vaccinated child. On the other hand, it’s unlikely they were due to an unvaccinated child either. The CDC believes that they came from a traveler from the Phillippines, who was in all likelihood an adult who had been previously vaccinated like so many of the cases themselves. Outbreaks cannot be prevented by vaccinating 100% of all children, because there are many adults who are susceptible due to less than 100% effectiveness and waning immunity.

  8. SonyaDor says:

    “Children with chronic health issues have become the norm. ”

    and you want people to take you seriously. You are extremely misinformed

  9. I have been collecting parents voices of vaccine injury, over 1,300 voice now and viewed by over 174 countries worldwide. Add your voice to

    • Erika Larson says:

      My child had vaccination injury after her 18 month shots. HepA and Dtap. Hers was immediate. She has a rash on her arm and her temp spiked to 105 took her to the emergency room. Her reg pediatrician the next am. She lost all words, started having tantrums, loss of eye contact. Pediatrician noticed it and sent in a VAERS report. I watched it happen. I KNOW it was from the vaccines!!!!!!! I am seeing a DAN Dr. And give her fermented cod liver oil, gluten and casein free diet. Probiotics, digestive enzymes. A droper full of cilantro 2 times a day. And its beginning to work. My little girl is slowly coming back to me. I’m devastated but I am not giving up until I detox it out ofher and she returns to normal.

      • Cynthia Quinones says:

        God Bless your child. same thing happened with my son, and now I am searching high and low how I can fix this. Please help me… Give me your receipe, I’ll do anything.

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  11. gokhan gul says:

    vaccines save lives! It ruined my son’s life, my life. Until my son vaccinated, 18 months old, he was a perfectly normal kid, smiling, walking, eating. I need help. How can I treat my son for vaccine injury? Any place that I can trust?

    • Lesly says:

      TACA can get you started and guide you on the road to recovery. Wishing you and your sweetie all the best!

    • paige says:


      • Lucy Pasteur says:

        why do people like you insist on making fools out of themselves with these nonsensical sound bytes?!? There is truth and it’s easily accessible, so if your truth-inclined – do your research, if not, just get a life….

  12. B Gregory says:

    I had a friend. She was working. The phone rang. She looked positively panicky until she looked at her cell phone. I asked her what was wrong. Her daughter had a serious fish allergy. If she even smells fish, she must be taken to the hospital or she could die. She was one of the reasons I researched the peanut allergy epidemic. What could possibly be causing it? I found the answer. You cannot be allergic to something without first being exposed to it. Scientists have injected animals with food protein and aluminum adjuvant to create food allergies in the animal. Is there food protein in vaccines? I found many patents for adjuvants and culture mediums with food products. No matter how refined an oil can be, there is a trace of food protein. Not every kid gets the food protein in the shot. Just the unlucky ones. How can this be legal? It is. Pharmaceutical companies can “self affirm” GRAS (generally recognized as safe) ingredients. GRAS ingredients do not have to be listed on the package insert. Self affirmed GRAS ingredients don’t even get submitted to the government and they become a protected trade secret, protected by international trade law. Every food oil known to man was listed in the patents for vaccine adjuvants. Every food known was listed in patents for culture mediums. Only the final culture medium is listed on the package insert.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, food allergies are caused by a LACK of exposure to foods.
      Allergies come from the immune system not being able to ‘see’ what a safe food is in pregnancy and infancy, and later reacting violently to it. For example, if the immune system doesn’t receive exposure to peanuts in the early stages, then it causes an allergy to it, because the peanuts are seen as a threat and violently resisted.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Anonymous, no one seems to agree on what causes food allergies, but it seems that when people are treated for leaky guts food allergies improve. Generally, allergies require some exposure in order to be sensitized. However, the exposure can be to something else that causes an immune reaction (like vaccines, for instance) that triggers antibodies to be made that can cross-react with something else due to molecular mimicry.

      • ProffesorRMT says:

        I agree with you.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Cute, but I think there are few who would confuse you for me — if only because you misspelled Professor. 😉

  13. smarterthanyou says:

    I think the only person who is autistic here is you

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Seriously? Because “autistic” is supposed to be an insult? And exactly what are you supposed to be implying with your “insult,” “smarterthanyou”? Lack of intelligence? Because you know that people with autism can be extremely bright, right? Sounds like you have a HELL of a lot to learn about autism. Perhaps you’d better stick around.

      • LizardPatio says:

        1. I have high funtioning autism
        2. I have seen around 20-30 of my patients die of the measles because of refusal to get vaccines
        3. the only reason people connect the dots with vaccines is because the media told them so, like this website, thus making them ignore whether or not there is some bigger problem.
        4. Almost all studies of Autsim have been debunked
        5. I truly believe that people who believe the fact that vaccines do this are autistic, for it is completely unreasonable
        6. My mother believed that vaccines caused autism when she gave birth to me

      • gok gul says:

        Do you have a son/daughter in this spectrum? How/when did you find out? Well my son was a regular kid and the next day he got the shots he became autistic. I have the pictures, videos to prove that. People like you make this even worse than the shots.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Sorry, Lizard.

        2) Unless you work in third-world countries, number 2 is not remotely credible. According to the CDC there have been NO deaths due to measles in the last 10 years. Zero. In addition, the percentage of people who “refuse to get vaccines” remains quite small. The odds against the possibility that you would happen to have treated 20 of them who happened to DIE of the disease (the death rate of measles was approximately 1 in 8,000 cases of measles in the pre-vaccine era according to the CDC’s statistics) are more than astronomical.

        3) “The media” does NOT connect the dots: As Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. says, science journalists don’t read the science. That’s why sites like ours MUST connect the dots for people.

        4) The only “debunking” that has happened to the studies you’re referring to has been from highly interested parties whose own studies do not and cannot withstand scrutiny — a.k.a. “debunking.”

        5) Do you even understand the irony of what you are saying? You say that you have high-functioning autism, then criticize the thinking of others and claim that it must be due to autism. Therefore, you are implying that your OWN reasoning is faulty at best. I agree that your own thinking is faulty at best, but I cannot know whether or not it is due to your autism. What I can categorically say is that the vast majority of people who believe that vaccines cause autism, including myself, are NOT autistic.

      • Not a busy-body says:
        Also if you bother to click on the Preventable Deaths Page, every death goes back to the website weekly report.
        If you still think that the cdc is just a big fat company looking for profits, take your conspiracy theory bullshit to Canada.
        -excerpt from website:
        The United States Anti-Vaccination Movement is composed of a variety of individuals ranging from former doctors who should know better, to semi-celebrities who have no medical training, to anti-government conspiracy theorists who distrust anything that the government says. They all hold onto the mistaken belief that autism is caused by receiving childhood vaccines.

