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“We can’t catch a frickin’ break,” the hubs and I muttered as we faced yet another blow to our family’s security. We sat there feeling sorry for ourselves as we recounted how we seem to get systematically screwed: our son’s … Continue reading

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Seeing Beyond

Daddy Issues. This is how I described the women who were drawn so deeply and inexplicably to my son (I’m permitted to accuse others of Daddy Issues – I have them myself). Yes, my son was very, very cute. Handsome. … Continue reading

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Let’s Get It On!

Ok – are you still standing around? Picking your nose? Oh, wait – you are giving MB12 shots and wiping poopy bottoms, aren’t you? Planning IEP meetings? Tutoring your child in touch-point addition? Well, have you heard the saying, “If … Continue reading

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Show Me Your Signs

At 18 months of age, my son got sick. Really sick. After he recovered from that illness, the five words he could speak before he got sick were gone. Totally. Gone. This isn’t a chronicle of the medical procedures that preceded … Continue reading

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The Birth of a Warrior

There is a special place in my soul for the Hepatitis B vaccine. It’s not the “rainbows and unicorns” part of my soul. It’s more like this part… I was not born a warrior; actually, I was never much of … Continue reading

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The Sunshine Vitamin

Guess what’s making a comeback? The Stones? The Macarena? Nope – Rickets! Does it sound familiar? If so – it’s likely from some Dicken’s novel about starving orphans.  But, the fact is that Rickets – a disease that originates from … Continue reading

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Lessons of The Spring

Growing up I read about Rachel Carson – the woman who spurred an entire environmental movement by authoring Silent Spring which was her fourth novel as a naturalist and marine biologist. “How cool that a woman did such a powerful … Continue reading

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No More Silent Sundays

During the summer, I usually have about three minutes daily to myself. It really sets the stage for big messes to occur — grown-up messes: bills missing due dates, bathrooms going uncleaned, and missing blog deadlines. Well, I didn’t actually … Continue reading

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Silent Sunday: What’s Missing From This Picture?

        Sometimes progress is noted by the things that are missing… …constant movement …trains, cities and elevators …noise …fear of fire, the dark and the unknown schedule Here’s to more things going “missing” in our lives! ~LuvBug … Continue reading

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Go, Go, Go!

Sometimes I feel like the odd man out when it comes to autism parents comparing notes. This is true for a lot of reasons that I won’t go into here but for the sake of brevity I’ll focus on feeling … Continue reading

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