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Help Us Save Kelli’s Life If You Can!

April 25, 2019 As an autism mom, one thing I am continually humbled by is the helpers. You know the ones I am talking about—those businesses and people who go out of their way, become invested in, and who love … Continue reading

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Register FREE: The Detox Global Summit, Jan 28–Feb 1

January 16, 2019 Detoxification: We talk a lot about this topic in the autism community. Detox was a critical piece to my son’s recovery. Over the last decade, we have done a number of things to help support his body … Continue reading

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Real Food Mum Reviews “Real Food Recovery,” by Mandy Blume

January 20, 2016 It is no secret that diet played a tremendous role in my son’s autism recovery. I consider it a foundational therapy for him, and it was the impetus for me to co-found Real Food Mum. When the … Continue reading

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Feed Your Children Well: How to Shop for Real Food in The Real World

July 13, 2016 Real food. When people talk about eating real food, that brings many connotations to mind. Oftentimes people think of high-end stores filled with exotic sounding foods that cost a week’s pay or local farmers’ markets with bushels … Continue reading

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How My Son Grew out of His Food Allergies

April 14, 2016 How did my son “grow out of” his food allergies? Short answer: He didn’t. Getting my son to a place where he is no longer allergic to food took lots of work on my part, my husband’s … Continue reading

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Autism Warrior Moms: Everybody Calm Down

Warning: contains swear words and other stuff to piss you off I call a time-out. There have been rumblings and grumblings on some of the Facebook groups I’m on that the latest and greatest intervention for treating autism is a … Continue reading

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Thinking Moms’ Guide to Red Flags – Keeping Track of Reactions

Our series, Red Flags, is covering very common – yet please don’t consider them normal – childhood issues many parents are seeing these days. If you’re seeing Red Flags in your children, how do you go about tracking what reactions … Continue reading

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Autism Recovery Parent Panel: Meet Eleven Parents of Recovered Children at AutismOne

The road to recovery with my son started eight years ago. I remember thinking to myself we’ll do this diet thing for a year, maybe two, and then he’ll be healed and ready for kindergarten. Yeah, not so much. I … Continue reading

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Autism Recovery and Friendships: You Made It Out of Holland, Now What?

Autism recovery means many things to many people. Our journey has had many twists and turns, improvements, and regressions. I look back at my previously nonverbal child who preferred to sit and spin Tupperware lids, would not respond to his … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks, Autism Style

(Shawty submitted this just before Thanksgiving, but we were all so busy with our own holidays, we didn’t get a chance to post it.  We hope you enjoy it nonetheless for being a little late.) I am thankful for words, … Continue reading

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