        Most anti-vaccination believers claim that the compound Thimerosal led to an increase in autism cases. The Measles/Mumps/Rubella vaccine is their usual target. However, Thimerosal was never used as a preservative in the Measles/Mumps/Rubella vaccine. No vaccine licensed since 1999 has contained Thimerosal as a preservative, except a few multi-dose container vaccines such as some (but not all) HIB and Influenza vaccines. Autism has not declined since 1999, thereby disproving this connection. However, this has not stopped anti-vaccination believers from claiming that it was the MMR vaccine itself that caused autism or that it was vaccines in general that caused autism. All of these ideas have been disproven in multiple scientific and legal examinations of the evidence. The primary scientific reason for the increase in autism diagnoses is due to more disorders being included in the Autism Spectrum and doctors getting better at diagnosing the characteristics of autism.

        In 2007 there was an increase in celebrities promoting anti-vaccination rhetoric. Because of their celebrity status they appeared on several television shows and published multiple books advising parents not to vaccinate their children. This has led to an increase in the number of vaccine preventable illnesses as well as an increase in the number of vaccine preventable deaths.

        The Anti-Vaccination Movement has a body count attached to its name. This website publishes the total number of vaccine preventable illnesses and vaccine preventable deaths that have happened in the United States since this 2007 increase in speaking out against vaccines.

        Is the United States Anti-Vaccination Movement directly responsible for every vaccine preventable illness and every vaccine preventable death listed here? No. However, the United States Anti-Vaccination Movement may be indirectly responsible for at least some of these illnesses and deaths and even one vaccine preventable illness or vaccine preventable death is too many.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Hi Busy-body,

        I don’t believe anyone has ever said the CDC is a company, fat or otherwise, looking for profits. It’s a government agency STAFFED by people with tremendous conflicts of interest. Even if you don’t care about conflicts of interest, a.k.a corruption, when people hold government jobs wherein they are supposed to put the good of the people ahead of any corporate interests many other people do.

        I love it when people describe the “Anti-Vaccination Movement” like it’s some club we joined instead of just being people who are strongly interested in good health who talk to each other. I also love it when people try to tell us who we are. I’m not a “former doctor” (though most of the doctors I know who question vaccines are STILL doctors), a “semi-celebrity,” or even “an anti-government conspiracy theorist.” Three strikes. Guess that means I can’t be in the “Anti-Vaccination Movement.” I’d better turn in my membership card.

        Yes, we do believe that vaccines trigger quite a bit of autism. And, yes, many of us believe that mercury in the form of Thimerosal injected into infants whose blood-brain barriers are wide open and who frequently have gene mutations that make detoxification, particularly methylation, slow and difficult, is one of the many ways they do so. However, there are few who EVER made the mistake of thinking that Thimerosal was in the MMR vaccine. Though I do see that mistake being made constantly by “pro-vaccine” commentators. The issues with the MMR have nothing to do with Thimerosal. And you know what? The folks at the CDC know very well that we know better because we’ve told them many times, they just have a stake in trying to make us look stupid.

        The “body count” stuff is utter bullshit. It has been shown time and again that the increase in pertussis is related to reduced efficacy of the DTaP shot from the DTP shot (that they stopped using because it was racking up an impressive body count of its own). No one has died of measles in the last 10 years according to the CDC, though there are two deaths in the MMWR listed in the past few years. Why don’t you think they want to talk about those? I’m suspecting it’s because those people actually died of the vaccine strain of measles, either because they were vaccinated when they were immunocompromised or because they encountered someone who was recently vaccinated when they were immunocompromised. In addition, the current resurgence was predicted long ago based upon the reported efficacy of the measles vaccine. That was even before they knew how soon it wore off in many people. Those are the ONLY two “vaccine-preventable” illnesses that are rising in prevalence.

        I don’t know about you, but I really hate it when government agencies lie to me to promote an agenda, especially an agenda that lines the pockets of pharmaceutical manufacturers to the tune of $40 billion this year while and is so dangerous to the health of so many.

        Is the practice of vaccination directly responsible for every vaccine-related death? Yes, it is. Why is it, do you suppose, that entirely preventable deaths from vaccination don’t matter when we consider the risk-to-benefit ratios as a country, but every conceivable “vaccine-preventable” death DOES? As far as I’m concerned, everybody counts or nobody does.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Oh, I forgot to mention that saying that the rate of autism “hasn’t dropped” since 1999 is more than a little disingenuous. The rate of autism when it is released is for 12-year-olds. The rate released in 2013 was for children who were born in 2001. If you weren’t paying attention, you might think that Thimerosal suddenly disappeared from vaccines in 1999. Not true. 2001, the year these children were born, was the first year that most manufacturers “removed” Thimerosal from their vaccines (by the way, there is no oversight on this “removal.” The FDA merely requires that the manufacturers file a “process” for the removal of Thimerosal. There is no actual testing to determine if the process was successful.) Most pediatricians had stores of Thimerosal-containing vaccines on their shelves that they continued to use for another year or two. In addition, that was right around the time that the CDC started recommending flu vaccines for pregnant women and children as young as six months. Those flu vaccines usually carry a full 25 microgram dose of Thimerosal.

        But that’s all a smokescreen anyway, as almost everyone acknowledges that mercury is NOT the ONLY problem with vaccines — by a long shot — and we have added a number of vaccines to the infant schedule since 1999. Despite the “removal” of mercury from most childhood vaccines, I don’t have any expectation that the next release of autism numbers will indicate a drop. There probably has been a shift in how and when issues manifest, but not an overall drop in numbers.

      • SonyaDor says:

        If autism is not insulting to you then why do you take such offense to being called autistic and why do you fight against vaccines if you are so accepting

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        I don’t take any offense at all to being called autistic. I took offense at the fact that he USED “autistic” as an insult. I would feel exactly the same way if he used “gay” as an insult, and I would take zero offense at being called gay either.

        I don’t “fight against vaccines,” I tell the truth about them, and just because I accept people with autism doesn’t mean I “accept” the damage being done to them. I accept people with ADHD (like my daughter) or apraxia (like my son used to be) too, but I don’t for a minute “accept” their health being unnecessary collateral damage in someone else’s drive for power and money.

    • eEagor says:

      This made my day. T be honest vaccines are pretty cool, my son had one just last month, I had no doubts, but if someones child TRULY devolved autism from vaccines, well…that sucks. Maybe I would be upset about this if It happened to my child, but, like so many other parents, it didn’t.

