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B.K.’s Easter Hope

For Christians all around the globe, today marks Easter Sunday, a day when we celebrate Our Risen Savior, who conquered sin and death and rose from the grave alive and victorious for all of eternity. As a Christian, this means … Continue reading

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Common Sense

The world that we live in has me scratching my head quite a bit. To me, it just seems like humans have lost their common sense. I am not finger-pointing; I was completely asleep until my son’s health issues caused … Continue reading

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I Wanna Be Rich

Let’s face it:  when you have a child with autism in your family, you can never have enough money.  Never!  The majority of interventions for our kids are costly, whether they are therapeutic, behavioral, medical, biomedical, or nutritional.  Autism is … Continue reading

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I’m sure I don’t have to tell you, the life of an autism mom/warrior/superhero/booty-kicker isn’t for the faint of heart. It means different things for different people, but for most of us it equals sleepless nights and exhausted days as … Continue reading

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The Continuing Saga of Autism and the Church

I have started and deleted and restarted and deleted this blog several times.  I wanted to do a follow-up on Autism and the Church and talk about my church’s efforts to begin a special-needs ministry,  but I knew revisiting my story … Continue reading

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In two days my son turns eleven years old.  Eleven!!  It’s so hard for me to believe; I remember holding my newborn in my arms so vividly.  I imagined his childhood so differently than the way it actually turned out. … Continue reading

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Silent Silly Sunday

  So happy it’s finally Fall — it has been quite an intense summer in my house!  Today, I vow that I am going to spend a good portion of the day hanging out with my kid and just being … Continue reading

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Forgiveness and Stuff

I have been wrestling with forgiveness lately.  There are so many people I could be angry with!  Pediatricians, the government, pharma, Bill Gates, the CDC, etc., are all wonderful candidates for my wrath.  To be honest, though, I think that … Continue reading

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Christianity and the (False) god of Modern Medicine

This is a really hard post to write.  Quite honestly, I don’t want to write it.  I really don’t!  It’s likely going to be a controversial post and I could potentially lose friends over it.  It may even be a … Continue reading

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I was in need of a break! After four and a half years of doing biomed, and several years before that doing autism in general, I was exhausted, tired, burned-out, and in need of a break. Everything in my life … Continue reading

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