      • Lucy Pasteur says:

        Please don’t look at these websites, they will just make you keep looking over your shoulder each time you or your child gets a vaccine. If you bought into the vaccine agenda, good luck to you – you may have to deal with long term issues, neurological, autoimmune, cancers, etc….since each vaccinated person is an experiment. If you’re ever inclined – check out how the CDC or FDA performs (NOT) long term studies, especially when getting vaccine after vaccine after vaccine – all accumulative toxins. In your pill for every ill disease model paradigm – the most essential ingredient for your child’s health is the vaccine which leads to all other pharamaceuticals. Enjoy the vicious cycle – It’s so sad that you don’t care enough for your child to build vibrant unpoisoned health when there is SOOOO much information available – Dr. Blaylock, Dr Humphries, etc. etc.

  14. I agree , I have been collecting parents voices of vaccine injury at I wish I knew back when my boy was 15 months old I would have never given him the MMR. I have the same problem with people repeating lies about Dr Wakefield and believing the lies of Brian Deer

  15. Diane says:

    Although there are regulations that force children vaccines for “safety,” it’s unfortunate that some of the same health professionals ignore their medical responsibility to assure safety.

  16. I believe everyone has the right to decide their own child’s care. Wish I did. I work at the hospital and they have forced us to get to test sometimes two and three times a year. Then all of a sudden we run out and now it’s safe to not be vaccinated for that but they are trying to make it mandatory to get a flue shot. I have seen nurses that get the shot then get the flue. To that I say no thank you. I have only got the flue once working in the health field and I got it from my daughter, not a patient. What about the stuff in a shot that people are allergic too or it gives Altism to. We should be able to decide not the goverment

  17. Julia Collins Dicker says:

    have 2 sons ,now 21 & 20 yrs old. My 20 yr old is what I call my decision making son.When I can nolonger care for myself ,we agreed that I will find the most acceptable & comfortable solution in which he can care for me not be burdenedwith my pers. care To the main topic ,my older son ,my challenged one.He was diagnosed at 2 & yes he had all his shots.I don’t know what caused it: refrigerator mother(yes I got that),too old sperm(father was 45 to my 31),maybe drugs(wrong kid)
    ith my older one ,I did everything PERFECT as per DRS. orders.2nd son was when things were rough.Took meds. for depression for 2 monts before I knew he was coming ,then immediately stopped them.I’m beginning to believe that it was all the chemicals I was exposed to when working.In fact I worked up to maternity leave with my older son.I latr found out that 3 women died of cancer that worked right along side me.Again Who Knows????????????????????????????????????????

  18. Just to let you know I posted this article on Autism mothers please check there for replies. Some will be negative but we need to get this out as you have great links and so forth

  19. sandra pacheco says:

    How can I figth for my son..i believe my son autism was cause by vaccination too. At age of 2….he is 8 now.

    • paige says:

      Autism symptoms arrive around the age of 2-3. The same time that vaccines are given. But there is NO CORRELATION.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        There is a HECK of a correlation. Haven’t you heard the “correlation is not causation” catchphrase? What they don’t tell you is that a STRONG enough correlation is EVIDENCE for causation. As a matter of fact, that’s how they “proved” cigarettes cause cancer.

  20. You are so right Blaze and we must speak out. I have been collecting parents voices of vaccine injury and over 1,300 voices have responded. You are not alone add your voice to Just found out that Dorit Reiss owns stock in GlaxoSmithKline. She had to declare it at the National Public Health Conference when she made her presentation on “recouping costs of nonvaccination.” Here’s a link. It is a matter of public record also.

  21. Sandra says:

    Hi Blaze,

    Thank you for sharing your story.

    I think that you’re completely right that each family needs to decide what is best for them. I was confused though about your son’s vaccine injury – was it autism or was it an over reactive autoimmune response to the vaccine? I’ve read that autism is permanent and irreversible – did your son have a special type or autism or was it something else?

    Regardless, I agree that our own research is definitely important, and I think it’s also pertinent that we familiarize ourselves with the diseases these vaccines are meant to be preventing. For me, I see this debate as being a choice of risk of X disease vs risk of autism.

    If it’s tetanus, polio, or rabies etc, where if my child contracts it they could be in a lot of pain and die or be seriously crippled for life, then I don’t think I could live with myself knowing that a choice I made could have prevented their death or physical disability. Having traveled to countries where these diseases are quite prevalent, it scares me to no end. I contrast this to autism, where if my child has it I would be surprised, but autistic children are able to lead fulfilling lives with adequate support and love. And I would much prefer the latter if I could help it. Yes, my family would be a little different, but I would still have my child with me, whole and alive, and I think that makes the decision worth it on our end. I think the odds favour vaccination as well, especially given how few children have autism in comparison to the total amount of kids who have been vaccinated.

    Again, thanks for your story – I wasn’t aware that yours existed and am glad that I stumbled upon it. I just wanted to share my two cents as well.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      You have READ that autism is permanent and irreversible, that doesn’t mean it is. Many of our parents have been told the same. Many of them have children who have recovered and are now attending mainstream schools. Keep researching.

      This definitely does NOT come down to risk of disease or risk of autism. Autism is ONE (well, maybe more like a combination of up to 8-10) type of adverse reaction to vaccines. There are MANY. Many of them are life-threatening. The fact is that in this country there is a vanishingly small likelihood that your child will die from a “vaccine-preventable” illness, while there is a very GOOD likelihood that your child will have an adverse reaction to a vaccine. I have had a child who died, but I have two who live. Would I bargain their health away to lower the already absurdly low risk of death due to a “vaccine-preventable” illness? No. I would not. They have the right to live their lives in good health and not have that destroyed because I made unwise decisions when they were babies.

      • paige says:

        AUTISM IS not a reaction to a vaccine. AUTISM IS PERMANENT. Children can learn to cope better with what autism brings them, but that does not mean it can be cured. It is a permanent disorder. The only thing that makes it “better” is that fact that they can get help to make it easier to live with.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Paige, it has been true for a long time, but it was recently acknowledged by a mainstream study that approximately 9-10% of children with autism “lose their diagnosis.” Meaning they are not “coping better with autism” they no longer HAVE autism. Will that happen to everyone? No. Does that mean that a large percentage were not triggered by vaccines? No.

      • gok gul says:

        STOP LYING! Vaccines may cause the Autism. Not every person, kid is the same. My son became autistic after the vaccines. If you want I can prove it with videos, pictures, before and after the vaccines. LYING or politics or BS will not solve the problem. Delay the vaccines for 6 months/year and you will see, all of a sudden Autism will appear at 4 years old. It is as simple as this. DON’T LIE. If this was your kid you would understand. SHAME ON YOU

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        I understand your passion gok, but paige isn’t necessarily lying. Many people believe that vaccines have nothing to do with autism, including many people with high-functioning autism. The problem is that a lot of people assume that what is true for THEM is true for everyone, and that simply isn’t so. It may very well be that paige knows someone who has autism that was NOT due to vaccines, but that does not mean that there aren’t many cases of autism that ARE largely due to vaccines.

      • Anonymous says:

        Could everyone please act like a responsible smart adult here? Autism isn’t a disease, adverse reaction or something you can suddenly get. Autism is a difference in how the brain is wired. You are born with it. You don’t get it because you where vaccinated. So please do your research.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Hmmm… “responsible smart adult”s apparently have read and believed exactly what you’ve read and believed, which would of course mean completely discounting what they’ve seen with their own eyes. SOME people are born with autism. MANY develop it later, and they can even lose the diagnosis if the child is treated for injury, like Blaze’s son. I would suggest you spend some time talking with people OUTSIDE your circle who have very different experiences with autism. In addition, you might want to read through these 100 studies and papers that support the tremendous effect hypstimulation of the immune system can have on the neurological development of young brains:

      • X says:

        Do you have a degree in anything medical?

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Nope. Fortunately for me, I don’t let that stop me from thinking and learning — or thinking that I can learn. 😉 My background in physics, engineering and computer programming have all been very helpful in that regard.

    • Wendy says:

      Many children with autism are not able to lead fulfilling lives, actually. Many of them die from wandering off and drowning, being hit by a car or freezing to death. In 2008, Danish researchers found that the mortality risk among the autism population is twice as high as the general population. In 2001, a California research team found elevated deaths in autism and attributed it to several causes, including seizures and accidents such as suffocation and drowning. I’d love to see a comparison of numbers for the U.S. – children with autism who died from autism related issues vs. unvaccinated children who died from “vaccine preventable disease.” Unfortunately I don’t have the time to look those numbers up, since I have a child with autism to care for.

      I do think that many people have the same point of view, that they would not mind having a child with autism – but they must be imagining the quirky kids they see pictured on TV and not the ones that drown at age 3, are abused by adults that care for them and can’t tell about it, or bang their heads against a wall until they bleed. Think of those kids too when you imagine your child having autism, think about their lives and how some of them are not “whole” and some of them are not alive any more. Imagine a police manhunt for your child with the end result that they find his body in a retaining pond or lake. Imagine your adult child, grown bigger than you and breaking all the windows in your house, hurting themselves and others and crying in pain that they can’t explain. That’s the autism no one really talks about. And that’s the kind of autism your kid could have.

      I personally have a son with autism, one of the ones who “wanders” – we got him a tracking bracelet and chimes on every door and constantly watch him but he has still escaped a few times and had narrow misses with drowning, car accidents and freezing – I am thankful that I learned about recovery, and we are working with a great doctor now – my son may not recover fully, but he has made massive strides after detoxing from vaccines, addressing health issues and working with great teachers. From zero speech to full sentences – you don’t have to believe it happens, but we know it does. You don’t have to believe it was a vaccine injury, but we know because our DOCTOR told us. You can believe that every unvaccinated child will probably die from these “terrible” diseases and that all the kids with autism are leading happy, sunny, quirky lives, but we know that unvaccinated kids are generally healthier than the vaccinated ones and the kids with autism are dying.

      • Toni says:

        Thanks for clarifying this for us :)
        I’ve seen a lot of posts from people who have mild autism, and say they are offended by comments categorising autism as an undesirable affliction. Whilst that may be true for them, the spectrum appears to be wide and not all have a happy ending.

    • Lesly says:

      But why should we have to make this choice? ___ disease – or autism. Mercury, Aluminum , Formaldehyde…have no place in our vaccines. They just make them cheaper to produce. The vaccines could and absolutely should be made safer. Why on earth would anyone be against that? I think the world’s gone batshit crazy.

  22. Becky Dulin says:

    I totally agree that vaccinations should be done only after a thorough family medical background check has been done for each child. A doctor doesn’t give a person medication before asking what meds they are already on, so how do you give a baby a vaccine without knowing if there are already existing medical issues in the family that may affect the child’s reaction to the vaccine? I have urged my son and his wife to seriously consider this issue with their seven month old son. My question to you is, after what happened to you sister and with all the autoimmune diseases that are in your family, why did you allow your son to be vaccinated? I’m not trying to place the blame on you I’m just wondering why you did not do for your son what you are urging other parents to do?

    • BlazeTMR says:

      Feel free to place blame on me, I take a large part of it. I will say I was raised to trust doctors and I never heard any talk of vaccine injury or family history amongst family so I just didn’t know to do my own research. I blindly trusted. So why do I tell other parents not to do what I did? So they can do their own research and make fully informed decisions for their children, unlike me.

  23. Kat says:

    My son is autistic, yet has never had a vaccine..HOWEVER.. Every doctor I see say the vaccines could cause him great harm because of him being autistic, that it could make his autism on the more severe end of the spectrum. I get the vaccine pushers in my face saying “see vaccines didn’t cause his autism…blah blah blah’. Funny thing is though I was severely injured by a vaccine in college (MMR). It caused many issues that took years to overcome and I then was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism..which is …an autoimmune issue. I am not convinced vaccines are not why I have an autistic son..and I am sooo thankful I trusted my instincts not to vaccinate you say with your doctors..his doctors and therapists are now telling me to not vaccinate as they seem sure it would make him worse. It just proves to me that doctors do know that many are not good candidates for vaccines and they just don’t check before they inject.. It’s madness. I pray one day things will be better and I appreciate stories like yours that help raise awareness .

    • Selene says:

      Hey :) our son has some autistic traits and we are doing CEASE therapy with him, I have learnt from there that the cause can come from you taking medications before or during pregnancy, many things can cause it (including simple nose spray). When I was pregnant I had early contractions due to my infection, I was put into hospital and was given medications and antibiotics. When we addressed this issue with CEASE we saw tremendous changes and improvements, now we are about to treat his vaccinations, I feel positive it will do great things. I wish you and your family everything the best!

    • Lesly says:

      you’re very lucky you have such responsible doctors – so many doctors would not only suggest but insist that a child like your son have the vaccine. most states mandate it. my son has neurological issues and an auto immune disease and most doctors try to push vaccines on him. they say we all have to vaccinate to protect those who can’t right? well who are those people who can’t – if not our sons?

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  25. Blessed Momma says:

    Thank you so much for telling your story! I get so sick of all the sheeple who post all the mainstream media stories. Which is nothing but name calling and scare tactics. It is getting crazier all the time with the way we non vaccinators are being treated. Sorry if I seem angry I just don’t understand to aggressive attitudes! Here is what happened to us recently….
    My 2 yr old had a Febrile Seizure a couple of weeks ago and stopped breathing for 2 mins. It was so scary! She was breathing by the time we got to the ER. But when the doctor got into see us. He found out she wasn’t vaccinated and proceeded to lecture us on it!!! My husband got mad and asked him “if one had to do with the other?!!” He said well “Uuuhhh no.” My husband said “then we are done talking to you about it!”
    So here is the reason we no longer vaccinate… We followed all the “rules” vaccinated our older 2 on time and they got it all. We were never very comfortable with it but that’s what “everyone” did and what the professions said to do. Then by our 3rd child we were more uneasy about them. Plus were busy with the other 2. So we were late on all his and he never finished. Kiddo #4 got maybe 2 sets late and that’s it. Well fast forward 7+ years. We now have 8 (age 13-11mos)children. All FULL (same Mom and same Dad) siblings and ONLY our 2 oldest kids are sick!!!! Both have allergies and one has asthma!! None of the others show any symptoms of either. Explain to me how that is hereditary?!!
    I have been on both sides and did my own research. I have proof in my own children. I don’t care what people with vested interests think or what people that don’t do their own research (more than reading a Big Pharma pamphlet or talking to a dr) think! If others want to believe in vaccinating go ahead but don’t call me crazy. If you believe vaccinations work, then you are safe, right?!

    I just thank God we stopped when we did! I don’t want to imagine what health issues we would be dealing with now!

    • Mia Herz says:

      “We now have 8 (age 13-11mos)children. All FULL (same Mom and same Dad) siblings and ONLY our 2 oldest kids are sick!!!! Both have allergies and one has asthma!! None of the others show any symptoms of either. Explain to me how that is hereditary?!!”

      As a genecist I can tell you that this is not at all at odds with hereditary knowledge. There is growing eviddence that things like allergies have genetic components.
      It’s not as easy as Mendel and his peas which you might have learned about. They are called complex genetic traits. It takes a long while to explain, but all it means is that genetics is a factor and something in your genetic heritage will increase your chances to get a certain disease. It doesn’t mean all your children will get it. Genetics doesn’t work that way

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Sure they have “genetic factors” (though I’m not so sure I buy you as a geneticist if you can’t spell it…), but the very fact of it being a “factor” implies an environmental “factor” as well (which could be a much larger factor than the genetic one). A better understanding, given that the incidence of asthma is rising rapidly, is that something in the environment is causing epigenetic changes to the genes in the apparently large number of people who already have the genes that are capable of being “switched on.” Clearly, it would be best to avoid those environmental factors.

  26. Devin Bearden says:

    Scientists do not throw away evidence because they find it goes against what they originally believed, they embrace it.
    By disallowing the other viewpoint, you create a world where you wrongly believe most other people agree with you (see replies below).
    I can’t believe that you say people on the “other side” of this issue are close minded when you won’t allow the other side of the issue to post on this website.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      AGREED! Scientists worth the name do NOT throw away evidence because it goes against what they originally believed! Which is why it’s shocking to me how much evidence is utterly dismissed by scientists on the very subjects in this post, including the “anecdotes” of THOUSANDS of parents. Which by the way is “data,” just not quantified or formally studied data.

      Plenty of posts from people on the “other side” of this issue have been approved. We don’t approve abusive posts. Unfortunately, quite a number of people who believe as you do DO tend to get abusive. Thus, you will not see their posts.

      And we certainly don’t “disallow” a viewpoint that is pervasive in the culture and mainstream media. :-) I don’t know anyone who doesn’t get hit with that viewpoint at least several times a day.

      We’re not creating any kind of “world” here; we HAVE created a safe space here for people to get facts that they DON’T see in the mainstream media, and to explore their thoughts and feelings on the subject. Not to worry, we don’t kid our selves that “most other people agree with us.” We’re actually very well aware of the statistics on the issue. Indeed we frequently cite them:

      (Note that a HIGHER percentage of parents who consider themselves well-educated on the subject believe that vaccines cause autism. Educate before you vaccinate!)

      • Toni Reid says:

        Scientists are only people after all, and are as resistant to change as anyone else. History is littered with the stories of scientists who had radical theories that challenged the status quo – from Semmelweis to Peter Higgs. Higgs’ first paper was rejected by a journal and he was accused by other scientists including his colleagues, of failing to grasp the basic principles of physics. Even Stephen Hawking bet $100 that the Higgs particle wouldn’t be found. We now know that the discovery of the Higgs Boson particle is a game changer. Being open to new ideas should be a scientific cornerstone, however many abandon objectivity when the theories they have embraced are threatened.

    • Not a busy-body says:

      Agreed. Just because of this, they’ll allow your comment just to try and make you feel in the wrong and stupid.

  27. Robert says:

    According to a new hypothesis, its all vaccines and preservatives in foods and other chemicals which are causing autism. Parents of this autistic boy gave all natural farm fresh fruit and vegetable diet and their son’s autistic behaviors started declining. They have given all the details in their book which is available on Amazon ( ) (Reducing Autism Poisoning Impacts by Adeerus Ghayan)

  28. LFM says:

    The canary in the mine shaft is singing its heart out, trying to warn others of the danger, but they refuse to heed the warning. I’ve experienced the same. My own son regressed and became autistic rapidly after a HepA vaccine at 2 years and 2 months of age. He lost the ability to speak, which after 16 years of speech therapy, he still has not entirely regained. I’ve tried to warn people, but they just don’t want to believe it. It’s too scary for them to believe that their government does not actually protect them, but rather colludes with corporate interests to increase their profits at our expense. My heart bleeds for the innocent children who will be harmed, but warning their parents is all I can do.

  29. Thank you Blaze! I’ve been saying that this for 10+ years now & banging my head against the wall with each utterance! I wish you & TMR were around 10 years ago. You can’t imagine how glad I am that you all are now!

    • Pam McKeon says:

      No one believed me thirty years ago. We have come a long way baby! And “no one puts baby in the corner!” A veteran of war here on autism and truths be told!

  30. Brian says:

    Blaze. This is really well said. I get so tired of going “toe to toe” as well. The closed mindedness of people amaze me. We are all chemically created differently and how something, be it a Twinke, a smoothie or a vaccine affects us all very differently. It can be as simple as “why are some people more sick than others?” Open your minds people. What works for you and yours does not necessarily work for mine. Thanks again!

  31. Donna says:

    Great job, Blaze!

    Here’s another study proving vaccines cause brain injury. Ironically, my friend who has a sleep disorder similar to narcolepsy has many autistic symptoms due to inability to focus.

  32. Antoinette says:

    I had my children in the 1970s and 1980s. My first child had his immunizations. My second child had 4 series of shots. I was so sick of them getting shots and me bringing them home to spend 4 or 5 days with a baby with an extremely high fever. Trying to keep their fevers down watching them suffer. How can that be good for an infant? My youngest two sons had absolutely no vaccinations. Not one. They are all grown men two of them are fathers. There is a place on every form where a parent HAS to write out their child”s vaccination record, where you can mark yourself exempt for religious or personal reasons. It’s on the back of the school forms. No one can make you immunize your children. In all the years that my non immunized children were attending public school, one time my youngest was sent home because there was an outbreak of a childhood disease he wasn’t vaccinated for. He missed a couple of days of school but never got the disease. I don’t think poorly of parents who get their children vaccinated. It just wasn’t for me. I haven’t experienced much negativity toward myself for not getting my children vaccinated. I have though often wondered why there is a “new” mental disability called “autism”. Where the hell did that come from? Never ever heard of it until the 1990s. I did know one person who’s child was rendered “retarded” after getting a DPT vaccine. She still lies in a bed in a vegetative state at the age of 35. Sad but true.

    • Maryellen Parmenter says:

      Just because no one had heard of autism until the 1990s doesn’t mean it wasn’t there. A lot of autistic people could have been diagnosed as insane or mentally handicapped before autism was understood.

      • hps says:

        That’s all well and good Maryellen, but according to the US census data children are ten times more likely to have a disability today than they were in 1950.

        So whatever rediagnosing may have occurred it couldn’t account for a fraction of the cases we see today.

        And by they way, if you think that doctors have systematically relabelled various conditions, then how do you know they haven’t done the same thing for polio, diphtheria, pertussis, measles etc. That is a far more plausible scenario being as a) doctors use vaccination status as a part of their diagnoses; and b) the macro data for child health corroborates this (both healthcare expenditure and childhood disability data).

  33. Susan Lee says:

    The power of the pharmaceutical industry with its influence and money cannot be denied. It has indoctrinated the majority of the public into believing faulty science. Today’s vaccines are not safe nor effective in combatting the permanent spread of infectious diseases. Vaccines may provide temporary immunity. Mumps was once a typical childhood illness. Young children who had mumps acquired lifelong immunity. With the advent of vaccines with its waning immunity protection (if at all), getting mumps is postponed to an age period beyond childhood when it is more potentially threatening to one’s health. Indeed, since the 1990’s vaccine manufacturers have rebioengineered many existing vaccines because it was more profitable. These new vaccines have minimal vaccine safety oversight given the highly flawed vaccine approval process and extreme legal liability protections afforded to the vaccine manufacturers. The harms outweigh the benefits of vaccination.

  34. L. Mackey says:

    You have summarized everything in this blog post that has taken me the past 15 months to glean from my own research, and through discussions with my daughter’s chiropractic neurologist. I became wary of the dangers of vaccinating while I was pregnant, but I hadn’t researched enough about it to turn me against it entirely by the time my daughter was born. So, I became a “delayed” and “selective” vaxer. None at birth. First immunization at 4 months instead of 2 months. Only one vax at a time. I went back each month for one jab for the entire first year of her life. She reacted to the Hib vax at 5 months, but my pedi assured me it was just a superficial reaction (red, swollen leg, screaming violently). Sadly, I believed her, but I held off on that vax until she was almost 13 months. She started hand waving at around 8 months. I just thought it was a cute little quirk and laughed when she did it. At 13 months, she halted all developmental progress and proceeded to regress. By 15 months, my once normally-developing child was no longer trying to walk, talk, play, or feed herself. We never even had the infamous MMR jab, or half of the others. Hib, DTap, and pneumococcal were the only ones she’d had. She was diagnosed at 17 months with PDD-NOS, now considered ASD.

    The point you make about children having immune systems that are impaired, thus, are susceptible to autoimmune and neurodevelopmental damage caused by toxins is absolutely true. However, I don’t feel it’s hereditary in any way. I am entirely convinced that it’s 100% environmental. Big Food, Big Ag, and Big Pharma have been poisoning us for generations with harmful herbicides, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, heavy metals, chemical additives and preservatives, fluoride, and OTC and prescription drugs. These substances pervade everything — our food, water, even the air we breathe. This toxic chemical soup has become the norm for the average American consumer. We have all been damaged at the cellular level…going back to the beginning of the industrial revolution. And the toxic load has only gotten heavier with each passing generation. We have finally reached a breaking point. If people don’t clean up every aspect of their lives, they will continue to create disease from the moment of conception. A toxic and damaged body can only create another toxic and damaged body.

    My family and I are in the process of going clean, detoxing, and attempting to repair the damage. It’s going to be a long and difficult journey, but I have hope.

    Thank you for your wonderful blog, and your open eyes!

  35. Christin says:

    MAYBE those vaccines saved lives many many years ago..and I’m certain many years ago those vaccines didn’t have the ingredients they have in them now. I think that’s what many people miss who do vaccinate their children. I’m not against saving lives, nor do I want to spread disease. I’m not a careless, neglectful mother who shouldn’t have children. Why is it so had to grasp the concept of what is being put in these vaccines. It’s what these vaccines are made of that I’m against and refuse to poison my children with. I wish parents that had both views would just respect each other’s decision. It’s the same as what religion you choose..what your political views are, you aren’t responsible for raising my kids, as I’m not raising yours. Thank you for his article.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      The ingredients in vaccines of the past were not identical to the ingredients of vaccines today, especially as there are so many new vaccines that never existed before. However, vaccine ingredients have ALWAYS been rather iffy. I’m currently reading The Virus and the Vaccine, about the history of the development of the Salk polio vaccine and its contamination with simian viruses. It makes for some scary reading when you realize that no one knows exactly what comes along for the ride when you grow viruses on a medium such as monkey kidneys.

      • jennifer martin says:

        There are professional medical journals that have been published since the 1940s when vaccines started to be REQUIRED for school attendance that state that the pertussis vaccine is neurologically toxic. You need a special search engine to find them, but they are online and readable.

    • Not a busy-body says:

      Unless we live in the time of the Crusades or the Holocaust, religion doesn’t get you killed. Diseases do. Also, we aren’t trying to raise your children. We’re trying to protect ours.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Has it ever occurred to you that that’s EXACTLY what we’re trying to do? And has it ever occurred to you that MANY of the people who no longer vaccinate WATCHED one or more vaccines hurt their own precious children, sometimes horrifically and irreparably? No, of course not. We’re all just selfish people looking out for number 1, not caring about anyone else at all. That’s why we spend all our “free” time working our butts off on websites like these for pocket change.

      • gok gul says:

        so, you want to save your kids. Now I understand, for a greater cause you can sacrifice some of the other kids and as long as its not your kid that will be OK. SHAME ON YOU and SHAME ON YOU and SHAME ON YOU again. And, you think it is OK to even think that way. SHAME ON YOU.

  36. Susan Lee says:

    Americans need to break the Pavlovian conditioning which pairs the mere mention of “infectious disease” with immediately racing to your nearest pharmacy/doctor’s office to get a vaccine. Relying on vaccines as the only answer in preventing infectious diseases should not be an automatic reflex. Other countries do not have nearly as many immunization requirements for children, and there are no news reports of deadly epidemics. In fact, outbreaks seem to occur in vaccinated populations. Vaccines have significant and serious side effects. Unfortunately, this information is suppressed.

  37. Lone Star says:

    Not only is it a simplistic viewpoint, it prioritizes some people over others. Each life is sacred and the bottom line is that every life can be protected by practicing good hygiene, eating healthfully, and being responsible for one’s own immune system. My child is not yours to gain from. My child is not a part of a herd.

  38. jacqueline hall says:

    While I understand the situation your children were/are in, as a nurse for over 30 yrs I see things from this perspective: Whether it is the vaccinations which “gave” your sons and daughters autism, or not, I contend that more children have been helped than been hurt by vaccinations. No longer do we have epidemics of smallpox, polio, diphtheria etc and that is due to vaccinations children receive. That may be a simplistic way of looking at things but it is, nonetheless, how I see it.

    • ProfessorTMR says:

      Jacqueline, many people feel the same way you do. And you are welcome to the feel the way you do, but it is indeed simplistic. Perhaps the rest of us would agree with you if we had stuck with smallpox, polio and diptheria vaccinations, as those actually WERE deadly diseases. However, each one of them had experienced a sharp decline in mortality rates BEFORE the vaccines were introduced. In recent years, however, vaccine policy has gone completely off the rails to the point where people are required to vaccinate their children for things that make no logical sense whatsoever, e.g., vaccinating all newborns for hepatitis B, which the vast majority of infants have NO likelihood of encountering, vaccinating all children for chicken pox (which has generated a ridiculous number of shingles cases in young children), intending to vaccinate all boys AND girls with an HPV vaccine that is said to be likely to have minimal effect on the death rate of cervical cancer, despite the fact that it has caused MAJOR problems in the lives of many young women. And one of the, I hope, unintended consequences is that many children, nearly 50% in this country, are chronically ill. I spent my teenaged years with severe allergies and asthma. It was anything but fun I assure you. Many of today’s children have illnesses that are far worse than anything I had to face and that illness is frequently induced by their medical “care.” There is something wrong with this picture.

      • jamie says:

        Thank you professor TMR. You stated what I was thinking. And I am a nurse as well, 23 years, I have eight children. I have done the research and logically concluded as you have.

      • Mia says:

        Dear Professor TMR

        Your answer understandably lacks any actual evidence for your allegations.

        First of all: ” what are the major problems of HPV vaccine?”
        As vaccines go it’s about as safe as you can get. No mercury, no thiomersal, no virus at all. All it contains is virus protein, which will be injected into the arm.
        As found in a large study of women (doi:10.1001/jama.2009.1201) most adverse affects are minor and as expected for vaccines (though slightly higher rate for venous thromboembolic events). The numbers so far deviate little from adverse effects seen in control groups.

        Second of all: “that is said to be likely to have minimal effect on the death rate of cervical cancer”. Who said that? You? Big whoop. I’ll give you some actual data: it is “predicted that vaccinating girls at 80% coverage will result in a 55% reduction in the overall hrHPV prevalence and a higher 65% reduction in the prevalence of persistent hrHPV infections in females. In males, the reduction will be 42% in the hrHPV prevalence solely by the herd effect from the 80% coverage in girls.” [doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0072088]

        The beauty of science is that annecdotes, even if there are many do not prove anything. My friend claims she knows someone who cured cancer with Yoga, and I’m sure my birth control pills made me fat. But without actual scientific experiments this doesn’t mean anything. And if you understand how science works, you will agree.
        And yes, these things should be studied, but I have not seen any large scale evidence that proves a link between autism and vaccination.

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        Who said that Gardasil will have minimal effect on the death rate of cervical cancer? If you read the following, you will see that that is the view held by Dr. Diane Harper, the chief person responsible for testing Gardasil before its approval. It is also borne out by a mainstream study I quoted in the piece. Approximately 4,000 women die of cervical cancer a year in this country. It will take approximately 60 years of vaccinating in order to save 2,000 lives. That’s a pretty minimal effect.

        The beauty of science is it’s ability to answer questions. Anecdotes are the source of many of the questions that science has answered and continues to answer. Many anecdotes are simply unquantified data. If you heard that 15 of your friends also gained weight on the birth control pills, you would hope to see a serious scientific study on the subject, wouldn’t you? But in the meantime, you might be a bit more wary about taking them yourself. If the mainstream medical community were cautious about vaccines given what the anecdotes are saying, people would be a lot more likely to trust them in this process. Not only are they not cautious, they have been adding vaccines to the schedule at a rapid rate without ever testing what the health outcomes are of the overall schedule. In addition, the very clear associations found in the Verstraeten Generation Zero study between early dosage of Thimerosal and neurological conditions and in the CDC study that was published in 2004 between timing of the MMR and autism rates in African American boys were deliberately obfuscated and lied about. I certainly understand how science works, and that is not it.

    • hps says:

      “That may be a simplistic way of looking at things but it is, nonetheless, how I see it.”

      The problem isn’t the simplicity the problem is that it is wrong.

      We never had any reduction of *any* disease. All we had is a reduction in particular labels. Smallpox was replaced with fatal chicken pox, polio was replaced with other forms of acute flaccid paralysis and diphtheria was replaced with strep throat. Further, measles was replaced with fifth disease, pertussis with RSV/croup; hepatitis was replaced with other types of hepatitis, and so on and so on.

      Children, according to US census data, are ten times more likely to be disabled today than they were in 1950. The vaccination program has been an unmitigated catastrophe. But doctors pat themselves on the back for the self-fulfilling prophecy generated by the fact that they simply refuse (or at least prefer not) to diagnose various conditions in vaccinated children.

      The MMR didn’t lead to a reduction in congenital defects or encephalitis. The polio vaccine didn’t lead to a reduction in the number of crippled children. The hepatitis vaccine didn’t lead to a reduction in liver cancer. The Hib vaccine didn’t lead to a reduction in meningitis, septicemia, pneuomia. The pertussis/diphtheria vaccines didn’t lead to a reduction in respiratory related hospitalisations. They all failed to do what they were specifically designed to do. So instead doctors just told everybody that the only important thing is that they find less proteins today (not that they usually do (or did) look).

      • ProfessorTMR says:

        This is not factually true. There ARE far fewer cases of measles and chicken pox today than there were when I was a child. That is a stone-cold fact. Measles and chicken pox were RAMPANT in the early 60s. Almost everyone I knew had the chicken pox. I know very few people who have children today who have had the chicken pox, and almost all of them were not vaccinated. I don’t know ANYONE whose child has had measles. These are not things that could be hidden. Measles is NOT fifth disease. Diphtheria is NOT strep throat. Polio did get redefined so that many cases of polio were no longer counted as polio, but the news of five cases of paralysis in California would not be news if children were still being paralyzed at the rates they were in the 40s and 50s.

        It is quite likely that vaccines DO work, to some degree or another, to reduce the number of acute cases of a particular disease. That’s not the issue or the problem. The problem is at what cost do we get that reduction of acute disease? For many of us an accurate reckoning of that cost makes it clear that the cost is too high.

        I have as many problems with vaccinations as anyone, but it will not be good for you or anyone else to use things that aren’t true as the basis for your decision.

      • hps says:

        Thank you for the reply Professor.

        Going to just polio. As I said, rates of disability are ten times the rate they were in 1950 amongst children according to the US census. Here is the data: and (Table A-4).

        It is true that the 1950s data does not break down types of disability so we cannot say, for instance, that there are ten times as many kids with a crippling condition as there was in 1950 but there was without doubt an increase (in the rate not just the number) of physical disabilities.

        This is further backed up with this data showing that there has – in all likelihood – been a dramatic increase in the use of ventilators (we don’t use iron lungs anymore we use positive pressure ventilators) (this compares to a total of 1200 iron lungs in the US in 1958.) I realise that data is for Europe but if you extrapolate for population it is clear we are using ventilators at something like 15-30 times the rate we ever did iron lungs. Ventilators are used when the entire body (ie the lungs) are paralysed – often occurring in transverse myelitis sufferers. But it can happen with Guillain Barre and other types of acute flaccid paralysis as well.

      • hps says:

        Further to the above. The disability statistics are just as damning for the other vaccines (measles, rubella etc).

        The MMR was supposed to virtually eliminate encephalitis and congenital defects (for the measles and rubella components respectively). However, as can be seen, neither of those two things have seen any sort of improvement.

        Vaccines only “work” in the sense that the goalposts get shifted to get us to focus on something completely trivial. As far as the actual reason they were introduced is concerned – polio vaccine to reduce paralysis, measles vaccine to reduce encephalitis, rubella vaccine to reduce congenital defects, pertussis/diphtheria to reduce respiratory tract infections they are invariably an abject failure.

  39. Maria O'Neil says:

    Excellent Blaze, the world knows vaccines caused my sons as well, they also know how he is fully included at age five due to me not listening to the Mainstream…

    Thank you for writing this…

    • Pam says:

      Sadly I am no longer considered a “textbook case” from thirty years ago when my daughter became autistic after her MMR vaccine. I will never stop voicing what happened. I cannot turn back time, but I want to continue to voice this truth even from an engraved grave stone.

  40. Mother to Kaleb says:

    I’ve been on this journey for almost 22 years. Trained by US Dept of ED, have transitioned into Adulthood, Residental Placement. Our sonwas harmed @ 6wk vaccines!

  41. Brooke says:

    Rock on, Blaze. Great Blog.

  42. Laura Hayes says:

    Superb article. Thank you, Blaze! I will share it widely. We must all continue to tell the stories of what happened/was done to our children. There are those who have the ears to hear, and we are saving their children, and their families, from the horrors of vaccine injury. Keep up the GREAT work!

  43. Carolyn Gammicchia says:

    Thank you for sharing your story and this is what we all must continue to do. The more people that hear the truth, the more they will realize this is what is transpiring in this country and is damage that can be prevented. Our families have nothing to personally gain by sharing our stories and often are subjected to much judgment and even ridicule. However we each have the ability to do this and each of us can advocate and educate.

  44. Great article! I tell a similar story many times a month during work lunches about my 12 yr old daughter when people ask about my family and ppl are amazed of my story when you sound like an intelligent, well versed human who has been through this journey. Their jaws drop when they hear she has recovered and when I simply explain the treatment process they actually get excited. They all know someone with autism and they go tell that person about my story and I try to help. It takes a much longer time to help the masses but at least some are seeing the light! You can see my story at Keep spreading the word!

  45. Amanda Penn says:

    Thank you so much for this. There are people in my family who still believe I’m crazy but I saw what happened. Thank you for voicing what I’ve said a million times.

  46. lynda dorofee says:

    Thank you for sharing :) I have many friends and family members that refuse to open their eyes! I do not have a child effected by vaccines. I decided not to vaccinate after researching everything I could. The awful gut feeling I had towards vaccinating my son was so strong. At the time I didn’t know why. I am so glad I decided to go with my gut feeling. It is very aggravating to constantly explain yourself to people. Most people get a bit freaked out when I tell them my son is not vaccinated. Some won’t let their kids hang out with my son. As if my son is going to get their vaccinated kid sick! It makes no sense if they truly believe they are protecting their kids by vaccinating! I refuse to shut my mouth, I will defend my beliefs until the day I die! If I can help save one child from going through this, it is worth all the backlash! Thanks again. Keep sharing your story :)

    • mary says:

      I had a friend share her truth with me. I wasn’t interested in hearing. Then I had my first son. I started reading. 3 kids later, and hours and hours and nights and nights of research, none of them are vaccinated. I am so very thankful for someone who shared her truth with me. I wish I could be as brave as her. I am so fearful government will step in and take my children one day because I have not vaccinated them.. I don’t share their medical history for fear of government. I will protect them in all ways.. I commend those who speak out. ANd I intend to at some point. When they are older and not entirely dependent on me I will proudly share my decision. When the country is sick and suffering, while the unvaxed will be strong and immune to many things that those vaxed will not be immune to.. They will have a stronger immune system.
      And for anyone who says Vaccines do NOT cause autism. Well, good luck with that! Why does it take a tragedy for someone to realize!!???

  47. Allie says:

    Well done, Mama! A big whopping dose of TRUTH! I wonder how many kids you have single handedly SAVED from further/potential vaccine injury? You can start counting with my 3! Love ya!

  48. kel says:

    One hundred percent, this is my TRUTH as well. I could have written this myself!!! Bravo!

  49. Leslie says:

    This makes me cry everyone I hear your story and to see our family in it! God help us all! My youngest granddaughter has never been vaccinated yet is wild and mildly sick with allergies. I suspect the food she eats! You blazed the trail before us and so many! We love you XXOOXOXXOX

  50. Isa says:

    Blaze, this exactly is our story too. We live outside the US and only two or three alternative health versed have believed me during this last 7 years. My baby regressed after the mmr vaccine and developed diarrhea for 3 years!!! People say that is not possible because they don’t know why this is happening, I now look at them with eyes of patience, nobody can understand such a complex issue until they start to study and research, like us, tmoms. Unfortunately by then it is too late. Wish I had someone by my side 10 years ago to open up my eyes. Xo

  51. Michelle Ford says:

    Thank you for being another truth-telling pioneer. Thank you for choosing to courageously tell your story amongst the controversy…never stop, please.

  52. S L King says:

    Blaze, you rock! Thanks for this one; it came at exactly perfect timing.

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